Alert: Do You Need New Sites like StumbleUpon in 2021? Mix Is Here

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sites like StumbleUpon
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Are you still looking for sites like StumbleUpon?

Update November 2020: If you are looking for a StumbleUpon alternative, this post offers you more than five alternatives. Mix StumbleUpon is only one StumbleUpon alternative for you. However, I find the best StumbleUpon alternative is actually Google which is not a social media site.

StumbleUpon brought bloggers mass traffic. If you are looking for a StumbleUpon alternative to bring you massive website traffic, optimize your post for search engines using these SCO marketing tips.

What is StumbleUpon?

Let’s examine sites like StumbleUpon that are social media alternatives for generating massive blog traffic since StumbleUpon was a social media site that brought bloggers boatloads of traffic.

Update August 2020: Although years have passed since StumbleUpon folded, bloggers still seek a StumbleUpon clone.

Sites like StumbleUpon are hard to come by. I should know. I’ve looked for two years since StumbleUpon folded.

Read this Mix review and determine if it’s an adequate alternative for your brand.

If you don’t feel, after reading this review, Mix will generate the kind of traffic StumbleUpon did, consider these other StumbleUpon alternatives.

I haven’t received any traffic from Mix since I started curating my content there.

This post exposes you to cool websites, sites like StumbleUpon, that have the potential for traffic generation StumbleUpon had.

Here are sites like StumbleUpon:

  • Quora
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Flipboard

All these sites allow you to post your website content, like StumbleUpon did.

The first three of the sites like StumbleUpon, Quora, Facebook, and Twitter, consistently bring my website a steady stream of traffic. Reddit and Flipboard are rare traffic generators, but when they do generate traffic, they generate a great deal.

Let’s get started learning the answer to “What is”

Mix and other sites like StumbleUpon
Are you looking for social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon?
Maybe you feel like you are a content mill instead of a blogger.
Always churning out contents, always more to create without an end in sight?
If you can relate, you haven’t heard of social bookmarking sites.
At bookmarking sites, you can post content you’ve already created.
You can promote your writing without having to create new content.
It gets better: You don’t have to worry about Google penalties for duplicate content.
Google doesn’t care; it’s a myth the search engine might get mad and penalize you.
There are many content curation sites and now a new content curation site has appeared on the scene.
Have you signed up? If yes, you can call yourself a Mixer.
Mix is a new free social bookmarking site which you can use to bookmark your webpages and other people’s webpages.
Mix is also one of the networking sites since commenting is possible there.

You can use Mix on Firefox, or any one of a number of browsers.

Here’s the deal: On June 30 2018, StumbleUpon is merging with Mix.
StumbleUpon will no longer be recommending articles of interest to its readers.
For this reason, on June 30, I will be ending my stumbling service.
This post explains what Mix is, how to use Mix to curate content, and how to use Mix to generate blog traffic.
In addition, this article will recommend an additional content creation site.

Consider this a follow-up to my post This is What You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Content Syndication Sites.

What is Mix?

Mix is a content aggregator: You use the site to collect web articles.

Creating a collection on Mix allows you to collect articles, videos, and web pages you like about specific interests or topics. When you add to your collections, your content is shared with friends and made discoverable to others on Mix who share similar interests.

Submitting your articles to Mix takes mere seconds.

According to the Mix site, you can curate and share the best of the internet. “Mix learns what you love to show you even more.”

Mix has an app that enables you to curate using your smartphone. Mix also has a Chrome toolbar bookmarklet that makes it easy for you to curate your favorite content.

Why You Should Use Mix

  • You will save time posting your articles without having to create new content.
  • Generate interest in your articles by being exposed to new audiences.
  • Use articles you find at Mix for research for your blog posts.
  • Using the app makes it easy to Mix posts on the go.
  • Leaving your link at Mix provides you with an external link to your blog. This helps your off-site search engine optimization.
  • If you have questions, people are standing by ready to help you on the website.
  • Mix has tips for bloggers.
  • Gaining traction is easy at Mix. After I Mixed an article, I was notified via email that people had commented on the post, and I found myself in the middle of an interesting discussion about the content.
  • Since Mix is a new site, you can more easily gain an audience than when the site has more users.

