QuillBot Review: 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Writing with AI in 2024 [UPDATES]

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QuillBot Review

Do you need an AI copywriting tool? Then, this Quillbot Review is perfect for you.

UPDATE: April 2023

Summarizing tools, like the Quillbot summarize tool, are platforms that use AI to summarize text in a document.

Interest in this product category is increasing (up 3233% over the last five years) largely due to a summarizing tool called “QuillBot.”

Searches for “Quillbot” have increased by 553% over the last 24 months.

QuillBot’s tools are used by over 5 million people every month, which has helped them raise $4.2M in funding.

Would AI Content Generation save you time?

This Quillbot Review offers you reviews of 10 tools including QuillBot that save you time creating content.

If AI could learn to taste and smell (Source), AI could certainly generate your content for you.

In 2021, content-driven marketing boosts SEO, boosts branding, and makes sales.

Is it possible that AI content generation can improve your writing?

By reading this guide to AI content generation, you get to see my writing compared to the article builder examples written by Artificial Intelligence.

Also, you get reviews of 10 AI Content Generation tools and two AI Content Generation tutorials.

The best part: Many of these productivity tools are free.

This article is a guide to saving time and money while AI improves your writing.

Intrigued? Let’s explore the Quillbot summarize tool.

Bring on the QuillBot review and the other AI content generation article builder reviews.

Update: May 2022

This Quillbot review includes demonstrations of how to use QuillBot AI and how to use Hyperwrite AI:

The video demonstrates how to use two article builders, HyperWrite and QuillBot, using AI content generation.

You will see how QuillBot AI improves my writing with a side-by-side comparison of my writing and the QuillBot AI content generation.

This video discusses the ethics of whether you should use QuillBot AI and HyperWrite AI as your article builder for the purpose of content generation.


This article builder was recommended by a Reddit user.

The biggest objection to using AI content generation as your article builder is that AI doesn’t use tone in writing. However, the Reddit user insists HyperWrite makes your writing sound natural.

According to the HyperWrite website,

“Adjust your tone and style on the fly. HyperWrite can rewrite your text to make it longer, shorter, more casual, or more formal, all with a single click.”

It gets better: HyperWrite is free.

HyperWrite sounded too good to be true, so I tried it out.

Go to https://hyperwriteai.com/. Scroll down to “Get started for free.” Click Get Started.

Make an account or sign in with Google.

Click to explain what you want to use the article builder for. I clicked “Other” since “blog post” wasn’t listed.

Click Continue and describe your document.

At the time, I was composing a post about Facebook’s October 4 outage, so I described the article.

Type your description on the left side of the screen. Click Continue.

Title the document. Click Continue and pick a structure. You’ll start seeing your article take form on the right side of the screen.

Since I did not see “blog post,” I chose listicle. I planned on giving a list of ways Facebook’s outage affected the user, so “listicle” worked. Click Continue.

Type ideas for your introduction. Click Continue.

You will be astonished how HyperWrite composes your introduction for you.

I wrote that Facebook went down in 2021, 2019, and 2008.

HyperWrite composed five introductions for me to choose from!

Here are my two favorites:

“Facebook’s been having a rough time lately. First, Facebook stopped for six hours on Monday, October 4. Then, Facebook stopped in 2019 and didn’t announce it was back online for 24 hours. And now, Facebook stopped in 2008 when it was offline for six hours.”

“Facebook has been down. Again. And again. And again. Facebook stopped for six hours on Monday, October 4th, and it didn’t announce that it was back online for 24 hours. If you’re one of the 1.9 billion people who use Facebook, here’s how this outage affects you and what you can do to get back to your normal social media lives.”

Although I had five choices, I prefer these two since they overcome the very objection to letting AI content generation tools be your article builder: AI doesn’t have tone.

Those critics of AI content generation were dead wrong. Both examples 1 and 2 show tone. Example 2 even provides data! I never typed in Facebook’s user base, but HyperWrite included it.

One important note though…

The AI content generation in both Introduction 1 and Introduction 2 are wrong. Do you see the difference in the facts between the two introductions?

Introduction 1:

The AI content generation makes it sound like it’s currently 2008.

Introduction 2:

Facebook didn’t announce it was back online for 24 hours when it went down in 2019, but the AI content generation wrote that this occurred in 2021.

Make sure you reread what the article builder composes. Don’t assume the content is correct merely because it’s written by Artificial Intelligence.

I will choose Introduction 2 since I like the tone. I will manually fix the errors which I can do inside of HyperWrite. To edit HyperWrite’s AI content generation, click the pencil next to the content.

