Which Rev Share Site is the Best to Make Money Blogging?

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Rev share site: which is right for you?

What do you do when 3 bloggers each want you to write about a different rev share site?

I have one reader who wants me to write at and review Snipsly, another reader who wants me to publish at Virily, and I want to write at and review HubPages.

Which rev share site should I pick?

How about all 3?

This post will explain how to write at HubPages and Snipsly. In addition, this post will review the definition of a rev share site and how to write at Virily.

Note: Steemit is a popular rev share site that people report can be quite lucrative.

However, this article will contrast HubPages, Snipsly, and conclude by evaluating which is the best for you.

It’s been seven months since the publication of my Virily review. A reader asked me to write a follow-up post about Snipsly. I want to explore HubPages.

This article will review all 3 revenue sharing sites.

What is a Revenue-Sharing Site?

When you write for a revenue-sharing site, you are writing for a site that shares its revenue with its writers. The revenue usually comes from advertisers. Writing for a revenue-sharing site is a form of blog monetization.


What is HubPages? 

A place where you post content and can make money. You post your content in “hubs.” HubPages rank on Google. Longer articles tend to do better and stand out. Since the goal is to get page views which can bring you money, you should try to make your writing unique. Do you have to make your post unique? Yes. Reports exist of users being banned for posting already-published content.

Background History of HubPages

When Squidoo closed its doors, its members were notified that their content would be moved to HubPages. Since this occurred in August 2014, and HubPages is still around, clearly this site has stood the test of time. Four years is longer than some rev sharing sites lasted.*

In January of this year, HubPages was acquired by Maven.**

Hubbers (as people who use HubPages are called) panicked when they heard only selected individuals would have their content moved to Maven.

Would other people lose their content if HubPages folded?

Good news for Hubbers: According to information conveyed in HubPages community forum, HubPages was not folding! Maven offered writers an additional opportunity, not a replacement opportunity.

According to HubPages, “We will continue to develop the HubPages Network platform, with the addition of new niche sites and a suite of unique services to help people create and maintain world-class content for readers around the world.”

How to Sign Up for HubPages

Step 1: Go to http://hubpages.com/ and click “Join.” You can make an account or sign up with Facebook.

Upload a profile picture, and add your bio.

Add your social media links.

Select 3 articles that showcase your writing talents. Add the URLs to those posts where prompted. These will sit at the top of your profile.

[Note: I was unable to click the drop-down to select my three articles. Nothing happened when I tried even though I refreshed the page repeatedly.]

Step 2: I clicked “Save Changes” and “Start a New Article.”

Note: If I am to accurately compare all 3 revenue-sharing sites, I need to minimize the differences as much as possible. Therefore, I needed to write about the same topic at all 3 places. 

In order to choose a topic with which I was familiar, I went to ProCon.org. The website offers information about varying controversial issues.

I chose the topic “Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?” I have actually already blogged about this topic. However, Virily insists you publish original content so I couldn’t copy-paste excerpts of my article. Therefore, I used facts I read at ProCon.org.

Step 3: I chose a category and titled my article.

Step 4: I chose from the Political and Social Issues category, so I stated this was my subtopic.

Step 5: Starting a Layout: HubPages gave me a choice of picking a tutorial, which I opted to see. I clicked “Basic” Layout and confirmed I was human. Click “Continue.”

Step 6: I wrote my article making sure I linked to relevant content from my blog and clicked “Save.”

Step 7: Add a photo. Give source attribution if needed.

Step 8: Preview and publish! Note: A 48-hour wait period is required before your article can be published while the admins of the site approve your post.

Would you like to see my HubPages article? https://hubpages.com/politics/Are-Social-Networking-Sites-Good-For-Our-Society

Rev Share Site Hubpages

This is your HubPages dashboard. Here you can search for articles to read, create a new post in any of these categories, receive your notifications, and see the earnings you’ve accrued.

How Much Does HubPages Pay You?

According to MakeMoney.com, you need Google Adsense on your site. Then, HubPages pays you 60% of the revenue if someone clicks the ad.

HubPages Testimonial

Nisar Hussain recommends HubPages. He includes HubPages on his list of the Top List of Article Submission Sites With Instant Approval. He ranks HubPages the 8th best site out of 30. His ranking is based on the Alexa scores of the websites.


