How to Use SERPRobot (and 16 Free Google Position Tools in 2024)

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How to use Google position tools including SERPRobot to rank higher.

Have you heard of SERPRobot, an online SERP checker?

If you are looking for the best free SERP checker, you are in the right place.

Why would you need a Search Engine Results Page robot?

You also need a Google SEO checker to check on your blog posts.

Like a child, you need to nurture your blog posts until maturation.

In this case, “maturation” means getting to Page 1 of Google‘s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

You can’t help your posts get to Page 1 of Google until you know which posts need your help.

This is why you need SERPRobot and other Google position tools.

After reading this post, you will be able to decide which is the best SERP checker for you.

Bring on the best SERP tracker tools.

What are the Google Position Tools?






Keyword Rank Checker


Google Position Checker

Small SEO Tools

It gets better. All the Google positioning tools described in this post are free.

Make sure you stay until the end of the post where Google Search Console, a tenth Google position tool, is reviewed.

This post answers these questions:

How do I find my SERP Ranking?

What are SERP Results?

How do you do a SERP Analysis?

Are you ready? Let’s take a deep dive and learn about SEO ranking checkers so you can improve your Google ranking.

What is a Google Positioning Tool?

A Google positioning tool is a tool used to detect the position of a website or URL in the search engines.

You composed your published content around certain keywords. These tools enable you to see your rankings for those keywords.

The tools check the position of your post in the SERPS by checking the location of your post for a certain keyword. For that reason, they are also called “Keyword Position Checkers.”

Since they show you your posts’ positions in search engines, they are also called “Web Positioning Tools.”

Once you are finished writing a post using your target keywords, your next task is to keep track of its rankings in the SERPs.

There are several important reasons you need to do this.

First, you can continue to build backlinks with anchor text. You need SERPRobot and these additional tools so you know which posts to build backlinks to.

Next, if you have outdated information or if new information becomes available since you published, you want to update the information. In your meta description add “The current year + Update.”

Once you update your posts, you can tell Google to recrawl the post to expedite its rise in the SERPs.

Also, your older posts may have broken links. Replacing those links will boost your ranking in the SERPS. Broken links make people leave your site which hurts your SEO.

In addition, aren’t you curious? You work hard to compose your articles. You should know the results of your efforts by checking your articles’ standings in the search engine results pages.

Finally, you can repeat your successes. If you know Google consistently pushes your posts higher in the SERPs for a certain content category in your niche, consider publishing more content on that topic. Clearly, Google believes you’re knowledgeable about that topic and shows your posts to its users.

9 Google Position Tools to Help You Rank Higher

Let’s start with SERPRobot, my “go-to” tool for checking keyword changes.


10241026Photo by Alex Knight on

Let’s start with a SERPRobot review.

What is SERPRobot?

Update: August 2023

SERPRobot is a powerful SEO tool that helps you track your website’s search engine ranking positions for specific keywords over time, giving you valuable insights into your online visibility and performance. With its user-friendly interface and accurate tracking capabilities, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to improve their SEO strategy and climb the Google search result ladder.

This Google position checker tool has rapidly become my favorite.

I asked marketers on Instagram using the hashtag #marketingdigital if they heard of SERPRobot.


No one that responded heard of this incredible tool.

What is SERPRobot?


You use SERPRobot to check positions in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages, also called the “SERPs,” hence the name “SERPRobot.”

Do you ever wonder if your posts rank on Google? SERPRobot will tell you. If you rank, SERPRobot will also tell you in which position. You can check up to 5 keywords at a time. Want to check more? No problem! This amazing tool is free without a maximum amount of queries.

Although SERPRobot charges for certain features of the tool, the SERPRobot keyword Google position tool is free.

How to use SERPRobot to check your Google rankings

You better use this amazing tool soon. SERPRobot is still in beta. Whether there will be a charge for use in the future is anybody’s guess.

SERPBot and SERPRobot Pricing

UPDATE March 2021: SERPRobot is still a free Google position checker.

However, SERPRobot does have a pricing plan. You can pay to hire a SERPBot.

Pricing starts at $9.99 per bot per month, but you can try the bot for 14 days free of charge during a trial period.

Other SERPBot Tools

SERPRobot is not the only SEO tool with a SERPBot. For instance, SEO Empire uses a search bot to send you traffic. SEO Empire offers a free trial period and then becomes a paid tool.

How to Use SERPRobot

Go to

Click Free SERP Check.

Choose your region.

Type in your blog URL. Note: You do not need to type in the HTTP or the HTTPS.

Type in your keywords you want to see if you ranked on Google for or the URL of your competitor whose rankings you’d like to check.

Click “I am not a robot.”

Click “Check SERP now.”

I was curious to see if my post about Instasize video ranked since the post continues to generate traffic, so I put the keyword Instasize video (which was my focus keyword for the post) into SERPRobot.


