Splice Alternatives: 11 Best Free Splice Alternatives for 2024

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Are you looking for Splice alternatives?

There are many advantages to using the Splice video editor, but if you want Splice alternatives, look no further.

By reading this guide, you discover seven benefits to using video editors and eleven free Splice alternatives you can use.

I felt the need to research Splice alternatives due to my disappointment that Splice didn’t offer a free library of stock images and videos as my Splice app review reveals.

Here is staggering data you shouldn’t ignore. According to the Pixteller blog, 80% of businesses use videos since video marketing brings them the strongest return on their ROI.

Here are the advantages of many of the Splice alternatives reviewed in this guide:

  • Many Splice alternatives are available for Android and iOS.
  • Many Splice alternatives give free stock photos.
  • Many Splice alternatives give free video clips.
  • Many Splice alternatives offer transitions and effects.
  • Many Splice alternatives have free music libraries.
  • Embedding videos made with these Splice alternatives in your blog posts boost your SEO.
  • Posting videos edited with these Splice alternatives on social media enhances your social media marketing.

Splice doesn’t provide stock images or video clips. If I don’t have these on my phone, in my photo library, I am stuck.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find Splice alternatives that do provide stock images and video clips to save you time?

Splice is a great video editor– easy to use with a large library of free music selections.

Splice alternatives that have all this with free stock images and videos would be ideal.

I’m sure there are many video marketers like myself who are not as concerned with audio as visual media.

This post is timely. In August, Instagram announced it plans to be more like TikTok and YouTube. In other words, organic reach is possible on Instagram after all. If Instagram’s latest craze is being a video-sharing site, then you should share videos to get more visibility and grow organically.

It gets better: There are many useful video editors, but the tools reviewed in this post are free. They are all available for iOS or desktop computers.

Make sure you stick around for the bonus tips where you receive additional Splice alternatives.

Let’s start exploring video editing with these Splice alternatives.


splice alternatives

Lumen5 has always been my go-to tool for video creation since it’s the easiest and quickest to use.

All you do is plug in your blog post URL and Lumen5 does the rest.

You can edit the text, music, and formatting for different social media sites.

Lumen5 frequently updates the template choices so your videos don’t look the same year after year.

The tool will recommend templates based on your blog post format such as “how-to” and listicle for example.

Choose a video format for a social media site or pick Custom.

After pasting your post URL, click Convert to Video.

You can choose media or record your own voice.

You can edit such as changing the text size and media.

When you are done, name your video, click Preview and Publish.

This is my latest Lumen5 video for my Twiends review.

Here you will find more information about Lumen5.

Spark Video

Click the plus sign to start a new video.

Choose a format. Click Square for Instagram or widescreen. Click Done.

Click +. If you are adding your own video, click My Videos. Otherwise, click Video, Text, Photo, or Icon.

For photos:

Click Find Free Photos. In the search bar, click the name of the image you want to use.

Change the theme as desired.

Keep clicking the plus sign to add a new element.

You can change the layout, theme, music, and size. You can also audio record.

It gets better…

Spark Video has a free image library that offers free stock images and video clips.

When done, click the up arrow to save or share. You can save to your camera roll, or post to Facebook, Twitter, or copy the link to the clipboard.

Here is my latest Spark Video for my post explaining how to type upside down.


Making videos with Canva is easy. In essence, I type my blog post outline and insert text, videos, images, and music.

This video for my post explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail was made with Canva.

More Splice Alternatives


Go to Vimeo.com.

Click Create.

Search for free templates you can customize. If a template isn’t free, it will be labeled “pro.”

You can also start from scratch.

If you choose a template, you can customize text and colors.

Use drag and drop technology to move elements where you want them.

The bar at the bottom helps you toggle between scenes and delete unwanted scenes.

You can choose from Vimeo’s stock image library by clicking “Replace.” Select from stock images and video clips.

You can preview and change the video’s style.

Vimeo has a music library. Hover over the selection to hear it before making your choice.

Toggle the format from landscape to square to portrait.

Change the color scheme and add brand colors.

Modify text as needed.

When done, click Save and Preview. Click Finalize and toggle privacy options. Click Done.

Share your video on social media if desired.