Step 1: Go to http://snipsly.com/. Click “Register.”

Step 2: I clicked “Join Snipsly” and start making money. I received an error message saying I did not have permission to access the site on this server. I went to Tutorials and chose “How to Register for Snipsly.”

I went to the Home page in accordance with the directions in the Registration Tutorial. I followed the directions but was not brought to the window it said I would see.

I clicked 3 buttons that seemed to have potential, but I was repeatedly told I did not have permission to access Snipsly on this server.

I decided to try a different browser. I left Chrome and tried Firefox with the same results. I decided to restart my computer.

At Chrome, there was no change. I could not register. I clicked both “Start Making Money Now” and “Register,” each time I was told I did not have permission to access the site on the server.


I did not put my Dangers of Social Media article at Virily. Since I wasn’t able to publish it at either HubPages or Snipsly, there seemed to be little point. I wouldn’t be able to compare reader engagement.

Virily Testimonials

Consider this conversation left by members of the Writers Accountability Facebook group when discussing Virily and the longevity of a rev share site:

Barbara Hart Radisavljevic: Do you think these changes are a sign that Virily has a long-term plan in place? Do you feel secure about the content you’re posting there and your chances of getting paid? Could this be the one site that defies the odds?

Kyla Matton Osborne: Barbara, I think one of the more effective ways to use Virily is to use posts to drive traffic to content elsewhere. As long as the site remains open, those posts may help you to earn income on your blogs or other sites that pay for content.
Barbara Hart Radisavljevic: I am thinking of using it to drive traffic to ClickASnap (a pay-per-view photo site). I see how others have done that and they seem to be the ones with hundreds of followers.

Let’s Compare the 3 Rev Share Sites:



I felt I had help. A tutorial was offered to me. Also, when I was done writing, HubPages recommended using different style fonts.

I read I’d have to wait days for approval. It only took 12 hours.

A forum exists where you can get specific help with your hub (content).

You can use HubPages to read interesting content. For example, when I registered, I indicated I was interested in marketing. When a member posted a marketing article, I was notified by email.

I know an influencer who writes for HubPages. If she’s there, I’m guessing the site is worth pursuing.


I had technical difficulties.

You have to wait until you publish 5 posts to get out of what HubPages calls “Boot Camp.”

Online reviews complain the staff isn’t helpful.

I was confused at times. For example, I was confused between the Capsule title, the Subhead, and the Article title.

Google Chrome’s icon blocked my words.

My article was not approved for publication! The reason: I included a link back to my website.

Here was the explanation the site sent me:

Note that promoting your own articles or linking to external sites is not allowed and may result in the closing of your HubPages account. This especially includes the unsolicited posting of links to external sites and the opening new threads for the sole purpose of posting a link (whether to one of your articles or an external site).

I clicked “Edit,” removed my link back to Mostly Blogging and clicked “Publish” once again.

I heard back about the status of my revision within just a few hours.

Guess what? My article was rejected again!

No explanation was offered this time, just a suggestion to submit my post to the Forum where they could advise me.

Note: New HubPages members must go through this Boot Camp process five times.

Do you want to know my reaction this time?

I say forget it. I’ve spent too much time trying to publish one article at HubPages already.

Would it have been worth my time to continue to try to get out of Boot Camp and have my article approved by HubPages?

No! According to the MakeMoney.com blog, you need to be an affiliate of Amazon, eBay or Google Adsense to make money with Hubpages, and I’m not an affiliate of any of those.

However, blogger Treathyl Fox uses HubPages and reported conflicting information when I asked her if you need a Google Adsense account. According to Treathyl, “The answer to your question is NO. You don’t need it. But if you have a Google AdSense account and associate it with your HubPages account, you’ll be very glad you did. I am!”

Treathyl explains how you can monetize with Google AdSense which is needed with HubPages.


Update March 2020:

I heard from the people at HubPages regarding the necessity to attend Boot Camp. 

According to HubPages, 

“Your article was unpublished because you are still in Boot Camp. To pass Boot Camp and avoid having your work unpublished for not meeting HubPages’ minimum quality standards, you need to have five Featured articles.

