How to Spy Now so You Can Boost Traffic and Sales Tomorrow

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How to boost traffic and sales SpyFu Review

Janice Wald

You need to read a SpyFu review if you’ve come to boost your SEO.

Do you know the perks of search engine ranking?

You can make money through sales.

You can grow targeted readership.

You can extend the shelf life of your posts since articles often stay in search engine results for years.

This guide explains how to rank on search engines and how to beat your online competitors.

While it’s important to do keyword research, you shouldn’t rush in blindly.

SpyFu tells you who you’re up against when you try to rank for a keyword and the probability you can rank for it.

This SpyFu review will show you how to boost your organic traffic, make sales, and even get better marketing skills. For example, this post will help you improve your copywriting techniques.

Whether you’re a blogger seeking more organic traffic or a marketer looking to step up your game and learn a few new marketing ideas, this SpyFu review is for you.

Let’s go:

A member of the ProBlogger Facebook Group inquired,

“Is there a “Keywords for Dummies” guide out there? I find the process of discovering keywords incredibly complicated and I have the worst time with it and *never* find high traffic low competition keywords like the gurus seem to do.

I’m following a course and they have you look on Google Keyword finder, then run them through, then Long Tail pro and SEMRush, then make a spreadsheet with all the words.
Ack! It’s really complicated. Is there an easy guide? I’ll pay for it! I just don’t know where to look.”

SpyFu is the answer to her concerns. This tool is a really easy way to find keywords.

SpyFu Review


What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a popular keyword research tool.

Since SpyFu has components for everyone looking to boost their organic traffic and sales, SpyFu is perfect for both hobby bloggers and professional bloggers.

In contrast to other tools that only enable you to find keywords you can potentially rank for, SpyFu also enables you to beat your competitors in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs.)

Spyfu index’s data from and

SpyFu’s databanks are vast indexing over 6 billion results across 85 million domains.

SpyFu has both free and premium plans.

What SpyFu isn’t:

People misspell SpyFu when trying to find it in search engines.

Here are common misspellings:

  • spyfu .com
  • spyfy review
  • spy fu
  • www spyfu com
  • http www spyfu com blog
  • www spyfu
  • spyfoo
  • spyflu
  • People type in the search bar: What is spyfu com?

Why You Need SpyFu

  • SpyFu enables you to spy on your competitors to get their search traffic. Hence the name “SpyFu.”
  • The keyword database contains keywords from Google.
  • SpyFu is intuitive. It helps you without being asked for help!
  • Many keyword tools are so vague, it’s hard to tell how difficult it will be to rank with those keywords, not SpyFu.
  • If you did want to spend money and bid on a keyword, SpyFu shows you how much it will cost you per click.
  • SpyFu keeps you organized! The tool gives you places to keep track of keywords as you search for them.
  • If you’ve ever wondered, “What keywords are my competitors using?” SpyFu will tell you.
  • SpyFu provides you with important metrics you need to make decisions.

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors


SpyFu Tutorial

As I go through my SEO research for a post, this tutorial will take you step by step how to use Spyfu.

How to Use SpyFu for Competitive Analysis

Do you need to research your competition before you find your keywords? Yes!

Step 1: Go to Make an account.

Step 2: Enter a competitor’s URL.

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors

You may not know your competitors. In that case, type in your URL to find out.

I typed in “” since I know the admin blogger, SueAnn Dunlevie, and I are in the same blogging niche.

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors

SpyFu shows me the top 5 keywords she ranks for.

Look: My blog’s focus keyword, “blogging,” is on the list. SueAnne gets over 1,000 hits a month from search engines for my focus keyword!

Do you notice how I can use this research to make my blogging decisions?

Will I stay away from that keyword? Yes! It looks like SueAnn has it sewn up.

Will I stop blogging about blogging? Of course not! I simply need to find keywords that I can rank for under the umbrella topic of “blogging.”

How to Use SpyFu for Keyword Research

SpyFu’s Keyword Research Tool makes your keyword research easy to do and the results easy to understand.

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors

Look at all the choices you have when you do keyword research with SpyFu. Many SEO tools are at your disposal at this website.

Let’s follow the steps as I do my keyword research: 

I need to find a rankable keyword for an upcoming post about growth hacking using email forms.

Step 1: I clicked the Keyword Research tab and entered “email marketing forms.”

