Want to Start a Blog? 7 Important Reasons You Should Not

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Start a blog: 7 realities you need to know

Have you found trying to start a blog a challenge?

Today’s post is written by my friend and SEO expert Kimsea Sok.

With his unique voice and colorful personality, Kimsea explains what to realistically expect when you start a blog.

Warning: Kimsea’s post contains modified expletives.

by Kimsea Sok

You might have heard bloggers generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars from blogging.

Have you heard about that?

The Forbes magazine has demonstrated the truth—10 wildly successful blogs that earn an outlandish income. Last year, the Entrepreneurs magazine also stated 8 people who made $1 million from blogging on its website.

Much more information has been published that substantiated the bloggers who are making a pretty revenue from blogging.

So what now?

You’re intending to start a blog and insisting on creating an amazing story like the above-mentioned bloggers.

Are you?

Wait a few minutes, please.

Before you answer me, I need you to be patient and spend a few more minutes to finish reading this article.

Sometimes, you will change your mind and give me an unexpected answer. Here are my 7 untold reasons you shouldn’t start blogging.

1. If You Start a Blog, You Won’t Get Rich

In fact, blogging isn’t all about the money but people mostly start blogging because they expect to make a huge income from blogging.

The reason, I first have to clarify the point.

Reading the success stories and income reports of the bloggers inspires you to build your own story since you believe that you will get everything in place.

You’re looking for instructions to start blogging or perhaps you’ve already started a blog.

Here is a magical question:

If all these bloggers easily make $1 million from their blogs, why aren’t all of them driving Ferraris or souped-up sports cars?

Blogging can be extremely different from what you’ve contemplated.

I’ve spent 9 years of my life with blogging. The first three years were to learn from my mistakes and making the first f***ing d*** $25.

Depending on your personal experience, you aren’t going to make a huge income or even a small buck if you’ve just created a new blog last month.

Don’t be confused.

I’m not trying to persuade you to get away from [blogging[ or saying blogging isn’t a real way to make money.


If people couldn’t make money blogging, why did I spend 9 years of my life trying?

My point is blogging isn’t an easy business, and you won’t make any income unless you’re committed to it.

Of course. I’m a full-time blogger who earns a passive income from blogging. Although I don’t make a million dollars from my blog, I enjoy the lifestyle plus find more freedom for myself and family.

2. You Will Fall in the Hell of Blogging

Freedom, huh? I have no f***ing idea what I just said.

Maybe I’m different or maybe I’m not different from you.

I’ve never predicted an overnight success or getting rich because of starting a blog, but I’m wrestling with lifestyle changes and getting more freedom.

I’m sick and tired of getting up in the early morning and the rushed eating of breakfast.

I don’t want to leave the coffee shop at 7:30 am to put my finger on the finger print machine before 8:00 am.

I’d love to spend at least an hour chatting or commenting with friends on Facebook before I get to work in the morning.

I definitely hate the Cambodia Labor Law—working 8 hours a day and 46 hours a week.

So what happens after I became a full-time blogger?

Well. Everything is completely unpredictable.

I forgot what month of the year it is.

The last time I looked at the calendar was the earlier part of July. After a few days, “Welcome to August!” appeared when a friend updated a Facebook status.

What a surprise!

I passed over 3 weeks without any acknowledgment.

You know what? The earlier part of July seems like yesterday to me.

To be honest, I prefer to work four or five hours per day and five days per week.

As I told you, everything is unpredictable.

The clients drove me to work past midnight, and I scheduled the phone call with another client at 8:00 am.

I didn’t take any holidays for over three months.

In spite of working for the clients, I have to keep my own business running—to write articles and market my blogs.

The morning starts with hundreds of emails which include terrible advertisements.

I have to commit to reading and commenting on at least 15 articles every morning to ensure stronger relationships in the community.

In addition, I need to embarrass myself in front of the camera in a private studio for my YouTube channel two or three times a week.

Most importantly, even if I am so busy with clients, I have to manage time to write content for my own blog. But if I don’t write for my own blog, my blog will lose traffic so that clients can’t find my business.

Tasks scheduling and time management are so important for blogging and freelancing.

“Is my dream about starting a high blood pressure business?” I frequently asked myself.

It seems that blogging is putting me in hell.

In contrast, I’m enjoying working, reading, and communicating with other people at the coffee shop each morning.

If I want to make life a bit easier, I can say “NO” or ask the clients to wait for me.

For sure. You’re not saying “NO” to the boss.

