3 Ways to Make Easy Money with Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is easy if you know the strategies.

Let’s get started learning social media marketing methods.

#SocialMediaMarketing is easy with #SocialMedia Sites

How to Make Money with Social Media Marketing

Do you want to make money blogging?

Do you already make money blogging and want to continue?

If not, do you know how to monetize your blog?

Many bloggers have a dream or a goal to make money blogging but don’t know where to begin.

This Is How to Be Successful at Content Marketing explained how to make money from content marketing; Media.Net Will Make You See What Advertisers Want: Money explained how to make money from Pay Per Click Advertising, and This Is What You Need to Know to Quickly Make $100 to $1,000+ Monthly with Affiliate Marketing With or Without Making Sales, which explained how to make money from affiliate marketing, has received the highest page views of any blog post I published this year.

Clearly, interest in blog monetization is high.

Today’s guest author, James Paige, explains how you can make money blogging with social media marketing.

James discusses the purpose of your blog and explains how you can make money blogging by repurposing your content into other formats ideal for social media marketing, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

YouTube Is Bound To Make an Impact on Your Blog

With the rise of the internet, people are given more opportunities to earn from having virtual buyers like when Instagram followers buy their crafts or products or from their own self-expression through blogging, videos, music, or making other similar content.

Earning from social media can be lucrative, and if you’re an expressive person who feels like you have too much to say and not much passion for anything else, this may be a viable career path for you. Although, before pursuing this path, it is important to understand how to make your brand profitable.

How to Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Understanding Profitability

Since you’re here, it is likely that you are looking for more ways to make your chosen passion more profitable. To make a blog profitable, you would need an extended reach; an extended reach increases your exposure, which then increases your engagement with your market, and finally, increases your profitability.

Profitability is the likelihood of a venture to generate profit. A direct example of profit from the internet would be when Instagram followers buy a product from an account; the number of their followers also contributes to the likelihood of having buyers. However, for the profitability of a blog wherein profits are not as direct since it relies on traffic and “clicks,” consistent engagement is very important.

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How to Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing

  •    Engagement vs. Exposure

The difference between engagement and exposure is that exposure is the reach of your content to people who can see it, either the post itself or just the link to the post. Engagement requires an action from the potential market such as liking content, commenting or reacting to a post, and most especially sharing the post. This engagement, especially the last one, can create a bigger following and that following is your potential market. Having a solid market increases the chances of profit, so increasing your market should always be one of your top priorities.

Some people use funds where they buy Facebook fans or likes using “likers,” boost posts using paid advertisements, or use other paid methods to ensure that their content gains more exposure and hopefully, engagement. However, these measures still do not guarantee a profit. Using funds for profit is part of the investment, but often the profit gains only break even with the funds used. A more efficient way to increase your reach, also without using funds, is utilizing virality. Virality is the probability of your content to be circulated from one Internet user to another.

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How to Use YouTube for Social Media Marketing

#SocialMediaMarketing is easy with #SocialMedia Sites like #YouTube

YouTube for Virality

When investing in self-expression, it is not enough to get people to read your content. While it is important to get viewers, it is more important to retain them and give them content that would drive them to share your content to other potential followers. This is where YouTube comes in.

With over 1 billion active users per month, YouTube or video blogging on YouTube can increase your connection to your readers and followers. Regardless of what content you provide, there will be an audience for it. Technology is making the world smaller, and it is far easier now to connect with people with the same interests or opinions as you do.

Unfortunately, technology also has decreased readership. More people are leaning towards content presented with visual and auditory media; add that follower can simply toggle the fast forward or next buttons for content that does not spark their interest. And that’s not enough; you have to catch their attention and keep them interested.

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Keeping someone interested in your content is not something you can simply buy. Facebook fans or “likers,” view counts, etc., are only a small part of making your social media brand profitable. Traditional bloggers may argue that the rise of YouTube may cause the death of traditional blogging, or that utilizing other media would derail their initial objective of blogging.

But the truth is, utilizing both YouTube, your traditional blog, and other social media pages can work wonders for your following. Start with YouTube and expand. If you still need convincing, here are some observations to get you started:

  1. Increased rapport and connection. People will always support their friends. So, using YouTube to put a face on the person behind the blog will bring an additional path towards a deeper connection with your following. You will be more humanized, easier to relate to amongst other things.
  2. Opportunity to establish a community. People will always want to belong somewhere. Similar to Lady Gaga’s “Monsters,” or one of YouTube’s stars Hannah Hart’s “Hartosexuals,” people like finding a space where they can discover a familial connection with people all over the world who has shared interests or similar experiences.
  3. Opportunities to give back. The greatest level of social media entrepreneurship is sustainability. When you get to increase your support-providing following, and you can acquire more than what you need, you can also start giving back to your following. You can create contests, giveaways, visit the city where most of your followers are located for a meet and greet. Creating these activities will get your following to talk about it, which means an increase in exposure for you, too! You no longer have to buy Facebook fans for exposure or engagement.
  4. Opportunities to expand your brand. Once you have established your brand and your community, another stream to make this profitable is producing merchandise. You can sell shirts with your logo on it or a statement shirt with a catch-phrase you’ve made viral, or you can do a design-creation contest for your community.
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There are many combinations of social media pages that you can try until you’ve found the perfect fit for you and the brand you are working towards. Utilize your traditional blog for your opinions, reviews, and commentaries; use YouTube and Facebook for engagement and marketing to your community, and you can use Instagram for your merchandise where your Instagram followers buy clothes or other novelty items related to your brand. The options are limitless.

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James Paige is a content writer at BuyRealMarketing. His passion is to help cut the edge for your business to grow on online marketing by implementing modern social media marketing strategies.

Readers, please share, so other bloggers and marketers know these monetization strategies using social media marketing.

What are your experiences? Have you ever sold anything online? I look forward to your experiences in the comments section.

Author: James Paige

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