Splice App Review: How to Edit Videos on Your Phone in 2024 (10 Best Ways)

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Splice app review

Check the 10 best mobile editors we gathered for you including a Splice app review. 

By the time you are done reading, you will have a Splice app review and a Splice app tutorial. In addition, you’ll have reviews of nine additional mobile apps to edit your videos.

The Best Mobile Apps for Video Editing

Looking for a video editor that can work on your mobile phone?

10 Best Mobile Apps for Video Editing | iOS & Android

During the pandemic, it became very popular to order goods and services at home.

Sometimes the very products do not need visualization, but some are bought precisely because a photo or video that describes its main functions is presented.

For internet marketing, it’s not enough to simply shoot a video on your phone and post it.

This is a whole process, and a quality video editing application will be your main assistant in this process. 

Today we’ll take a look at the top 10 video editing apps and show you their pros and cons.

UPDATE May 2022

This is my latest Splice creation.

Note how I used a jingle to fill the sound of silence when I showed a relevant screenshot.

Splice app also has a new overlay feature that enabled me to put the screenshots over the clip of me speaking.

UPDATE April 2022

My dogs ruined the beginning of my YouTube video:

I wanted to Splice out the beginning and put it on TikTok with the hashtag #DogBlooper.

Do you see why this Splice app review is important? This Splice app review helps you repurpose your video content. This saves you time and extends your reach on different social media sites.

Do you want to see the Spliced out version?

Here you go:


While trying to film a YouTube video, my dogs decided they wanted to star. #dogbloopers #funnydogvideos

♬ original sound – janicewald

As you can see, Splice helped me splice a longer video into parts I could repurpose. After reading this Splice app review, you can too.

UPDATE December 2021: To get you inspired to read this Splice app review and these other reviews, here is my latest Splice app creation:

Let’s get started reading the KineMaster review, the Splice app review, and the reviews of these other video editing apps. Go here if you are only interested in the Splice app review.

For those of you who prefer to discover information by looking at images, we have a Splice app review video and a splice app review word cloud.

splice app review

Although this guide reviews additional video editing tools, the word cloud shows you the dominant ideas contained here with a focus on the Splice app review.

TOP 1 – KineMaster

The program has powerful settings that allow you to cut and glue separate fragments of audio and video files, adjust brightness, saturation, set contrast, apply special effects and filters, share high-quality Full HD tapes on social media, YouTube, and Dropbox.

In addition, KineMaster contains twenty-five themes and a large number of special effects.

Using a voice recorder allows you to share personal comments, and embedding a picture in a clip will create the impression of slowly zooming in or out, simulating a sense of presence and immersion in the picture.

This app will be a good option to use for big projects like Bitcoin trading platform or any e-commerce website. 

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS & Android

TOP 2 – Quik

The creation of videos here is fast, reminiscent of a three-step instruction.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

1. Select media from the gallery;

2. Decide on stylistic tools;

3. Save your work in high quality.

In the process, you can rearrange frames in places, add your own or library music, crop, change the format, apply filters and styles. Additional features include changing the playback speed and adding slides with text.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS &Android

TOP 3 – InShot

Simple and convenient application with a professional editor that allows you to process photos and videos, crop media, speed up playback, add music, text, special effects, and various filters.

There is a “collage mode”, with a wide selection of layouts and schemes. The program is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of video editing.


I have become such a fan of InShot, I made a video explaining why. For those of you who prefer to watch instead of read text, view the video to see why I consider InShot a user-friendly Splice alternative.

One powerful aspect of InShot’s effectiveness I didn’t even appreciate until after I made the video: InShot’s filters. The filters are impressive!

Case in point: I filmed a video in such poor lighting my face looked distorted. I used InShot’s “bright” filter, and BAM, my face looked great!

Also not mentioned in the video: Use the textboxes. Many people can’t hear videos due to being in noisy conditions, and the text helps them. InShot allows me to put borders on my text and use my brand colors as well.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS & Android

TOP 4 – Magisto

The program from Vimeo allows you to create a creative product in three simple steps:

1. Choose a style;

2. Decide on the source media material;

3. Imposition of audio accompaniment on video (you can take music from the Magisto library or your own playlist).

The service will help you create musical slideshows, media collages, and full-scale films. It uses artificial intelligence in its work, transforming the shooting into an ideal, holistic, harmonious picture that conveys the essence of the audience’s personal content.

Price: $9.99/month

Platforms: iOS & Android

This video advertising the Medium Partner Program was made with Vimeo.