A Featured article is an article that our Quality Assessment Process (QAP) has identified as being of particularly good or high-quality. Boot Camp is a program that all new Hubbers must go through to learn about our quality standards. To graduate from Boot Camp, you must publish at least five Featured articles. Until Hubbers graduate from Boot Camp, articles that do not pass the Quality Assessment Process will become unpublished.”

Frankly, this made me feel a little better. I believed my writing was rejected, but apparently, all newbies must go through this vetting process. 

More information about HubPages Boot Camp can be found here


Update September 2018:

According to Treathyl, the Snipsly domain is for sale.


Snipsly uses Google Adwords. They give 80% of their advertising money to their writers.


I was not able to make an account despite repeated attempts.

If something is difficult or time-consuming, people won’t do it.



Since my original Virily review, the site is even more engaging. Now Virily has a feature called “Challenges.” Many people challenge me over the years to photo challenges on Facebook. Now, you can have fun challenging your friends on Virily.


You must publish original content.

The wait time to get your article approved is a little long for my liking. I want to see reader reaction immediately!

 The Winning Rev Share Site

Clearly, no contest, hands down, it’s…


The site is easy to use, easy to generate engagement, fun and has money-making potential.

Wrapping Up

Readers, please share, so other people interested in writing at revenue sharing sites know about these options.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you write at a rev share site? If yes, which one? Do you recommend the rev share site for other writers?

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*The Writers Door Facebook Group


VIRILY UPDATE: October 2019

After not spending time on Virily in a long time, I noticed traffic from Virily in my WordPress dashboard stats.

It’s true! Virily generates traffic for you even when you no longer actively use the site.

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Cool Janice! I discovered some new revenue sharing sites today. I worked Steemit for a wee bit but devoted all my attention to my blog and eBook after a number of months. I admire the crypto crowd and their enthusiasm but there is too much manipulation going on over there, with wild swings in prices fueled by rabid greed and intense desperation. Not really my thing energy-wise. But again, I respect their community and wish them the best.


  2. Angela Johnson

    I used to write for Squidoo and did not move my lenses over to HubPages. I also wrote for Wizzley, but only had about 50 articles. I haven’t written a new article on Wizzley since Squidoo folded. I started a new blog instead. I’m going to go back to Wizzley and see if I should write something new.

    To me, the problem with HubPages is that someone has to register on the site in order to leave a comment. That’s too much trouble for me, plus a bit invasive. So I feel writers won’t get as many comments as they normally would – and that’s the fun part.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Angela,
      I have not heard of Wizzley. If after returning there, you think I should try it. Let me know. As you read in my article, I also struggled at HubPages so that might be a good site for me to check out. Thank you for commenting.

      • Barbara Radisavljevic

        I think that Wizzley may be on the way out. I have a few articles there. I’ve never made a cent. I think you need a t least fifty articles on any of these sites to start seeing much in the way of earnings.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Barbara,
          Thanks for letting me know
          1. Wizzley is on its way out. I appreciate you saving me the time familiarizing myself with it.
          2. Thanks as well for letting me know I need to send at least 50 articles to Virily and Steemit, where I write off my blog before I see any real earnings. That gives me encouragement.
          I appreciate you coming by and commenting. I wanted to make sure you knew you helped inspire this post.

  3. Tina Frisco

    Thanks for this great post, Janice. I can’t access your HubPages post; I get a 404 message. Also, I can’t access Snipsly at all; no menu comes up, just a blank page. I’m going to check out Virily and Wizzley. I’ve never belonged to an affiliate program, so I’ll check that out, too. In your honest opinion, do you really think this is worth the time and effort? I’d like to make extra money, but I’d also like it to lead to book sales. How can this be done if outside links aren’t allowed?

    Thanks again for all the great information you share with us!


    • Janice Wald

      I am allowed to leave links at Virily and Steemit. The others were not worth my time to continue to try so I abandoned my efforts. Anytime you can leave your links you get more visibility on search engines which will help you sell your book. Thanks for writing.

  4. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I’ve been on HubPages since 2009. I also transferred come of my Squidoo lenses there that I thought were a good fit when Squidoo closed. I think only my original account makes very much money. I made payout about six times a year before Bubblews started. When I joined Bubblews I made so much there I totally neglected HubPages, and I’ve never gotten into the swing of things there since then. Now I’m lucky if I made payout twice a year on my original account and once a year with the Squidoo transfer account. I’m fed up with all the approval time needed to publish a new hub now. I used to win contests and awards there, but no more. I stop in now and then to check my stats. As a result, my earnings have gone way down because I don’t update anything very often and many of my hubs are sleepy.