Vimeo to MP4

Are you interested in downloading the video?

Vimeo to MP4 requires an upgrade. However, here you will find a Vimeo downloader, a Chrome extension.

How to Use Vimeo

Choose a template you want to customize.

To modify the size of the text, click “Scale.”

Name your video.

Scroll down to Replace Media.

I found the template I chose only had two frames. To make your video longer, click Add Scene.

Decide if you want a media scene or a title scene. When you search for stock images and video clips, click the drop-down to tell Vimeo if you want an image or a video clip.

Note: You can bring in your images from your Google Image Library, but the stock photos are not free.

I added music and a sticker.

In order to replace the watermark, you need to pay for a premium account.

When done, you can share a link to the video, share on social media or embed.

In order to share on social media, you need to connect Vimeo to your social accounts. Instagram is not an option.

You can also select a frame from the video as a thumbnail.

Change the privacy to Anyone on the Internet Can See.

This is the Vimeo video I inserted in my Medium Partner Program Post.


UPDATE June 2022

This is my latest attempt to edit a video with iMovie and my first attempt to tell a story with my video.

I believe this video about the Medium Partner Program shows that iMovie is a viable option as one of your free Splice alternatives, and I look forward to exploring iMovie more.

Splice vs iMovie

Splice App


70 million downloads on iOS devices

Included with iOS devices

Price: Free

Free on MAC Computers

A member of the YouTube Reddit Group Recommended iMovie.

iMovie is for iOS users.

The tool is simple since it’s made for beginning editors. It comes on the Mac but iOS users need to download the free iMovie app from the App Store.

The premise is simple: Keep clicking the + sign to bring in static images and media clips from your photo library.

Drag the yellow to trim the clips. If you want to split a clip in two, click and hold until the video clip splits. You can then drag the parts where you want them in your video.

You can change transitions or have no transition.

To add text: Click the clip where you want to add the font. You will see the T for text at the bottom of the screen.

You can add sound effects and music. You can also add voice-over audio. To get sounds, click the plus sign and then click Audio.

You can choose tracks from your library or tracks from the iMovie library. Click the plus sign when you make your selection. You’ll see the audio track drop under your video clip to know you successfully added it. Fade the music if desired. You can also put the music in the background or the foreground of your clip.

Undo changes if you make a mistake.

When finished, click the Up arrow to export the video. You can send to a social media site or download to your phone.

Since iMovie is so much like Splice, iMovie makes a great choice if you are looking for Splice alternatives.

You be the judge if iMovie would be one of the viable Splice alternatives.

Here is my first iMovie:

YouTube Shorts

Are you interested in more Splice alternatives?

YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s answer to TikTok’s short videos and Instagram Reels. Currently in Beta, YouTube Shorts displays your videos shorter than 60 seconds.

Follow the prompts, and you’ll find YouTube Shorts easy to make. This new feature of YouTube provides music, text, text placement, font choice, and you can decide where to put the text.

Look at my first YouTube Short:

I had the video clips in my photo library.

Let’s look at more Splice alternatives.


Go to https://placeit.net/.

Choose a template to modify.

Select music.

Get photos from your iOS library or your iCloud storage. You can also take photos with your phone.

The cropping tool is a slider. Once you crop, you’ll see your edited image at the bottom of the screen.

Make an account. You can save your work as you edit to return to finish later.

With a free account, you get a limited number of slides in your video, only 5.

To delete a slide, press the slide and click Remove. to Remove.

I was excited to see you get free stock images and videos. Use the search bar to find what you need.

With a free version, you can’t download. You can share on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

I made a place and video from my post about the best word cloud generators. I hope you with the link to see.

I found the special effects dynamic.

Click here to play the video:


One important note though…

If you don’t have a Placeit account, it is unlikely you can see the video since Placeit doesn’t allow free downloads.

Filmora Video Editor

50,000 people use Filmora.

The download to your desktop is free, quick, and easy.

Go to Filmora.

Click New Project. Choose the ratio. For instance, you can choose Landscape or the dimensions for Instagram.

Keep adding Elements by clicking OK each time you make a change.

I like how I add access to Filmora’s library.

When you’re finished adding media, music, and narration, click Save, Export, or Export without Watermark. Exporting without Watermark means you pay for a premium account.

