5 SEO Tips for Beginners: How to Grow Your Blog Leveraging SEO

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Do you visit Quora.com, the question and answer site?


Most of the questions I answer there ask for basic SEO strategies.


Many bloggers avoid optimizing for SEO believing SEO is too complex for them to master.


Guest author and SEO expert Nirmala Santhakumar offers SEO tips for beginners.


Nirmala’s post offers an SEO tutorial for beginners step by step. She makes SEO easy to understand through her use of screenshots.


You can grow your blog using SEO if you follow her basic SEO strategies and proven tips.

How to Grow Your Blog Leveraging SEO in 2018

by Nirmala Santhakumar

Who else wants to build a profitable blog leveraging SEO in 2018 and beyond?


Hands down!


Every online marketer and publisher wants to make use of SEO for more traffic, links, and sales.


If you’re struggling to increase your targeted traffic, you’re most probably completely ignoring SEO.


So here’s an exclusive post for you where you’ll discover 5 of the most important SEO tips to grow your blog leveraging SEO.


Let’s jump into the details.


5 Most Important SEO Tips for 2018 To Get Blogging Success

1. Your SEO Success Starts With Proper Keyword Research


If you want to build a high traffic website, I’ve quick tips for you!


  • Do Keyword Research


Finding the RIGHT keywords and ranking for them on the first page results is the sure-fire way to get hundreds (if not thousands) of visitors to your site from search engines like Google. Literally, keyword research can make or break your website’s success.


But I also know that keyword research is NOT easy especially when you’re new to SEO. So here are few quick tips for you to find rankable keywords that will help you boost your search engine traffic and website sales.


  •  Use The Right Tools To Find Out Long Tail Keywords


While doing keyword research for SEO, always aim for long tail keywords (ex: “blogging tips for e-commerce sites” is a 5-word long tail keyword) instead of finding short/medium keywords like “blogging tips, best blog tips.”


The long tail keywords are more comfortable to rank for and they often have less competition when compared to short and medium tail keywords.


You can use the free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, LSI Graph, or Ubersuggest and the best premium keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro Platinum, Keyword Revealer or KWFinder for finding great long tail keywords.


  • Keep An Eye On Your Competitors


Find out how much traffic they are driving to their sites and what keywords are sending them the most visitors from search engines. That way you can use those keywords within your future blog content to start generating similar traffic to your site as well. You can use paid tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs for finding competitors best performing keywords easily.


Have a look at the image!


I’m using Ahrefs; it’s an excellent keyword research tool!


Give your competitor URL > Top Pages > Look at the Traffic, Top Keyword, Volume, and Position.

5 beginner SEO Tips


  •  Target Low – Medium Keywords With Less Competition


When doing keyword research, always remember to target keywords with the average monthly search volume between 300 to 1500 searches so you can only focus those keywords with less competition.

2. Long Content Is The SEO Kingmaker


Once you’re done with the keyword research part, it’s time for you to start creating high-quality content.


Yes! Quality content is the king. But it’s not just any generic content but long piece of writing which has 1500+ or even more words in it. In-depth content always ranks well and attracts more social shares from your audience.


Have a look at the following example to see why the long form of content is the king.

5 beginner SEO Tips

As you can see from the above image, you’ll notice that the average word count for the top 5 positions in search engines is above 2000+ words. That being said, here are the few proven tips to create the long form of content efficiently.


  • Think Like An Expert


Before you even think about your next post idea, feel like an expert in your niche. If you analyze all the high traffic websites in any industry, you’ll understand that they all create extremely detailed and highly useful content for their audience.


That’s what you should do too, and you’ll only create the comprehensive content when you start thinking like an expert in your field.


  • Do Your Homework


Researching is the most important thing if you want to craft high-quality, detailed content. Analyze the top blogs in your industry and take notes about how they’re writing their articles and do a quick search on Google for the keywords you want to rank for.


All this prior homework before you even begin writing can help you immensely craft your posts better.


  •  Start Small, Finish Big

If you’re aiming to write 2000+ word posts, start with writing 1000 words a day and scale up from there. That’s how you get into the habit of writing quality content. Don’t aim to write 3000 words a day when you’re just starting out.


