React Tutorial and Projects Course: The 6 Best Sites to Learn React From

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React tutorial and projects course

Are you looking for a React tutorial and projects course?

React is without any doubt the most popular JavaScript library out there.

Everyone is looking for developers experienced in React and Redux, so the time is perfect to get a grasp of the skill and become an expert yourself.

We’ve researched and listed the best React courses that can lead you to your next big project. 

Here are the best places to learn and practice React JS. These platforms have been handpicked and recommended by the most prominent JavaScript experts.

Let’s dive in and look at reviews of the 6 best React tutorial and projects course choices.

React Tutorial and Projects Course Choices

1. Udemy

If you are looking for a React tutorial and projects course, consider Udemy.

Udemy is one of those platforms where you can learn practically anything. The scope, of course, covers development skills and programming. Courses are also adjusted to your knowledge level and delivered by reputed experts in each branch. There are thousands of choices, all the way from marketing to technology. Programming languages are not excluded – as of now, there are 3,000+ courses on mastering React JS

A fair warning – not all Udemy courses on the topic are as good as you want them to be. Stay nitpicky, as some of them are short and outdated. What we recommend is React JS Frontend Web Development, as it works the best for beginners, and it follows every trend on the topic. You will be able to master the basics and begin working with APIs and small components. If you decide to take a paid course, be sure to search for Udemy coupon codes as the platform runs different offers and promotions throughout the year.

If you decide to take a paid course, be sure to search for Udemy coupon codes as the platform runs different offers and promotions throughout the year.  

2. Coursera

react tutorial and projects course

Let’s look at Udemy’s main competitor. Coursera is also great for preparing experts and professionals on different matters. Its courses are created and delivered by top university professors and can be applied to various industries. Programming is obviously on the table. Since Coursera is a React tutorial and projects course, React JS tutorials are included. 

The best Coursera program on React JS is Front-End Web Development with React. It is an interactive journey through JXS and other important components, and it mostly targets experienced users that offer ReactJS web development services. If you are a beginner, nevertheless, you can use it to learn how to design single-page apps and their flow architectures. Part of the course also focuses on routing and Redux client-server communication. It is also the place to be when it comes to REST API.

Moreover, the course belongs to a full-stack program called Web Development with React.js. The program was developed and delivered by Hong Kong University.

You can join this React tutorial and projects course for $39 per month or subscribe to Coursera Plus ($399/month) to secure unlimited access to all popular courses. This also gives you the possibility to acquire certificates and participate in guided projects. 

3. The official website

It is never a bad idea to turn to the source of truth and acquire official documentation on a programming language. All the information on this website was written by professionals who participated in developing React.js. This means that they covered all aspects of the tool and developed the most useful tutorials you can find. 

You can even do your trial round there. First, install React.js to your website and create/render the basic components. As you learn, you can move on to advanced techniques and optimize performance with custom Hooks. No need to worry about getting it wrong – all information is already there! 

4. freeCodeCamp

Let’s explore the next choice for the best React tutorial and projects course, freeCodeCamp.

freeCodeCamp also offers over 6,000 tutorials on programming and technology. Information is available both on their websites and YouTube channels. At the same time, they offer graduate-level courses for training professionals. Since this is a non-profit organization, you are not expected to make any contributions other than donating to their purpose.

This React tutorial and projects course is a great place to start learning React.js on freeCodeCamp. The ‘Build an Online Store’ project is a great way to adopt the skill. There, you can even deploy external services and add features to your current React framework. Examples include Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Stripe for payments. It is all neatly explained in a single video. 

5. Pluralsight

Pluralsight also belongs to the list of e-learning platforms that feature a React tutorial and projects course. You can find thousands of classes on the topic. Moreover, you can rely on it 100%, as the platform restricts anyone short to a professional instructor from teaching courses. 

If you land here, don’t forget to check their Building Applications with React and Redux course. The target audience is intermediate learners who only have a surface understanding of JavaScript. Next thing you know, they are fully enabled to build React applications and apply the newest technologies to them. 

If you’re a beginner and you’d rather stick to the basics, check React: The Big Picture course. Some of the best-known React developers started their careers this way. 

Plus, Pluralsight membership is not that expensive. For a React course, it will either cost you $29 per month or $299 per year. The yearly subscription makes sense, as you get access to more than 7,000 courses on any tech skill you need. Plus, Pluralsight gives you a free 10-day trial to check their offerings. 

6. AlterClass

AlterClass targets foremost professionals and React experts. Nevertheless, if you’re an absolute beginner who only heard of React here and there, you can get their REACT Fundamentals Module for free. Satisfied users report having learned plenty on JSX. This React tutorial and projects course offers props, state management, and more.

What is also interesting to know is that the course is delivered by Greg D’Angelo. For those of you who don’t know him, D’Angelo is a popular senior software engineer and a trained mentor. He specializes in both JavaScript and React. Over the years, he contributed to a lot of well—known apps in a variety of industries. 

React Tutorial and Projects Course: FAQ

What is the best tutorial to learn React?

Udemy and its main competitor, Coursera, are considered top-of-the-line when it comes to choosing a React tutorial and projects course.

Summary: React Tutorial and Projects Course

This pretty much summarizes our top 6 learning destinations where you can master React.js for free. They are all beginner-friendly and help you create the best possible user interface for mobile apps. React.js is the best tool to enable modern and easy interaction, and it is certainly a desired skill in the business community. 

Once you’ve learned React.js, move on to React Native. This tool helps develop a professional frontend for any mobile app. If you’re an expert in React.js, Native, and JavaScript, you will be able to build even cross-platform applications.

Which React tutorial and projects course will you choose?

If anything else should come to mind, feel free to comment and present your suggestions in the comments section. 

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