TOP 5 – WeVideo

Cloud-based editor – contains an intuitive interface and animated dialogues. WeVideo works with material from the device’s gallery, allowing you to shoot and photograph while you work. There are functions for trimming, merging, dubbing, adding effects, music, and titles.

Thanks to the cloud storage, you can edit the material on different devices, automatically continuing from the last place of correction. Processed files are saved in the best quality in the device memory or uploaded to social networks.

Price: $4.99/month

Platforms: iOS & Android

TOP 6 – FilmoraGo

Splice app review

Offers two types of accounts – basic and advanced.

Filmora basic mode allows to drag and drop videos, add music, create a video in minutes. The advanced version contains a repository of filters, allows the inclusion of predefined themes and effective transitions. 

The ready-made version is saved in good quality and is available for sending to friends and uploading to social networks.

Here is an example of a video I made with Filmora.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS & Android

Interested? Here is the link to download from your desktop.

TOP 7 – Splice App

Splice app review

December 2021 UPDATE

Once again, I used Splice to piece together my video clips for TikTok. However, this time, I included a TikTok cover made with Canva.


This Splice App review is more complete showing the various ways I use Splice to enhance my TikTok videos.

November 2021 UPDATE

I use Splice to piece together my video clips for TikTok.


As of this writing, this video received 86 views.

Splice App vs InShot

UPDATE September 2021

Splice App


Ranks #13 at the App Store for Photo and Video

Ranks #11 at the App Store for Photo and Video

Known as the perfect video editing app for musicians due to the large music library

Known as the perfect video editing app for beginners due to its simplicity

Splice App Review

Splice Overview

Splice is high-quality software for gadgets from Apple.


Splice is able to quickly create new clips using media stored in your photo gallery. The utility has an impressive music library and supports downloading tracks from iTunes, allows you to trim clips, apply filters, set up stage transitions, record sound comments, and add captions. 

Splice is equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface provided with an algorithmically consistent guide to creating a creative product.

Splice App Review: Features

  • Splice is a powerful video editing tool.
  • Add text.
  • Add filters.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Remove the background.
  • Control transitions.
  • Choose speed.
  • Add your own music or choose from the 6,000+ track library

This Splice app review only scratched the surface of all the features the Splice app offers.

Splice App Review: Splice History

In 2016, Splice won the Stevie Award for Women in Business.

That same year, GoPro bought Splice.

Splice App Review: Splice Testimonials

In his Splice app review, Travelvids calls Splice one of the best video editing apps. He claims Splice is good at everything. He observed Splice became even better after GoPro acquired Splice.

Ryan Harris agrees. “There are endless things to do in the Splice app. I’m finding more things every day.”

This Splice app review should present advantages as well as disadvantages of using Splice, so here are the negatives:


Splice is currently not available for Android.

Also, Splice doesn’t provide stock images and videos. You need to come up with all the media and have the media stored in your photo library.

Splice App Review: Tutorial

Here you will find a Splice tutorial:

Allow Splice to access your photo library. Even though this is a video maker, that’s where your videos and photos you might want to use in your videos are stored.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your choices from your video and photo library populating.

If you hold one down, you’ll see the trash can so you can remove it. Holding down also enables you to drag and drop where you want each selection.

Note the time at the bottom as well. Try to keep your Instagram Story video under 1 minute.

When you’ve finished arranging your selections and omitting any you don’t want, and your video is one minute or under, click Add. You can arrange your selections by holding down the image and dragging it where you want in the order in your video.

Step 2:

Select the music to accompany your video. If there’s a particular song you like from your iTunes library, you can select that. I counted 15 genres of music you can choose from. I chose an instrumental I have in my iTunes library.

Step 3:

Format. I chose Portrait orientation since this is for an Instagram story. I kept the default transitions although I’m sure you can change them.

Click Done.

Splice prepared my video in less than a second.

Thinking my project was done, I was surprised so many choices awaited me.

I could add text, effects, and crop just to name a few. I was also given the opportunity to narrate my video.

In order to narrate, I clicked a small microphone I saw in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

I needed to add text after I finished my video.

To  edit your Splice video:

Find your project. If you click Done, your list of projects should appear.

Find the scene you want to edit and tap on the photo or video. Click Edit.

All sorts of filters appear.

I read Instagrammers prefer strong clarity so I clicked the Text icon.

You can tap to enter text or pinch, zoom, or drag.

