5 of the Best Proven Methods to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to increase blog traffic, 5 tips
12 June, 2018

Image Source Different. My post about how to increase blog traffic offered traditional tips on how to increase blog traffic. Today’s guest author recommends proven but unusual methods for how to increase traffic to your blog. They may be unusual but they are just as […]


This Will Make You See 842 Page Views in 1 Day

6 November, 2016

Do you believe in predictions? My husband predicted my post would go viral on the morning of October 2. (“Viral” is defined as unusually high page views.) My page views were so high on that Sunday, WordPress actually sent me a notification of “unusually high […]


This Is How to See 621 People at Your Blog in 1 Day

#Bloggers can get 621 people to their #blogs #blogging
24 September, 2016

What would you predict are bloggers’ biggest concerns? If you answered, “a toss-up between lack of traffic and lack of time to try to get more traffic,” you’d be right. With over one billion websites in the world today, you have hefty competition for readership. […]


How to Actually Blog Better with the Huffington Post

Huffington Post Blog Guide makes #blogging easier
28 August, 2016

The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging: A Book Review “When you blog, you have to invest money or time,” experts often explain. I disagree. You don’t have to invest money, and you certainly don’t have to invest time. You have me! One of the reasons […]


3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time

22 March, 2015

Have you heard of the Advanced Marketing Institute? The Advanced Marketing Institute offers you a free headline analyzer. Have you ever asked yourself how readers find your blog posts to read?  Many potentially new readers find your posts through search engines.  Then, many search your […]