How to Use Mix

Step 1: Go to Click Join Mix and make an account.
Step 2: Mix wants to start learning your preferences. Click a social media site for Mix to use. You are presented with 4 choices: StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.
Step 3: Since I am using Mix because I was looking for sites like StumbleUpon, I chose StumbleUpon. You will need to give Mix permission to access the other social media site you’re connecting it with.
Step 4: Choose your interests. Select at least 3.
Step 5: Based on these interests, Mix will show you articles. Select articles that interest you to curate. When you find an article you want to save, click the plus sign.
Step 6: Mix will select a category for your article. If you don’t see an applicable category, you’re welcome to create one. Click Done.
Step 7: If you find a post elsewhere on the Internet you’d like to add, click the plus sign in the upper right and then select a category.
Let’s get to work on your profile:
Step 8: Click Profile. Upload a profile picture and provide the other information requested.
Mix and other sites like StumbleUpon
This is what the dashboard for 5 Minutes for Mom looks like.

When you add new content to your collections, people who follow you or your collections will see what you’ve added in their “Top For You” and Recently Added sections.

If other people are mixing or saving things you’ve mixed, you’re more likely to appear on their homepages.

You can follow a person or just a particular collection you like.

If you follow a person or a specific collection when content is added by that person (or into that collection) it will appear on your homepage in your “For You” feed or your “Recently Added” feed.

Sites like StumbleUpon like Mix

When you log in, you’ll see suggestions Mix has for you.


Interview with Mix Support

I have a question. I heard StumbleUpon is transitioning to Mix.
At StumbleUpon, I heard we were penalized if we stumbled our own articles.
Can we curate our own articles at Mix?
Mix Support:
You can add pages in the app by tapping the + icon on the home screen.
You can also add submit pages into Mix via the iOS Share menu. When you are in another app, such as Safari, tap Share, then select Mix from the list of apps to share to.
You will then be asked to select a Mix for the page to go into.
Please note that if an app does not support the native iOS Share feature, you will not be able to add pages to Mix from it.
There is no set limit to how many posts you can add to a collection.

How to Generate Traffic Using Mix

  • Follow people who have written articles in your niche. They usually follow back. Then, when they log in, they’ll see your articles in their feed.
  • Do not spam the site with all your posts. Follow the 80/20 rule: What you post should consist of 20% of your content and 80% of other writers’ content.
  • Write catchy, clever post titles. They help to get people to click your link at any site.
  • Share your Mix pages on your social media sites. This will help generate interest.


According to a Mix user, you may actually be generating traffic from Mix and not realize it!

StumbleUpon alternative Mix


I have seen traffic from Mix on my Dashboard.

Perhaps the comments were accurate and Mix is now running smoother.


How to Install a Mix Sharing Button

Did you have a StumbleUpon sharing button? They no longer work (so I hear.) If you’d like a Mix sharing button, Gary Jefferies published a wonderful tutorial about how you can install a Mix Sharing Button.

If readers can sharing your post to Mix, your exposure and potential for traffic grow.


Blogger Gary Jeffries wrote with an update that Mix has turned out to be a huge disappointment in terms of traffic generation. He shared his attempts to reach the developers have fallen on deaf ears. His update was so scathing, I was actually surprised to see Mix still sending me curated information in my email box.

UPDATE: October 2020

When one of your contacts joins Mix, Mix notifies you. You receive notification in your email. The email reads, “Joined Mix from Twitter.”

UPDATES: August 2020

Mix emails you content it believes you will enjoy. 

Although people report they struggle to experience success with Mix, others report positive experiences.

Blogger Gary Jefferies is one of those people. He shares strategies for how to get referrals on Mix here.

Mix Testimonial

The 5 Minute Mom predicts Mix will be a great source of traffic for bloggers.

Consider these comments from Mix fan Cee Arr: “I love Mix, which took over from StumbleUpon (it’s how I found this post, actually, I follow you & it showed up in my feed,) since it gives me a lot of traffic, and, more importantly, *engaged* traffic. The referrals I get from Mix spend more time on the site, and view more pages on average than traffic from other sources! 🙂”

Sites Like StumbleUpon

With the end of StumbleUpon, you might be interested in sites that can bring you mass traffic like StumbleUpon did. 

  • Quora  

This is my best referrer of social media traffic. 

  • Facebook groups

With tens of thousands of members in some of the groups, you stand a huge chance of mass traffic if you promote in these Facebook groups. Facebook is my second best referrer of social traffic.

  • Twitter

Twitter is my 3rd-best referrer of social traffic. If you write about trending stories and use hashtags to promote, you can boost your Twitter traffic. 

