How to Be Successful Bloggers: 6 Warning Signs That Your Mindset Needs Improving

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Successful Bloggers have these 6 views

6 Warning Signs that Your Blogging Mindset Needs Improving

by Ryan Biddulph


You may think I’m a nice guy.


But I’m a killer.


A blogging mindset killer.


I have compassion for bloggers.


I feel their pain.


But I also know that agreeing with someone’s limiting beliefs is the quickest way to disempower them, to feed their fears and to perpetuate their struggles.


I have my fears too. I make excuses at times. But blogging-wise and even life-wise, I am either pretty dang fearless or dive into some really deep fears regularly, while circling the globe, and while doing the blogging bit.


I have faced down:


  • Spitting cobras
  • Huge centipedes
  • Scorpions
  • Tarantulas
  • Bullet ants
  • Marauding army ants


…during my world travels.


I know what it feels like to face, embrace and release some pretty intense fears that would feel paralyzing to most human beings (aka chasing and removing a primal, savage, intimidating looking 8 inch centipede from the house or helping decapitate an angry, enraged spitting cobra), and I know what it feels like to face, embrace and release blogging memes, or, fear-based blogging mind viruses, too.


If you clear these memes – and you will, by dissecting these lies based in fear and illusion – you can become wildly successful with your blog.


Let’s dive in.

1: “I Tried That Already”


Yes, exactly.


You tried it.


But you did not commit to it.


When you get clear on some blogging strategy for increasing your traffic or profits, you practice it, commit to it, and you will succeed through the strategy.


If you feel you tried something and it didn’t work, don’t blame the tool. Blame the craftsman or craftswoman.


If you fail, or struggle with a certain blogging technique, you did not patiently practice and apply the technique with love, for fun. If love-fun energy backs your guest posting and blog commenting and podcasting campaign, you will see immense success through these strategies. Every time. Over the long haul.


Practice. Get clearer. Practice some more. Over months then years, you will be one of the successful bloggers, you will leave this perspective behind, and you will never blame your tools for your lack of clarity and unwillingness to practice and commit, ever again.


2: “Once So and So Happens I Will Commit to Being One of the Successful Bloggers”


Oh dear.


The Conditional Blogger.


I have been “that guy.” The blogger who promises, without a doubt, that when “so and so” happens, they will be ready, set and all raring to go, to commit to being one of the successful bloggers.


Of course the commitment doesn’t mean action will occur. It just means they will be ready to commit.


So on the sidelines they stand, waiting, hoping, blaming circumstances for their fear-based, terror-filled, horror of committing to something that will actually free them from their chains.


Meanwhile, while you were waiting for some condition to manifest, to make a decision to commit and then, to take actionable steps to being one of the successful bloggers, I just wrote and published 60 guest posts.


I am not kidding; I wrote 3-5 guest posts daily. 60 guest posts is a slow 20 days, for me.


Most bloggers waffle around for 2 months or more, let alone 20 days.


I do not wait for anything to happen outside of me, to commit. I committed to succeeding with blogging a long time ago and didn’t give a rat’s fanny about what was happening around me.


The big move, the wedding, the long hours at your day job and any other condition that you allow to imprison you, are all conditions. Or life events.


As much as I feel compassion for you, and understand that it can feel tough to keep blogging when life intervenes, I guarantee you that as long as you wait for conditions to change, to commit to blogging, all readers and traffic and profits and interviews and influence will flow to committed bloggers.


In world of timid bloggers, the bold bloggers shine like a beacon at midnight in the middle of a monsoon.


My experience; once *you* commit to being one of the successful bloggers, the conditions conform to your commitment. Always your choice, as conditions are lifeless, inanimate and unable to do anything on their own. They change when you change.


3: “I Have this Blogging Problem but Cannot Find a Solution”


You just can’t seem to increase your blog traffic, right?


But 4,000,000 articles have been written on the subject.


Roughly 500,000 articles likely offer proven, helpful, sound advice for driving blog traffic.


Stop by Pro Blogger. Within seconds you can find, study and use resources, putting your newfound knowledge into practice to steadily increase blog traffic.


The solutions are out there. The solutions to your problems have likely been screaming at your attention, thousands of times.


Maybe you were too fearful and desperate to seize and use the advice in the past but now you know; the answers are right in front of your nose.


