5 Tips for Recycling Content to Make the Most of Your Marketing

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Recycling content is a time-saver for you.

Recycling content is a great way to extend your reach across platforms.

Recycling content.

Sounds eco-friendly.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can recycle content the way we do already-used items?

We can.

Guest author Alice Johnson explains how you can recycle content and get the most return on your time invested in making the content.

Why make new content when you can recycle content?

But how?

This guide offers 5 tips for making the words you’ve already written work harder by recycling content you already published.


What Does Repurposing Mean?

Repurposing means finding a new purpose or use to something. In this case, you’re going to find a new use for your old content. You save time not having to compose new content and get new audiences to read what you’ve published in the past. Don’t let your already-published content grow dusty on the shelf.

Let’s see effective ideas for recycling content.

Make Every Word Work Harder: 5 Tips for Recycling Content

Repurposing content has real advantages like finding a new audience in places you didn’t expect. Here are five tips for recycling content to try today.

5 tips for recycling content

Running a blog can be very time-consuming. First, you have to research, write and publish quality content for your website. 

Then, you’ve got to create new content for your social media channels to promote your posts. Don’t forget your newsletter subscribers; you also have to send them a message to promote your content.

Ultimately, it’s a lot of work and a lot of content to produce. There has to be a better way.

Enter content repurposing, a clever way of using your existing content and getting the most mileage out of it. The benefits of repurposing content include time savings, expanded audience reach and improved response to all your content.

Continue reading to discover five ways to repurpose your content to maximize your efforts.

Convert Popular Posts into an Ebook

People like to consume information in a variety of ways. While one person may prefer to read a long blog post online, another person is just as happy to open their tablet and learn about the same subject through an ebook.

It makes sense then to take your longer and more in-depth blog posts and convert them into ebooks. Distribute them on Amazon and other platforms to reach a wider audience.

You can sell the ebooks for profit or, even better, give away the ebooks for free so long as they contain email opt-in forms a few times. One company used this tactic to gain 15,000 new email subscribers in just six months.

[Host blogger’s comments: The Kingged blog experienced success with their post about watching videos. They could easily turn this post into an ebook.]

Create Infographics From Statistics

When you create content, chances are you use a lot of statistics to support your points. A great way to repurpose those statistics is to turn them into infographics.

You should create infographics for three reasons:

One, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than an article.

Two, marketing experts agree that content with several images to break up large blocks of texts are shared more often than text-only articles with only one image.

And finally, they’re easy to create. Do a Google search for “free graphics tools” and you’ll find plenty of options to create images in a matter of minutes.

You can leverage your blogs and images on other sites and platforms for maximum effect (read more now about using your blogs beyond your site).

Convert Videos into Blog Posts (or Vice-Versa)

Another fast and easy way to expand your audience is to repurpose videos into blog posts. You can transcribe the dialogue on your video, edit for grammar, format for the web, and hit “Publish.”  Easy peasy, right?

The opposite is true as well. Many YouTubers have built a following by turning their blog posts into videos. This technique can become a cornerstone of your content distribution strategy.

One tactic is to cover the main points in your article and hire an inexpensive video creator to produce interesting visuals. If you prefer to keep it simple, you can give a first-person summary of your article and give your thoughts and opinions about the subject matter. 

The best part about creating videos is that you can then insert the videos back into your blog content. Google and other search engines are really pushing video in 2019 so your post can receive the SEO benefit as well.

Combine Your Best Content Into a Roundup Guide

Speaking of Google, most SEO experts now believe long-form articles outperform posts with lower word-counts less than 1,500 words (unless you run a news site).

To that end, it’s wise to combine some of your best posts into one valuable roundup post. This is also a great way to revive older content that is no longer receiving a good share of views.

Most importantly, your roundup post will be very extensive and provide valuable content to your readers.

Use Blog Post Content in a Newsletter

Your newsletter is often your best traffic tool. Your subscribers have raised their hand and said: “Yes, here’s my email address so you can send me more of your content.”