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors

Look: SpyFu is intuitive! I searched for a keyword that was not in SpyFu’s data. Without my clicking the “Related Keywords” tab, SpyFu showed me the related keywords it did have in its database.

With a premium account, you’ll have far more keyword choices.

Step 2: Let’s analyze my keyword choices:

If the cost per click is low, I know there is not a lot of competition on the internet. “Mass email” has the lowest Cost Per Click and a monthly search volume of over 1,000 per month. It looks like I found my keyword!

How to Use SpyFu to Make Sales

Are you familiar with the SpyFu database?

Since I have a blog coaching service, let’s look at how I’d use SpyFu to get search traffic in order to boost my income by monetizing my blog coaching services.

Step 1: Click the Keyword Research tab and enter your product or service. I entered “Blog Coaching.”

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors

Look at the screenshot: Locally, there are only 70 searches per month. However, globally, there are over 720 searches for blog coaching.

18 is not a difficult ranking number. “Blog coaching” is so easy to rank for that cost per click is zero.

Note: Your services might be listed on static pages. You can make money with static pages.

Are you wondering how you can optimize your pages for search engines since you don’t tag pages?

Tag your graphics. Make sure you tag them with the rankable keywords.

Don’t forget your Heading 2. Bold your heading and include your keyword.

Put the keyword in your image’s Title Tag, Alt Tag, and Description.

If you have not already optimized your Hire Me page this way, do it now! It’s not too late even though your page is already published! Google loves updated publications. It shows Google your information is fresh.

How to Use SpyFu to Beat Your Competitors and Make Sales

As you can see from the above screenshot, 8 other advertisers are also trying to rank for this keyword.

Let’s find out what they’re doing to advertise.

Step 1: Click Advertiser History

SpyFu Review: How to boost organic traffic and sales by beating your competitors

The free plan will show you 5 results. The premium plan will show you a great many results.

Here’s the kicker: 

LinkedIn, a website with a high Domain Authority ranking and a big budget, is advertising their coaching services.

Look at the first two entries. Do you see the gray bar? Hovering over the bar shows you the positions on the search engine results pages.

The first entry holds the first spot for my keyword, Blog Coaching.

Here’s the best part:

You can actually read your competitors’ ads! Isn’t it fun spying on your competitors?

Who shall we pick? 

Do you see the green boxes with the letter V that stands for the version of the ad? Look at the months at the top of the screenshot.

LinkedIn made the ad in November 2017. The Number 1 ranking entry,, made her ad more recently in May 2018.

Jamie Smart is the ad we should check out and try to improve on.

Let’s see what her ad says:

Why Do Most Coaches Fail? | The Answer May Surprise You
See The Difference Between a Struggling & Successful Coaching Practice in 2018
Experts – Consultants – Coaches
Ad Position: 1 


She seems to be teaching people to be blog coaches not how to blog better like I do.
However, this is a great ad! Do you see how she starts with a question? Questions engage people and are helpful to put in ads.


Oh come one, let’s have some fun and spy on LinkedIn too.
What is LinkedIn writing to try to get people to hire them?
Hire Expert Life Coaches – Vetted Freelancers On LinkedIn
Free Proposals From Life Coaches. Hire Local Experts Confidently With LinkedIn.
Free Quotes In 24 Hours – Top Freelance Talent – Uses LinkedIn Network Career Coaching – Life Coach – Browse All Services – Executive Coach
Ad Position: 2 


Apparently, LinkedIn is plugging their life coaching services. However, we can learn valuable marketing tricks from looking at LinkedIn’s ad:
1. Notice the use of the word “expert” and “vetted.” People like to hire experienced professionals.
2. Note the use of the words “Free” and “24 hours.” If a proposal is free, the person looking for the coach has nothing to lose. People like things that are fast as well as free. They will only have to wait 24 hours for feedback.
3. Note the use of the words “Top” and “Talent.”


Does LinkedIn have a persuasive ad?


Yes! If your competitors are putting these words in their ads, you should too.
Even if you don’t pay for ads, when you write blog posts about your products and services, you can write meta descriptions that contain these words so when people see your article on the internet, they’ll be interested.


User Experience: 

Of course, this discussion about what search engine users will think is all rather simplistic.


Other considerations matter. 