How to use SERPRobot to check your Google rankings

The tool told me my post is in Position 6 on Google’s SERPs. This is not only in Google’s Top 10 for the keyword, but I now know my post is on Page 1.

Why this matters:

I have a backlink strategy. When I want to backlink to my posts from sites with high DAs, I need to choose my links.

Which link to publish off my blog is an important decision. A link from a site with a high DA could boost my Google rankings.

I could choose the link to my Instasize video in order to try to keep it on Page 1. On the other hand, I might opt for a link that’s on Page 2 of Google in order to try to boost it to Page 1.


Update: In February of 2020, I checked to see the Google position of 5 keywords. I needed to see if any of them were on Page 1 of Google’s SERPs so I could know if I should use them as internal links in case they needed a boost.

Happily, they were all on Page 1 of the SERPs. Thank you, SERPRobot!

Update: April 2020

After the publication of this post, I have continued to happily use SERPRobot. I’ve turned fellow bloggers onto SERPRobot at Quora and at GrowthHackers.

I now realize it doesn’t matter if you’re checking 1 keywords position or 5 keyword positions. SERPRobot checks your positions in the SERPs with the same lightening speed.

UPDATE: I’ve been using Ahrefs as my Google Position Tool for six months. If I didn’t use Ahrefs, SERPRobot would still be my first choice for a Google position too.


UPDATE August 2020: Hubshout rebranded as Semify.

Go to .

Type in your URL.

You will see posts you rank for on the left and your Top 5 keywords sending traffic to your site on the right.


SERPRobot Hubshout

Click See Full Keyword Analysis to see more of your keyword rankings.

Note: Hubshout does not show you real-time metrics.

For more information about Hubshout, see this Hubshout review.


SERPChecker is a tool by Mangools.

Go to .

Type in your domain and click Start Tracking.

Choose your platform and type in the keywords you want to track.

In order to see if you rank for a keyword, type in the keyword. You can type many keywords at one time.

Click Start Tracking.

Give the tool up to half an hour to report your results.

SERPWatcher SERPRobot and more Google Positioning Tools

Since I’m not terribly active on SERPWatcher, I only tracked two keywords. Both fell in the rankings since I started using the tool. This explains why nothing is listed under “Top gainers.”

I do plan on using this helpful tool more in the future and recently started tracking 5 more keywords.

See this Mostly Blogging review of 5 of Mangools SEO tools.


Go to

Type your blog’s name at the top where it says “Enter a competitor.”

Scroll down to see keywords you rank for.


How to use SERPRobot and SpyFu

According to SpyFu, these are 5 of the keywords I rank for.

More information about SpyFu can be found in this SpyFu review.



My blog posts rank for many keywords!

If you click Keywords, you’ll get a list of the top keywords people use to find your site each month. Also, you’ll find your position in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages for those terms.

More information about Ubersuggest and a tutorial can be found in this Ubersuggest review.

Related Reading: In early 2020, Ubersuggest started charging $10 a month to use the tool which used to be free. Here are free Ubersuggest alternatives.

Keyword Rank Checker

Go to

Type in the name of the keyword you want to check.

Then, enter the name of your blog where requested.

Select Google or Yahoo.

Select Device, desktop or mobile, and Click Go.

Click Keyword Research Tool.

You end up at this link: Keyword Rank Checker where you can download a free tool to check your rankings.


Go to

Where it says “All Reports,” type in your blog URL.

Scroll down to see your keyword rankings.

SERPRobot and Google Keyword Position Tools

More information about SEMRush can be found in this tutorial about how you can use SEMrush to spy on your competitors.

Google Keyword Position Checker

10241024Photo by Caio on

Google Keyword Position Checker is Moonsy’s tool.

Previously, Moonsy had concerns over keyword rank checker abuses, so starting in January 2019, Moonsy limits the use of this website positioning tool.

The limitations are as follows: In order to be able to use the tool for free, you need to publish a review of Google Keyword Position Checker or link to the site.

Go to

Type in your keyword you’re checking your ranking for and your domain.

Click Add Your Own Domain.

If you want to conduct competitor analysis, click “Add Competitor Domain.”

SEO Rank Checker

Have you heard of this Small SEO Tools keyword position tool?

Small SEO Tools is also a free Google position checker tool.

SEO Rank Checker is a tool by Small SEO Tools.

Go to

Type in your blog’s name and up to 10 keywords you want to check your positions for. Enter the keywords one per line.

Decide if you want to check the position for desktop or mobile. Click Check Position.

You see some impressive special effects while you’re waiting for the tool to start “thinking.”

These were my results for the 5 keywords I entered.

If the results are disappointing, there are steps you can take to improve your rankings in Google’s SERPs.

How to Boost Your Google Position

Photo by Pixabay on

What’s the next step?