That’s the sure-fire way to fail, so start small and finish big.

3. Link Building Is The KEY To More Search Traffic


Building backlinks is an integral part of SEO success. If you want to leverage your blog with SEO, start building relevant backlinks.


Did you know that Google considers backlinks as votes and rewards the web pages with more number of quality and relevant backlinks?


Yes, that’s true. Backlinks are considered as the #1 ranking factors by Google algorithms.


So how do you attract high-quality backlinks from other sites to boost your search traffic, backlink profile and brand authority?


Follow these tips!


  • Guest Blogging


Write and submit high-quality guest posts on other sites that are relevant to your blog topics. You don’t have to aim for the most prominent blogs in your industry when you’re just starting out. Build confidence and momentum by contributing to small yet informative blogs first.


Once you get the momentum, start pitching better blogs (you can also consider domain authority level while pitching) to attract high quality and relevant links to your site.


  • Avoid Toxic Backlinks


These links are usually from disreputable blogging forums, blog directories, buying links from Fiverr, etc. If someone sells you 100 backlinks for just $5, stay away or else your site will be penalized in Google search results.


I would suggest you follow only the white-hat link building strategies.


  • Get Contextual Backlinks


The best way to attract natural backlinks from other sources is to write highly informative and useful content. Creating a link-worthy article with lots of practical advice, compelling headlines and techniques can get more links than any other link building strategy.


I’m sure that it will help you to stay authority to the eyes of Google and other search engines so that you can survive on the Blogosphere for many years.  

4. Optimize, optimize, optimize!


SEO is all about optimization. The more you optimize your blog’s content, speed, and performance – the better results you’ll get. Here are some ways to optimize your website for SEO success.



This plugin is a blessing for WordPress users. It’s used by over a million people worldwide to optimize their content for specific keywords.


Even if you’re new to SEO, you’ll find it easy to use this plugin for optimization of your content. Try it! You’ll never ignore this WordPress SEO, and it’s completely free.


  • Edit Your Old Posts


Make it a habit of updating your old posts frequently. Yup! One of the quickest ways to get more search traffic to your site is to update your old blog posts with new information, images, and links.


Also, make sure to start building links to your best performing old content to boost their search rankings and get first page results for a variety of keywords.

 Perform Speed Optimization


Site speed matters A LOT, and yes, it is one of the Google Ranking factors. Optimize your website speed at any cost. Did you know that 80% of your users will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Yes, that’s what most surveys say.


Go to Pingdom tools or GTMetrix and find out how fast your site is loading and also follow the suggestions mentioned on their website to improve your site loading times and performance.

5. It Takes Time


Most bloggers quit blogging even before they start. Do you know why? They always want more significant results such as traffic, sales, and conversions, really quickly.


You can grow a profitable blog from scratch by leveraging SEO only if you remember the fact that blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes several months (a minimum of 8 to 10 months) to start generating a decent amount of traffic from search engines to your site.


So don’t get frustrated when you’re struggling with traffic and results. Just be consistent, focus on yearly goals and always learn from your competitors. That’s how you can succeed!


  •  Get Access To The RIGHT Tools and Plugins


Make sure to invest in the right SEO tools if you want to grow your blog leveraging SEO. There are few premium tools such as Ahrefs, Long Tail Pro, MyThemeShop, and WPRocket which are absolutely worth the money.


But before paying for any premium tool, make sure to give a trial version to find out all the features and to know whether it’s worth for your website needs or not.


  •  Focus On Improving User Experience


How the user behaves on your page? – It is the new SEO. Yes! It would be better to reduce the bounce rate & dwell time of your site.


Get a fastest hosting service for your WordPress site so the server response time will be great. Also, get a pleasing design that could attract the attention of your readers. You may have a look at the MyThemeShop or GeneratePress themes as they both are well-players in the industry.


  • Stay Active on Social Media


Social signals are also a part of SEO. Make use of the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Reddit. You may also take part in the blogging communities like Bizsugar, Growthhackers, and Inbound.org to boost your web presence.


Thus, the search engines would consider your blog as an authority and blesses with high SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Final Thoughts About Growing Your Blog By Leveraging SEO


As I said above, SEO does not work the way we want! It is not easy and it takes time to notice the results. That’s why focusing on long-term results always works like a charm.


