Social Pay: How to Get Paid Money [to Post on 8 Websites in 2023]

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7 social pay social media sites

Social pay.

Couldn’t we all use more money at one time or another?

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Did you know if you are in need of money, you can make money on social media sites?

It’s true! The potential to make money is one of the advantages of social media sites.

The money you get paid is called “social pay.”

Exciting, right?

The problem is many bloggers and other writers don’t know which social media sites offer social pay.

This post covers revenue sharing sites that pay you from their advertising revenue.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know seven social media sites offer you social pay.

Are you ready to make money by marketing your content? Let’s get started learning how to generate social pay on social media sites.

Social Pay

Updated Information August 2021:

There are services that help you earn social pay. GetPaid.Social was an example of a service. Although the site recently folded, you should be cautious about using social pay services. GetPaid.Social was accused of possibly scamming people.

The websites included in this guide are legitimate ways to make social pay.

What is Social Pay?

Social pay, or social payment, is the use of social media to transfer money to another person or business electronically.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know which social media sites offer you opportunities for social pay. You’ll also know how you get paid on those social media sites.

What is a Revenue Sharing Site?

A revenue-sharing site pays you money.

Websites make money from advertisers. They give their content creators part of their money, hence the name “revenue sharing sites.”

Revenue-sharing sites share their revenue with you.

When I approached Janice about sharing a post about social pay, she revealed she has many years of experience at various social media sites that offer social pay.

The rest of this post will share Janice’s experiences as she revealed them to me.

Janice, take it away.


UPDATE September 2021

The Medium Partner Program pays your Stripe account. The program is free to join but Medium charges $5.00 to read unlimited articles.

Facebook and Quora both have groups that allow you to promote your writing on Medium. When Medium users promote your writing, promoting their writing is difficult without a premium plan.


In 2018, when I first published my Virily review, many people wrote to tell me how excited they were about this new revenue-sharing site.

The review generated over 80 comments and still ranks in Position 2 in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages for the keyword term “Virily.”

Two words come to mind when I describe the Virily of 2018: Fun and Community.

That was then, and this is now.

More recent comments report problems with Virily. People write to me complaining about the site. They believe in error that there is some way I can help them since I initially gave Virily so much exposure.

These problems include an inability to get into Virily and a lack of response from the support staff.

Virily pays you for activity. These problems can be especially frustrating if you’re about to get a payout.

The last time I tried to get into Virily, I could not get in either and stopped trying.

I did not try to reach tech support, but the last time I did, the team responded to me promptly.

Advantages of Virily: There are many fun activities such as polls which I enjoy, and, of course, a chance to meet new people and monetize your networking activity.

Disadvantages of Virily: The luster seems to have faded. The bloom is off the rose.

Social Pay Virily

This screenshot was taken in February of 2020.

By examining the screenshot, you can see people posted just a mere two hours ago.

They seem to have no trouble getting into the site.

If you would like to try earning social pay at Virily, go to and make an account.


Steemit Social Pay

January 2021 Update

On January 10, $200 billion was wiped off the cryptocurrency market overnight. This shows Steam’s volatility as far as value. The market is not stable. The value goes up and down in cycles. If you are going to proceed and read how to make social pay at Steemit, you need to be able to ride the wave of Cryptocurrency fluctuations.

Since Steemit is a content curation site, you don’t need to create original content to post at Steemit.

Steemit is a revenue sharing site that operates on a blockchain currency system. You get paid in “Steem.”

Many people use Discord groups to generate attention to their Steemit blog posts to increase the money they generate.

There are also Facebook groups where you can post your Steemit blog posts to try to boost traffic to your Steemit posts.

The more traffic your posts get at Steemit, the more you get paid. I know bloggers who pay their monthly blogging bills with the money they make at Steemit.

I’ve also seen people make thousands of dollars and then lose the money due to the fluctuations in the value of Cryptocurrency.