What if you don’t like the results of the Google position tools?

What if SERPRobot and the other Google Position Tools show you disappointing results?

There are several actions you can take to improve your post’s standing in the SERPS:

Update your post with new information.

Redo your keyword research and add a new tag to the post.

Promote the post even if you already shared it immediately after publication.


May 2021 Update


Realizing there are many Google Position Tools in this post, I turned the information into a word cloud so you can see what information is most important in addition to the SERPRobot rank checking tool.

March 2021


Like SERPRobot and these SERPRobot alternatives, SERPLab is a powerful keyword position checker.

How does SERPLab Work?

SERPLab is cloud-based software. No installation is required. Bots check your keyword positions for you.

SERPLab Pricing

When you sign up for SERPLab, you get one bot keyword checker for free.

December 2020


This is an all-purpose tool with many functions in addition to being a Google position tool checker for keywords.

SEOProfiler has a free account. Pricing starts at $69.95.

November 2020

True Ranker

I discovered True Ranker, a Google Position Tools Checker when someone recommended the tool in the SEO Reddit subReddit.

In the same subReddit, someone recommended SE Ranking which is SEMrush’s tool. Research and the comments of the Redditor revealed SE Ranking isn’t free.

October 2020

Update 1

WordPress Dashboard

I discovered another SERPChecker I couldn’t wait to tell you about.



As you can see, WordPress doesn’t show you all the terms people use to find your blog. However, there are six shown to me under “Search Engine Terms” at the bottom of the stats screen.

Go into these posts and insert these keywords preferably at the start of the post. They are already bringing up your blog at Google. Putting them in the introduction can give your post a little push up the SERPs.

Update 2

I discovered Reddit, the information forum, has a search function.

Why is this important?

Over the weekend, when research SERPRobot and other SERP Checker tools, I read people recommended the following: SEMRush, Moz, and Ubersuggest.

If you need more SERP Checkers in addition to SERPRobot and the others mentioned here, the Reddit Search Engine is a valuable resource.

September 2020

Here is another SERP checker for you. In addition to SERPRobot and the other tools mentioned here, you can use What’s MY SERP. The tools is a Google SERP and Google Rank Checker.

July 2020


You can use Ahrefs to see where your keywords stand.


SERPRobot Google Position Tools Ahrefs

In this screenshot, Ahrefs shows me four keywords for which I rank in Positions 1-4 in the SERPs.

Ahrefs shows you the Movement of your keywords and the dates they moved up or down in the SERPs.

Ahrefs pricing starts at $99.00 a month.

Subsequent to publication, a reader wrote to ask if I advise putting videos in blog posts.

This was my response:

“Sometimes, if I see the post ranked on Page 2, in order to boost it to Page 1, I’ll put in a video.”

Use these tools to know if your posts need boosting from Page 2 to Page 1 of Google’s SERPs. Putting in a video is one way of trying to give your posts that nudge. These tools tell you if you need to go that extra distance.

A Quora user provided a strong testimonial to the power of Ahrefs tools:

“Ahrefs has the largest database of backlinks on the market so, whether you’re working on finding link building opportunities, conducting a backlink profile analysis, or a competitor´s analysis, Ahrefs it´s my go-to tool for this.”

Update October 2020: Ahrefs is giving away free webmaster tools. However, Ahrefs is not giving their Rank Tracker for free.

I use Ahrefs Rank Tracker to check my keyword positions. Since I pay for Ahrefs Rank Tracker, I have stopped using SERPRobot.

Ahrefs shows me the changing positions of my keywords each day. I am also notified when Google ranks my new keywords, the volume, and their positions.

Ahrefs sends these notifications to my email. Therefore, I’m notified in my email and at the Ahrefs website.

Ahrefs is different from other Google Position Tools like SERPRobot. For instance, Ahrefs shows you exactly what content other sites are adding to their posts that you aren’t adding to your posts. This enables you to add that content to be more competitive in the SERPs.

June 2020

Google Search Console

Google Search Console functions as a SERPRobot alternative.


SERPRobot alternatives

If you look in the Position column on the far right, you see SERPRobot functions as your keyword position checker.

How to use Google Search Console as your Google Position Checker:

Go to Google Search Console.

Click Average Position at the top of the screen. You’ll see the positions where your keywords fall.

I just discovered this exciting feature of Google Search Console.

May 2020

I plugged my keyword “Blogger Tricks” into SERPRobot. The tool inaccurately reported my post was not in Google’s Top 100. Yet, when I typed “blogger tricks” into Google’s search engine, I saw my post on Page of the Search Engine Results Pages in the Featured Snippet box.

I am assuming SERPRobot can not detect your post in Google’s SERPs if it appears in the Featured Snippets box. This is considered Position 0. SERPRobot detects posts between Positions 1 and 100.