It’s up to you to reach out, grab the solution and use it to solve your blogging problems.


4: “I’ve Struggled with Blogging for Years; Why Would Things Change Now?”


I struggled with blogging for about 3 years.


Then I had some success.


Then I struggled again.


The struggle cycle was induced by the fear-based belief that I clung to; I would always be a loser.


Even if I had some success, I was bound to fail. Things always went that way for me. I was mired in the past, fearful of the future and blind to possibility, promise and opportunity.


If you are in the same boat, do what I did: eat a poop sandwich. Not literally. Giardia is a killer. Almost, literally. Trust me; I almost died in India when I fell ill with giardia, although I could have played the role of Gollum, of Lord of the Rings fame.


Anyway, by eating a poop sandwich I mean you feel the fear, grief, anguish, sorrow, anger, rage and any predominant fear-based energy that you cling to, that keeps re-creating the cycle of struggle and that leads you to falsely believe that past struggle means future struggles.


This is horse crap, and totally untrue.


I struggled like hell for years.


But I also turned things around to the point of being featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News.


Same person. Different being. Same guy. Different belief system.


I had to face, embrace and release some wicked emotions to clear out the crap and to blog from an energy of love, fun, and generosity.


Grab a pillow. Sit in a quiet room. Punch that sucker or cry into it. Release the fear-based stuff that feeds your struggle (you know exactly what it is; stop lying to yourself), and leave the room feeling clearer, happier, more loving of yourself and ready to seize a bright new present and even brighter future.


5: “I Am Not Lucky Or Skilled Or Talented Or Driven Like So and So, One of the Successful Bloggers”


Nor was I.


10 years ago.


I had no blogging skills. I was a fired security guard. I did not know what a blog was, let alone an email list, or blog commenting or guest posting or…..anything online.


I did know how to check and my email. Had those 2 down cold.


I developed my skills through practicing blogging, for years.


Luck does not exist. Skills are developed through practice. Talents are developed through practice. Success is achieved through practice.


When you commit to blogging, being a student, and learning, and studying, and practicing and helping and connecting, you shed the “luck/skills/talent” excuse many struggling bloggers cling to, and begin to become one of the successful bloggers yourself.


6: “I Cannot Afford It”


You cannot afford not to afford it.


I estimate 50% of my early years blogging nightmares were tied to not paying for a premium domain and hosting during my leanest years.


Across the board, this meme will eviscerate your blogging career, butchering your blogging dreams, but one area where it seems especially pervasive is in the area of buying your domain and hosting, which is the one non-negotiable thing you need to spend money on to even dream of succeeding with your blog.


Example; I find myself referencing this super helpful article at WHSR to give bloggers options for buying their domain and hosting:


Best WordPress Hosting Compared


This is a dazzling resource.


But if you are crippled by the fear of spending – or losing – money, you will ignore the post outright, making the excuse that you cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting. All that precious information wasted, you continue to fail and struggle miserably.


The fear of spending money reflects back to you as:


  • Cheesy free hosting solutions which scream “stay away; I’m an amateur blogger”
  • Terrible, undependable, horrific, dirt-cheap hosting solutions that scream “stay away; I’m an amateur blogger”
  • Failure, struggle, struggle, failure, and the cycle continues until you decide to spend $10 to $20 a month or more on premium, professional hosting


Successful bloggers face, embrace and release the fear of spending money, see their blogging spending as investments, and build professional-looking brands, and pro blogging careers.


Everybody else fails miserably.


I have never seen a well-known, established, full-time pro blogger using a free blogging platform.


Pay up.


Play up.


Your Turn


Do you need to own and release any of these blogging views?


How are you unearthing and dissolving your blogging limiting beliefs?


About the Author


Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, LifeHack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

Readers, please share so others know about the perspectives successful bloggers have.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Did Ryan nail it or leave out some negative blogging views that impede us and prevent us from being successful bloggers?


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  1. Gaurav Kumar

    Hi Janice,

    Life of a blogger is a journey to perfection. A blogger always keeps on improving. But some things tell the difference between a real passionate blogger and a blogger living with his worries.

    When you have passion, then you do not care about anything else. However, when you just work for money, you may have lots of doubts that will hurt you blogging in real time.

    You have nicely shared the blogger mindset that needs improvement.