3. You Will Never Be Proud of Your Dream Job

Regardless of making money from your blog and getting more freedom, is there any fact that inspires you to start blogging?

I’m dreaming of having my photo on the book cover.

I will contribute the book to all universities in my locale and make my community proud of what I’ve ever done.

People in Cambodia will shout out the story and struggle to follow what I did in life.

Of course, they won’t…

If you were in Cambodia, you won’t tell your friends anything about your career because they don’t believe in an internet job.

You might be considered as a scammer If you try to chat or persuade them to do anything relating to blogging.

The knowledge of an internet job in Cambodia is distinct from your country.

“Stop wasting time with a nonsense career because you aren’t going get it done,” my friend advised.

“What are you doing for a living now?” another friend asked me.

“I’m a full-time blogger and work online,” I answered my friend.

You know what?

His wife looked at me using an attitude which was difficult to explain in English, but what I’m sure is she was worried that I will cheat her husband.

Holly s***! What a terrible job I had!

On the negative side, it seems all things are wrong in my life, but when looking at the positive, I’m going to make some changes.

A majority of Cambodians are following my work and are always proud of the achievements I’ve done. Moreover, I was featured as an expert blogger on the HuffingtonPost and variety of fortune blogs.

The most inspiration is, a blogger mentioned my name as a mentor blogger on his blog; that pushes me to continue the blogging career.

4. The People on the Internet Are A**h****.

Being a man on the internet is a serious trouble.

You might be considered as a scammer by your close friend’s wife or by many more people.

Last month, I saw different and typical questions from the newbie bloggers regarding how to apply for Google Ads.

I wrote an experience of how to get an AdSense account approved after publishing the 4th article to help those who need to monetize their blogs with Google Advertising.

Guest what?

A guy commented on the Facebook group and tried to explain that I wrote the worst advice and in the most unethical way.

“You are lying”, another guy said in the forum discussion.

I’ve no f***ing idea why people love judging even if they know nothing at all relating to another person.

Those two guys didn’t even read my article but considered me as a scammer.

Are people on the internet a**h****?

Wait! Do not answer. That’s not all I faced.

A few years ago, a Cambodian guy pinged me a message and told me the current situation of his life. He asked for help with starting blogging as he’s hungry to change his lifestyle.

I taught him everything I knew and bought him both of the essential things such as hosting and domain.

After a short time, the guy abandoned his dream and told [me] that it’s impossible.

He didn’t want to waste his time anymore.

I never help and pay anyone to change their life unless they are struggling to change themselves.

In spite of being considered a scammer, you might be cheated on the internet.

Last month, I saw a friend posted a status and said a guy cheated him just for a buck.

The first time you start blogging, you will be cheated by a variety and typical scammers from anywhere of the earth.

Me, too; I was cheated many times but not too much.

As I remember, a man who I knew over a year cheated me $75 for paying for business kinds of things.

The internet is full of surprises!

While wasting time discuss the bad guys, why don’t we value the good guys?

During 9 years as a blogger, I know so many people from different parts of the earth such as US, Canada, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and so on.

Those friends are much too similar to me—they are struggling to change their lives.

We’re helping and motivating each other to enhance a better lifestyle and to succeed in this career.

I have the biggest family on the globe.

Those bloggers aren’t cyber friends, but they’re a real family.

Back in 2013. As far as I remember, I needed $100 for paying for the business. “Anyone, could I borrow a hundred dollars?”

A friend from Facebook messaged me his credit card and security number. Lol!

He said, “Use any available balance you need.”

That’s crazy, huh?

Many amazing things to remember such as an editor from Canada helped me with editing an article for free of charge, an Indian SEO created .gov backlinks for free, and sundry.

Maybe, I’m wrong. The people on the internet aren’t always a*******.

I decided to end the memory with the good friends rather than the a******* who are using illegal ways to make money.

What about you?

What do you want to end up with?

5. People Are Lying—Start Blogging with a Free Platform

Free blogging business is another significant factor to clarify.

I’ve seen a majority of advice suggested the newbie start a blog with free blogging platforms.

An answer from my heart: It’s completely terrible advice.

Absolutely, you should not.

A million mistakes I did with blogging, but the biggest was, I wasted two years with free blogging platforms like Blogger.

I understand people from developing countries are serious about investing money on the internet.

If you’re not sure, you will never spend a buck.

Me too! The first time I start blogging, I didn’t even have ten dollars for buying a custom domain for my Blogger blog.

I spent eight months blogging on a BlogSpot subdomain and deleted that blog when I realized the mistakes.

