3 Tips for Improving Your Search Engine Results

how to improve search engine results
12 March, 2018

  Are you unhappy with your search engine results? Are you concerned you’re not getting search traffic? Guest author Robert Borden is here to tell you how to solve that problem. He offers you a 3-part action plan. 3 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine […]


Should You Brave It and Get an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate
27 January, 2018

Are you concerned about your website security? Maybe not, but are your readers concerned? Is Google? Many website creators are installing SSL certificates so they can have an S at the end of their HTTP in their URL. The “S” actually stands for “secure.” Should […]


11 Free SEO Tips That Will Make You See More Traffic

Free SEO Tips will boost your organic traffic
4 June, 2017

Do you know how successful bloggers get most of their traffic? Do you want to guess? No, it’s not from social media. Okay, time is up. Here’s the answer: Successful bloggers get most of their traffic from search engines.* This post will explain 11 free […]