How to Copy Your Blog & Why You Need To: WP Twin

#Bloggers can backup their #blogs with WP Twin
17 February, 2017

Did you hear that Yahoo was hacked in December?   My own daughter was a victim along with one billion others.   Hackers got personal and financial information to the dismay of Yahoo’s users.   Are you aware that can happen to you?   If […]


Danger: 5 Reasons You Need to Make Your Content Evergreen

5 Reasons #bloggers should write evergreen content when #blogging. Click to see why
13 November, 2016

You have a dilemma. The holidays are coming. Should you write about them? I predict people will be looking for blogs to read about the holidays in the upcoming days. Should you start scheduling posts about yuletide memories? If you write about your experiences with […]


This Is How to See 621 People at Your Blog in 1 Day

#Bloggers can get 621 people to their #blogs #blogging
24 September, 2016

What would you predict are bloggers’ biggest concerns? If you answered, “a toss-up between lack of traffic and lack of time to try to get more traffic,” you’d be right. With over one billion websites in the world today, you have hefty competition for readership. […]


How to Be a Powerful Blogging Influencer with Klout

#Bloggers Can Increase Their Klout Score with #DrumUp
18 September, 2016

Update: Klout has announced the website will be shutting down.   Do you want more blog subscribers? I wanted my readers to have the secret sauce needed to get new blog subscribers, but I didn’t know the recipe. In my interview How to Get New Blog […]


This is How to Rapidly See 100,000 People at Your Blog

Bloggers can get high page views to their blogs.
7 August, 2016

Do you speculate about why there aren’t more people visiting your blog? Explanations range from “There’s something wrong with my computer; it could not be this quiet,” to “The weather is so warm, no one is on their computers.” Have you found yourself thinking this way? […]