Again, I created a new blog and bought a custom domain from a local hosting company as I didn’t have any credit cards.

“Even if I made ten dollars a year, I still wouldn’t lose,” was the only thing that inspired me to buy the custom domain.

Unfortunately, that $10 didn’t help me to generate any income.

I was overwhelmed and giving up…

No matter how, I gave myself another second chance to change my life so I made a bigger investment in my blogging career.

I went to a local bank and deposited five hundred dollars for a Visa card.

I paid a hosting provider $350 to put my blog on the internet for three years. Also, I bought a premium theme at $69 and content upgrade plugin at $77.

The last second chance is three years long.

How many times did you give yourself a second chance, by the way?

Since it’s my business and last chance, the thing changed. The investment compelled me to set a game plan and take everything seriously.

I’m not mentioning the benefits of online reputation and others, but the changes of personal attitudes.

Once you invested both money and other resources in blogging, you made your blog a business and that will drive you to:

  • Put more eyes and more time on blogging.
  • Develop strategies, plans, and figure out what works and what doesn’t
  • I don’t know, but you can tell me in the comment below

It’s now your choice.

Do you want to start blogging as a business or as a place to learn to blog?

6. Blogging Isn’t Just to Start a Blog

What are the duties of a blogger in your opinion?

Creating a blog, writing posts, and marketing the contents via social platforms are the very basic, but there is so much routine work that needs to be done.

To be a blogger, you are obligated to perform different duties that require multiple business skills.

In general, you are an entrepreneur and business owner. Once in a while, you are an author and editor. You sometimes are a marketing guru. And spasmodically, you’re the customer service worker who deals with clients’ problems.

Those works are stressful plus they require a high-level of knowledge and typical experiences, especially the time management.

To start blogging isn’t as easy as breaking a piece of cookie in your mouth.

Blogging will be much more difficult when you have other duties at your office of your regular job.

Is blogging a flexible business, though?

It seems that you will have overload and challenging work when starting a blog. In contrast, those works won’t be stressful but enjoyable if you love what you’re doing.

What’s more, many bloggers will give a hand to solve the issues you face.

You need to pay attention and spend more time on blogging, but it doesn’t have to be a specific time. Also, there are wildly helpful tools available to leverage blogging power and to make your life easier.

So, you have more than enough to go with if you’re good at arranging your schedule.

7. Branding A Blog Is Difficult and Costs a Fortune

When it comes to being a blogger, a lot of work is waiting for you, but the most I’m so sick and tired of is branding a new blog.

Branding a blog isn’t a one-time process but continually takes much more time, requires hard work, and sometimes costs a fortune to maintain improvements.

According to the statics, there were 173 million of active blogs in 2011. On average, 12,000 new blogs with 275,000 articles were created every single day.

How do you plan to stand out with the highly competitive rate?

Please do not tell me you’re progressing on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team said they’re doing the best to provide better users’ experience. Hence, a hundred times they changed Facebook’s algorithm so your post only reaches your mom and girlfriend.

Google LLC is the same. Depending on Matt Cutts, the web spam team, your article isn’t going to get on the top of Google unless it’s quality content.

Google doesn’t pass all the links’ values to the article unless they are high-quality and relevant. The low quality or bad backlinks will damage your SEO ranking.

When hearing those people shout out, blah, blah, blah…, it seems to me that they’re trying to tell me, “Hey, spend your money with Google or Facebook’s advertising program, and they will help with exposing your new brand.”

As I told you, the first time I started blogging, I didn’t even have $10 for buying a custom domain, so how can I invest candy dollars for the advertising campaign?

In fact, you don’t have to…

You don’t need to reach a million page views in order to make money from your blog, but a few people who are intending to buy your affiliate products.

To be honestly, on average, my blog generates 3k — 5k visitors and around 10k —12k page views per month. 267 people subscribed to my channel, and usually, YouTube brings 5k views a month.

However, I could generate a pretty income from that less trafficked blog and small YouTube channel.

When your blog is very new, you don’t have to focus on driving massive traffic, but keeping consistency and trying to engage with people in their areas of interests.

Start building the online reputation and great portfolios so it’s more than enough to monetize your blog.


To start a blog isn’t as difficult as bringing your inborn talents out of your body.

If you’re enjoying what you’re doing with blogging, you’ll bring the processes straightforward to be successful.

Invest yourself and other resources in the business. This helps with changing the mindset that will lead you in a positive direction.

Interact with the professionals and your audiences to raise your new brand and to create your online reputation. That is much more important than traffic.

