SEO Performance Marketing: 5 Important Things You Need to Include in Your SEO Strategy

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SEO performance marketing

Do you need to level up your SEO performance marketing strategies?

When it comes to SEO performance marketing, many businesses make the mistake of assuming it’s a one size fits all approach, doing the bare minimum but expecting maximum results in return. 

However, as technology has changed, so have consumer expectations in terms of quality, convenience, and content. And with so much potential money to make, and so many long-term relationships to develop, SEO strategies are more important than ever. 

Here’s what you need to include in your SEO plan to reap the maximum rewards from your SEO performance marketing campaigns..

What is SEO Performance Marketing?

“SEO Performance Marketing” can be a contradiction in terms. You can pay for a boost in visibility in Google and other search engines which improves your SEO.

However, performance marketing shows you the results of your organic efforts.

Where is the overlap?

By following the SEO strategies in this post, you can expect your organic marketing efforts to improve.

Let’s dive in and explore both SEO strategies and performance marketing strategies.

SEO Performance Marketing Tips

Set measurable and realistic goals 

Before launching any kind of major marketing campaign, it’s essential to have some measurable (but realistic) goals. Not only does it help you to keep track of your progress, but it will also help to better define your long-term expected outcomes. 

Ask yourself what the key components of your SEO strategy are, like the audience segment you’re aiming for, the volume of traffic you want, and the general conversion rate you have in mind over the course of the first year. 

Analyze your competitors

To improve your marketing plan, it’s always a good idea to analyze what your competitors are doing. If you’re working with a marketing agency, it may also be worth getting an SEO audit of your main competitors done, as this can really help you understand what’s working for them, and ways in which you can stand out more.

This important step can better prepare you for focusing on your key selling points, instead of wasting energy on areas of business that you see no value in. 

Editor’s Note:

Many SEO tools exist which will help you analyze your competitors. Ahrefs and Semrush are the most popular.

I use Ahrefs to analyze my competitors. I use Ahrefs Content Gap tool to discover what blog post topics my competitors are ranking for. Then, I compose and publish content on those topics.

Does this SEO strategy work?

Yes! I find I am also able to rank for the blog post topics that my competitors rank for.

Let’s continue to explore SEO performance marketing strategies.

Conduct careful keyword research 

Without keyword research to help set a clear path for your content to lead to, you’re essentially posting into the void and expecting results. But with solid research into the right keywords, you can craft content that gets in front of your target audience and provides you with increased traffic and potential conversions. 

Be warned that monitoring this aspect of your marketing can be a full-time job itself and that without the support and guidance of an experienced dedicated SEO team, you may find the results mixed as best.

Editor’s Note:

You can use the Moz tool bar to conduct unlimited keyword research for free. MozBar is a browser extension put out by the Moz SEO company.

Create content around common problems 

With these keywords, you can begin to cultivate content that answers questions, resolves issues, and reassures readers, all while guiding them into seeing how your business is the solution to any industry problems. This helps to establish trust between you and your consumers. 

Link building insights 

Link building can be an effective way to integrate your brand with some well-respected media and business outlets, or potentially undo a lot of hard work by associating yourself with less than reputable links or brands. 

Outreaching strategically to the right places can greatly benefit your business. But keep it relevant and part of a greater narrative, or Google may quickly crawl these pages and associate you with poor-quality links or spam.

SEO Performance Marketing: FAQ

Is SEO part of performance marketing?

SEO is not necessarily part of performance marketing. SEO might involve paid methods of getting more search engine visibility. In contrast, performance marketing implies marketing success due to organic means.

Wrapping Up: SEO Performance Marketing

In closing, while these are some key components of effective SEO, this list isn’t exhaustive. If you’re truly determined to implement a good SEO plan, it’s always best to work with a qualified team to help get you there. 

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I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have more SEO strategies or performance marketing strategies you can add to this list?

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