Supply Chain Blogs: How to Understand the Supply Chain Better with 5 Best Reviews

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Are you looking for reviews of supply chain blogs?

Did you hear in October 2021, supply chains were massively disrupted? These disruptions caused shortages in everyday products.

Will the supply shortages continue? What is the cause of the problem?

The advantages of blogs include getting valuable information to help you understand a situation better.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had supply chain blogs to help you decide which blogs to read for information about the way consumers get products?

By reading this guide, you get reviews of five supply chain blogs.

Let’s get started reviewing supply chain blogs.

The use of blogs for networking and exchanging information among logistics sector specialists is gaining traction.

Who are these logistics sector specialists?

They are experts involved in the supply chain.

Considering the recent interruptions in the supply chain and the threat to consumers’ ability to purchase products they are used to having, the increased interest in finding supply chain blogs to read makes perfect sense.

A well-maintained blog can assist professionals in staying current on industry trends, problems, and solutions, especially in a complex and ever-changing working environment like logistics.

To remain competitive in the transportation industry, it is critical to stay updated on industry innovations and news. Numerous logistics blogs provide informative articles, white papers, and perspectives.

Continue reading to learn about the difference: routing apps vs gps apps, and five of the most famous must-read logistics articles.

What Will You Find in Supply Chain Blogs?

You will find the logistics of the supply chain explained to you in easy-to-understand supply chain blogs.

For instance, suppose a company involved in packaging boxes can’t get the boxes to pack? Without boxes, they will struggle to ship the supplies that should be sent in the boxes.

“Logistics refers to the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination” (Source). 

In other words, “logistics” relates to the chain of consumer products. The chain is a sequence ending with the products landing in the stores for consumers to purchase.

If you want to read supply chain blogs that supply you with information about the chain of product supply, read on.

5 Best Blogs For Delivery Logistics

1. Logistics Management

If you’re interested in third-party logistics for trucking companies, this is a great site to bookmark. It began as a printed publication in 1962 and has now moved to the internet. The blog includes regular articles with industry insights and trends for logistics lovers.

Discover everything there is to know about warehousing, global logistics, and distribution facilities. Recent posts have looked at shipment rate patterns, the impact of recent disasters on transportation, and an investigation into reverse logistics.

2. Supply Chain Management Review

This website continually showcases and assesses the various logistics alternatives available to shippers, truckers, and distributors, such as Six Sigma and Lean. They also cover strategic developments and breaking industry news, focusing on data analytics and predictive analytics.

Many of their papers are written by experienced university lecturers. Recent entries have emphasized the findings of the 3PL annual research, transportation management, customer experience, best practices for loading dock safety, and enticing millennials to manufacturing.

Let’s examine reviews of more supply chain blogs.

3. Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics organizations have been searching for data-driven insights on this analytical blog devoted to all things Big Data since January 2009.

This is one of the supply chain blogs that covers the most recent logistics news, supply chain research, upcoming technology like drones, and technical trends from supply chain analysts.

Contributors pool their 25 years of experience to provide actionable articles that help logistics managers and businesses grow and thrive in the long and near term. Recent blogs have focused on the driver shortage, rail freight, disaster relief fleet management, and highlighting sustainable businesses.

4. Supply Chain Brain

This blog from a research institute covers practically everything related to supply chain management. They offer original and collected industry content that can motivate you to reconsider your supply chain management strategy.

When CEOs look for new management ideas and trends to use in their companies, they turn to Supply Chain Brain. Recent publications have covered self-driving cars, blockchain technology, the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making, and companies such as Amazon that offer same-day delivery.

5. The Flock Freight Blog

Our blog publishes essential supply chain and logistics information regularly. We provide logistics managers, manufacturers, suppliers, and shippers with industry insights, easy explanations, and cost-saving solutions as a top LTL provider in recent years. You’ll learn how to streamline your supply chain, evaluate logistics suppliers, manage freight claims effectively, and remain up to date on industry trends.

Wrapping Up: Supply Chain Blogs

In closing, if you ever wondered how products get on the shelves in stores, supply chain blogs tell you.

In the ever-changing world of logistics, knowledge is power. Add these blogs to your weekly reading list if you want to stay up to date on logistics industry trends and breakthroughs.

Readers, please share so entrepreneurs and other people looking for information about the supply chain, discover these reviews of five supply chain blogs.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have familiarity with any of these supply chain blogs? What is your opinion? Do you know any additional supply chain blogs you can recommend?

Supply Chain Blogs: FAQ

Is supply chain a dying industry?

No. In fact, due to the recent disruption to the supply chain in October of 2021, consumers realize the supply chain is crucial to the economy.

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