    Many of my friends who have been on HubPages only because of the Squidoo transfers are taking their hubs down and republishing them on their own sites. I’m also removing some of mine that need updating and revising them for my own blogs. I haven’t liked the site much for the past two years, and now that Maven is involved I like it even less.

    I ought to follow my own advice and stop devoting time to any of these sites and instead build my blogs. I’m almost to a payout on Virily, I think, so I’m putting in more time there. I have two posts that I wrote on Friday night, over 24 hours ago, that still aren’t approved. On weekdays posts submitted at night are usually approved by the next morning. Once I reach payout I will probably pay more attention to my blogs again. But like Niume, Virily can be addicting. It just doesn’t pay much.

    Steemit doesn’t tempt me because I want to be paid in US currency.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barbara,
      I appreciate your indepth comments and your adding to this discussion by providing more information. I was not aware Steemit didn’t pay in US currency. I agree that makes a difference but wouldn’t stop me if I felt it was lucrative. Regarding Virily not paying much, I agree, but the money is constant whereas Steemit rises and falls depending on the volatility of the bitcoin market. It’s also complicated in many ways whereas I find Virily very easy to understand. I vacillate. Some weeks I put my energies into Virily and some weeks into Steemit. The blog always comes first though. I can’t miss the deadline on the editorial calendar and disappoint my readers =). Thanks for writing.

  5. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Janice,

    I loved Squidoo and was devastated when they closed up. I did recover all of my pages first. I haven’t really written for any kind of site like that since. I did try HubPages and Sirgo for a while but just left a bad taste of working that hard to possibly lose my work or even control of it.

    You’ve done a very thorough research here and I don’t really think I’ll be trying them. It is good to know what’s out there for those who do want to write for sites like these.

    Thank you.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Monna,
      After reading Ryan’s comments, I am turned off to Steemit. I may just continue to play on Virily. It doesn’t pay as much but it’s easy and has a happy vibe.

  6. John

    I was on Virily. I still am. But it’s too slow from my end. Although I read some members are having problems logging in too at times. I still login to the site from time to time though. One thing I like about virily is the community. Some of them I have known from Redgage a few years ago.

    As for earnings however, I am earnng much faster on bitlanders. I’m not sure though if bitlanders has a cap on the daily earning, but some says the earning potential is $10 a day. So far I have seen one earned more than $9.00 in one day.

    I have sent you a tweet regarding the site.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you. I look forward to reading your tweet and checking out the site.

  7. Emenike Emmanuel

    Janice, thanks for this piece.

    I was already getting excited to try HubPages until you shared what you have to go through to seek approval for your article. I will not have the time for them. I’m sure earning from there will be as frustrating as earning from Google Adsense that takes a century to make real money from.

    Thanks for saving me the stress. Love reading your blog posts.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emenike,
      I am glad my post you save you the time and frustration that I experienced with HubPages. Thanks for writing to tell me I did.

  8. Janet Tubb

    Hubpages is the middle man! For sure you want to cut that out eventually.
    It’s like an old affiliate program – which doesn’t really even work anymore these days. Amazon just takes the lion’s share – people go directly there instead of searching for information through a blog – clicking the link – making a purchase – getting paid… That’s a dying industry completely. Hubpages is really a place for newbie authors who just got hired to promote themselves – https://hubpages.com/relationships/joys-of-toys theres an example. A standard article of someone looking to get a foot into the world of the author. I’m happy to see you had success as I did too in the past but the future for those just starting looks really challenging almost impossible. I’m happy I got in when I did!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Janet,
      Thanks for writing with your thoughtful comments on my article.
      I agree with you. People go straight to Amazon to make purchases. That’s why I sell my book on Amazon and not GoodReads.
      For me, as you read, HubPages was a timewaster. Thanks for writing to let people know my experience is not unique.

  9. Kari Flinn

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  11. Kari Flinn

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  12. Sandra Lopes

    Hi Janice, I’m relatively new to this way of earning so I tried to register at Virily and apparently they are not accepting new registrations. Do you know why?

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