How to use SpyFu to beat your online competitors and boost traffic and sales: SpyFu Review
For example, let’s look at the additional considerations the red boxes suggest we need to consider.


This screenshot analyzes the Search Engine Results Pages for the keyword “blog coaching.”


Box 1: Two of the entries have .edu in the domain name. Users are more likely to trust a government or educational agency than a .com blog.
Box 2: You need your keyword in the name of your page or post and in the URL. If you have not written your Hire Me page yet, you can use SpyFu to provide you with a valuable checklist that could convert into sales.
Box 3: Google prioritizes websites with strong Domain Authority ranking. Can you beat the domain strength of your competitors? If you don’t know your Domain Authority Ranking, head over to Moz’s Open Site Explorer and plugin your website URL.


You don’t need to concern yourself with wondering if you’ll be able to make internet sales. Click SpyFu’s SERP Analysis tab and let SpyFu figure these metrics out for you.

How to Use SpyFu to Stay on Top of the Search Engine Results Pages

Sign in to SpyFu.

When you’re asked for your competitor’s URL, put in your own URL.

Click “Just Fell Off Page 1.”

Update these posts.

Tell Google to rescan your posts:

Go to Google Search Console.

Click Search Console/URL Inspection.

Click URL inspection.

Paste the URL of the updated page where asked. 

Give Search Console a few moments to submit your request.


Members of the White Hat SEO group recommend SpyFu.

SpyFu Pricing

Hobby bloggers can use SpyFu for free!

More serious bloggers and marketers will get more analytics with the premium plan. Of course, SpyFu offers a free trial so you can try out this amazing tool.

Paid plans start at $39. a month. 

There is a SpyFu free trial period.

Wrapping Up: Takeaways

You now have the SpyFu SEO tool in your arsenal of tools. 

This SpyFu review has given you the following takeaways:

SpyFu provides you with information that will help improve your

  • search engine traffic
  • sales
  • marketing ideas for writing sales copy

My SpyFu review actually only scratched the surface of all the data SpyFu can offer you.

Now you can see why I’m such a Spyfu fan I became an affiliate. Give it a try and you’ll see results. Please sign up through my SpyFu affiliate link.

Readers, please share so other bloggers and anyone involved in ecommerce read this SpyFu review and learns the importance of using SpyFu to beat the online competition for readers and sales.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you think you might try SpyFu now that you’ve read this SpyFu review?

Have you already tried Spyfu? What is your opinion?

April 2020 Update

SpyFu Review Update

SpyFu has always been helpful for competitor research. In this April 2020 update, SpyFu now lets you see more indepth information about your competitors.

For example, a new feature is being able to see if your competitors are updating old posts to keep them at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for this! I just started using it, but didn’t realize the capabilities it offers. I’m going to play around with it and “spy” on more competitors!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sarah,
      I’m so glad you found my review of the Spyfu SEO tool helpful. Thanks for writing to tell me you plan on using it. Have fun exploring it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anna,
      Thanks for commenting on my review. SpuFu has multiple important functions. If you do buy SpyFu, I hope you’ll use my affiliate link.

  2. Moss Clement

    Hi Janice,

    Great review of SpyFu, I really enjoyed reading it. The name speakers for itself as it helps you soy on your competitors. Read a couple posts that recommended SpyFu but didn’t really give it a try, I think it’s time to try it out. I like the fa fact that you can conveniently just this tools to boost your SEO, sales as well as enhance your ad copy.

    It’s amazing. Thanks for sharing, Janice. Hope your day was good!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      Thanks for your comments. I am glad you feel I did a good job with my review. Yes, SpyFu really does all those things. After you check it out, let me know what you think.

  3. Dr. Erica Goodstone

    I have resisted studying keywords. Takes a lot of time. But I can see from your review of Spyfu that it can make a huge difference if you do it correctly. Thanks for such a detailed explanation. How much does Spyfu cost?

  4. Johanna Galyen

    This was completely new information for me; I had no idea it even existed. I struggle using the right keywords, and knowing which ones to focus on. Thank you for the excellent review~ Johanna

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Johanna,
      Thank you for writing me and complimenting my article. I spend a lot of time on keyword research but when the organic traffic rolls in, I know it’s worth it.

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    This was completely new information for me; I had no idea it even existed. I struggle using the right keywords, and knowing which ones to focus on.

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