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5 SEO tips for intermediate bloggers

5 SEO Tips for Intermediate Bloggers

Rogier Giersthove

There is an abundance of guides and SEO tips for beginners when it comes to blogging but the bloggers that actually have it the hardest, in my opinion, are the intermediate bloggers.

Most of the standard SEO advice is not going to help them. This is why I decided to come up with 5 SEO tips for intermediate bloggers that’ll help you move forward.

What is an Intermediate Blogger?

An intermediate blogger is someone that knows the X and O’s of blogging. They already have a lot of posts on their blogs.

They know the best practices of blogging such as:

  • Creating quality content that people want to read
  • Optimizing their content for search engines

They might rank 10th for a few of their posts but they haven’t done all the things needed to get enough traffic to their blog. They may want to outsource, but their income isn’t high enough to afford high SEO pricing of professional companies.

Let’s look at how they can take the next step. 

1. Optimize your old blog posts with your new knowledge

Nobody starts off as an amazing content creator. Go back to your old posts and update them with your new-found knowledge.

Keep in mind 5 factors when doing this.

Updating just these factors can make a huge difference when it comes to how high your content is ranked:

  • Title of your posts
    Your title will attract people to your content. Make sure it’s attractive by making it benefit-driven.
  • Meta-description
    Your description in the search engine result page can back up the title making it more attractive for users to click on.
  • Visuals
    Adding visuals (videos, pictures, infographics) will increase the quality of your content.
  • Content structure
    Create a structure that makes it easy for readers to get the answers they’re looking for.
  • External sources of information
    The more credible the sources, the better your content will do in search engines.

2. Create content around unintended ranking keywords

You’re already ranking for multiple unintended keywords in your content. What would happen if you optimize your content around those keywords? A lot of good I can tell you that.

  • Use Google Search Console to find keywords you are ranking for but didn’t target in your original content.
  • Create new pages targeting this content.
  • Link in the original content to your new content so search engines can find it easier.

You might get a lot of impressions for these keywords that could be changed into content that can make money if you’d just pinpoint them and make a few adjustments.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your traffic would increase by 20% just by taking advantage of these ranking opportunities.

Link building is one of the most effective ways to get your content to rank higher. Check out this graph from Backlinko which shows the correlation between the position of websites in Google and the number of links they have.

5 SEO tips for intermediate bloggers

When you’re just starting out, it’s hard to build links. You don’t have any credibility and often don’t have any skill when it comes to creating high-quality content. 

It’s hard to provide other websites with the value needed for them to link to your website when you’re at this stage. 

The moment you become an intermediate blogger you probably still won’t have the credibility but you do have enough skill to provide value.

You can provide value by:

  • Guest blogging 
  • Creating blogging beginner guides that you can offer blogs that don’t have these on their resource page
  • Creating your own newbie case studies
  • Testimonials

Try it out!

4. Try out different formats

Social shares can do a lot for your rankings. Now that you’re an intermediate blogger and you have created a lot of blog posts when you go on YouTube, for example, you link to these posts and direct people to them.


You might have a post called “10 Steps to gaining 750 extra monthly page clicks in 3 weeks”.

Create a YouTube video that contains the first 6 steps and redirect YouTube viewers to your blog post where they find the final 4 steps.

Encourage people who have seen your content to share it on social media. This way you’ll get more eyes on your content. If suddenly more people are clicking on your content search engines are going to notice this.

5. Start looking at what you need to do to increase your domain authority

DA is a rating created by MOZ to calculate how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. There are multiple factors that decide what the rating for your website is.

While backlinks are one of them, there are other factors. Begin focusing on these factors to increase your domain authority.

This means focusing on: 

  • Building a brand around your website
  • Make sure your technical SEO is good
  • Getting rid of low quality and spammy links
  • As I said before, focus on your presence on social media
  • Start creating long-form guides for your audience

Wrapping Up: SEO Tips

These are my 5 SEO tips for Intermediate bloggers to get to the next level and start making a full-time living with blogging.

Author Bio:

Rogier Giersthove is the founder of the website Real Digital Success a website that helps people with website marketing, online conversion, and online entrepreneurship by giving tips, hacks, and product recommendations.


How can I improve my SEO in 2019?

Make sure you do your keyword research to find a focus keyword or keyword phrase and optimize your posts with your focus keyword.

How can I do SEO myself?

Yes! Absolutely! You don’t need to outsource. Follow the 5 tips in this post regarding optimization, content creation, link building, and boosting your DA.

What are the 3 most important things that make SEO better?

Optimization, content creation around focus keywords you can compete for online readership with, and link building.

What are the most important SEO techniques?

Keyword research, optimization, and link building.

Readers, please share so bloggers learn these important SEO tips.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Which of Rogier’s SEO tips do you consider the most valuable? Do you have any SEO tips you would add to his tips?

  1. Shaheen Raza

    Such a wonderful post. Really helpful. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and I know that these points are very essential for everyone who writes the blogs.

    • Rogier Giersthove

      Thnx Shaheen! Yes, a lof people underestimate the power of these simple steps.

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    When you are an intermediate blogger, be careful of deciding to delete your old website on a whim. I did that a few days ago,am regretting it now!

  3. Bella X

    Yes great 5 tips for SEO. Before I started my link building my DA was very low but after 6 months DA has gone up.

    • Rogier Giersthove

      Good to hear!! Just remember backlinks aren’t the only thing that influences DA. CTR, Visuals, consistent comments, internal linking, and testimonials also can increase your DA. A website I’m working on went up by 3 points just by adding visuals in the widgets of my blog page.

  4. King Crescent

    Such a wonderful post, some marketers underestimate the power of these simple steps. If we implement these steps it will surely increase our DA.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi King,
      Thanks for writing to us. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and feel it has value for marketers.

  5. Dmitriy

    Thanks for your tips. I recently created a blog and read a lot of information from different sources, but I didn’t see tips about optimize old posts. This will be very useful for my blogging.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dmitriy,
      Google loves updated posts. I agree this is an important tip. Thanks for writing to tell us we exposed you to a new blogging tip.

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