How to Make a Small Content Change So You Get a Big Boost, 8 Ways

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SEO internet marketing

SEO internet marketing can be frustrating.

However, a simple blogging hack turns challenging into simple.

This guide explains how to increase your success at SEO internet marketing by changing your website content.

Updating content is highly beneficial for SEO. All the best SEO blogs recommend it.

And you should do it regularly if you want to skyrocket your reach in Google.

The problem?

It’s hard.

Updating content is synonymous with “rewriting content” and next to building links, doing social media, and writing new articles, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

You agree?

Well, the good news is that this post is going to show you how to update your articles the quick and dirty way.

So you make minimal changes but get the maximum SEO boost that comes from having refreshed your site.

Let’s go make SEO internet marketing easier!

What is SEO Internet Marketing?

Nikola Roza

As an internet marketing strategy, SEO is extremely effective. Why the proper techniques, you can find your website content ranks on Google for years. 

SEO internet marketing involves understanding user intent and optimizing your website content with keywords that address the user’s intentions.

This action plan brings you those SEO internet marketing techniques. 

3 Reasons Why it’s Crucial to Update Your Content

You probably know this stuff, but it bears repeating as it’s important.

First, Google loves fresh content. It’s because content standards rise and keep rising in all industries. Article about X that’s coming out today is likely to be much better than one that came out 5 years ago, just from following today’s content best practices.

So, advantage your competitors over you.

Second, some queries demand that content be ultra-fresh. For example, my guide on best Black Friday web hosting deals 2020 must be from 2020 and a 2019 version won’t cut it at all.

Third, web users prefer to read fresh content because they’re biased against older articles which they consider stale.

Often a mistake on their part, but what can you do?


8 Ways to Change Your Content Minimally So You Get a Maximum Content Boost

Before we begin, realize that these are minimal changes. So you’ll need to do several of them at once to see good results.

Google’s very smart and you can’t fool it by fixing a few typos.

#1- Update Your Meta Title and Headline

Meta title, or SEO title, is the most important single element on the page you’re trying to rank. As such, changing it signals to Google that a page changed in a significant way.

Even if the article didn’t change at all (besides the title) Google will reevaluate it and give it a higher freshness score.

So, change your SEO titles, but do it the smart way. Don’t remove the target keywords you probably have. Instead, switch up the words around the keyword. That way you won’t lose the rankings you already have.

You can use keyword planner to identify relevant keywords and their chances of ranking on Google’s Page 1 for free.

Pro tip: For a stronger effect, do the same with your Headline (H1).

And if you by any case don’t have a keyword in H1 tag, now’s your chance to include it.

#2- Update Meta Description

Very easy to do. If you don’t have a meta description add it now, keyword included.

If you do have it, change it up a bit.

Host blogger’s comments: SERPRobot is a free tool that tells you if your keywords ranked on Google. If they did, add those keywords when you rewrite your blog content. Here is a SERPRobot tutorial.

#3- Add a Hero Image

What’s a hero image?

It’s a huge banner that sits at the top of your blog post and visually tells what the post is about.

For example, here’s what it looks like in my blog post about doing affiliate marketing, and driving traffic from Quora.

hero image in a blog post

I made that picture in Canva, and it took me roughly 5 minutes.

And look, it ranks number #1 in Google Image search.

Number #1 in Google Image Search

Pro tip

Don’t forget to optimize your hero image with basic image SEO.

Things like:

  • Image filename
  • Alt attribute
  • Image caption

This is what makes ranking in Google image search possible.

And it even helps a bit with the general SEO of the page.

#4- Supercharge Your Image SEO

Speaking of images, you do know you can take it further than just adding alt attributes, right?

I suggest you add image captions to some of your images. Make sure your captions are interesting to read and also include your target keyword.

Another small SEO element most bloggers miss is image title attribute.

What is it?

It’s a tiny text snippet that pops-up as you hover over the image.

image title- forgotten SEO element

Pro tip: Explain what the image is about and use your keyword once. Because the keyword in the image title attribute is a very small relevance signal.

But it’s also new content that helps freshen up your page.

#5- Fix Typos

This is basic advice, but useful. When you see a typo- fix it.