For example, I spent one evening posting, commenting, and resharing.

With all my activity, I predicted the value of my wallet, where your money is kept, would have increased. Instead, I lost a nickel.

Concerned I was doing something wrong, I wrote the Steemit expert I knew. This was his explanation as to why the money in my Steemit wallet fell:

“The Steem you earn is an actual crypto currency like Bitcoin…. it goes up and down in value… today the price of all the Crypto currencies fell a lot so the amount you have converted to US dollars will also drop. 

In the summer Steem was only worth about 80 cents and it skyrocketed to $8 in January and recently fell back to about $3 .

I have earned almost $3,000 in Steem since June 2017 … so when Steem was at $8 I had $24,000 USD …. stored as Steem Power (that I could Power down and cash out if I wanted).

Now that Steem is around $3, I only have $9,000 USD …. still not bad from nothing except blogging mostly photos from my iPod. 

But if Steem ever goes up to $100 and I do nothing I will have $300,000 USD, so I just keep posting hoping Steem will eventually move back up. Some people on Steemit have made millions.”

Millions! I think I’ll persevere. What goes down must come up? Okay, the expression is “What goes up must come down,” but maybe it works the other way too.

Steemit user Raymond Baxter offered Steemit strategy for growing your social pay from Steemit:

“Think of it as no-one knows who you are and you’re starting out from day one. You’ll need to create an entirely new community for yourself, you’ll need to market on Facebook, Twitter, float around Discord, make new friends etc.

One thing I realised really quickly when I joined Steemit is it doesn’t matter if you have a big blog with 1000 followers – you have to treat it like day one and you’re learning fresh.”

If you are interested in earning social pay in the form of Cryptocurrency, go to and make an account.

Click here to access a Steemit tutorial.


Have you heard of refer and earn apps? WebTalk is one of the refer and earn apps.

WebTalk is a social media site for business people similar to LinkedIn.

Full disclosure: I haven’t earned any social pay at WebTalk.

Actually, I found the hoops you need to jump through to qualify for payment rather complicated.

You need to get a referral, sign up for Stripe, the current payment system, and find people to sign up through you. If they buy, you make money. If their referrals buy from them, you make money as well.

Why do I continue to promote on WebTalk?

I receive traffic from WebTalk and I get an additional link to my site. Therefore, I use WebTalk for blog traffic and link building.

If you are interested in trying to earn social pay and the other benefits of using WebTalk, go to and make an account.

Click here to access a WebTalk tutorial.

Small Teaser

Social pay

Small Teaser is a relatively new site having just been founded in 2015.

This small startup has fewer than 10 employees.

How to get paid on Small Teaser:

The site pays you $2.00 for every 1,000 page views you generate.

According to Small Teaser, bloggers are making over $40,000 a month.

Bloggers get to keep 50% of ad revenue at Small Teaser.

Sasha from a Small Teaser responded to my Virily review to encourage my readers to go to Small Teaser:

“Hey guys,

A lot of you seem to be on the lookout for a new home to share your passion. 

Obviously I’m biased, but give a shot, and I do believe you will be pleasantly surprised. We have tons of users making money.

We are community content platform that aims to give passionate people a voice!

Depending on the quality of their content, users can make as much as $6 per 1000 pageviews, thanks to our shared ad-revenue system. I understand many of you guys will be sceptical, but there’s no risk involved and you can spam my personal Twitter all you want if you, for whatever reason, don’t trust us.”

If you need help, Sasha posted an article explaining how to get paid on Small Teaser.

In order to get social pay, you need to generate page views. Sasha also explained how to increase page views on Small Teaser.

WebToon Review

social pay

WebToon is a site for animators.

Artists publish cartoons and make money for publishing.

This new site just started in 2018.

There are strict mandates to get paid on WebToon. For example, you need 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 monthly page views.

Go to

You can share your comics on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. DeviantArt and Tumblr followers love art. This site lends itself to publishing there.

