Sites Like Quora: How to Make Your Brand and SEO Better With 5 Great Sites in 2023

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sites like Quora

Are you looking for websites like Quora?

The Quora, the famous question and answer site, has both many advantages and disadvantages.

If the disadvantages have become too much to handle, you might want to consider other websites like Quora.

All of these websites like Quora reviewed in this guide are free to use.

Let’s get started discovering new websites like Quora.

Why Do You Need Websites Like Quora?

What are the disadvantages of Quora?

  • Quora users who try to answer questions get called “spammers.”
  • Quora users complain of ads on the site.
  • Generating website traffic can be difficult.
  • The criteria for an acceptable answer is vague.

The criteria for acceptable answers are vague:

We are told we are allowed to leave links in answers to offer supplemental information, but when we do, we often get our answers collapsed on the grounds we violated the “no spam” rule.

Next, generating website traffic can be difficult unless you know a special formula. For instance, if you answer a question with a certain number of follows and answers you might hit Quora gold and generate boatloads of traffic to your site with just one answer. However, discovering and following a ratio can be complicated.

Also, some people get their answer collapsed since the response is too short. How short is “too short?” As can be seen, the criteria are vague.

Clearly, we need more websites like Quora.

What are the advantages of writing at sites like Quora?

Not everyone has a blog or website to showcase their expertise in a content area. Sites like Quora come in handy for the purposes of branding and having a voice to be heard without having the need for your own website.

Also, running your own website takes time to learn SEO and plugins and implement that knowledge. On these sites like Quora, other webmasters do the heavy lifting that search engine optimization, reducing spam, and choosing plugins entail.

Finally, writing away from your blog can be freeing. You are not confined by the demands of your blog content such as word length, images, or replying to comments.

This post offers websites like Quora as alternatives to answering questions at Quora.

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HARO Advantages

Help A Reporter Out is one of the sites like Quora you can use to brand yourself and boost your SEO.

HARO is a free service that matches journalists and publishers. I have used the service for both reasons.

I submit a query and bloggers submit pitches with tips to answer my query. At other times, I use HARO as one of the sites like Quora to answer questions for HARO reporters in hopes of getting published by them. A link from a HARO reporter generally has a high Domain Authority Ranking which could boost the SEO of my blog.

Karan Singh of the SEO Singh Show recommends HARO as a method of link building.

There are also disadvantages to using HARO as one of your sites like Quora.

HARO Disadvantages:

HARO queries reach my inbox at 2 am, 10 am, and 3 pm. Clearly, I’m sleeping at 2:00 am. However, I might want to try pitching during my waking hours.

HARO is competitive among bloggers pitching HARO reporters because sending tips to HARO reporters is a strong link-building method.

HARO queries reach your inbox. You click on the email of the reporter you want to pitch. You answer the question by providing a tip and other requested information.

Reporters from niches such as biotech software and healthcare, business, education, high tech, lifestyle, and finance are represented. There is even a General query section.

More information about HARO can be found here: Help A Reporter Out.

If you are interested, click here to sign up as either a journalist or a source.


Known as the “Front Page of the Internet,” Reddit has subreddits on seemingly all topics. In fact, Reddit has 11,000 subreddits.

Some of these are called AMA’s which are Ask Me Anything subreddits. In these subreddits, users called “Redditors” ask and answer questions.

They might be random questions or you might find specific AMA’s for content niches. For instance, there is a technology AMA.

If you want to answer questions at Reddit, go to the Reddit Ask Me Anything subreddit.

Note: I answer many questions at Reddit in subreddits centered on my content. For instance, I answer questions about SEO, blogging, and Instagram.

If you want to pursue finding an Ask Me Anything subReddit where you can answer questions and use Reddit as one of the sites like Quora, follow these instructions:

Click the Find a Reddit Directory.

Click Ask/ Q & A.

By reading the disclaimer at the top, you can see this is only a fraction of all the places you can go at Reddit to answer questions.

I clicked “Ask an American.” Since I am an American, I figured I would know the answer.

I was asked, “Do Americans really not like hot tea?”

I responded that I love hot tea as do the members of my family.

There were 74 comments there the most recent being answered two hours prior. Make sure you are engaging in an active subreddit.

Can you leave links in your Reddit answers to boost your SEO?

That depends on the rules of the subreddit.

More information about Reddit and Ask Me Anything subreddits can be found here.

Yahoo Answers

Update: Yahoo Answers folded in 2021.

Yahoo Answers launched in 2005 and remains one of the websites like Quora despite the current popularity of going to Quora and Reddit to answer questions.

Today, Yahoo Answers boasts 300 million users (Source).

Users can answer questions online or by using the app.

Here are some of the questions you can expect to find at Yahoo Answers:

Notice: Off to the left, you can find categories of questions. You might be knowledgeable in those content areas and wish to answer questions about those topics. Just click the category that interests you.

Years ago, I tried using Yahoo Answers but soon moved to Quora and websites like Quora such as Reddit.

The reason: To boost my SEO, leaving a relevant link to offer supporting information in my answer is helpful.

However, to leave a link in your response at Yahoo Answers, I had to get promoted to a higher tier. Rather than wait around, I bolted.

If you are interested, here is the link to Yahoo Answers.


websites like Quora

Have you heard of Terkel?

If you are looking for websites like Quora, you might want to consider answering questions at Terkel.

What is Terkel?

Terkel is a question and answer site, one of the websites like Quora, that was recently launched in October of 2020. Terkel is a creation of the Markitors website. Brett Farmiloe is the founder.

