How to Become a Strong Writer in 2024, 5 Easy Ways

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Do you want to be a strong writer like Stephen King?

Throughout his 54-year career, the famous horror and suspense author Stephen King has written over 60 full-length fiction novels and more than a hundred short stories. One can only wonder how he pulled off such a feat. 

Writing is difficult, and having a passion for your craft is not enough to put you on the right track to success. In addition to your passion, you need to come up with the right strategies and approaches so you can carve out a niche for yourself in the literary world.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will know five ways to become a strong writer including one strategy that is controversial.

The tips below may or may not work for you, but they can give you an idea as you develop a healthy routine so you can become a strong writer.

5 Takeaways to Becoming a Prolific Writer

1. Keep reading

The first rule of being a serious writer is to be a voracious reader. Whether you are a fiction writer or a biographer, it’s important that you expose yourself to various styles, expand your vocabulary, and get inspiration from reading.

Take time to read your favorite authors, magazine articles, or even blogs. Eventually, you will discover new and clever ways of structuring your work in case you ever run into a creative roadblock. More importantly, you can use these materials for developing your style and finding your voice. 

Improve Copywriting Skills by Reading

Being a copywriter is one of the best day jobs for writers.

In order to be a strong writer in the area of copywriting, you need to read copywriting books.

Many writers are self-taught. How do they learn to be a strong writer? They read!

Here are my favorite copywriting books:

  • EVERYBODY WRITES by Ann Handley
  • WEB COPY THAT SELLS by Maria Veloso
  • THE MOM TEST by Rob Fitzpatrick

More books that helped me to become a strong writer:

  • CONTENT CHEMISTRY by Andy Crestodina

I have personally read all these books and believe they made me a strong writer. They can do the same for you.

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2. Go beyond a schedule

Many writers try to treat writing as part of their routine, but an inspiration to write doesn’t follow a strict schedule. It just comes once you sit down and work on a story or article you are developing.

To combat a lack of inspiration, don’t just set a fixed schedule for writing. Do it whenever you feel the urge to write. You just have to do it every day so your mind will be committed to your craft. 

Do you believe a fixed writing schedule is better or a non-fixed writing schedule?

Believing this is up for disagreement, I asked the Writing Community on Instagram for their opinion.


strong writer poll

As you can see, the Instagrammers were divided over this question about one-third to two-thirds. 33% responded that you need a fixed writing schedule while 67% expressed the feeling that you can stay flexible about when you write.

3. Consider technology as an ally

Today’s writers have all the tools they need in order to create high-quality work within a short timeframe. Mobile note-taking apps such as Evernote and Notion allow you to jot down drafts wherever you are. This way, you can continue working on your stories even while you are queuing at the dentist or taking the train.

If you spend too much time revising and improving your drafts, you can use the ProWritingAid software which comes with a grammar and readability checker.

Make sure you don’t commit incremental plagiarism which is using a small degree of text without citing your source. If you are doing any e-book writing for Kindle, make sure to use plagiarism checkers such as CopyScape and PlagScan to steer clear of any potential copyright issues. 

4. Avoid procrastination

Missed deadlines lead to missed opportunities, so you need to commit to your writing project the best way you can. Especially if you have an idea for an interesting plot, you need to see the urgency of putting it down on paper and share it with your audience.

Most writers are guilty of being notorious procrastinators, but that fact alone shouldn’t keep you from being serious about your craft. 

Writers often have day jobs and feel overwhelmed between their writing tasks and other obligations. Not knowing which to tackle first, writers procrastinate and don’t meet any goals. Can you relate?

The book called ESSENTIALISM will help you prioritize your tasks.

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5. Take a course to become a strong writer

There are other ways you can develop the mindset of a strong writer.

If all else fails, outsource. Even though the famous writer of all time, William Shakespeare, was self-taught, you don’t have to be.

You can take a writing course to improve your skills and become a strong writer.

For instance, the Mostly Blogging Academy offers many affordable courses to help you become a strong writer.

For example, if you want to be a strong writer of emails, Mostly Blogging offers Effective Email Marketing. If you want to be a strong writer as a blogger, Mostly Blogging offers Blogging Like a Pro. Finally, if you want to be a strong SEO copywriter, the Academy offers Blogging on the First Page of Google.

How to Become a Strong Writer: People Also Ask

What Are Your Strengths As a Writer?

As a teacher-blogger, people observe I have the ability to break down complex topics so they are understandable.

What Does a Strong Writer Do?

A strong writer reads, follows a writing schedule, uses tools, avoids procrastination, and takes writing courses.

Wrapping Up: How to Become a Strong Writer

At the end of the day, doing what you love and having a commitment towards should matter the most. 

In closing, this guide explained five habits you should follow if you want to be a strong writer:

  • Read
  • Follow a writing schedule
  • Use tools
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Take writing courses

In addition, this post recommended six books to read in order to become a strong writer and discussed a controversial writing strategy.

Readers, please share so people discover these tips and learn to become stronger writers.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Do you have suggestions for how you can be a strong writer?

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