When you’re new to blogging, you have to focus on keeping consistent progress and enjoying what you’re passionate about rather than making money from your blog.

I swear, your payday will come at the right time after your hard work.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

In his introduction, Kimsea wrote, “Here are my 7 untold reasons you shouldn’t start blogging.”

His article shares the reality of blogging. These are truths many bloggers never tell.

For this reason, you can become disillusioned when you start a blog.

Kimsea’s post takes the “rose-colored glasses” off the blogger. While cynical, his post is important. It prevents people wishing to start a blog from starting blogging with unrealistic expectations.

Readers, please share, so other people who want to start a blog realistically know what blogging entails and what they can expect from the experience.

What do you think? Did Kimsea keep it real or was he too cynical? I look forward to your views about the kind of picture he paints when you attempt to start a blog.

  1. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I think he was being realistic but not necessarily discouraging. Setting up a blog and not focusing on it will bring frustration, but persistence and creating better content brings results. You may not make a million of be the next Pat Flynn but the people you meet online and the perks make up for it.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Rebeca.
      Nice to meet you here.

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to share here. Maybe, it’s my English problem.

      To be honest, I’m not intentionally discouraging people regarded blogging.

      However, I’m trying to hash off my truth story and explain that blogging isn’t an sleeping money.

      You know? During these 9 years, I lose lots of blogger friends as they quit writing for their own blog. Hence, I just want to lets people know blogging sometimes blogging is different from what they think it was

      What’s more, nothing can stop people from making successful.

      If you believe on your dream and enjoy what you’re doing, there will be nobody can stop you.

  2. caren gittleman

    Each and EVERY POINT is “spot on!” I cracked up laughing at the one where you tell people you are a blogger lol. When I tell people I HATE when they look at me as if I said my career is robbing banks lol…………

    • Kimsea Sok

      Even if decent people in Cambodia start to understand about online business, most of Cambodian not realize on those kind of career.

      Your job can a joke, a terrible, or an anything. LOL!

      You know? Those people people sometimes make me serious depressed feeling…

      Whatever, I know what I’m doing.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Kimsea, good to see you here! This journey gets wild at times. Like walking through the Central Market in Cambodia’s capital LOL. But if you blog mainly to enjoy the ride and dive into your fears, you will succeed. I treat this like a business, this blogging bit. Meaning I commit 6 to 8 to 10 hours or more, 7 days a week, to working online, doing the creating and connecting and practicing to build a rocking blog. It has not been a comfortable journey because I have run into many similar struggles. Including many skeptical folks who believed blogging was not a real job or business. But here I am 🙂

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Ryan.
      How are you doing today?

      I quit reading your articles for a while as I was busy with the clients.

      I do believe that you’re a magical and hard working blogger as I found YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter live every day.

      Mostly, I was with you on YouTube.

      Of course, I used to work hard with blogging.

      As remembered, I worked over 15 hours every day. LOL!

      Many problems went through my life so I don’t want to make it more difficult for living.

      Maybe, I will back active again in next 1 or 2 years.

  4. Alana

    Any kind of business is hard work. The post was funny in some ways, but really not – no one should ever blog, thinking it is going to be a money machine, any more than any kind of business is an instant money machine. Perhaps that is one reason why the Internet is littered with millions and millions of abandoned blogs in a virtual graveyard.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Alana,
      Thanks for writing. I agree with your comments especially when you wrote that Kimsea’s delivery made a serious (sad) topic have levity.
      My favorite part was your use of word play: “Virtual graveyard” definitely has two meanings.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Alana and Janice.

      How are you both doing today?

      Whatever, the business you’re currently doing. Whether it is an offline or online business, a solid and hard working is required to achieve a better performance.

      However, you have to make sure your works are also SMART.

      Over 50% of people who started blogging are expecting massive income rather than following their passions.

      What’s more, I’ve read lots of articles related starting a blog and some bloggers published fake income report to persuade people to start a blog.

      As told in the article, I’m a full time blogger. If blogging isn’t a real job, why do spend my life with blogging?

      My purpose is, I want people look at each angle of blogging before they make own decision.

  5. Stephanie

    Refreshing take on blogging. You speak the truth, it’s not for the faint of heart nor is it for the person who wants to be able to support his or herself in the near future. I blog to support my e-commerce business. It’s a slow process, but I do see progress and believe it helps to establish me as an “expert” in my field (interior design). Congrats on being published in so many esteemed publications. I just checked you out on LInkedIn and will be following your posts.



