Steps to Write an Article: How to Make a Post Rank in Less Than An Hour in 5 Easy Steps

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steps to write an article

Are you in a rush and need to know the steps to write an article quickly?

Wouldn’t a dream blog post be completed in record time?

By the time you are done reading, you will know how to write a blog post that ranks on Google in less than an hour.

Although the steps to write an article are generally the same: introduction, body, and conclusion, this guide explains how to use the response post format.

As you read this post, you will discover advanced blog hacks to speed up the steps to write an article.

Steps to Write an Article Quickly and Get It To Rank on Google

Step 1: Research keywords you believe you can rank for

Batch research as time allows. You should only need to do this twice a year.

You can keep your keywords in several places. If you plan on writing the post yourself, keep the keywords on your WordPress Editorial Calendar. This way you can see if you have a variety of content instead of the same content repeating itself post after post.

If you plan on having guest authors write the content, keep a list on a Google Doc. When people claim the topic, write “claim.” When people send you the post, remove the topic from the list. Google Docs allows you to share the link with your guest authors.

Instead of relying on them to come up with topics you can rank for, you come up with the topics for the guest posts. Be prepared with the link to the Google Doc when someone asks to guest post.

Step 2 Minimize research for the post

There are many pros of YouTube such as using YouTube videos to conduct research. You can use Reddit posts as well. Pillar posts take a long time to conduct research, but this guide is about how to follow the steps to write an article quickly.

What if you write a response post?

What is a response post?

A response post is a response to a question. The article answers a specific question quickly.

I’m guessing you don’t normally publish response posts, so this would be a new format for both you and your readers.

For instance, on, I responded to a Quora user who questioned the importance of Facebook. I was able to quickly write the post. No research was needed since I shared my opinion.

Here is another example of how to respond with content creation. Although Nate’s video is not a blog post, his response to Annie’s claim that YouTube Shorts are a time-waster is a powerful example of a response post.

You will notice at no time is Nate’s response to Annie’s claim hostile.

In my post about the importance of Facebook, my response was not hostile or critical either. I composed 600+ words within minutes. To rank on Google, you should shoot for 1500 words which you can write within an hour. There is no research involved. You certainly know your own opinion.

Step 3 Write your first sentence and answer paragraph

Use the keyword. Use the first sentence as your meta description.

The response paragraph is three to four sentences long. The Income School recommends you bold the response paragraph. He reports you will nab Google’s Featured Snippets with this technique. Featured Snippets sit on top of the first page of Google. The visibility results in massive blog traffic for you.

In your answer paragraph, sound relatable. Let people know you’ve wondered the answer to the same question and you found the answer and put together the post so your readers know the answer.

The Income School recommends putting the answer paragraph second in your post.

steps to write an article

Even though I don’t have the response in a bolded paragraph, I do have my response to the question, “Is Facebook important” early in the post. It appears in a Table of Contents in my article.

As you see, you can tailor some of the steps to write an article to fit your style.

Step 4 Add subheads and details

Add 5 subheads and explain them. Think in terms of the 5 W’s: What causes the problem the post solves? Another subhead might be how to fix the problem. When does the problem occur? What are the effects of this problem?

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When you explain the subheads, provide details. This is one of the steps to write an article that might take creativity. For instance, if a tip states people need to go to the DMV to solve a problem relating to a car, describe what they might need to bring with them to the DMV. Explain how long they might need to wait once they get there.

Now, you can think of the rest of the writing like you are composing five 300 word blog posts instead of one 1500 word blog post. Writer’s Block is solved.

Step 5 Polish and insert a dominant graphic and screenshots

Let’s break down the time allotments for each step:

steps to write an article

One important reminder before we do:

You already have your keyword.

Take 10 minutes conducting research for the post. One answer paragraph, an intro sentence, and subheadings should take you another 10 minutes. Spend the other 40 minutes filling in data, writing the conclusion, polishing, and making a dominant graphic.

Speech to text helps speed up the writing. This function is available on a Mac and on Windows use Google Docs.

Steps to Write an Article FAQ

What are the steps to write an article?

The steps to write an article include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Make sure in the conclusion you give a Call to Action telling readers what you want them to do.

Wrapping Up: Steps to Write an Article

In closing, this post shared five simple, free steps to write an article that gets your post ranked on Google.

You discovered how much times to spend on the steps to write the article, what the steps consist of, and two examples of a response post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know any additional steps to write an article to help your posts rank in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages?

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