  • Reddit

Generating Reddit traffic can be difficult, but when you do, you’ll receive a great deal of traffic. 

With the end of StumbleUpon, you might be interested in additional content curation sites.


How to use GrowthHackers:

In his Huffington Post article How to Write a Popular Blog in 10 Easy Steps, Ryan Biddulph recommends Growth Hackers as a way to aggressively promote your blog.

Step 1: Go to Make an account by signing up with your Twitter or your Email account information.

Step 2: Modify your profile.

Step 3: Follow 3 tags. Click “Follow.”

Step 4: Follow 3 people by clicking on their names. Read their background descriptions. Click “Follow” if interested in reading their articles.

Step 5: Vote for articles you like and recommend. This is called “Upvoting”.

Step 6: Add your first post.

Step 7: Leave a comment. GrowthHackers is a forum. Your first post will be in moderation and then visible to others.

Wrapping Up: Sites Like StumbleUpon

In conclusion, there are many content management systems where you can publish your articles such as WordPress.

Now, you can curate them at Mix and GrowthHackers.

Save time while you grow your audiences, learn informative data you need for your posts from already curated articles, and get links from new websites back to your blog.

Readers, please share so other StumbleUpon users (aka Stumblers) learn about Mix and other sites like StumbleUpon.

MORE UPDATES: How to transfer your StumbleUpon data to Mix

Here is the link you need to transfer your StumbleUpon links to Mix:

Mix has put out a statement regarding transferring your StumbleUpon content to Mix.

StumbleUpon has also made public additional information about the link transfers.


According to reports, StumbleUpon sharing buttons no longer work. This makes sense since StumbleUpon is defunct.

The code for Mix sharing buttons is currently being tested.

I will continue to bring updates on the situation.

Related Post:

Sites like StumbleUpon, which have the potential to bring mass traffic, are hard to come by. Flipboard has that potential. 

Flipboard is another popular content curation site. Flipboard also has the potential to bring you new traffic without creating new content.

Readers, please share so former Stumblers discover Mix’s potential.

“The new app is more like the old SU interface. Video and images with like, dislike algorithms to learn what you prefer seeing. Quite frankly it’s rubbish. So far I’ve seen kids videos skate boarding and a picture of a fox. Responses to my feedback forum posts have been childish. As is the content now. I mixed heavily in politics, Corona, various film universes, and trending news plus blogging articles.

Currently, the desktop version is still functional. But my latest email indicates that will not be for much longer.

Not very impressive really.”


Do you know any sites like StumbleUpon? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

Sites Like StumbleUpon FAQ

Is Mix better than StumbleUpon?

No. In my experience of using Mix for several years, StumbleUpon generated mass traffic and Mix doesn’t.

What is

Mix is a content curation site. People using the now defunct site, StumbleUpon, flocked to Mix when Mix announced StumbleUpon morphed into Mix. However, bloggers don’t report seeing the same traffic boost from Mix they received from StumbleUpon.

  1. Chris Graham

    Janice, you say in Step 3: Since I am using Mix because I was looking for sites like StumbleUpon, I chose StumbleUpon. You will need to give Mix permission to access the other social media site you’re connecting it with.
    But if Stumbleupon is closing/no longer active, wouldn’t it be better to pick one of the others?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Chris,
      This is what I’ve read:

      The owners have created a new vision with MIX.

      I’ve just transferred my profile from SU to that via the log in that permits the SU login to be used. After that, you can migrate likes and posts and tailor the interests to import. It does everything apart from pull followers across.

      the essence of the social discovery platform is slated for a second life at Mix,

      StumbleUpon will become part of Mix

      Based on that reading, it sounds like it’s merging with Mix. Since StumbleUpon knows my interests, and now Mix will be recommending articles of interest to me, I wanted Mix to use my StumbleUpon information.

      However, you should do what you feel comfortable doing.
      Thanks for writing.

      • Chris Graham

        Thanks Janice – I’ll be interested to hear how it works for you ?

          • Janice Wald

            Thanks Ellen! That would be great! Thank you!

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    mother bloggers of my startling discovery. At least I doubt fellow bloggers like to get frustrated by site speed (or lack there of).

    Hope your Memorial Day weekend is turning out to be cooler than it is up here in Minnesota where we are setting records due to the heat wave we are in currently. Normally we are in the 70’s during this time of year. Today we will be around 97 degrees. (Actual heat index up in the triple digits!) Am so thankful for our working air conditioning.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      In response to what you wrote: No one likes to be frustrated by slow-loading sites, that’s why Google considers speed a ranking factor.
      We have June gloom here in Southern California.

