8 Social Media Hacks That Every Blogger Needs To Know

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Social media is a big deal nowadays. Absolutely everyone is on there! I’m sure even your mom and dad have profiles on Facebook and Twitter now too! So what does this mean for bloggers? As there is a huge audience waiting for you on social media, it is very important that you get involved and utilize all the different platforms. Increasing your social media followers will help you look like a professional blogger. That’s not all, though! You will also find that it increases traffic to your blog which, ultimately, will help your website’s SEO.

I bet you’re wondering how exactly you harness the power of social media for your blog. Wonder no more! In this blog post, I’ll tell you all the important social media hacks that every single blogger needs to know!

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Create Profiles For Your Blog

Some bloggers simply share their blog posts on their personal Twitter and Facebook profiles. There is nothing particularly wrong with this. After all, people will be seeing them. But you are limiting your audience because you are only sharing them with your friends and relatives. Some of whom may even think you are spamming them! So rather than just posting to your personal profiles, it’s a good idea to create a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile for your blog. This way, you can gather all your fans and followers together in one space. And you won’t have to worry about spamming people who aren’t that interested in your blog! It is also easier for people to find you if they only know the name of your blog and not your own name.

Social Media helps #bloggers


Add Social Media Icons To Your Site

Just because someone visits your blog doesn’t mean that they are also following you on social media. It is very important that you encourage every visitor to your blog to follow you on Twitter and Instagram as well as like you on Facebook. For this reason, it is crucial that you have social media icons on your homepage. Ideally, these should link back to your social profiles. Some bloggers add their icons right on the bottom of their page. However, people may not stay on your website too long, and could not scroll to the bottom. So it makes sense to add them to the top of your page. That way, people will instantly see them and are more likely to click on your various social media profiles.

Get People To Help You

Do you really struggle with social media? This could be because you just don’t have the time to dedicate to a social media campaign for your blog. No worries; that doesn’t mean that you should instantly give up on putting your blog on these various platforms. You can simply hire a firm who can do all the hard work for you. There are various agencies who specialize in social media campaigns and helping websites get noticed online. One of these is Vibbi, who concentrate on company’s Instagram profiles. If you hire a firm such as these, you will find that they can greatly increase your online followers in no time at all. And this can be a great way to boost traffic to your blog.

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The Future Is Pinterest

Does your blog have a presence on Pinterest? If not, you should start to think about getting a profile set up as soon as possible! It is a social media site that allows users to share cool photos and awesome images. These don’t have to be ones that you have taken yourself. You can ‘pin’ photos that have caught your eye onto your Pinterest page. If you have a good eye for excellent photos, you will be able to build up a loyal base of fans and followers. You just need to make sure that you can quickly build up very strong visual content. Obviously, this will be very easy to do for blogs that are focused on travel, food, and fashion. That’s because there will already be loads of cool photos on the site for you to pin. If your blog is fairly niche, you may have to add some of your own images to get started.

Always Use Link Shorteners On Social Media

It is necessary to use link shorteners on Twitter as your Tweets are limited to just 140 characters. Therefore, it is extremely important to use link shorteners so that long links don’t take up all your characters. However, it is important to always use these link shorteners on social media. Even on sites like Facebook and Google+, where they aren’t needed to help you stick to a character limit. One of the main reasons why you need to use these shorteners is because you will be able to access metrics. And that will be able to tell you the types of users that are clicking on the links you post. This information can help you tweak your content to make it even more appealing to your audience. You will also be able to figure out when the best time to share your content would be by looking at trends.

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Sharing Is Caring

One of the best things you can do when on social media is to be generous with your fellow bloggers. If you notice someone who blogs about similar things to you has just published a post, share it with your followers. By promoting other bloggers’ content, you are encouraging them to do the same with your own content. Giving someone else a retweet or sharing a Facebook status is incredibly easy. So why not give it a go! It is varying the content that your followers see, and it could also lead to a lot more shares for your own posts!