    • Ryan Biddulph

      Well said Gaurav because when you are genuinely passionate about blogging and your niche, you worry so little. Worry vanishes into passion. Thanks much.


  2. Rex Trulove

    Negativity will usually spell doom to nearly any endeavor, blogging or otherwise. It is good advice to stay positive.

  3. Pospi Otuson

    Thanks for this helpful post Ryan

    I could totally relate to the 3rd tip, i am so lucky i came across this.

    Thanks for the motivation and also thanks Janice for publishing

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Thanks so much for commenting Pospi. So happy to help my friend.


  4. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I’m amazed at the number of guest posts you write and was wondering how you determine which ones are worth the effort? I am a featured author for one of the larger blogs in my niche but haven’t seen that big of a return in traffic.

    I also agree with not using the cheesy blog platforms. It spells amateur.

    My blog has been online since 2012 and is steadily growing but I’d like to speed up my results and will definitely take advantage of your tips.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rebecca,
      I wrote Ryan and told him you have a question for him. Knowing Ryan, he’ll be in shortly. I am kind of wondering the answer myself. Thanks for writing to ask.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Rebecca,

      Great question.

      I genuinely try to do things from abundance. This means serving people through as many guest posts as possible without looking for anything in return.

      I do my best to never hold back because if I help people, even 1, it is worth it.

      I do generally focus guest posting on blogging tips blogs but other than that, I write like the dickens.

      I did check a few metrics the other day; I don’t care for results much (I know I’m nuts LOL) but Blogging From Paradise has a DA of 50 and 18,500 links in so I’m told these are solid numbers.

      Thanks much.


  5. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Ryan,

    Excellent Post. Blogging is a art and Everyone have to learn it. Failure is the key to get success. I have also make many mistakes in my early days of blogging and every failure teaches me a lesson and I have make my failures to the building blocks of my success.

    Just keep consistency and always be positive makes a blogger successful. Thanks for sharing these great insights.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph

      It is an art Vishwajeet. One to learn, to study and to practice, and it all starts with having the right mindset. Thanks buddy.


  6. Yusuf Bitrus

    Hi Ryan

    You nailed every fact up here

    You helped me with the #6
    And I really appreciate you dropping this here…. I have heard of your passionate driven write ups.

    The fear that my little but helpful readers won’t like my articles, the doubt has been cleared up here.

    Ryan and Janice thanks for this great opportunity.

    ~Yusuf Bitrus~

  7. Joan

    Informative article. Some of these I do already, but there is so much I can do going forward to become more successful. Thanks for the tips.
    Joan 🙂

  8. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Ryan,
    Another guest post. Just read your post on Reji’s Blog and now here. It is an amazing post and grabs the attention to skip the skimming and read the whole post.
    Thanks for the share.

  9. charlotte grace

    thank you for the incentive and additionally thanks Janice for publishing

  10. Moss

    Hi Ryan,

    What an amazing article on the mindset of a blogger. Your advice are stunning and timely, knowing that many bloggers fail because of having and dwelling on negative mindset.

    For example, I recently told a friend about a new project I want work on, his first words to me were, “please don’t, it can’t work.”

    You his mindset right there. So, if we’re positive and have passion and determination for what we do, success is certainly the end result.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Moss

    Hi Ryan,

    What an amazing article on the mindset of a blogger. Your advice are stunning and timely, knowing that many bloggers fail because of having and dwelling on negative mindset.

    For example, I recently told a friend about a new project I want work on, his first words to me were, “please don’t, it can’t work.”

    You his mindset right there. So, if we’re positive and have passion and determination for what we do, success is certainly the end result.

    Thanks for sharing, and thank you too Janice.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Amen Moss. Funny how you note that experience. When I was on the subway here in NYC a few days ago 2 friends were talking about one of their buddies. He was developing some app that got funding, but both said they told the guy he was wasting his time. Negative mindset loses in the end, every time, and a positive mindset wins.


  12. Nigel William

    Hi, Ryan! This is an amazing post! It has everything someone who`s thinking to start their own blog needs to hear/read. I loved that you didn`t sugarcoat one thing in the process. Yes, it`s hard and it takes time, but once you achieve that dream, it`s worth it! I was wondering, how you came up with the idea to start blogging?

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