When I entered the text, it fit perfectly into my Instagram Story video. All sorts of font styles and color populated. I began to be surprised this app was free.

When you’re finished, you have choices: Share to Facebook, share to Instagram, or save to your photo library.

There is so much more you can do with this app. For example, you can trim the video that you put in your Instagram Story.

Audio: I let the theme from the movie Terms of Endearment play but I still narrated by pushing the big red dot. If you don’t get a red dot, pull the white line to the right, and you’ll be able to record sound. Before you record, you’ll get a 3-2-1 notice.

You can have sound effects too. They range from monsters to motorcycles.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

Note: Go cautiously. Splice is a third-party app. I use Splice with Instagram. Instagram frowns on users putting their Instagram user name and password into a third-party app. Instagram will ask you to reset your password.

More information about Instagram’s ban on third-party apps can be found in this article on the consequences of using an Instagram unfollow app.

Let’s continue the Splice app review with samples of new videos made after the publication of this post.

September 2021 UPDATE

I spliced together the Instagram Live video I did with my logo at the end. Also, using Splice, I took off the beginning and the end which were ideal for Instagram Live but not YouTube.

July 2021 Update

Here is my latest video using the Splice app.

This was made only using photos from my photo library and music from the Splice app.

May 2021 Update

Here is my latest video using the Splice app:

Near the end of the video, it’s clear where I made an edit and included a second video. As you see and hear, I added text, gave the text background color, and added music in addition to editing two videos together.

TOP 8 – Replay

Replay is one of the most popular editors for iPhones and iPads that allows you to combine short videos with smooth transitions and music with photo slideshows. 

There are 24 video styles available, each with its own characteristics. For example, Type lets you overlay slides with animated text, Snappy lets you change the playback speed (from very slow to fast), and Dandy lets you create black and white silent films. 

The finished video can be sent straight to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or sent to a friend on WhatsApp.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

TOP 9 – VidTrim

VidTrim is a video editor for Android with a very simple interface. Suitable if you do not want to dig into the application settings, but improve the captured video with one button. For example, you can quickly cut out a bad section by clicking on the scissors icon, flip the video, lower the quality, or overlay the soundtrack.

The program provides a standard set of effects, such as vignetting or converting to black and white. In addition, VidTrim allows you to extract frames from videos in the form of static images, as well as save audio in mp3 format.

Price: Free

Platforms: Android

TOP 10 – iMovie

UPDATE June 2022

Here is my latest video that I edited with iMovie. This is also my first attempt to tell a story with iMovie or any other video.

iMovie is Apple’s proprietary editor, in which you can “glue” videos shot with the “Camera” and other applications.

The program allows you to cut out unnecessary fragments, rotate frames, speed up / slow down playback, apply filters like in Instagram (there are ten of them – Black and White, Blue, Camo, Duotone, etc.), as well as sound and text.

You can edit the sound yourself. Users are given the opportunity to connect the sound effects built into iMovie to the video, overlay their own music from the i-device’s library or off-screen comments in the form of an additional audio track.

iMovie Testimonial

Travelvids calls iMovie “Great for Making Dynamic Videos.”

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

Splice vs iMovie

This post included a Splice app review and an iMovie review.

Let’s look at 2021 data comparing the two apps:

Splice App


70 million downloads on iOS devices

Included with iOS devices

Price: Free

Free on MAC Computers

Splice App Review FAQ

Where does Splice save to iPhone?

The Splice app saves to your iPhone photo library. Your video is stored where your images are stored.

TOP 10 Best Apps for Video Editing: Final Thoughts

By reading this post, you received a Splice app review that shared eight features of the Splice app.

Also, we presented you with the TOP 10 apps to edit the video including a Splice app review. Some of the apps are paid but most are free and available on iOS and Android both. 

The Splice app review section shows an example of what you can do with Splice.

The professional app will be your friend not only in online marketing but in an everyday life when you want to make a funny video for your friend or share something on YouTube. 

If you need something highly professional with unusual features, you may find a good company to develop the service, for example, MLSDev – https://mlsdev.com/services/mobile-app-development

Readers, please share so video makers read this Splice app review, this Splice video editor tutorial, and learn about these other video editing tools.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are you familiar with Splice? If so, are there any observations you can add to a Splice app review? What is your favorite video editing tool?

Authors: Janice Wald and Mia Anderson. Janice Wald contributed the Splice App Review.

Guest Author Details:

Mia Anderson is a content writer with the biggest focus on tech development, fintech, blockchain audit, and finance. 

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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