  6. Kimsea Sok

    Hello Stephanie

    Nice to meet you here.

    You know? Nothing is more enjoyable than hearing the readers said that they love your article.

    I write one or two article a month as I’m scare of writing. LOL!

    It was such an amazing moment to know the interior designer here.

    To be honest, I’m not ready own a hour so I always dream about having one.

    My habit is, when I ride somewhere, I always look at others’ houses and imagine my own. LOL!

    I went through your blog. It’s awesome and you have lots of creative and amazing works.


  7. Golden

    Hello Kimsea,
    I hate it when someone asks me to teach him how to start a blog and then asks me how much he’d be making monthly as if blogging is a money generator.
    These people think that blogging is a get-rich-quick business.
    They dont know that putting up a hard work is required.
    But when you said blogging on free platforms like blogger is a big mistake I disagree with you.
    There is nothing totaly wrong with blogger.
    You can even use a custom domain name on blogger and still succeed.
    I am rocking Blogger too well.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Golden.

      Nice to meet you here.

      People have different opinions such you and me.

      I said Free platform such Blogger is a big mistake because when comes up with Blogger platform, you’ve limited usability and freedom to grow.

      Blogger isn’t extendable. It requires the knowledges of coding to make some functionalities such as lead capturing and SEO.

      What’s more, even if you buy custom domain, you didn’t own the property.

      You content is belong to Google.

      As remember, Google deleted my friend’s blog which currently own 25k daily visitor without any notification.

      That’s it. Your business dead because the heart attack.

  8. Nzekwe Godswill

    Hi Kimsea,
    I landed here from Google and now stuck to your blog.
    thanks a lot.?

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Nzekwe Godswill.

      You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by and commenting the post.

      Anyway, what keywords you used for searching this article?

  9. Lorenza

    Thanks for sharing this with us Kimsea! You’re right. Blogging is not easy and it’s not an easy way to make money. Next month I’ll be blogging for a year. A few months ago I came very close to giving up. I started with free blogspot and I’m not in the U.S. There were so many things wrong with that and I slowly discovered what needs fixing and it just felt like I wasted so much time. But I got back up and got my own domain and now trying to give this blogging thing another shot. It was never a case of not enjoying the blogging journey. I love writing. The social media part can be exhausting but I had to learn to schedule things so that I’m not overwhelmed and all over the place. It’s a constant learning process where one will fail and then succeed and then fail some more lol. I think it’s important that people know what the blogging journey involves. If there’s no passion and a belief that you can make it work then it’s best to try something else. 🙂

    • Kimsea Sok

      Of course, Lorenza.

      Blogging isn’t easy, and definitely isn’t difficult as long as you enjoy what you’re doing.

      As told in the above article, I spent over 3 years to make my first $25 earning because I did thousands of mistakes along the ways of blogging.

      You know? Those mistakes are so terrible. They almost drive me to give up my dream as well.

      In somehow, mistakes are the most amazing in life.

      Without those mistake, I might not right here and right now.

      Also, one thing I want to tell you, Lorenza.

      According the personal experience, the newbie blogger will give up when got clearly know about blogging. However, you’re still right here with your blog that means straightforward to whatever your want.

      Please keep up with your dream, and nothing can put down.

      BTW, Which part of the earth are you living?

  10. Shantanu Sinha

    Hello Kimsea

    Good to see you here on Janice’s place 🙂

    I can know the pain, of people talking about, how one can make money over here, he might be running a fraud scam or he would just fraud the people and run away.

    They things you faced in the earlier stages, the situation is quite same here in India, not talking about the big cities but the stories here in the smaller city are different. I am not that long into this blogging world, but yeah people started to talk about me, how much he is going to earn, how long he will survive, no degree means no tag for one in the society.

    Indeed blogging is not a single day game plan, its survival of the fittest. We all have to plant it, nourish it so that it could provide us the sweet fruits at the end.

    It looks easy but there are many wild up comings in this field, which one can ever imagine.

    Thanks for sharing these insights among us 🙂


    • Kimsea Sok

      Hey, bro.

      Nice to meet you here, too.

      We own a story about blogging, and they’re different from each other depending location, duration, how we start blogging, and so on.

      You know what, bro? Whatever the story is, I always to listen those bloggers who hash off their journey.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and comment the post.

  11. Golden

    Hey Lorenza,
    do you know we are almost in the same boat.
    I have been a blogger for 3years now but I recently got a custom domain name.
    Would love it if you checkout my blog regular because its gonna be a hit for blogspot bloggers.