  3. Davida Chazan

    So… that’s the problem! I haven’t been able to use StumbleUpon for months now. Thanks for the tip with MIX.

  4. Philip V Ariel

    Hi Janice,
    Good to read about Mix,
    The other day I just joined as a new user, though I have been using StumbleUpon for many years I was unaware of the migration and I joined as a new user. but sad today when I checked my Mix account I received a message saying: ” Sorry we couldn’t find that user” It looks like funny!
    Any idea, how this has happened, anyways I am shooting a letter to the support team.
    There is no intimation about the migration of our old curated links
    Anyways Thanks for sharing this

    • Janice Wald

      I agree with you Phillip. It sounds like you need to make a new account at Mix. If you do, let’s follow each other over there. Thanks for your comments.

      • Philip V Ariel

        Yes, Janice,
        I created a new one the other day and posted two of my post links and it was showing but when I try to open that account today, I received this message: ” Sorry we couldn’t find that user”
        It looks like I have to open yet another new account.
        This is really disgusting!
        Thanks Janice.

        ~ Philip

    • Philip V Ariel

      May 27, 2018 at 10:47 am

      Hi Janice,
      Good to read about Mix,
      The other day I just joined as a new user, though I have been using StumbleUpon for many years I was unaware of the migration and I joined as a new user. but sad today when I checked my Mix account I received a message saying: ” Sorry we couldn’t find that user” It looks like funny!
      Any idea, how this has happened, anyways I am shooting a letter to the support team.
      There is no intimation about the migration of our old curated links
      Anyways Thanks for sharing this

  5. Philip V Ariel

    Yes, Janice,
    I created a new one the other day and posted two of my post links and it was showing but when I try to open that account today, I received this message: ” Sorry we couldn’t find that user”
    It looks like I have to open yet another new account.
    This is really disgusting!
    Thanks Janice.

    ~ Philip

    • Janice Wald

      The people at Mix respond promptly to questions on weekdays. Perhaps write and ask them.

  6. Qasim

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for letting me know about Stumbleupon shutting down. I know Stumbleupon had a very well potential to generate massive traffic and I was building my Stumbleupon profile, too sad that we had to jump to a new platform. The good thing is that Stumbleupon is recommending Mix which is good to know that the site will have a good potential.
    I will follow your steps and register on Mix.

    Thanks once again. Sharing your article on Twitter and Pinterest.

  7. Adrian Crisostomo

    Hi Janice,

    Great find here! I’ve been using Stumbleupon for a few months now and I didn’t know they were stopping their service and merge with a new platform. I’m very eager to try Mix out as it looks like a great website for off site SEO and traffic generation. Thanks for sharing this news!


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Adrian,
      I appreciate your comments. I truly felt like a reporter “scooping” a story. With 2 days of hearing StumbleUpon was shutting down, I published the news. I agree about the off-site SEO potential. Another place to leave our links!

  8. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I just signed in with my SU account and started my Mix account. I have my profile and some posts and collections now, but can’t figure out how to find follow people. I clicked to follow friends who join from G+ and Facebook, but when I did a search for you, I saw one post but no way to follow you. I wish the site had a bit more documentation. Also,

    • Janice Wald

      I typed your name into the Mix search bar and clicked people but nothing came up.

    • Janice Wald

      Barbara, when you type my name into the search bar, click people. You only saw one post because posts was underlined. There are posts, collections, and people. Click the people button.

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  10. Claire Saul

    Great tips as ever Janice – I haven’t had a chance to look at them properly yet, but I will. You were the one who got me “stumbling” in the first place! I have shared the link on my regular PainPals Blog feature Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! Claire x

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you Claire, and thank you so much for linking to the post. It does feel like the end of an era.

  11. Lisa P. Sicard

    Hi Janice,
    Mix sounds like Flipboard….
    I had not used Stumble Upon for some time as I found it had a high bounce rate, I wonder how Mix’s would be?
    Thanks for sharing about this one as I no longer use Scoop It since they went premium only. I may give Mix a try!
    Hope you have had a nice weekend Janice.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for writing. Great to see you here.
      Great news: Are you ready? I am using Scoop.It for free! I noticed recently that it said I could only post 50 times for free. As I neared 50, I took down all my posts and started over– for free!
      I agree with you. Mix feels like Flipboard.

