How to Improve Lead Gen with Quiz Questions in 2023, 7+ Ways

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How to use quiz questions to improve lead generation

Quiz questions.

How can you use them and why should you?

Using quiz questions has many benefits:

You’ll boost reader engagement.

Respondents will provide blog post content ideas.

You’ll generate feedback which results in more sign-ups.

It’s true. By the time you’re done reading this post, you will be able to intrigue visitors, develop more content ideas, and grow your email list with quiz questions.

The best part: Many of the tools you can use to make quiz questions are free and don’t require coding.

What should you write quiz questions about?

You can write quiz questions about anything relevant to your niche. For example, you can ask your visitors where they want to be in five years. Then, tell them you will help them realize that goal.

How can lead generation companies help businesses?

Lead generation tools have the ability to speed up processes, fuel sales funnels with quality leads, improve existing customer relationships, and streamline lead nurturing approaches.

7 Lead Generation Companies That Create Quiz Questions


Why Should You Use Typeform to Make Quiz Questions?

According to the company, these are the benefits of using Typeform:

  • Typeform quiz questions are aesthetically pleasing.
  • You’ll get better data.
  • Get more insights into prospective customers.
  • You can use the forms to generate leads.
  • Grow your business.
  • There’s a Typeform and MailChimp integration.

How to Use Typeform

Go to

Click Sign Up Free.

Fill in the information requested and click the Verify link in your email.

Click Start and tell Typeform about yourself by answering questions.

Based on your responses, Typeform will recommend templates for quiz questions you can use.

I love the Artificial Intelligence!


Hmm… which to pick?

I chose the Lead Generation Form template. I am interested in generating more email subscribers and blog coaching customers.

Typeform automatically saves as you go so you’ll never lose your quiz questions form when you’re in the progress of making it.

When you’re done making or modifying an existing form, you can add your form to your Dropbox, Trello, MailChimp, and there are many more integrations by clicking Connect.

When I was done, I had a link to my survey. Since Typeform charges $35 a month, I could not embed my form for free.

Google Forms

Use this free tool to survey people in over 50 countries. Thanks to this international advantage, you can survey people in different countries to discover which country has people receptive to your new startup idea. 

I consider Google Forms so reliable, I use them when I conduct an expert interview. I make a survey and email the link to people I want to participate in my interview. 

Google Forms lets me know who has and hasn’t responded and asks if I want to resend the form to people I haven’t heard back from. 

Go to Click the large plus sign to create a new form. 

Google Forms saves the forms you used in the past so you don’t have to recreate a form that worked for you. You can simply modify it for your new survey. You can also use a Google Forms alternative.

Typeform vs Google Form


Typeform is used to survey your website visitors. The goal is to use the feedback to better understand your visitors. By discovering their wants and needs, you can create services, products, and content that address those needs.

This feedback gives you insight which you can turn into conversions.

You integrate Typeform with your blog.

Pricing: A premium plan starts at $35.00 a month. You can make a form for free, but you can’t embed it on your site.

Google Forms:

On the other hand, Google Forms is more all-purpose.

You can use Google Forms for purposes like party planning or as specific as user feedback.


quiz questions, 6 tools

Google Forms is free.


Why Should You Use Survicate to Make Quiz Questions?

  • Survicate is free.
  • The friendly support staff at Survicate are helpful, knowledgeable, and respond promptly.
  • People respond to the form. I know since I’m a happy user.

How to Use Survicate

I went to

I chose Lead Management: Collect information from website visitors.

I changed my mind and went to Traffic Sources Widget.

I changed my mind again and chose Content Marketing: Content Ideas Research.

Clearly, I was mesmerized by the lead generation choices at Survicate. You will be too.

Once you decide on your form, click Questions.

When you’re done, click Design.

Quiz Questions: Survicate

You can change the color of the box as well as the Submit button.

There were many other bells and whistles but I was pleased with most of the default settings.

Click Save, Save as New Theme.

Answer questions such as where and when should the survey appear.

I chose to show my survey to new visitors.

I clicked Activate Automatically for 7 days until it reaches 100 respondents. It goes off after 3 seconds.

Survicate will give me analytics and my results.

I installed the Survicate plugin which is compatible with WordPress.

Here is the link to download the plugin:

When I was done and went to Launch, Survicate gave me a code to put in the Settings once the plugin was installed.


After just 6 days, I had 14 responses.


While Respondent #6 used the form to give me glowing feedback on my blog post articles, Respondent #1 correctly observed my form is obtrusive.

After publishing the form and reading his comment, I realized I needed a way for people to minimize my tool.

I went to

I logged in and clicked the name of my survey.

Quiz Questions - Lead Generation Companies

To edit:

Click Edit/Design.

Under your form, in Design, you’ll see buttons you can choose to put in your form Design so people can minimize your quiz questions so they can still read your web content.

More About Survicate Internet Lead Generation

The people at Survicate are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They respond to questions in a timely manner.

If you break the communication, they follow up with you to ensure you’re happy with their tool.

By implementing the suggestions of your visitors, they will feel understood, a great way to build a stronger community.

Thrive Quiz Builder

According to Thrive, “Quizzes are a potent way to grow your business.”

In addition to the other benefits of utilizing quiz question forms on your website, Thrive predicts your social shares will increase.

According to the company, content containing quiz questions are the most shared content there is. This report is based on Thrive’s research.

Since quiz questions enhance the user experience, visitors will be more inclined to share your website content.

