How to Make Your Blog Look More Professional

how to look like you're a professional blogger
2 February, 2018

Image source – Are you a hobby blogger or a professional blogger? Does there have to be a difference? Hobby bloggers often insist they are not interested in earning money from their blogs. However, couldn’t your blog still look professional even if blogging isn’t […]


Strong Blog User Experience: Why Is It Important?

how to make the blog user experience positive
8 August, 2017

  Have you heard that blogging is dead? Due to the prevalence of recorded video and live video streaming sites, it would be a logical assumption to draw. However, blogging is very much alive and well. Even marketers are resorting to it. Although the reasons […]


How to Effectively Brand Your Blog and See Results

#Bloggers and #Marketers will boost traffic and income with a blog brand
4 April, 2017

What is more important– what you do or how others perceive what you do? If you picked #2, you chose branding. Perception is important in blogging and marketing. It doesn’t matter if you believe you have the greatest content in the world if people disagree […]