  12. JoeHx

    Hopefully Mix will have a lower bounce rate than StumbleUpon, since it’s supposedly less random. It’s interesting that they didn’t really answer your question about submitting our own content, though.

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  14. kevin

    i dont want to curate or save anything. the thing i loved about stumbleupon is it was mindless. set my preferences and click.. and it took me to the places i couldnt even imagine i wanted to go or were there..

    i hate the concept of mix..

    i dont do this on a goddamn phone…

    im an old’ish man.. and stumbleupon helped me INTERNET… i hate them for ending the thing i have loved best about the internet..

  15. Lis

    I HATE Mix! I can’t find anything here! It’s hard to use. I had hundreds of “likes” stored on Stumbleupon, but now can’t find them. Can’t find my list of “interests” either! And Mix doesn’t allow me to select an interest to pursue. It doesn’t allow me to select anything at all! Everything I see is chosen for me. I’m not interested in blogging or moneymaking. I use a laptop, not a phone. I really enjoyed Stumbleupon, especially when I couldn’t sleep. Mix is no fun at all.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lis,
      Thanks for your detailed comments. I, too, enjoyed StumbleUpon, and for many reasons am sad the site closed down.
      Regarding Mix, have you sent your concerns to the support team? They are available in the bottom right of the screen. They generally respond pretty quickly. I feel they are still finding themselves as a content curation site and may better evolve if you share your concerns.

  16. Lis

    I just left a detailed comment about why I hate Mix, but it’s not there. I really HATE this! I even jumped through all the stupid, required hoops to post a comment, but it’s gone.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lis,
      Thanks for commenting. I’ll check to see if I can find your missing comment. I assume your comment is missing from my site and not Mix’s site?
      As far as I go, I haven’t used Mix enough to decide how I feel about it. Time will tell.

  17. Rick Johnson

    Can I at least still just have a button to click to new pages with my favorite interests?

    I don’t need another Pintrest/Instragram…

    I just want to find the amazing untouched world within the internet and let my fellow seekers be my guide…that’s what StumbleUpon did so right.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rick,
      I hear your disappointment that StumbleUpon has folded. I’m disappointed too as it was a tremendous source of traffic for me.
      As far as a button to click to new pages with your favorite interests, you click the magnifying glass to search for interests.
      The people at Mix seem receptive and respond quickly. Go to Mix and in the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see where you can have a dialogue with them. Thanks for writing.

    • Edf01

      I agree. Loved to open StumbleUpon and be presented with interesting sites. Ones I really liked I added to my list. I say, my list because I wanted to be able to find them again. I don’t have any desire to let people know that I liked it.
      It worked easily, looked great and now it is all mixed up.

  18. Gary Jefferies

    Thanks for adding my post to this article Janice. Really appreciate the collaborations and sure looking forward to many more!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gary,
      I look forward to them too! I sent you a few ideas on my lunch break today to your email.

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  20. Pingback: Mostly Blogging
  21. Gimme Serendipity

    I’m currently building a Stumbleupon clone: Gimme Serendipity. Unlike Mix, it automatically takes you to the next item immediately after rating the previous item. So you don’t have to choose, point and click every time. Right now, it only supports images but I hope to allow people to submit, rate, and receive recommendations for websites in the future, just like Stumbleupon. Please check it out in my link.

    • Janice Wald

      I checked out your link and signed up but I have a few questions.
      1. Why am I only asked to rate “random photos?” instead of articles?
      2. I blog about marketing, blogging, SEO, and social media but none of those are on the list.
      Please advise, I’m interested!

      • Gimme Serendipity

        Hi Janice,

        I’m still working on that part right now since I already have an algorithm for classifying and recommending images and I’m slowly planning on building this site into a Stumbleupon clone. One of the biggest bottlenecks going forward is finding a convenient interface for displaying a website in a browser window while also providing an interface to rate the site; I might have to create a browser addon to enable that functionality. Please keep posted if this sounds interesting!

        • Janice Wald

          It definitely sounds interesting! I would like to be able to review your site when it is finished. Please let me know. I will get you exposure.

  22. Everest Nepal

    In Mix I had only be posting some blog links/ Doing this also I get 58 followers. Now I will also save others article and try to build some followers. Thanks for your suggestions.

    • Janice Wald

      That is a great idea. At any social media site, we get out what we put in. Thank you for commenting.

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