Click Continue to Document. Decide if you want to compose a paragraph or a sentence.

One important note:

HyperWrite’s paragraph writer is a premium tool. However, you can continue to write sentences for free. Also, note that HyperWrite didn’t charge me to write my introduction although it was in the form of a paragraph.

Look at the sentences the AI content generation wrote for me to choose from next:

“You’ve probably missed important news Facebook’s outage affected users worldwide. During its…”

The article builder is really building my article. The AI content generation wrote my next sentence for me:

“You’ve probably missed important news Facebook’s outage affected users worldwide. During its six-hour outage, the social network was unable to display Facebook posts.

This meant that users could no longer watch live videos and see the latest news from friends. It also meant that users could no longer watch live videos and see the latest news from friends. It also meant that users couldn’t see the posts of friends who had posted since the outage began.

If you’re one of the 1.9 billion people who use Facebook, here’s the bad news: Facebook’s outage affected you too.”

I am not going to make you sit here while I have HyperWrite write my article. All I do is click. Do I make choices? Yes. HyperWrite offers me three sentences to choose from to add next.

Although HyperWrite charges to write your paragraphs, it will write your blog post’s outline as well as your sentences for free.

Interested? Go to https://hyperwriteai.com/.


AI Content Generation

This post introduces you to one of the writing robots named Articoolo.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to ask Articoolo to generate your blog post content for you.

“Too good to be true?” you say.

It gets better: Articoolo will generate a 500-word blog post for you and optimize your post for search engines for absolutely free.

You only pay him if you like the job he does.

More information about Articoolo and writing robots can be found here.

Article Blizzard

There are many ways to shop at Article Blizzard.

You can purchase content customized to your specifications, or you can purchase prewritten articles.

Buying a prewritten article certainly saves time when you’re pressed for time.

You could even buy a prewritten article to keep on the “shelf.” In times of emergency, you’ll be ready to publish with your Article Blizzard article in hand.

Next, you see the Sale category. The Bin is full of discounted articles already written for you.

In addition, you can see a Frequently Asked Question section. Also, Article Blizzard publishes a blog full of helpful articles for bloggers.

When you sign up for the blog’s newsletters, you automatically get 10% off your Article Blizzard purchases.

There are many ways to shop at Article Blizzard. The first is by browsing the Collections shown here. You have 15 Collections to choose from. Most niches are represented.

You can also shop by Type. The Types vary by the length of the article you choose. You could choose an article at least 500, 600, 700, or 800 words long.

Article Blizzard also shows you a Featured section and recent additions to their stock of articles. You can even sign up to be notified when new articles are featured.

You can buy a perfectly optimized, researched, proofread, 838-word article including a graphic for under $40.00.

More information about Article Blizzard can be found here.


TextOptimize optimizes your text for search engines. By letting the TextOptimize AI content generation go to work, your blog post ends up changed so you can rank better as well as beat your online competition for readership.

TextOptimize is easy to use. The tool uses white and gray to differentiate between words you already have and recommended words you should add in order to rank better and beat your online competition.

Interested? Go to https://textoptimizer.com/.

Semrush Content Template

Semrush Content Template

When you enter your keyword idea, you get helpful content suggestions.

For instance, you can check out the top content. Based on your competition for the keyword, Semrush suggests content you should enter into your post.

If you’ve already published, you can update your post with these content ideas.

Interested? You can find Semrush here: https://www.semrush.com/

Pricing: SEMrush starts at $99. a month.

Although Semrush is a premium tool, you can use the Semrush Content Template for free once a month.

Like TextOptimize, the Semrush Content Template will tell you how to optimize your content so you rank on Google and beat your competitors.


QuilBot review Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular Chrome extension.

Many people find the free version helpful in order to learn grammar as well as realize their writing errors. Grammarly crosses out mistakes in your writing so they are easy to identify and fix.

More information about Grammarly can be found here.


SendPulse’s AI Content Generation ensures your emails reflect better open rates.

The service offers you templates for email marketing and SMS notifications.

Whichever way you choose to market, SendPulse writes templates for you “guaranteed” to boost open rates.

More information about SendPulse can be found here.

Jasper (formerly Jarvis)

Do you want your blog posts, your marketing copy, and your social media content written for you?

jasper.ai is up to the task.

Considered top of the line when it comes to AI content generation, Jarvis is a premium tool.

Jasper makes an AI detection tool to ensure originality.

Pricing: Jarvis plans start at $49.