Join Blogging Groups

There are a number of special groups for bloggers on Facebook. It is a great idea to join one of these as soon as you set up your blog. This will give you a community which you can be a part of and also in which you can play a part. Many bloggers are very keen on helping each other out. So you should expect to find a wealth of information and very helpful people in these groups. It also gives you a network of bloggers who might be able to promote your content. Twitter doesn’t have any groups like this, but you try to look for some Twitter chats to join. These often take place at set times every week. They give similar bloggers the chance to start up discussions. All you need to do to join in is follow the hashtag to keep an eye on the conversation. If you do want to join in, simply add the hashtag to your tweet.

Social Media helps with #blogging


Be On Social Media No Matter What

Once you have created your social media profiles, it may take a while to build up your followers. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to give up. You need to stay active on social media even if you only have a few followers to start with. Otherwise, when people find your profile, they may think it is inactive if you haven’t posted in awhile. So keep on at it! Eventually, all the followers will come and then your blog will really start to take off!

Many bloggers struggle with social media, but this guide should make things easier for you. Once you start to ace social media, you’ll wonder why you found it so difficult to start off with!

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Which of these techniques do you find is the most valuable for you? Do you have other social media tips you can share?

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    • Janice Wald

      Hi Christi,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my guest author’s social media hacks article. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Love the sharing is caring note.

    I’d add being really social on social sites is the best hack I know of. All the tools are way cool and when you respond to folks who shared your stuff, and ask questions and share answers, and take a genuine interest in others, social media magic opens up, providing you with steady blog traffic.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Great to see you. Thanks for commenting on my guest author’s social media hacks article. I appreciate you being a great role model for my readers. I see you on Twitter (and Facebook) sharing others and having your writing being shared by others. Your enormous success is a testimonial to your methods– they work.
      Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Julie Syl Kalungi

      I agree with you Ryan.
      And of course I agree with the gist of this Post. Can I just Add that Pinterest is The Present. Right now, today. Esp. in this season, lots of people are searching for your offers on Pinterest. Less so on Twitter or Facebook. Definitely on Pinterest, because most users go on there to be Inspired, to Be entertained or Educated. And so They go on Pinterest with purpose. Its very rare that I visit Pinterest and not visit a few websites = Blog traffic! consider that I am a typical user and you see the numbers multiply! Plus you dont need to be a foodie, Fashion or travel blogger to flourish on Pinterest! 🙂 I love it!

      Anyhow, With that said. GIVING is the key to opening your blog traffic floodgates! As Ryan Says you give, you share you engage and you will attract the right people to your tribe! Thanks for this guest post Janice! 🙂
      Julie Syl

  2. Bill Kasman

    Social media is THE key to successfully getting your work out there and link shorteners are a great way to reveal your traffic sources. I would never have guessed that most of the traffic to one of my articles was coming from Germany if I hadn’t been using a link shortener!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bill,
      I agree that social media is key to getting your writing known. After all, you and I met on social media!
      I guess it’s true what you wrote about the link shortener: When I use Sniply, I can tell from the shortener it’s a Sniply link or Buffer link. Interesting point. Thanks for writing.

  3. Mona Andrei

    Awesome tips! Blogging and everything associated with it (not just the writing part) is a lot of work. Breaking it down like this puts things into perspective and makes it less overwhelming 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mona,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my guest author’s article. I’m glad it helped make the information more understandable. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  4. Atim I EffiFit

    Great list of tips! I just started getting serious about my blog as part of my business.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Atim,
      Thanks for commenting on my social media hacks article.I am writing more and more about using your blog to make money. I encourage you to sign up so you get the articles.

  5. kristin mccarthy

    This is great! Again great tips and for once I am actually DOING most of these!!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kristin,
      We bonded over our mutual distaste for you know who. =) Great to see you here! Thanks for commenting on my social media hacks article. I’m happy to hear you’re following the tips– a roadmap for blogging success!