  12. Eugenia

    I blog because I like to write; I like to be creative; I like the engagement with other bloggers. I have no expectations or visions of grandeur.

  13. Arvind Kumar

    you cannot have a successful blog unless you work hard on it….. if you work hard passionately on your blog, you will surely get success in blogging…..many bloggers want to achieve success in one day or few months..but success is a journey and one has to keep working hard without thinking of money…I have seen bloggers earning money through blogging after 6 months or 1 year, some of them even struggle to earn even after 2 years…this happens when you don’t take your job seriously..if you really treat blogging as a serious bossiness you will surely achieve success in future…great post for new bloggers like me…!!thanks for sharing..!!

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hi Arvind.

      Of course. the success required many factors involving commitment, consistency, and passionately enjoying your work.

      You have to commit on a solid hard working.

      However, the most important thing is, just take your health and enjoy little things.

      What’s more, please do not work too hard.

      Remember, if you want to succeed, you have to slow down.

      I used to work over 15 hours a day with blogging, but I’m now only work 5 hours a day. Also, the income not completely different.

      Please find out some ways to make your life easy.

  14. Peter Nyiri

    You are right, per survey a few years back, 81 percent of bloggers never make more than $100.
    Blogging doesn’t really have a product. In order to make money, you need to have something (a product) to sell that people want to buy, and blogging is to complement that. Money comes from giving something that people are willing to pay for.
    Blogging is really a sub-function of a website, not the end-all itself.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Peter,
      I am shocked by your statistic. Would it be possible to find the link to your source for me? I might want to reference it in future blog posts.
      Thanks for contributing to the discussion about the difficulties of the blogging journey.

          • Peter Nyiri

            Hi Janice,
            This post really inspired me and I would be really interested in doing a guest post on your site from a different angle: “90 Crucial Steps On Starting A Profitable Blog”. The numerous details it actually takes will explain why people don’t make it. You can e-mail me.

          • Janice Wald

            I would love that. Yes I will. Thank you for your interest.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Of course. If anyone could jump up to the next level of blogging (launch own product), everything will be much easier.

      I didn’t mention about this because this article aim to share the truth of starting blogging.

      Creating a product is just the beginning, but marketing and driving more sales are run time journey.

      Thanks for sharing the point with me.

  15. Pintura Hidrográfica

    Very good site I really liked the tips and content of the website congratulations to the site won one more follower !!!

  16. Jitendra


    You are damn right with all the point mention in this post. Thank you for being so realistic. I see many bloggers these days are attracted to the monetary gain from blogging, overlooking all the struggles that i behind it. And then they end up winning about their struggles. I would surely recommend this article to anyone who is entering into the world of internet marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Have a great day ahead. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jitendra,
      I appreciate your powerful words in your comments. It’s clear you feel strongly about the post. I did too which is why I had a challenge promoting it. Blogging IS hard, there is no question about it. The key is to find methods that do work for you and keep using them.
      Thanks for reading what my guest author wrote and commenting.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hey, bro! Nice to see you here.

      Anyway, I always want to say change for listing me your Commentluv blogs.

      You know? That post refers at 30 visitors to my blog very single months. Thanks for that.

      Finally, thanks for compliment and I’m glad you love the article.

      Blogging is serious matter, but it’s always peaceful and enjoyable place for people who love it.

      Have nice day.

  17. Moss

    Hi Kim,

    Glad to meet you here. I get your point. For me, blogging is a remarkable career which I so much love and cherish. If you view your blog as a business and put forth effort – as Rebecca and Ryan pointed out, with persistence and determination you definitely will make it as a blogger.

    I’m committed to blogging, thus, I put in 8hrs everyday. You made your first $25 in 3yrs blogging, I made my first $100 in 5 months. There’re many bloggers who made money their first month.

    It all depends on the effort you put into your blog. If A is not working for you, try B. Rebekah Radice said “test test test.” Test your strategy and find out what works well for you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Moss

    Hi Kim,

    Glad to meet you here. I get your point, you’re very realistic. People shouldn’t see blogging as a get rich quick business, rather , just like any other business, it takes time.

    For me, blogging is a remarkable career which I so much love and cherish. I do struggle sometimes actually, but if you view your blog as a business and put forth effort – as Rebecca and Ryan pointed out, with persistence and determination you definitely will make it as a blogger.

    I’m committed to blogging, thus, I put in 8hrs everyday. You made your first $25 in 3yrs blogging, I made my first $100 in 5 months. There’re many bloggers who made money their first month.

