Smallpdf Merger: 4 Best Free Alternatives of Smallpdf for Merging PDF Files to Check In 2023

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Are you looking for Smallpdf merger alternatives?

No doubt Smallpdf merger is an amazing online tool that can assist you in combining PDF documents and managing them in a better way.

The thing is that this tool is paid to use and many individuals look for the free one where they can get their tasks done without paying for it.

In this article, we will talk about online PDF merging tools that people can use for free and can streamline documents very easily.

If you are looking for a method that can help you in merging PDF files for free, here is the list of top online tools that are Smallpdf mergers.

By reading this post, you get four reviews of free PDF mergers that are alternatives to using the Smallpdf merger tool.

Let’s have a look at these top online tools that can be helpful in joining PDF documents without spending a single penny.

Let’s dive in and learn about these free Smallpdf merger alternatives.

Free Smallpdf Merger Alternatives

You can get a list of online PDF mergers on the search engine providing the facilities for free. However, not all of them are safe to use.

You need to be very attentive while choosing the tool online. To make it easy for you, here we are going to discuss the list of best online PDF combiners that you must know about.

This is one of the best online PDF mergers that you will get on the search engine. Not only this tool is free to use but also keeps your data secure.

You can merge unlimited files in this online tool in a single sitting. This tool will not restrict at any stage for combining PDF pages.

Let’s have a look at the top features of this online tool that you can avail of for merging files.

  • This PDF merger allows you to upload a lot of PDF files at once and merge them all simultaneously. That means you can increase the workflow with the help of this feature.
  • You can edit your PDF files before merging them and arranging them in the required sequence.
  • The best element about this online tool is that it is very secure to use, you don’t have to worry about the security of the files as it doesn’t share your data with any other party.
  • There is no limitation to using this online tool. You can compile a lot of PDF files here in a single sitting and manage your device folder easily.
  • You can upload PDF files in this online tool from multiple platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and computer devices. Also, you can insert links to the files if they are present online.

This is another amazing PDF combiner in the list that can assist you in compiling the files and keeping them all in a single place.

You can merge a lot of files here quickly and reduce the volume of documents from your computer folder to manage it in a better way.

Here are some top elements of this PDF merging tool that you need to know about.

  • This online tool allows uploading 20 files at once and merging them all in one attempt. There is no need to work on each document separately.
  • You can browse PDF documents from multiple platforms or simply go for the drag-and-drop option. Moreover, this tool also supports the URL uploading system.
  • The user interface of this online tool is very simple which makes it an easy-to-use option for everyone.
  • The working speed of this merging tool is blazing fast which helps in increasing the workflow.

Let’s explore more free Smallpdf merger alternatives.

smallpdf merger alternative

In the list of top PDF combiners, this is an amazing addition that can assist you in keeping the folder organized.

You can join the documents here for free. The best thing about this tool is that it offers a simple interface so you can easily understand the working of this PDF merger.

Have a look at the top benefits that you can get from this online tool by using its features.

  • No need to worry about uploading the PDF documents as you can browse the files from multiple platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and the drag & drop option.
  • This online tool keeps your documents safe and avoids any other party to access your content.
  • You can open this PDF combiner on every device whether it is Mac or Windows. There is no compatibility issue with using this online tool.
  • The features of this online tool are very user-friendly which makes the tool a reliable option for everyone. 
PDF Joiner.jpg

This is one of the best PDF joiners in the list that you can use to compile PDF documents on your device and manage the folder in a better way.

The amazing element about this tool is that it doesn’t have any compatibility issues with any device. That means you can get access to this PDF merger on every platform.

Here are the top features that the tools offer to make working easy.

  • The working speed of this PDF joiner is very fast which increases work productivity and helps manage the folder quickly.
  • You can upload 20 files in this online tool at once and merge them all at once without any restriction.
  • No matter if you are uploading heavy documents or small files, the working speed of this online will never get affected.
  • This online tool supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Turkish, etc.

We have one more free Smallpdf Merger alternative to share with you.


While talking about the top online PDF merging tools, you can never ignore this amazing tool as it can be quite a handy option for managing the folder.

You can join a lot of PDF files in a very short time and manage the folder perfectly.

Here are the amazing benefits that you can get with the help of this online PDF merging tool.

  • This tool allows you to browse heavy documents. The size of PDF files can be 150 MB in one attempt.
  • The interface of this online tool is very attractive and simple which helps you to work with the files quickly.
  • You can also reorder the pages’ positions here and merge them in the required sequence as you want.

Smallpdf Merger Free Alternatives: FAQ

Is there a free version of SmallPdf?

Yes! There are free alternatives to Smallpdf. For instance, you can use,,, and

Wrapping Up: Top Substitutes of Smallpdf Merger That Are Free to Use

Readers, please share so people who need a PDF merge tool discover these reviews of free Smallpdf Merger alternatives.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you recommend more free Smallpdf Merger alternatives?

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