How to Boost Engagement in Your Social Marketing Campaigns, 7 Ways

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7 tip action plan for social marketing campaigns

Social marketing campaigns.

Many syllables often equal a lot of fluff.

Is that what social marketing campaigns are– just a great deal of fluff?

The number of people who use social media sites is expected to reach close to 3 billion by 2020 according to recent reports.

You certainly should use social media sites when attempting to get more email list subscribers and customers.

If you have a social media plan, you won’t waste your time when you go.

There are many ways to make money with social media marketing as long as you have a plan in place ahead of time.

Guest author Sujain Patel gives you that action plan. She offers 7 tips to boost the engagement of the people who read your social media content.

Once you have their interest, will they become your blog subscribers? Your customers?

Bring on the strategies!

What are Social Marketing Campaigns?

Social marketing campaigns are used when content creators want to influence the behavior of people on social media.

People conducting social marketing campaigns need goals. For example, are your goals to convince people to sign up for your newsletters? If you are a marketer, your goal might be to convert social media users to customers.

Social marketing campaigns are examples of outbound marketing. This is in contrast to inbound marketing where you market to people already on your email list.

7 Steps to Boost Organic Engagement in Your Social Marketing Campaigns

by Sujain Thomas

Social media is the most powerful global marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. With the correct and timely use of social media, you can engage new leads, find new markets and engage prospective clients using timely posts. The idea is to use your social media account as an extension of your brand identity. Post brand stories, relevant messages, and spice things up with the occasional post about special offers and discounts.

1. Engage your social media followers

Any social media platform is for engaging conversations. It needs to be a two-way process, and you need to be able to open conversations with your followers time and again. Responding to people, who tag you in posts or to comment on your shared content, increases the perception of tangibility among the users. Your target users need to find you approachable. In simple words, you should be able to humanize your brand through social media engagement. Start conversations, polls, and discussion forums for certain topics that pertain to your products and services.

2. Post content everyone will want to read

The topics need to be trending and socially relevant. If you are unsure about what to include in your daily posts and what to carefully avoid, you should check blog platforms that update their content daily. You will get a fair idea about trending topics and issues. On Instagram and Twitter, always use #hashtags to help expose your content to new groups of users. Social media sites including these popular platforms can help in marketing a brand tremendously, and this can help in creating a new image of your brand. The outcome of each social media campaign depends on the steadiness of the efforts.

3. Maintain a distinct style

Social media marketing endeavors rely on consistency. These platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter give you the opportunity to introduce your brand to audiences old and new. Your messages need to reflect a certain quality and consistency. This will inspire trust and loyalty among your followers. For example – brands should post about 1.5 times per day on Instagram. You can choose to post 3 photos every alternate day on Instagram, but you have to stick to this schedule. You cannot drop off the face of Instagram and expect your followers to stick around till you come back. The same principle holds for Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat as well.  

4. Make your brand more reliable

No matter what you are selling, add the human factor again and again to your brand presence on social media. People are always aware of another “snake oil salesperson,” and they have enough reason to be hyper-vigilant around new brands on social media. Now, as you are exploring new markets and possibly new customers, you need to be able to create content that can verify the authenticity of your brand. This will include the presence of client testimonials and reviews from real users (if they are on the same social networking site, then even better!), certification from allied authorities and links to your website that give the prospective customers a glimpse of true quality.

5. Emphasize your social media strategy

Your social marketing campaigns are going to be a standard source of data on old customers, new customers, new traffic, organic CTR, conversion rate and more. 

6. Start tracking your metrics for analysis

If you have current plans for utilizing the social media metrics to determine the performance of your social marketing campaigns, you need to be able to track those metrics accurately.

  • This should always start with the identification of your goals. You should have a few goals in mind. For example – making $1000 in sales by next week. These can be as simple as these goals or a complicated mix of numbers and stats!
  • Make a note of the website metrics and social media metrics you are already tracking. For example – referral links, organic traffic, SEO rankings and more. Free social media management tools can help you analyze the results of your social marketing 
  • Several analytics platforms, metrics tracking tools, and reporting tools help the marketers follow the performance of their social media posts on each platform they use. Kissmetrics is a world-renowned platform that offers a comprehensive analysis of user engagement, user behavior and conversion credits on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Google Analytics is a similar platform that allows the user to track the source of traffic, interactions on your website and the click-through rates of your social marketing campaigns.

7. Measure your ROI despite difficulties

Interestingly, social media ROI (return on time invested) can be more than economics. It also encompasses the engagement and relationships brands develop with their potential customers and one-time buyers. Increasing the levels of engagement with current followers, these brands can drive more conversions on each social media platform over time. The higher levels of engagements can also increase customer loyalty and support for a brand.

The concept of ROI has always been highly debated for all social media users, including the leading brands in the world. Engagement metrics and the results of social marketing campaigns can shed light on important aspects of your efforts including increases in sales.  This is more than even AI can do. Machine learning is valuable but machines can’t learn your website visitors’ emotional engagement levels and dependence on a brand.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is an expert on digital marketing. She has been helping some leading brands across the USA to capture new markets by leveraging big data and predictive analytics. To know more about the role of big data in the future of marketing and sales on social media visit

Readers, have you tried any of Sujain’s tips in your social marketing campaigns? How did they work for you?

Please share so people without social media plans discover Sujain’s 7-part action plan for boosting engagement in their social marketing campaigns.

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  1. Moss Clement

    Great tips, Sujain. This is indeed the best steps that’ll help anyone on social to improve engagement. For example, #1, engage your social media followers. Yesterday, one of my followers commented on a tweet I posted the day before. I got a notification and responded to his comment. That lead to conversation with him bring up questions based on the post. After providing answers to all his questions, I saw most of his followers started following me.
    The point is, engaging your audience in various platforms is a great way to increase social engagement.

  2. Harshil Tyagi

    Hi Sujain, thanks for your deep knowledge and tips to boost organic engagement in a social media campaign. Your tips are really helpful for me as I am right now running social media organic campaigns.
    You are right we need to humanize our brand name so that audience can relate with. If they comment or mention us we need to reply to them which creates a strong bond with them. We need to measure campaign accurately by using their tools like facebook analytics, Instagram analytics, google analytics to measure metrics like conversion rate, Old customers, new customers etc.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Harshil,
      From what you’ve written, it definitely sounds like you have a well thought out social media marketing campaign.
      Thanks for writing to share your social media marketing plan with us.

  3. Mike

    For me the best strategy to rise effectiveness of my marketing is using social media monitoring tool. It is provide me relevant mentions about choosed keywords, I can collecting all messages, tweets, snaps, Facebook’s post or posts on forums about me and interesting me keywords.

    • Janice Wald

      Mike what is the name of the tool? Is it free? Thank you for commenting.

  4. managed marketing Edmonton

    Business’s now also acquires websites and other promotional marketing services in the internet that will generate high sales and inquiries in business.

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  9. Acacia

    7 way you to connect to be or to join the join on the social transactions
    duck life

  10. jigyasa sewkani

    amazing content. social media is really important now to earn and to meet with the people who are really interested in our business.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree Jigyasa. Thanks for the compliments and contributing to the conversation.

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