If you want to grow your blog’s traffic and sales, make sure to focus on SEO because it always works. I hope you have learned the tactics of raising your blog by using SEO.


So what do you think about the essential SEO tips mentioned above? Did you like them? Do you know any other techniques to grow a blog leveraging search engine optimization? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Author Bio: Nirmala is a dedicated blogger, WordPress enthusiast who blogs at WPGlossy.com. Writing is her passion and helping others is her best quality. Apart from being online, she would like to do YOGA to improve her focus. You may connect with her on FaceBook.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

As you can see, you can easily follow Nirmala’s SEO tutorial for beginners step by step.

Readers, please share Nirmala’s SEO tips for beginners. This way other bloggers can read Nirmala’s basic SEO strategy.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Are there any additional SEO tips for beginners you would recommend?



    Thank you, for sharing this information, it’s very informative for me. I got new tips for SEO from this post.

    • Nirmala

      Hi Ali,

      You’re welcome. I’m really glad about sharing my SEO knowledge with the budding bloggers. Great, you have learned something new from my guest post.

  2. Paul Towers

    Great post! What are your thoughts on the recent news that more traffic comes from search engines again as opposed to social media?

    With the constant algorithm changes and shift in audiences across various platforms do you still feel social is as important as it was? Especially if you only have a small audience to start with.

    I would be interested in your thoughts

    • Nirmala

      Hi Paul,

      I don’t think that the search engine would act against the social media! Where have you read about this? Can you please share the resource?

      I feel that the limited use of social media is a good SEO and we should earn the social signals genuinely.

    • Moss Clement

      Hi Paul,

      That fact is that organic traffic comes from search engine, this does not mean that social media is dead or not relevant anymore. In fact, last week about 65℅ of my traffic came from across social media with Facebook taking the lead.

      So, social media is still very important and will continue to be, because it is on social media that you connect with your target audience. They read your feed and share your content as well.

      To make social media work for you, try to identify where your audience are, which platforms are they using most and share your content there. Be sure to share quality – that’s the way to go.

      If you have more questions, you know how to find me.

      Thank you!

      • Nirmala

        Thanks for the explanation on my behalf, Moss. I completely agree with your viewpoint.

  3. Dianne Dixon

    This post is a reminder that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. I start with research and build from there because that’s the only way to do it. Great job!

    • Nirmala

      Great, you begin with the research Dianne, thanks for checking my guest post details. I’m delighted with your kind words 🙂

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Nirmala,

    Great to see you here my friend. Amazing how simple guest posting, publishing content to my blog regularly and also doing some helpful stuff on Warrior got me to Page 2 for a “blogging” search on Google. Even if it is just for me – since I visit my blog so frequently – I am in awe of the fact, because honestly, I did such little onsite stuff SEO-wise. Of course I felt a teeny nudge to do more onsite stuff when seeing the results from doubling down on offsite SEO stuff.

    Fab post!


    • Nirmala

      Hi dear Ryan,

      I was excited when reading your comment, thanks 🙂

      It’s amazing that you rock on Google top page for blogging related search, keep up your good work.

      Focusing on on-page SEO is essential and yes, you are doing it perfectly!

      Thanks for your appreciation, means a lot 🙂

  5. Dexter Roona

    I have been talking about how long-form posts rank above those that are shorter. Of course, not every subject can take such a long article though.

    • Nirmala

      I agree with your viewpoint Dexter! Yes, it is unlikely to stretch the length of every blog post. However, we should try to craft the content better than our competitors. Thanks for finding time to read my guest post, keep coming!

  6. Ramit


    At first I believed that mastering SEO was too complex for me.
    But at the end of it, I also wanted to grow my blog.

    And that’s where I just cannot ignore optimizing for SEO.

    Yes, SEO is important for links, traffic, and sales.

    I needed to start.

    Your post shows me the right methods needed to optimize for SEO.
    I can emphatically say that it’s the best SEO Tutorial for beginners.

    Most importantly, it is easy to understand.
    I need to tell you that it has been a great learning experience for me reading your post.

    Great effort indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    And Best Regards to You!!