Your content will be better for the users, and since typos will typically be distributed evenly across the page, Google will see you’re making changes to the whole page, not just one part of it.

(Note: Read this proofreading guide to learn how to proofread your blog post before you publish it.)

#6- Add New Links

You can add internal and external backlinks to your content.

Internal links send PageRank from that page to the target page. They also send anchor text value, AKA relevance.

Pro tip: Use Link Whisper to make your job much easier. Don’t waste time with manual internal linking because on a large blog it’s like a bottomless pit.

You could spend days on it and not get it done.

You’d lose your mind first!

What about adding external links?

As for external links, add a few if it’ll make your article better.

But don’t go overboard as having too many outbound links reduces the PageRank score of your page, and it’ll be harder to rank in Google.

And Affiliate Links?

If you have affiliate links on the page, I suggest you leave them be. Affiliate management can be a pain, especially if you remove a converting link and then experience a drop in sales and conversions. Now you have to place it back, but where was it before…

It’s best not to remove affiliate links, and you might consider adding a few more.

#7- Add an FAQ section

This is advice that Janice already follows, being an excellent webmaster that she is (note: it’s real trouble finding a legit mentor online, now that everyone and their mother are doing SEO. Janice IS the person for the job. Have you checked out her academy?).

For example on her post here about the best lifestyle blog post ideas she added an FAQ section at the end of the guide.

FAQ section at the end of blog post

This helped boost her page freshness score. It also helped her rank better and brought even more value to the users.

It’s a win-win-win scenario!


This is also a simple hack for fixing thin content issues. If you have a page with 300-500 words of content, it’s worth it to slap a small Q&A section at the end.

Doing so will immediately transport it from Google Panda’s thin content penalty.

#8- Add Some Fancy Code

This is not about changing the text but modifying the underlying code of the page.

For example, here’s how bullet points look on my blog:

Fancy code bullet points

They’re normal bullet points from an unordered list, but I made them fancy (with a plugin called Wp Shortcode Pro) so they look more attractive.

And I remember clearly that once I added them, the page experienced a jolt of freshness from the new code Google just loves to devour.

Remember, Google eats your page’s HTML and not the page as humans see it.

Are you ready for more SEO Internet Marketing Hacks?

4 Bonus Tips and Ninja Hacks

#1- Fix the “Published” date

Besides changing the content itself, you should also update the published date to match the day of changes.


Because of how your site is built and structured.

If you have a blog, then I bet newer article stack on top of old ones? It’s probably 10 blog posts per page, right?

So when you publish 100 new articles, then your crucial money article is on the eleventh page of your blog. In other words, it’s invisible to Google.

Changing the date pushes it to the homepage where most of your site’s authority resides.

For example, look at how many links Janice has hitting her homepage. Her PA is 45 (checked with Mozbar), which is strong!

High page authority homepage

#2- Use Social Signals

Using social media tools is a must when it comes to driving new eyeballs to your content.

But did you know it’s possible to get bulk social shares for cheap?

And that freshly changed page + new social signals are a golden mix and true boon to your overall social media strategy?

It is an instant authority in Google’s eyes because those shares come from real accounts.

Like I said, social signals are really cheap and I recommend SEO Butler.

Social signal good for page freshness

#3- Use Missinglettr

Missinglettr is an A.I. driven social media tool that automatically creates and schedules social promotion campaigns for you.

It’s a great tool to keep old posts in the loop and relevant to Google.

I want to talk about it here and my words are just a tease.

Read Janice’s awesome Missinglettr review to learn more.

#4- Add Your Page to the Menu

Nothing signifies importance better to Google than a strong influx of fresh PageRank. And it’s hard to beat the menu because every link there is overflowing with link authority.

So, if it’s really important to you that your page ranks, consider placing it in the top navigation. It will gain a significant boost just from that 1m change.

For example, I know for a fact that Lisa Sicard experienced a nice jolt of new rankings after she placed her AgoraPulse review in the menu.

Link in the menu laden with PageRank


Conclusion: SEO Internet Marketing

Look, a true update is always going to bring you the best results. Because by updating content you’re making it better and you’re also including new keywords which means more chances at getting Google’s organic traffic.