“Quizzes are a potent way to grow your business.”

Thrive’s advanced forms even result in users going down different paths to new questions based on their initial answers.

Instructions for using the Thrive Quiz Builder and more information about Thrive can be found here


Interact has a free template.

Blogger Esme uses Interact to build quiz questions.

She integrated her quiz question form with Aweber to generate leads.

If you want to learn more about this tool, my friend Nikola Roza wrote this Interact review you should check out.


The form with the quiz questions doesn’t even have to be on your own website.

The Marketo company uses quiz question forms to generate leads on LinkedIn. Many of us are engaged by taking quizzes on sites like Facebook. Why not engage prospective website visitors and customers with quizzes on LinkedIn?

Here are Marketo’s instructions.

According to Marketo,

“Quiz questions are visual, fun to take, and can be a great lead generation tool.”

“Quizzes are visual, fun to take, and can be a great lead generation tool.”

 WordPress Quiz Plugin

WordPress Quiz plugin is a great marketing tool that helps you to generate leads easily.

Using the Quiz Maker plugin allows you to create unlimited questions with which you can be aware of your customers.

So having quiz questions on your website gives you many benefits:

  • Improving your business is not a big problem anymore
  • Creating tight relationships with your customers, as you collect data handy
  • More shares on social media
  • Having an engaging website for end-users
  • Generating leads is a quick process
  • and so on.

The quiz maker is a superb lead generation-related tool. It provides you with the feature Logic Jump using which you can create more personalized quizzes. You can do your email marketing by gathering quiz takers’ emails before sending the results to them. 

The Quiz Maker plugin has many more great functions for making dazzling quizzes for your website.

How Lead Generation Companies Help Businesses

Lead Forensics

No matter which combination of effective lead generation strategies you implement, utilizing the best software can help B2B organizations supercharge their tactics.

Lead generation tools have the ability to speed up processes, fuel sales funnels with quality leads, improve existing customer relationships, and streamline lead nurturing approaches.

Most or all of a business’s lead generation activities will drive potential customers back to their website.

But, according to the Gartner group, up to 7 people can be involved in the B2B buyer journey. And, CEB found that B2B buyers are typically just over half-way to a buying decision before they engage with sales.

So, while these engaged website visitors may be interested in your product, the process can be long, complex, and involve lots of research.

Just because a user exits your website without making an inquiry does not mean they are not interested — but perhaps not quite ready to make a decision. If they do not inquire, how will marketers know that engaged B2B leads have been visiting their website? That is exactly where leading technology comes in.

Lead Forensics is a software solution that revolutionizes lead generation. The technology works by revealing the identity of previously anonymous website traffic and notifying users of visitors in real-time.

“Just because a user exits your website without making an inquiry does not mean they are not interested.”

Thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, users are alerted of the visiting business name and given access to contact details of key decision-makers from that organization.

This fuels marketers with already engaged website leads and gives salespeople the competitive advantage of reaching out to the right person, at the perfect time.

Users can see their visitors’ on-site behavior — gaining insight into what they searched for, how many times they visited, the pages viewed and the buyer qualification process. Not only does this information provide salespeople with the information they need to execute a bespoke, impactful sales call, but it also rapidly speeds up the lead qualification process.

According to research by Marketo and Reachforce, aligning sales and marketing teams can make businesses 67% better at closing deals.

With an effective Lead Manager function in place, leads can be assigned, tracked, booked and followed up with ease. And, the Lead Forensics software also works in harmony with a multitude of Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs).

This smooth integration means there is little impact on your organization’s day-to-day processes, and sales and marketing teams can seamlessly align and access real-time leads and rich data all in one place.

Using lead generation technology not only helps businesses gain qualified leads fast but also makes leads more likely to convert to customers. Use the tool to nurture leads appropriately, enhance their customer experience and guide them through the pipeline until they become a client.

Lead Forensics clients are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM), who is dedicated to ensuring the client achieves exactly what they want from the software.

CSMs will provide support, advice, and tips into how best to utilize the technology to achieve business goals and be on hand to guide you through your journey with the software.

The lead generation software has been helping businesses discover new business leads they would have otherwise never known about for more than a decade.

In that time, the organization has helped businesses of all sizes — from start-ups to enterprise organizations — generate leads through their B2B websites.

Not only does the software help businesses see incredible ROIs in excess of 2500%, but it also helps them measure the ROI of other lead generation channels — marketers can attribute leads to their source and see what tactics are working most effectively.

Turbocharge your B2B lead generation processes, get more leads than ever before, and never miss an opportunity again.

Discover Lead Forensics — request a free trial here

Wrapping Up: The Value of Quiz Questions as an Internet Lead Generation Strategy

In closing, this post revealed the power of quiz questions to generate leads.

Quiz questions are a great way to engage visitors and therefore is an effective lead acquisition method.

Takeaways: Best Lead Generation Companies That Generate Quiz Questions

Lead generation tools have the ability to speed up processes, fuel sales funnels with quality leads, improve existing customer relationships, and streamline lead nurturing approaches.

This post covered:

How to boost engagement and social shares, fuel sales, and grow your email list with 7 tools that make forms containing quiz questions.

Readers, please share so bloggers, business people, and anyone interested in lead generation with quiz questions discover these 7 tools.

I look forward to your answers in the comments section: Do you have any experiences providing forms with quiz questions on your site? Are there any additional lead generation companies that make quiz questions you can suggest?

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