    • Nirmala

      Hi Ramit,

      It is good to know about you! Don’t consider the SEO as a complex task. High-quality content and backlinks matter a lot in SEO. Just learn the tactics of pleasing the search engines.

      Glad I could share my SEO knowledge in an easy-to-understand format. Thanks for getting time to read, stay tuned!

  7. Smart Blogger

    Really a wonderful article, but I have some questions:

    1. About Keyword Research.

    I do this by searching for the primary keyword (short keyword) in Google Trends (to search for a keyword that is becoming trending topics), then some short keywords that are the results of searches from Google Trends, I enter into keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, what I do is just right?

    2. About Target Low – Medium Keywords with Less Competition

    I always choose the keywords with less competition, but most of the keywords with less competition also has a low search volume, with low search volume is it still can get visitors? (because logically to what use a keyword that is not needed by many people).

    3. About Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

    I already use All in One SEO Pack for many years, if I replace with Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, does no effect bad towards my website?

    4. About Edit Your Old Posts

    For old posts, is it permissible to change the title and URL?

    Thank you!

    -Best Regards-

    • Nirmala

      Hey smart blogger,

      Thanks for your kind words and yes, here are my replies to your questions!

      1. Keyword research is a vast topic. What you are doing is almost right, but make sure that you are choosing the long tail search phrase as the primary keyword. Instead of using Google Trends, I would suggest you use the keyword research tools like Ubersuggest (FREE) or KWFinder (PAID). You should know the competition score (or keyword difficulty score) of the keyword that you have chosen, then only you will be able to rank top on the search results.

      2. Less competition + Low search volume is good because you will have the potential to rank top and get the highly targeted visitors. Finally, you will make the conversions (either sales or leads)

      3. Yes, you can do it. Follow this guide https://yoast.com/all-in-one-seo-pack-migration/. SEO Yoast plugin is really good, try to use it.

      4. You can change the Title and make it better. But, I would not recommend modifying the URL because you will lose the social signals and also get 404 error. Don’t edit the URL of the old posts.

      If you still have any questions, please shoot 🙂

      • Smart Blogger

        Thanks for your answer and explanation. I will definitely try the tips from you.

        -Best Regards-

        • Nirmala

          Most welcome, happy to help. Sure, try them. You may reach me anytime to get the SEO suggestions.

          • Smart Blogger

            Thank you very much, I will definitely contact you again.

            Nice to meet you!

  8. Nirmala

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for reading my guest post, glad you liked it.

    If you need any SEO clarification, let me know. You’re are most welcome.

  9. ankit


    I have programming blog so content is 300 to 500 words so how can i get ranking.


    • Nirmala

      Hi Ankit,

      Thanks for reading my guest post. You have asked a nice question!

      I agree with you that the computer programming niche can’t be stretched with the content.

      However, you may explain the purpose of the coding through the text.

      Check your competitors, think how could you do better than them. By doing so would let you drive the search traffic.

  10. Anuj Sharma

    Awesome man what an article. I just landed on your website first time and I hope it will solve my website traffic problem. Am really fond of blogging but the main problem is my blog traffic. I will try your tips and ways of seo so that it can increase my blog traffic.

    • Nirmala

      Hi Anuj,

      I’m delighted that I could write the helpful SEO tips for the bloggers like you. Focus on keyword research and craft quality content. Then build links better than your competitors! Wait for some time and check the results.

  11. Fruit Drinks Exporters

    Valuable tips here! You have put everything clear and now all my confusion has been erased.now I am will do more traffic generate on my blog. Thanks you so much dear Nirmala mam for share…

    • Nirmala

      You made my day with the kind appreciation words. Good luck with the blog traffic. You are most welcome dear 🙂

  12. JoeHx

    “It takes time.” Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! So many people don’t understand this – not only with SEO, but with so many other things as well!

    • Nirmala

      Hi JoeHx,

      Glad about your arrival and thanks for accepting my opinion. SEO definitely takes time and yes, we have to keep working to please the search engines. Stay tuned!

  13. Moss Clement

    Hi Nirmala,

    Your article is amazing, easy to read and understand. The fact is that SEO plays a crucial part in the success of your content marketing campaign. To rank high on SERP, you need to optimize properly for organic search.

