Sites Like Canva: 11 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for All Your Needs

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sites like canva

Are you looking for sites like Canva, the popular graphic design tool?

A blogger expressed concern that the free version of Canva doesn’t hold enough template variety, but she didn’t want to pay for a premium graphic design tool.

Since 65% of all people are visual learners, content creators need images.

Here are some important examples:

  • Bloggers need blog graphics
  • YouTubers need thumbnail covers.
  • Social media marketers need graphic design tools to post content on social media.
  • Video marketers need video templates to edit.

Also, making graphics is a creative strategy that engages consumers. Therefore, using Canva and sites like Canva is a B2C (Business to Consumer) strategy.

Canva has 75 million monthly active users and is worth 1 billion dollars.

There are many dynamic effects you can do with Canva’s graphic design tool.

For instance, you can make cool Canva frames like the frame in the dominant image for this article. You can also use Canva to make social media posts, GIFs, and videos,

You can resize Canva’s graphics for different purposes and different social media sites.

Canva’s paid version allows you to drop the background of the image and apply other powerful special effects.

Is Canva the only game in town?


By reading this post, you discover free and paid sites like Canva.

I have personally used all these websites like Canva and can offer reviews based on my personal experiences.

You will also see examples of what other sites like Canva can produce. In addition, you will find important statistics about other websites like Canva.

Sites like Canva

1. PosterMyWall

Sites like Canva

As the screenshot shows, has a wide variety of templates for every graphic design need.
You can use PosterMyWall to create flyers and email campaigns along with videos and graphics.

PosterMyWall statistics:

The company was founded in 2010 and makes up to 5 million dollars annually. The graphic design website receives 6 million visits per month.

You will find PosterMyWall here.

Here you can also find a PosterMyWall tutorial.

2. Fotor

Fotor also has a large selection of graphic templates for you to modify as needed.

in addition to being a photo editor, you can use Fotor to make collages.

Fotor has been my go-to tool for holiday graphics.

sites like canva

You can send holiday e-cards to your clientele who frequented your business so they remember you during the following year.

In addition, you can use Fotor to make graphic designs and collages.

Fotor Statistics:

Fotor was launched in 2012 with more than 300 million users.

You can access Fotor here.

Let’s look at more sites like Canva.

3. Snapseed

#Photography Snapseed

Look at what you can do with Snapseed’s filters.

sites like Canva

This image demonstrates how to use Snapseed’s blur filter.

Snapseed Statistics: According to Expanded Ramblings, Snapseed has 800 million downloads for Android on Google Play.

You can access Snapseed at Google Play for Android or the iOS App Store.

Let’s look at more sites like Canva.

4. Picsart

sites like canva

Picsart is famous for layers. Adding Picsart layers allows you to make creative graphics like this one. The graphic is perfect for Instagram due to its perfectly square shape.

Picsart statistics:

According to Expanded Ramblings, there are 150 million monthly users.

You will find Picsart here.

5. Instagram

The advantages of Instagram include posting social media content in order to make sales and draw attention to your brand.

However, can you use Instagram to find social media content for your own use?


Once you find social media content you want to use for your own needs, simply click Share and embed the code.

The link to provide attribution will appear along with the Instagram post, so you don’t need to worry about citing source credit.

On Instagram, I searched websites like Canva, the subject of this post. This image populated.

Since this post reviews the sites like Canva that I've used personally, the additional websites listed in this graphic supplement the information in this post.

Instagram statistics:

According to SocialWebPilot, Instagram has 122 billion monthly users.

You can access Instagram here.

6. PicMonkey

sites like canva

PicMonkey is a paid tool. Prices start at $72.00 per year or $7.99 per month.

When asked if paying for PicMonkey was worth it, answered,

"Picmonkey is great for creative projects if you want a web based program. I like the functionality of using the browser or app, sharing a company account, syncing projects with colleagues and more. It offers many simple solutions that make using it quick and easy."

PicMonkey statistics:

The site claims to have 25 million monthly active users.

You can find PicMoney here.

7. Adobe

sites like canva

Adobe is another platform you can use for creative design. Adobe Spark's new name is Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

According to Adobe,

"Spark Video and Spark Page are still available on mobile (iOS). On the web, you can access Spark Video and Spark Page features with Adobe Express. You can create new projects or access existing projects with Spark Video or Spark Page on mobile and continue working on them on the web via Adobe Express and vice versa."

This video was made with Adobe video.

Adobe statistics:

According to Adobe, the platform has been used to make 24 million videos and 195 million images.

You can access Adobe here.

8. Pexels

I use Pexels to download free video clips for my YouTube videos.

After downloading the clips. I splice them together using the Splice app.

You will see examples of Pexels video clips in this video which accompanied my review of the Medium Partner Program.

Pexels statistics:

There are 18 million visits to Pexels per month (Source).

Although I use the Pexels app so I can make videos on my smartphone, you can also access Pexels online here.

9. Snappa

blog topics for beginners

This graphic was used for my post about blog topics for beginners.

When I want sites like Canva but I don't want to use Canva, I use Snappa.

Snappa statistics:

According to 2019 statistics, Snappa has 1,500 paid users (Source).

You can access Snappa here.

10. WordPress

Did you know that WordPress contains a photo editor inside its platform? explains how to use WordPress to edit blog graphics if you are looking for sites like Canva.

WordPress statistics:

According to data, WordPress is credited with creating 810 million websites.

11. YouTube

In order to rank on Google, you should have a variety of media.

That doesn't mean you need all still images.

In fact, your web content will perform better in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) if your web content contains videos.

Here you will find a random YouTube video idea generator if you need ideas for videos.

Sites like Canva: FAQ

What is similar to Canva?

PosterMyWall, Fotor, Snapseed, Picsart, PicMonkey, and Adobe are sites like Canva.

Wrapping Up: Sites like Canva

In closing, by reading this post, you discovered 11 sites like Canva along with examples of what those graphic design tools can make and statistics showing the popularity of the sites.

Readers, please share so bloggers and social media marketers discover sites like Canva.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Do you know more sites like Canva you can recommend?

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