Royalty-Free Music: How to Find Your Perfect Track, 7 Ways

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Royalty-Free Music

Janice Wald

Royalty-free music.

This post will explain how to find your perfect track.

Couldn’t we all use tracks from royalty-free music?

Video is trendy in 2020.

The use of video is considered a must and no longer an option for marketers.

Music enhances videos. There are many types of videos you need to accompany with royalty-free music so you don’t risk getting sued.

This post will tell you how to find your perfect track for all these reasons:

– YouTube vlogs/Vimeo video,
– wedding clips,
– promo reel, video ad,
– tech review,
– software demo,
– game streaming,
– video tutorials and courses,
– travel videos,
– corporate videos and events,
– presentations,
– films and series,
– audiobooks,
– podcasts,
– plenty of other projects.

Popular songs of famous artists are not a solution as they include a hassle with author rights and fees.

Besides, songs with vocals are not always appropriate, probably quite the opposite. Where would you even get such music?

The case is that there’s a high demand for background music out there.

You need royalty-free music.

You don’t want to be blocked by Copywrite restrictions.

You don’t want to live in fear of getting sued.

Where can you find free tracks?

Use this guide to find your perfect track.

Here is Where You Can Find Royalty-Free Music


A choice with many royalty-free music tracks is TakeTones.

Royalty-free music can be found at TakeTones

By looking at the screenshot, you can see all the choices you have when you find royalty-free music at TakeTones.

Music categories include:

Genre, Moods, Popular, and more.

You also see Other Categories and a place you can search for music.

With so many selections, finding your perfect track at TakeTones is easy.

Why Use TakeTones

TakeTones sells royalty-free background music. Royalty-free means that a customer pays a one-time fee and gets a license to use the music with no extra fees.
What makes TextTones stand out:
– convenient search for a perfect track,
– 5 licenses for different needs including a Creative Commons license,
– Unlimited downloads with a subscription plan,
– Regularly updated music library and curated collections,
– Uniqueness and quality.

How to Use TakeTones to Search for the Perfect Track

I like Pop, so I clicked the Pop Category.

Royalty-free music: TakeTones

Note: These are all background music for videos as the explanation at the top points out.


Can you imagine someone singing lyrics while you’re trying to explain in a video tutorial? No!

Lyrics would equally mar a travel video if you’re trying to offer a tour of a city or landmark in your video.

The title of the screenshot is “Royalty-Free Pop Music.” This, of course, means that you don’t need to worry about getting sued over not having rights to the music.

From left to right: You can preview the music, see the length of the track, check out the licensing, download the music, and add the music to your favorites. The number at the far right shows you the number of loops and versions.

Royalty-free music TakeTones

Note: With the free version, you will have the preview with a watermark.


Lumen5 is a free video making service. Along with a template, you get to choose royalty-free music.

These videos were made with Lumen5. The service pulls your blog content from your RSS feed. Easy!

Lumen5 Royalty-Free Music Track 1

For my post about business networking, my Lumen5 video used the track called Optimistic Keys.

Lumen5 Royalty-Free Music Track 2

For my post about the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, the track is called “Black Keys Rock.”

Spark Video

I made this video to accompany my post offering 89 Instagram hacks.

This video was made using Spark Video. This is Adobe Spark’s tool. Spark Video provided the royalty-free music used in the video.

The track I chose is named “LeapFrog.”


I throw blog parties routinely and offer royalty-free music from Spotify.

What’s a party without music, right?

I used this track from Spotify to accompany my National BFF Day Blog Party: “Friends” by Bette Midler.

Do you want to hear?


This video was made with Animoto.

The name of this track is “Jump Startup.”

I used the video to promote my blog coaching service.

If you would like to find the perfect track with the royalty-free music at Animoto, here you will find an Animoto tutorial.


You can find the perfect track since Instagram offers royalty-free music.

You can put the music on your Instagram Stories.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and click the icon to add a Story.

Step 2: In the “Search Music” box, type the name of the song you’re looking for. Click on the name of the song when it appears.

Note: If various artists recorded the song, be sure to select the right track.

Click Done.

As you can see, you can find the perfect track on Instagram.

I’m a huge Katy Perry fan, so I chose Katy Perry’s song “Roar” to accompany my Instagram Story.


I used this Renderforest video to advertise my blog. Over the royalty-free music, I explained why people should sign up for my blog.

The music track behind my narration is called “Harmony Logo.”

Here is a Renderforest tutorial if you need one.

Wrapping Up: Royalty-Free Music Sources

In closing, this post provided places you can find royalty-free music to use in your videos.

This guide contains seven sources of royalty-free background music so you can narrate your videos with ease.

Readers, please share so other video marketers and bloggers discover this guide to finding royalty-free music.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Where do you find your royalty-free music?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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