3 Tips for Improving Your Search Engine Results

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How to improve search engine results, 3 waysAre you unhappy with your search engine results?

Are you concerned you’re not getting search traffic?

Guest author Robert Borden is here to tell you how to solve that problem.

He offers you a 3-part action plan.

3 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Results

by Robert Borden

If you’re blogging to market your small business, you have to find ways to be heard among all of the competitors who are trying to do the same thing you are.

The fact that you’ve started a blog is a good start. That means that you are being proactive in your attempt to reach customers, rather than just sitting back and expecting them to beat down your door.

The next step is trying to get as big an audience as possible to come to your blog. What that means is that you have to make every effort to improve the results you have in the most utilized search engines so that your website and the blog, in particular, is seen by a large audience.

This doesn’t happen by magic. There are tried and true strategies by which you can make this happen.

This post will teach you those strategies.

You can monitor how well your efforts are doing by utilizing different analytics, so there is no reason for you to lag in your search engine rankings.

Make no mistake: It is by no means an easy process. It takes time, strategy and effort to do it right, perhaps more than you might think you’re willing to put into it at the beginning of the process. But if you’re really serious about making your blog into something that can push your business to another level of success, you have to be ready to commit to it and conquer the search engine puzzle.

You can also get some help from experts in the field, such as SEO Resellers Canada, who take on all of the toughest online marketing tasks with aplomb. Here are three basic methods by which you can step up your search engine game, and, in the process, your bottom line.

Blog Early and Often

This is something that many new bloggers simply neglect to do. If you simply blog once in a blue moon because you have an afternoon free, you won’t be able to develop any kind of audience. And you won’t get any help from the search engines because they will penalize you for sporadic posting on your blog.

Choose Keywords with Care

Many business bloggers think that the most obvious, popular keywords will get them noticed. Those keywords are popular for a reason, and you’ll be battling for space with scads of other businesses. Find the words that are unique to what your business is all about and trust that people out there will be searching for that in particular.

Tie It In

Staying focused on what is going in the world will give your posts a far greater opportunity to go viral than they would otherwise. That doesn’t mean you should stretch too far in an effort to seem topical. But people often search depending on what is happening at the time, and if you can tie your posts to that, you just might break through.

Blogging for your business can be an excellent way to bring new customers to your company. But you have to do it right, or nobody will be there to appreciate your efforts.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

Readers, please share so other bloggers learn Robert’s tips for boosting your search engine visibility.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you know other ways of improving your search engine results?

  1. Melinda J Mitchell

    BBFFJ, Am I #1 commenter today?? Cool!
    Well, I’m already doing Robert’s first tip, so I’m 1/3 the way there! lol
    Love, BBFFM

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    I fail on my SEO due to lack of consistency and poor key word choices, just for starters! You try to help all of us learn, but getting info to sink into my thick skull is difficult at the best of times.
    Thank you for all your help through the years.

  3. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Robert!

    Frequent blogging is one of the best ways to start picking up search engine traffic. You have to do it smart, though. It is important to take good care of the important elements that will help your blog post get higher rankings on Google.

    It is also very important to note that the quality of your content has a lot to do with Google rankings, The more in-depth and valuable your content the better rankings you can get. Eventually, you can build up a nice organic traffic flow from search engines.

    Thank you for sharing your tips here on this topic!

    Best regards! 😀

  4. Erika Ann

    Great post for newbie blogger who wants to kick-off their websites. I think other than frequent blogging, it is important not to rush posts because readers will still seek quality content over quantity.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Erika Ann,
      Thank you for commenting on the 3 tips for improving search engine results article. I’m glad you felt the post was helpful to new bloggers. I’m hoping my entire site is helpful to new bloggers as well as more veteran bloggers.
      Thanks for contributing a tip: take your time to write quality posts. Trying to be consistent while taking your time can be a daunting challenge.