Send an email with tips from your blog posts to nudge your subscribers to revisit your blog to read more helpful content.

Another easy way to repurpose your content is to enable the RSS-to-email feature with your email provider. Your subscribers will automatically receive a copy of your post in their inbox.

The Final Word About Recycling Content

Repurposing content is a great way to get the most out of your time and your content.

You can increase your exposure, expand your audience and reach your readers in new ways with very little effort.

If you enjoyed this article, please check out our top 15 blog posts now and share this post so other bloggers discover these tips for recycling content.

Author: Alice Johnson

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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  1. TechyOceans

    Interesting tips to get the most of your content. I always believe that videos are of great help to gain readers and keep them coming to your website.

  2. Paul

    Videos could be also effective to remarket a post, I am a little bit shy and I don’t know how to do recording with a phone, it takes video editing skills to do this right. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hugh

    Promotional and marketing days such as #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday are also great ways to recycle content that new followers to your blog may not have read. I’ve found #ThrowbackThursday to be very successful not only in bringing me more traffic to my blog, but also gaining new followers on Twitter.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hugh,
      I once read someone didn’t read “reblogs.” Ever since I have held the impression people don’t read older posts. Thanks for putting my concerns to rest. After reading your comment, I already scheduled a tweet to go out tomorrow, Thursday, with the #TBT and #ThrowbackThursday tag. Thanks for inspiring me and contributing to the repurposing suggestions.

  4. Moss Clement

    Hi Alice & Janice,

    These are extraordinary steps to repurpose your blog posts. Using your blog content for your newsletter is ideal. For me, the best way to that is by creating a series of posts to send to your subscribers from your best content. Lets say you published a long-form blog post that performed well. Use that article to create a series of posts and send them serially to your email subscribers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      I like the idea of a series. Thanks for contributing to the discussion by suggesting it.

  5. Liton Biswas

    Hi Janice,

    As you said, blogging is a lot of work to do. And writing and publishing a blog post takes a lot of time.
    But marketing experts say that if we spend 20% of our time to create content, we need to spend 80% of our time to market that content.
    That is a way to increase blog traffic and engagement.
    When it comes to marketing blogs, repurposing contents is a nice idea and your thoughts will definitely help with this.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Chakradhar Sahu

    Interesting tips to get the most of your content. I always believe that videos are of great help to gain readers and keep them coming to your website.

  7. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I think any way you can repurpose is great. You can also create a podcast from your posts.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rebecca,
      Great to see you. Thanks for writing. Have you gotten involved in podcasts? I haven’t made any. Thanks for commenting.

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  9. Philip V Ariel

    Hi @Moss Clement,
    Good to read your idea of converting one of the best posts into a series of post is a good idea.
    Thanks for sharing this. Of course, we can convert that into an eBook.
    Good to read your feedback on this.
    Keep sharing.

  10. Philip V Ariel

    Hi Janice and Alice,

    Glad to be here again, I found this post curated on the pages of BizSugar and am here.

    Indeed it is a good idea to Repurposing our content is indeed a good idea, if it is an old one surely we need to update it accordingly including the latest information with it. And of course, if it is the best one of your post we can convert that into an eBook.

    Thanks, Alice for sharing these pieces of information with the readers here.

    Keep writing.

    Best Regards

    ~ Philip

  11. Sahu amar

    Interesting tips to get the most of your content. I always believe that videos are of great help to gain readers and keep them coming to your website.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sahu,
      Yes, video is all the rage whether it be in social media marketing or video marketing. Thanks for your comments.

  12. e job alert

    Interesting tips to get the most of your content. I always believe that videos are of great help to gain readers and keep them coming to your website.

  13. e job alert

    Interesting tips to get the most of your content. I always believe that videos are of great help to gain readers and keep them coming to your website.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi E Job,
      What free video tools do you like? My favorite is Adobe Spark, aka Spark video. Thanks for writing.

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