DesignEvo: How to Easily Design Stunning Blog Logos for Free

DesignEvo makes professional-looking logos.
19 October, 2017

Design Stunning Blog Logos for Free with DesignEvo by Phoebe Bennett A well-designed and effective logo is a necessity for every business, since it is almost the first thing customers see. Good logos always catch eyes, that’s why lots of people always tend to look for a professional […]


17 Ways Fotojet Will Quickly Help You Blog Better

#Bloggers can quickly turn #photos into graphics
31 December, 2016

Eye candy. That’s really what you’re striving for when you make your blog graphic– a feast for the eyes. A worthy goal it is. FotoJet is a free graphic design tool that helps you design graphics so engaging, readers will click and bring traffic to […]


14 Secret Blogging Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

Secret Blogging Tips help #bloggers beat the competition in search engines #SEO
11 September, 2016

According to recent statistics, 6.7 million people publish blog posts on their blogs. That’s weighty competition. Do you want to beat the competition? Why not use these secret blogging tips to stand out in the virtual crowd? My two secret tips posts, #1 Secret Tip that […]