Once you create your comic strip, your followers get a push notification that reminds them to check out your new comic.

You need to apply for the revenue-sharing program.

You need to have a long enough comic strip that your readers scroll down.

A vertical scroll keeps your followers on the site improving the bounce rate of the site.

WebToons integrates with Patreon. Your fans can support you financially on Patreon.

WebToon has an app for your convenience.

HubPages Review

HubPages is also a site for bloggers that offers you social pay.

To make money on HubPages, you need a Google Adwords account.

My experiences at HubPages were poor.

I gave my writing submission my best effort, but the powers-that-be rejected my piece and asked to send me to HubPages boot camp.

Needless to say, I never went back.

If you’d like to try writing at HubPages, go to and make an account.

Click here to read a comparison of Virily, Steemit, and HubPages.


social pay MarketHive

MarketHive is one of the refer and earn apps like WebTalk.

MarketHive works on a referral system. You need to be referred by someone.

According to the site:

“Markethive is not just a media content provider, we are a hybrid social network.
Markethive has the combined powers of Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Ebay, Sales Force and Marketo. These tools are provided free to help you build your business.”

Go to

Accept your invitation to join.

You will need to make and confirm your account.

MarketHive uses a blockchain form of currency.

Use the social media share buttons to share your posts across social channels increasing your potential for social pay. Share and earn.

If you run into trouble, MarketHive tutorials exist to help you.

MarketHive March Update

Since joining MarketHive, I’ve received a bevy of emails from the website explaining how to boost your traffic to your MarketHive articles.

Remember, when you boost your traffic, you boost your income.

MarketHive emails me success tips every three days.

Do you agree these tips are helpful to people trying to boost their income on MarketHive?

On the other hand, do you feel this clutters your email inbox, so the site should list these resources at MarketHive where you can peruse them in your leisure? Please answer in the comments section.



Quora, the question and answer site, is also a social media site. People post content and network at Quora like they do the more traditional social media sites.

Quora has a Partner Program that pays you for asking questions.

For a tutorial, see this post about how to write Quora answers.

Update December 2020

After conducting research for a post on 2021 trends, I realize social pay will increase next year.

For instance, ecommerce is the new shopping trend.

Due to the Coronavirus, people couldn’t shop offline. This trend toward online shopping will continue in 2022.

Social media sites like Instagram will delve more than ever before into the world of ecommerce. Other social media sites that didn’t have marketplaces will implement them.

YouTube’s ads are so prevalent they are annoying. I heard half of all social media marketers pay for ads.

As we near 2021, getting social pay may cost and not come without cost anymore. Are the days of making social pay organically over?

UPDATE January 2022

Happily, the answer is “No!”

YouTube is stepping up its creator fund. Instagram pays creators and Medium pays creators.

Social Pay: FAQ

What social media pays?

Virily, Steemit, MarketHive, Small Teaser,WebToon, WebTalk, and Quora

What are some popular mobile payment methods?

PayPal and Venmo are two of the most popular mobile payment methods using smartphone apps.

Wrapping Up: Social Pay


It’s true: You can get paid to post on social media as you saw from these seven reviews.

One of the advantages of social media is you can make money called “social pay” on social media websites.

As Janice’s respondent explained about Steemit, people are making millions of dollars.

Readers, please share so bloggers looking to make money by writing online learn about these social media sites that offer social pay.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Are there any additional share and earn social media sites you can suggest?

Author Bio: Eric Reyes

Eric Reyes is a passionate thought leader having been featured in 50 distinguished online and offline platforms. His passion and knowledge in Finance and Business made him a sought-after contributor providing valuable insights to his readers. You can find him reading a book and discussing current events in his spare time.


More information about how to make money online can be found in the Mostly Blogging Academy Sales Funnel Profits Course.

Information about how social pay is transferred can be found in this article about how to transfer money internationally.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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