    And to get the best of organic search, you have to perform keyword research. There are tons of tools to do that. The tools you mentioned are powerful keyword research tools. Currently, I’m using SEMrush, but there are great free keyword tools such as Google keyword planner that works like magic.

    However, another strategy I use when finding keywords is to brainstorm keywords that I am already ranking for. This puts me in a better position to utilize those keywords and create more content that will drive massive traffic.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Nirmala

      Hi Moss,

      Good to get your comment 🙂

      Your opinion about the keyword research is right and yes, a plethora of tools available to find out the profitable keywords.

      It is really great that you’re brainstorming the keywords that work well for you. I would say that you’re on the right track, keep blogging.

      Thanks for your kind appreciation! SEMRush is a great KW research and competitor analysis tool, good that you are using it.

  14. Gaurav Kumar

    HI Nirmala,

    SEO is one of the most important part of blogging strategy. SEO helps to improve ranking and improve organic traffic. It tells how important, popular and user friendly a website is.

    I must say when doing SEO one should not ignore the importance of content for the readers.

    Thanks for sharing these effective SEO tips.

    • Nirmala

      Gaurav Kumar, thanks for reading my guest post. I’m accepting your thoughts on SEO, stay tuned!

  15. Divesh Diggiwal

    Thnks janice to share this articles this post helps me understand seo.

    • Nirmala

      You are welcome Divesh, glad I could make you understand the SEO related stuff, keep coming!

  16. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hello Nirmala,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable content. LSI keywords is obviously one of the best things I’ve come to know in the world of blogging. If used well, nothing can limit your blog posts from ranking number one on search engine.

    Additionally, I’ve noticed something that a lot of top SEO experts do – they promote the hell out of a new post on the first one week. Catching up on huge traffic is also an advantage. I’m adding it to my strategy now.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emenike,
      I’m excited about your SEO strategy. Have you tried “promoting the hell out of your new post? Does it work? I’m excited to try it. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    • Nirmala

      Hi Emenike,

      Good to see you here and thanks for your praising comment. Yes, LSI keywords do wonders as they let the search engines know what the content is about.

      I agree that we should spend a quality time for the promotion like we do for crafting the content. But, I wonder about the first-week promotion specifically.

      As Janice asked, does it work for you? I used to spread my article later weeks as well.

  17. Richard Monssen

    This is a great article on SEO – very well written! Long form content seems to be the way to go now. Also making RankBrain work to your advantage by having a high CTR in your search listings is huge now for SEO In 2018. I’ve also just written an SEO Guide for 2018 as well – seems to be common at the moment 😉

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Richard,
      I agree Nirmala wrote a great article with proven tips. I also published a post about Rank Brain. Thanks for writing.

    • Nirmala

      Hi Richard and Janice,

      Understanding the RankBriain algorithm is indeed needed for the bloggers to craft the content well. User experience matters! We should think wisely and make our visitors stay long on our pages.

      @ Richard, thanks for kind appreciating words, I’ll have a look at your blog posts. Thanks for coming by!

  18. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Janice and Nirmala,

    Great post. The more posts I read like this, the more I understand what is happening or not happening with my blog. Although I did have to start from scratch at the beginning of the year, but what I’m finding is the old posts and pages from my previous blog are not being found.

    I don’t think my stats will get any better until I get that problem solved. I do have Yoast SEO but it’s always telling me I don’t have the right information needed. Sure is exhausting.

    Thank you for sharing this information and I’ll keep working on my blog.

  19. vivek kumar

    I just came across your latest article: (
    Awesome work
    I just wanted to reach out and say “thanks” for mentioning (shouterspeak-bloggers passion) in your article.
    Also, If you have a minute, It would be great if you could link to our site. That, why your readers can easily find the post on our blog that you mentioned.
    Again, thanks you for mentioning us in your article. And have a great day.
    Vivek Kumar

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vivek,
      Thanks for your comments. My business manager generally handles queries.

  20. Bella D. @ Self-Publishing Made Easy Now

    This is super helpful for beginners who are still starting with SEO. I love the way you elaborated your tips, very simple and straightforward. Thank you for sharing these strategies.

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