But it’s not always feasible to do a full update, and these tips that I showed you are your second best bet. It’s you taking your old, but still good content and giving it a makeover.

That will boost it enough to see awesome results, and also, your higher rankings will last long enough till you get around to do a proper content update.

It’s worth it!

Author bio

Nikola Roza blogs about affiliate marketing and SEO and how to combine the two to become successful online. If you want to become a full-time affiliate marketer, make sure you pay his site a visit. Or don’t and regret it later:)

P.S. He also freelances on the side. Check out his pricing here!

Host blogger’s comments:

Readers, please share so bloggers discover Nikola’s SEO internet marketing action plan.

I look forward to your opinions in the comment section. Do you have any suggestions for an action plan on SEO internet marketing?

  1. booker talk

    I’ve been working my way through old posts and updating them, changing formatting, adding links etc. Two things I’ve learned: 1) when changing the title, it’s important to keep the same url otherwise links elsewhere on the site to that content will be broken 2) if changing the publication date, add an explanatory note to tell readers this is an update.

    Question I have for you is about the difference between an H1 headline and the Meta/SEO title. I don’t fully understand this …

    • Nikola Roza

      Hi there.
      H1 title is the huge headline located at the start of the post, as soon as the page loads.

      SEO meta title is the blue link you see in the SERPS before you click and enter the page.

      If you’re on WordPress you can set it up with a WordPress SEO plugin (Yoast, Ran Math, SEOPress, SEO Pressor.)

      • bookertalk

        Ah now I understand, thanks for the very easy to understand explanation

  2. Purchasetheme

    Great article. I love the concept of making Hero image and it definitely works to get high rank on Google. We can also put an internal link on image Alt tag keywords and get results. Anyways your content is awesome and more informational for any SEO beginner. Really Helpful!!

  3. Dhriti Suri

    Great Tips! SEO experts always talk about the importance of content but never share these small things which really helps for ranking. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  4. Rudysandiegohills

    Thank you for the article, it was very helpful, this is the problem I’m experiencing right now about SEO, and my page rank isn’t going up, I’m newbie

    • Nikola

      Keep learning every day. Focus on creating useful content and also build some links here and there, and you will see progress.

  5. Lisa Sicard

    Thanks Nikola for the advice here. I have updated a lot of old posts but need to start working on them again and this is very helpful. I don’t think I changed or updated many titles before. I do have a new last update date on all my posts which I love. I had my techie put that in for me in the theme.
    I had not used image captions either, something I will look at doing forward forward. Thanks again and take care!

    • Nikola

      Image captions are especially helpful with image SEO. They help as much as image alt tags, Lisa.

  6. Jerry

    Thanks for this advice… I think I really need to start working on my old posts to revive them… Once again, thanks.

  7. JItendra Kumar

    very nice article and give me lot of knowledge about SEO. Keep it up and awaiting for new update

  8. Alice

    Good article. Useful information about the SEO industry. Thanks for sharing these marketing tips.

  9. Amit Garg

    Hi Nikola

    I must say an amazing piece of content.

    All the SEO internet marketing small-small tips you shared above works very well and one should take advantage of these tips certainly.

    Amit Garg

    • Nikola

      Thanks Amit, they do work wonders, especially if you do the all, or most of them.

  10. Pranab mohanty

    Hai Nikola
    nice article and very informative as well for a beginner like me. it will definitely help me to do my onwards I will try to optimize my content as per the SEO point of view.
    Thanks a lot tho share ur knowledge with us

  11. Andrew

    Great comprehensive article. So many small changes to make that can be overlooked. Thanks for sharing.

  12. bhavik

    I have just started it is very helpful content for me. thanks for sharing this.

  13. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    It’s always a great idea to update headlines but rather than just move words around check with a headline analyzer to et the best headline you can.

  14. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Janice and Nikola,
    Wonderful information to all bloggers, yes, re-purposing our old posts with these tips will get a great boost in traffic as well as with all other connected benefits. Thanks again for the connected links which are really worth checkable and useful.
    Wish you both a wonderful week ahead.
    ~ Phil from

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