SERPRobot: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out where I rank on Google?

Use a Google keyword position checker. enables you to check five keywords at one time for free. I also recommend Ubersuggest and Google Search Console although there are many Google position tools.

How do I find out my SERP Ranking?

That depends on the tool. For instance, when you go to Ubersuggest, you enter your website’s URL, and Ubersuggest tells you what keywords you rank for and in what positions. On the other hand, when you use SERPRobot, you enter your keywords, and SERPRobot will tell you where your keywords fall in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

How do you do a SERP Analysis?

I recommend When your plug in your URL, Spyfu tells you which of your keywords moved up, moved down, and just started ranking. When I see a keyword fell, I immediately update the post with that keyword. I recommend you do the same. Google likes fresh content, and it may result in the boost your posts needs.

What are SERP Results?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages. The goal of a search engine marketer is to boost their website contents’ standings in the SERPs. The closer to Page 1, Position 1, the more visibility website content gets. Today, there is even a Position 0 which means you get featured in Google’s Featured Snippet Box at the top of Page 1 for your keyword term.

How accurate is SERPRobot?

Although I never compared the results to another tool, I never had reason to doubt the accuracy of SERPRobot. In my experience, I felt the results were accurate.

What is the SERPRobot website? Is it related to SEO or Google Ranking?

SERPRobot is a free keyword checker which makes it an SEO tool. SERPRobot is used to check your Google Rankings. When I see my rank falls, I update my post to get it to go higher in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

Wrapping Up: SERPRobot and other Google Position Tools

In closing, these tools are used to find Google position and not positions of your keywords in other search engines.

Also, the tools can also be used as Google Page Position Checker tools. In other words, you can use these to check your static pages in the SERPs in addition to your posts.

Now you have 9 new Google position check tools.

As a result of using these tools, you know which keywords to focus on and how.

You can track the keywords bringing you traffic, and there’s another hack as well.

These tools often enable you to conduct a competitive analysis in addition to functioning to check your Google positions.

There may be other paid tools that give you the same information, but SERPRobot and these other website positioning tools are free.

Which Google position check tool will you use first?

Readers, please share so bloggers discover SERPRobot and these other Google Position tools.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Did I forget any Google position finder tools? Are there any other free Google Position tools you can recommend? Do you have experience with SERPRobot or these other Google Position tools?

  1. Nikola Roza

    Super post Janice. I love SerpRobot a lot and I’ve used it havily in the past. It’s really accurate.
    But I stopped because I became addicted to it.
    I’d check my rankings every 5m or so.
    Still, when in true need- it’s a great tool to have. And free too which is always a +.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nikola,
      I’d say that is addicting! That’s kind of funny! Thanks for writing to tell me and for the testimonial that SERPRobot is a helpful tool!

  2. Bella X

    I use whatsmyserp to check position of keywords for my website. It gives me how my website is ranking on daily basis. This is a useful tool but I have to enter all keywords to set it up.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bella,
      I didn’t know about WhatsMySERP. Thanks for writing to tell us about it. I brought the link so others can check it out.
      SERPRobot, Hubshout, and these others don’t take time at all. There’s no set up. Is WhatsMySERP time-consuming to use?


    Hi Janice,
    Great to be here again the read yet another wonderful read.
    Good to know about SERPRobot, will check and use it. Some of the other tools mentioned here I am already using it.

    The other options you mentioned take to improve our post’s standing in the SERPS like updating there existing posts with lot of current information is worth doing.

    Of course the ultimate one is the promotion, unless we do this who else will? This is the question always I ask myself।
    Though we already promoted it, there is nothing wrong in doing it again!
    Yes, in my opinion, yes, we should do it shamelessly!! 🙂 Many may not agree with me in this strategy. Would like the know your views Janice.
    Have a great day.
    ~ Phil

    Promote the post even if you already shared after publication.

  4. Richard

    Nice list! I’ve used SerpRobot before and do still on occasions for quick checks due to it’s speed.

    Ubersuggest too is a really handy tool for researching keywords and volumes along with SerpStat as there is sometimes a difference in opinion on volumes 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks for writing. I agree Ubersuggest is valuable as well as SERPRobot. I don’t use SERPStat. Is it free?
      I often use KWFinder and agree, metrics vary between tools.

  5. bernot uwt

    Thanks for sharing the information. I use SERPRobot tool for checking my ranking.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bernot,
      It seems SERPRobot is more popular than I originally thought! Thanks for writing to let me know you like it.

  6. Camillekey

    Thanks for your ideas. I will definitely use your strategy. I am just a beginner that`s why im really relying and looking forward to this kind of blogs. Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Camillekey,
      All these tools are helpful. Which will you try first?
      J. Wald

    • Janice Wald

      I don’t remember needing a key. I put the keywords in the five spaces at the website.

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