  5. Vyvian Chacon

    Thank you Janice and Robert…Great tips, especially for newcomers. Consistency is one of the keys in blogging. The more you blog and share your content, the more of your content is going to be out there for people to see.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vyvian,
      Nice to see you. Thanks for your comments on my guest author’s post.
      I agree with the importance of consistency. For example, I’m planning to vacation soon so I’m trying to blog ahead to maintain consistency in my publishing schedule.

  6. Naveen Sharma

    Hi Janice and Robert,

    The search engine puzzle is a tough one for a lot of us. Regarding all the variables of SEO there are a number of posts available and some of them contradict each other in the advice they offer.

    Your article has concentrated on the most essential three points and described clearly how to use them for best results. This is very helpful as it is easy to remember and apply.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips with us. Have a great week ahaead!


  7. Ryan Biddulph

    Publishing helpful content persistently puts a dent in Google Robert. I’d add; go offsite. Guest posting on Janice’s blog here and other top blogging blogs has been the simplest way for me to snag search traffic. Like when I focused on creating offsite, through top blogs. things came together for me on the search side of things. Gotta do it persistently though; improving your writing skills thru daily practice sure doesn’t hurt either for landing guesties on top blogs.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      You know how hard I try to boost my search engine visibility. You are right. If you guest post, you get links to your site which, in turn, brings a higher DA rating and a boost in search engine traffic.
      I wish I had more time to guest post. I’m travelling again this summer so I’m trying to blog ahead.

  8. Dexter Roona

    Great post Robert, as I have said on many occasions it does come down to consistency. But being consistent is more difficult than you would think.
    It is very easy to run out of ideas if you are posting 2-3 times a week as a solo blogger. This where guest blogging is useful to fill any voids, though any guest posts have to be as good as your own if not better to please Google because it is now said that Google is clamping down on guest posts that seem to be just for back links.
    For me good content on a site is good content no matter who writes it and no matter if it links to their site. But it does have to be good and link to resources and not just an authors site

    With regards to keyword research, I believe that keyword research is portrayed to be more complicated than it is. We need this tool and that tool and guess what they cost money. So not only is it complicated we are upsold tools that make it even more complicated.
    The reality is it is dead simple. Related searches on Google are what people are googling so it is as simple as using those terms and variants for your keywords.
    You can see who is ranking for any phrase so you know the competition.

    The big question you have to ask is can you beat them. And that all starts with just making your content longer and better and then just being patient.

  9. Thabo Nkomo

    Hi Janice and Robert,

    Thanks for the helpful tips.

    I think relationship building is one of the best ways to get traffic. I believe you do that by blogging often and giving relevant information to readers. Some of the most heart felt comments I have received from readers concerned posts that offered solutions to a problem that they have been dealing with recently. An interesting thing is that some of the comments had to do with one of my early posts. This goes to show that as your websites gains more authority in Google’s eyes, even older posts will get attention as long as they offer value.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Thabo,
      Let’s talk about your last comment. I am finding that too. My older posts are picking up more search traffic as my blog is aging and my DA is growing even though I may not have known how to optimize my older posts for search engines. Patience really does pay off!
      When the reader left the heart-felt comment answered in an earlier post of yours, did you return with the link to the post? I often do but for some reason feel funny about doing so.

  10. Donna Merrill

    Hi Janice and Robert,

    When it comes to posting our blogs we need to do it either once a week or more. Depending on how our time factors in with all the other things we are doing online. We have to be consistent so people know and look forward to the morning our blogs come out. Pick a Day and a time and people will expect to hear from you.

    Sharing other blog posts is a key factor for all bloggers. If we don’t we will only see tumble weeds on our blogs. As we honestly share our opinions in the comment section and also share it on social media, we will soon see reciprocation. Not only that, but there are so many people who read the comment section and may just find what you have to say is interesting, therefore will go to your blog.


  11. Gaurav Kumar


    Ranking high in SERP is the dream of every blogger. But very few people follow the rules and ethical ways to rank for long time. I also believe that when you write a post you should not just write to rank in search results but write to help your readers.

    Google or any other search engine reward the site with quality content and user engagement.

    • Janice Wald

      Can you do both– write for your readers and optimize for search engines? I try to.

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