  6. Melinda Mitchell

    Hi BBFFJ, uh oh! I don’t know about link shorteners!! Oh dear!
    Another lesson to learn, from the master teacher- namely you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi BBFFM,
      The guest author made an interesting point about link shorteners. I hadn’t thought of its value that way. Thanks for writing. Thanks again for that great review of my book on your site. I was really touched.

  7. Jori Haar

    I never really thought about setting up a 2nd profile for social media that is dedicated to your blog. I indeed share my blog on my personal account. The only Social media I actually use is FB and IG, I don’t have Twitter and I’ve never ever used Pinterest, Snapchat or any of that. Lately I don’t use FB that much because I use IG 24/7 and to be honest I can’t keep track of all these social media platforms. I’m so exhausted from sitting at the office already staring at a screen for 45 hours a week that I’m totally drained at the end of the week. I’m like a cat during the weekend, sleep 16 hours a day haha. I do go on social media during my breaks though! but that’s only 15 minutes 3 times a day :/ and it feels like I can’t do much in those 15 minutes besides replying 3-4 times to a comment. I try when I get home but I’m always early in bed like 9.30pm ( and I get home at 5.30pm). Good thing is though that I’m going back to school next year so it’l be less working days for me and more time to actually blog! ^^ thanks for tips 😀

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jori,
      It’s always my pleasure to help! Do you get blog traffic from IG? We can’t leave our link there. I started using it then stopped. Recently, I saw some people clicked my link.
      Thanks for writing.

  8. Sarah Harris

    Great tip to always use a URL shortener! I hadn’t caught on to the fact that they do analytics until recently and had I read this post earlier it’d have saved me some time!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sarah,
      Great to see you. Thanks for commenting on my social media hacks article. Of the tips, the link shortener idea is definitely getting the most reaction. Glad the post is helpful. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  9. Mark

    Spot on advice as usual Janice!

    Isn’t it amazing, how much positive affect can ultimately
    be experienced simply by being pro-active, on the various
    free social media platforms!

    Granted, you do have to first take the time, to discover where
    the vast majority of your target market hangs out, but once you
    do, an awful lot of long term good can and will become of doing so!

    Thanks for sharing another excellent and extremely helpful post!
    I always learn a few things to help move my blogging efforts forward!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mark,
      How are you? Happy belated Thanksgiving. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for writing to comment on my guest author’s article.
      My audience seems to hang out on Facebook, but I am still trying to avoid putting all my eggs in one basket and appeal to the Twitter and Pinterest crowd as well.

  10. om jai jagdish hare

    Excellent tips–great job combining them in one guide! That’s true value. Thank you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Om Jai,
      Thank you for the kind words about my article. I am glad you found them valuable. I believe you came over from Mary’s site. Thank you so much for coming over and visiting me.

  11. Leanne

    Social media really is the key to growing your blog and connecting with other bloggers. It’s a shame facebook is so insistent on people using their personal pages for everything (my friends are probably unfollowing me in droves!) A great blogging group or two and a great link up party or two are also the way to go.

  12. Antionette Blake

    Great tips and I will be teaching the 2nd part of a Blogging Basics Workshop tomorrow at a local library where we will be discuss these as well as many other topics on monetizing your blog. #TrafficJamWeekend

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Antionette,
      I would love to teach a local blogging workshop. How would I get a job doing that? Thanks, and thanks for writing today.

  13. Cathy Lawdanski

    Building relationships and being generous with sharing other blogger’s content on social media is so important!

  14. Mari

    Fantastic share I never thought of setting up FB page for my Blog def something to look into! Thanks for sharing on Traffic Jam . I didn’t see a pin button on your page?

  15. Yasar Ali

    Wonderful Post about Social Media Marketing.
    Thank You so much for sharing.
    Through social media, we can get thousands of targeted traffic to our site.

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