    It all depends on the effort you put into your blog. If A is not working for you, try B. Rebekah Radice said “test test test.” Test your strategy and find out what works well for you.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      Great to see you! Thanks for coming by my blog today.
      I agree with what you wrote but I want to add we need to KEEP testing.
      I tried in Year 2 what worked in Year 1 but in Year 2, it didn’t work anymore, so I tried something else. As bloggers/marketers, we need to keep tweaking/perfecting, reinventing ourselves. Time change, people change…

      • Moss

        Hi Janice,

        You’re absolutely right. We need to keep testing. There’s constant change in trends including blogging. What worked a couple years back may not work today.

        For example, the rise of voice search has significant impact on SEO. SEO is not longer the stuffing of keywords, rather adapting to voice search trends by creating high-quality contents in a conversational manner.

        It wasn’t so a few years back, but that’s what going on right now if you want to be found by SEO and voice search.

        What’s the point? As you put it, tweaking, perfecting, and reinventing.

        Thanks a lot for responding.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Moss,
          Your comments have inspired me to consider researching deeper into the ramifications of voice search and consider writing a blog post about it.
          If you’d ever like to guest post for my readers about some of the topics we’ve discussed here today, you’d be welcome.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Moss, nice to see you here.

      I’m so sorry for being late in responding.

      Of course. You’re complete right. People not look that so long to make their first income as I did.

      Reason, I couldn’t monetize my blog is I’m slowly learn about my mistakes.

      What’s more, I continued and repeated those until I almost lose myself in the blogging spere.

      In facts, mistake is the most managing in life–it teaches us how to do the right thing.

      Once you configure what works and what doesn’t’ work, it’s time to make money blogging

      I’m glade to hear that you could monetize your blog very fast.

  19. Charlie

    All this is new to me. I started a blog in 2012. I didn’t start it to make money. I just like to write. It appears that there are more blogs about writing blogs than anything else. Which I find quite confusing and humorous at the same time. I am pretty sure I’ll never make any money out of it because my forthcoming novel will do that ha?

  20. Sandy KS

    Blogging can be hard and frustrating. I have wanted to pull my hair out a time or two. I had to take a step back from blogging and I am ready to give it a go again but starting from the bottom with an old blog I have.

    • Janice Wald

      HI Sandy,
      It feels like I haven’t seen you in a while. Maybe that’s why. I was also experiencing frustration early summer. My husband and I went on a cruise, and now I am back with new perspective. Thanks for writing.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hi Sandy.

      Nice to meet you here.

      Of course. You made the right decision.

      You don’t have to start over as what I did in the pass.

      The reason, I started over because I did the mistakes with blogging which it hurt me till the dead so I could not save my blog.

      I don’t know what exactly your problem is.

      However, you can recheck your blog, update the content, or redirect old post.

      Just try to figure what is the problem in the previous step.

      Thanks for commenting..

  21. Lesly Federici

    Hello Kimsea and Janice,
    Hm … do I detect a tad of sarcasm? Oh rumors fly about instant internet wealth on the internet through blogging and other such activities. It just takes time. I’ve known Ryan Rudolf – not personally, but we traveled in the same circles online… for several years and he has created a lifestlyle and a blogging reputation he has worked hard at. This is the magic bullet, committing to be a blogger. I think if you socialize with the right people bloggers, new bloggers, will learn the right way. Staying true to yourself and following your heart, not giving up is the best path for blogging – my opinion of course …

    • Janice Wald

      I agree Lesly. For this reason, I would recommend your blogging group. The sense of community and the help are incomparable. Thanks for commenting.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Lesly.
      How has you been?

      I’ve been working for clients for a while so not active on blogging.

      As remember, a long never been on your blog.

      Thanks for mentioning. It didn’t write in the article, but what you mentioned is so much important.

      Follow the professional and interacting with those people help with building online reputation and branding a new site.

      The most benefit is… yeah. you said it.

  22. Chery Schmidt

    Hello Janice! Good to see Kimsea here today and My Opinion Yes he Did keep it Real! Blogging is NOT going to make you rich overnight,it does take time! And of course this all has to do with you! What are you willing to do? What Is your intention? Goals? How much time are you willing to put in and so forth..

    Great Share
    Thank You two..
    Chery :))

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Chery, Thanks for your comments. Someone was so inspired by Kimsea’s story he is planning a post to spin off this one! Thanks for coming by.

        • Janice Wald

          Yes! He will guest post with his article on my site. He told me it’s already up to 4,000 words! I’m planning to publish it in September. Stay tuned!

