47 Popular Pinterest Group Boards You Need to Join Today

47 Pinterest group boards and how to find other Pinterest group boards today.
19 August, 2018

Are you able to generate blog traffic from Pinterest? Since Pinterest’s algorithm changed in recent years, bloggers are reporting they are finding Pinterest more challenging as a source of blog traffic. This post is a follow-up to my post, The Complete Pinterest Guide That Will […]


18 Easy Tips on How to Boost Pinterest Traffic

Boost Pinterest traffic with these 18 tips
23 September, 2017

Easy Tips on How to Boost Pinterest Traffic to Your WordPress Blog by Susan Velez As a blogger, we’re all told that we should be on Pinterest. There’s so much potential and if we want blog traffic, we should learn how to use it. In […]


23 New Pinterest Boards You Can Make Now and Why You Should

New Pinterest boards for you
27 March, 2016

Have your Pinterest stats fallen? Pinterest is the second largest social media site with 70 million users, second only to Facebook. Pinterest is so popular right now, marketers use it all the time. You should too, to advertise your blog. However, Pinterest has changed its […]