This video explains how to get more Instagram followers with Insta cheats.

You only get 10 free downloads with the free version.


InShot is recommended by the AcetheGram Instagram podcasters.

Allow access to photos that brings up your video library. Click on the clips you want to put in your video. Then, click the checkmark in the lower corner of your screen.

If you forget to add video clips, you can add more video clips by clicking the red plus button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. This works for adding photos to your video as well.

Reorder by holding down the video clip.

If you want to shorten a clip, touch on it; then, hold down the handlebars around the clip to pull shorter.

To delete: Click the garbage can.

If you make a mistake, click the back arrow.

Clicking Canvas will enable you to change the ratio for different social media sites like TikTok or Instagram.

You can add effects and filters but some of these features might be for premium accounts.

If you want to put an image over one of your video clips, you can do so using the PIP button (Picture in Picture).

To record your voice over the video, click Music. Then click Audio. You can also bring in music tracks and special effects sounds like the sounds of laughter and bells.

When done, click the up arrow to bring the video into your phone’s video library. Once saved, you can send it straight to Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other sites.

Here is my finished InShot video

This video explains how to use a word cloud generator.

I received a number of pop-up ads while using InShot, but this InShot review really only scratched the surface of all you can do with this free video editor app.

To be honest, although InShot doesn’t give free stock photos or video clips, I feel InShot is one of the best Splice alternatives.

InShot has 1.3 million downloads and 5/5 stars at the App Store. InShot is available for both iOS and Android.

YouTube Video Editor

Did you know YouTube has a video editor?

You have to edit your videos on your iPhone or in the Splice app or one of the Splice alternatives.

Or so I thought…

One of the advantages of YouTube is a recent discovery of mine. You can edit your YouTube videos right inside the platform.

Splice alternatives

Sign in to the YouTube Studio.

Click Content/Details/Editor.

At the bottom of the screen, you can shorten or blur your video and add music.

More Splice Alternatives


The Reddit subreddit also recommended ShotCut for video editing. ShotCut is free. However, the Redditors discouraged me from vetting the tool due to the lack of free stock images and videos.

Although I didn’t try the tool, from what I could tell, ShotCut seems a great deal like Filmora.

Bonus Tip: Premium Splice Alternative

DaVinci Resolve.

If you do have a budget for video software, many people in the Reddit YouTube subreddit recommend DaVinci Resolve for video editing.

However, according to MotionArray.com, DaVinci Resolve has a free plan. Pricing: Pay a one-time fee of $295.

Splice Alternatives FAQ

Is there anything better than Splice?

Yes. There are many Splice alternatives. For instance, Adobe Spark is free, comparable to Spice, and offers free stock video and images

Wrapping Up: Splice Alternatives

In closing, my quest to find Splice alternatives with free video and image clips was only partially successful.

If I want to use one of the Splice alternatives covered in these reviews that don’t provide free stock media, I plan on using the Pixels app.

As far as the Splice alternatives that do offer free stock images and video clips, Adobe Spark is the best due to its ease of use and the free stock media the app offers.

One important note though…

Many of these videos show a YouTube cover that was not provided by the Splice alternatives covered in this guide. I used Fotor to make the YouTube covers.

This guide brought you reviews and tutorials of 11 Splice alternatives.

Which of the Splice alternatives will you try first?

Readers, please share so people who need video editing tools discover these free video editors.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know any additional free Splice alternatives you can recommend?

  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka

    Hi Janice, Where did you get the t-shirt you are wearing in your “A Day In The Life Of A Blogger” video? I love it! Also need one 🙂 Definitely need to try out a couple of these video editors. Lumen5 sounds like a good choice for someone who hasn’t had much experience creating/editing videos.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi SharlaAnn,
      Thanks for coming by! You are too funny! Shopping tips! When I read your comment, I had to go back to look at my shirt in the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI9E-wiH6bk. “Sleep, eat, blog, repeat.” My brother got it for me as a gift. Thanks for the compliment and for noticing!
      Regarding the Splice alternatives post: You are correct about Lumen5. If you are short on time and experience, Lumen5 is for you. Lumen5 is always my go-to video editor when I’m low on time.
      Thanks for commenting. Great to see you.

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