      • Kimsea Sok

        Hello Janice.

        First of, I’m so sorry for being late in responding to the comments.

        Nothing is more enjoyable than hearing that the reader was inspired by the article.

        I cannot wait to read that article.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Chery.

      Nice to see you here.

      Of course. Blogging is quite complicated. It depends on how people are using the blog.

      If you want to blog for business, you will need a business plan for your blog.

      The plan should contain the vision mission, goal, and whatever it would require to drive your business up.

      Thanks for adding value to the article.

      I’m so glad to see what though regarding this article.

  23. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I loved the tone of this post! It’s refreshing to see someone talking about the down side of blogging. Thank you 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      So glad you enjoyed! May I ask why you find it refreshing for someone to criticize blogging?
      The reason I ask is I have someone so inspired by the post he has composed a counter! His post will be published on my blog September 9. Stay tuned!

      • Kyla Matton Osborne

        Janice, I’ve encountered a good number of people who take blogging very lightly and who are more concerned with throwing together any old text that gives them an excuse to insert a ton of ads or affiliate links.

        Those who do take blogging seriously, often tend to focus on the pros because they are enthusiastic about what they do. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong about that! It’s great when people are eager to talk about something they love doing. But I think sometimes all that positivity tends to give a less than balanced view of blogging for those who are considering it.

    • Kimsea Sok

      LOL! Hello Kyla.

      You know? When comes to write a blog post, what always in my brain is a worry about writing. I was thinking that my article will be rush and rude. And especially, I’m so much worry about grammatical errors.

      I have to say thanks to Janice for helping me with editing the article and makes it more impressive.

      To be honest, I don’t want people to think negative regarding blogging.

      However, I just want to hash off my story and the truth about blogging.

      The truth is nothing, but the truth.

      • Kyla Matton Osborne

        I have to respect your focus on the truth. Many of us tend to gloss over the negatives, for a whole range of different reasons.

  24. Sharon

    I started my blog 15 months ago and it took 3 months of working every day to get my site up to scratch before I could approach an affiliate organisation. 12 months of hard work later, and I’m starting to scratch a living out of it.

    Having people who believe in you is so important for all the times you start to question yourself. This is not a short term thing.

    I’m part of a Facebook group of like minded people and we help each other because we understand each others daily challenges even though we’re all doing this for different reasons. I have people around me who are cheering me on even if they don’t understand what I’m talking about half the time. Small wins all the time keep me going but it can be a roller coaster.

    I do really love what I do now. I believe you must have passion as it’s what will get you through to make it long term.

    • Kimsea Sok

      Hello Sharon.

      I have no idea how to respond to your comments.

      Blogging is so crazy, sometimes. We put own stories down to the paper, and sometimes, people didn’t understand what we’re currently doing.

      Me, too, really what I do.

      You know? If you don’t love blogging, I will never make my first $25 as it took too long.

  25. Susan Velez

    Hi Kimsea,

    Nice to see you here on Janice’s blog. I loved your story and it’s nice to read these types of stories. Growing a blog is hard, I’ve started and failed many in the past.

    It’s definitely not as easy as some of those income reports online say it is. It takes persistence and a lot of hard work to create a successful blog.

    I’m glad to hear that you persisted and are now reaping the rewards. You definitely deserve it.

    I agree with you about not starting on a free platform. I’ve always used a self-hosted blog, even my past failures.

    It’s much nicer to have full control over your own platform. Plus when you invest in your own domain, in my opinion, people will take you more seriously.

    Thanks for sharing your story, definitely motivating and will help anyone understand what it takes to succeed with a blog.

    Have a great day 🙂


  26. Kimsea Sok

    Hi Susan.

    I just went from reading your blog’s articles.

    Honestly, I’m so glad to know people who struggle to improve the lifestyle.

    As did I.

    I do agree what you said. Growing a blog is difficult, but you’ve done a great job.

    You know, Susan? I sometimes don’t realize on those income reports since some of those reports are unnatural to me, perhaps, it’s to fake report in somehow.

    By the way, I’m very to know that you’ve made the right choice by choosing self-host.

    Yeah. I do agree. People will take seriously when you invested in your business.

  27. Martha

    It’s much nicer to have full control over your own platform. Plus when you invest in your own domain, in my opinion, people will take you more seriously.

    • Janice Wald

      They certainly took me more seriously when I got my own domain. That’s one of the reasons I got my own domain. Thank you for commenting on my article.

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