Why is Terkel named “Terkel?”

According to Will Mejia, the brand identity specialist, “Studs Terkel and his decades of on-air interviewing working-class Americans served as the main inspiration behind the brand.”

Why was Terkel created?

Apparently, visitors didn’t know if Markitors was a question and answer site. To end this confusion, Markitors started a separate question and question site called “Terkel.”

According to the platform’s press release,

“Everyone has unique insights. Every brand has a community. Terkel is a content creation platform that converts expert insights into high-quality blogs for brands. “

If you are interested in branding, consider answering questions at Terkel. The press release continued. “Terkel identifies who the experts truly are.”

Bloggers, if you are looking for a place to earn recognition as an expert in your niche as well as a platform on which to be published, try Terkel.

How to get started at Terkel:

Go to

Create an account.

Click Profile. You need to answer questions at this stage of signing up to be able to answer questions at Terkel.

Upload a headshot. Fill out the About section. You will be presented with six topics. Select the topics you are knowledgeable about. You can select all the topics or a selected few. Click Update.

At this point, you’ll be presented with questions to answer about your topics of expertise.

It’s true: Some of the questions were opinion-based and therefore extremely easy to answer.


websites like Quora

Look at the last question. One of the questions I received was “What is one thing that you love about your company or business?

When you decide to answer the question, click “Answer.”

websites like Quora Terkel

Your answer must be at least 200 words in length. As soon as you start typing your answer, “Answer should be minimum 200 words” will appear. Once your answer passes 200 words, the notice will disappear.

When you’re done, click “Submit.” The question you chose will be gone from the list.

At no time did I see a way to insert links to relevant posts like at Quora. However, according to the site, “Your answers may be used in articles published on our partner websites, which you can see on your dashboard.” This is how you get links to your website which boosts your SEO.

How long do you need to wait? The tutorial states publishing can take anywhere from a day to a month.

Clearly, no promises are made about you getting your site link published on another blog. However, your Domain Authority rises in part due to having a link profile with unique links. This is an opportunity to build unique links to your site.

If you want to keep tabs on whether your Domain Authority Rank is rising, use the free MozBar.

Since Terkel is such a new site, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

This strategy furthered my link building efforts.


websites like Quora Terkel

My link was published on the blog. Since Markitors has a DA of 47, this boosts my SEO.

Consider this as one of the ways you can brand yourself and boost your SEO using Terkel, one of the websites like Quora.

Quora Spaces

If you don’t want to use these websites like Quora, you can use Quora Spaces.

You will find the same advantages to using Quora Spaces that you’ll find by using Quora.

People go to Quora to gain and share knowledge which you do when you visit Quora Spaces.

Here is a list of Quora Spaces to which I belong:

sites like Quora

Quora Spaces are niche-related. You answer questions in Quora Spaces much the same way you do at the rest of the Quora website.

This Quora user posted a nice testimonial about the value of Quora.


According to the commenter, “[Quora] is so much fun where there are thousands of people to help you with your problem which I don’t get even from my Facebook friends.”

You can have these benefits of Quora when you use Quora Spaces.

You join Spaces in two ways: You can be invited to join or click “Follow” when you find a Quora Space you want to join.

The difference between Quora and Quora Spaces:

Think of Quora Spaces like your blog. You can post your own articles about your Space’s content niche as well as answer Quora commenters‘ questions like you would do on your own blog.

More information about Quora and Quora Spaces can be found here.

Sites Like Quora FAQ

Is there any website like Quora?

Yes. There are many other question-and-answer sites. People answer questions for HARO reporters and at websites like Yahoo Answers, Terkel, and Reddit.

What are some apps like Quora?

You can answer questions in the Reddit Ask Me Anything subreddits and at Yahoo Answers. Therefore, Reddit and Yahoo Answers have similarities with Quora.

What is the best question answer site?

Quora is the most commonly known question answer site. However, the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) subreddits are extremely popular.

Wrapping Up: Sites like Quora

In closing, you don’t have to choose just one of these sites. You can answer questions at many of these websites like Quora.


Advantages of answering questions at sites like Quora:

  • link building
  • branding
  • an opportunity to be heard without running a website
  • a chance to write away from your blog

Readers, please share so bloggers and marketers wishing to boost their brand and boost their SEO learn of these five sites like Quora.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Can you suggest any additional sites like Quora?

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Nice list of resources for helping people Janice. I used HARO for a bit but unless I replied within 1 to 5 minutes, the pitches closed up. Filled up insanely fast. I also found reporters seemed to be hyper clear on the answers received. Still a good spot for helping people and gaining massive exposure.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Ryan,
      Great to see you here today! Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences with HARO.
      You are right. HARO is quite competitive. Being in California is difficult. When HARO goes live for the first time of the day at 2:00 am, I am sleeping. On the other hand, as you said, I have gained quite a bit of exposure by pitching HARO reporters.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. WeShootYou

    Nice list Janice – I love your inclusion of reddit, we’ve found that reddit can generate a lot of traffic if you make the correct post. We’ve done posts about say blog on our website ( and have generate quite a kick.

    Although in the short term the traffic isn’t revenue generating, it gets people sharing your site and helps passively raise awareness and builds social credibility signals with Google.

    • Janice Wald

      I appreciate your perspective. What you stated are definitely advantages of crafting a post even if it doesn’t generate traffic. It can still generate credibility and branding matters.

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