Interested? Go to https://www.jasper.ai/

AI Writer

QuillBot review AI Writer

According to the AI Writer website, “Never draft another article from scratch again! Our AI Article Writer generates unique article drafts just from a headline.”

The tool will write your article from scratch or rewrite your article. AI Writer will even compose your article after you enter keywords you want the content to focus on.

The AI content generation is only provided in English.

Go to https://ai-writer.com/. Click Try AI Writer.

Pricing: AI Writer starts at $19.00 per month.

Interested? Go to aiwriter.com.


Bring on the QuillBot review!

AI Content Generation

QuillBot’s grammar checker is a one-stop-shop writing platform (YourStory), helping users with all aspects of writing from source selection, language refinement, and editing for clarity and fluency. It is especially helpful in identifying chronically misspelled words, grammatical errors, and misused words, so users grow as writers with each use. QuillBot’s online grammar check is free and helps users avoid mistakes and polish written work so that the ideas shine.

Quillbot.com is a comprehensive AI-powered writing platform that aids users in every step of the writing process. In the beginning stages, Paraphraser reimagines and strengthens writing on a line-by-line basis.

In the middle stages, the Summarizer condenses and reiterates the main themes of the writing, while the Grammar Checker fixes any last-minute mistakes.

In the end stages, the Citation Generator creates citations for every source used in the work, effectively preventing plagiarism and giving credit where credit is due. All of the tools can be used for free, with additional benefits available under Premium subscriptions.

Whether you’re writing emails, essays, or social media posts, the platform helps to improve your writing skills, streamline workflow and deliver a more compelling message.

The platform supports more than 30 million people worldwide whose work depends on efficiently researching and communicating their ideas, to help them become more effective, productive, and confident writers.  

For anyone who needs to perfectly articulate ideas, find inspiration, overcome writer’s block and procrastination, increase productivity and find their ideal research and writing workflow, the tools are game-changers.

“In today’s world, you must present yourself in the most perfect way possible to be at the top of any field. Frequently, we write things that can be improved and can be progressed. 

QuillBot is an AI Ed Tech writing platform used by more than 30 million people worldwide to improve their writing skills, streamline their workflow, and deliver a more compelling message. 

The AI writing platform now has an arsenal of free online productivity-enhancing tools that are already changing the way the world writes.

The platform supports students, educators, researchers, attorneys, journalists, bloggers, English language learners and anyone whose work depends on them being able to efficiently research and communicate their ideas, to help them become more effective, productive, and confident writers. 

The comprehensive writing platform is a one-stop writing platform that helps users with everything from source selection to language refinement to editing for clarity and fluency with tools like citation generator

grammar checkerinstant text summary, and paraphrasing tool to automatically review, refine and automate written communication and is designed to elevate and strengthen users’ writing.  

For anyone who needs to perfectly articulate ideas, find inspiration, overcome writer’s block and procrastination, increase productivity, and find their ideal research and writing workflow, the tools are game-changers.

The tool, which was created with the belief that learning and applying knowledge is more rewarding than the mundane aspects of writing, assists writers in not only doing their job more efficiently but also:

  • Reduce writing time
  • Instantly eliminate unnecessary words, improve your writing and convey a clear message
  • Improve meaning & clarity
  • Write content in the exact manner that you want. You can get the instant changes you need to make whether grammar, creativity, or brevity.
  • Get the right Synonyms with the AI powered thesaurus
  • Find the perfect word to change individual words
  • Easily create APA, MLA, and Chicago style full and in-text citations in a snap for your essays, presentations, and documents
  • QuillBot has a grammar checker.
  • Use the paraphrasing tool.
  • QuillBot integrates directly into Google Docs and Chrome Extension.

No QuillBot review would be complete without a tutorial.

Go to https://quillbot.com/ and sign in.

QuillBot has two free modes and four premium modes for you to choose from.

QuillBot’s paraphraser can rephrase any text in a variety of different ways, guaranteeing you find the perfect language, tone, and style for any occasion. Just enter your text into the input box, and the AI content generation will work with you to build the best paraphrase from the original piece of writing.

You can ask QuillBot to paraphrase.

You can type, paraphrase, or upload a Doc.

Give QuillBot permission to observe your clipboard if you are copy-pasting.

QuillBot allows you to enter up to 10,000 characters at a time. Click Paraphrase.

I chose “Standard”

Here is what I entered:

Let me give you some history. When Facebook was implicated in a data breach, outraged Facebook users flocked to the MeWe social media site. MeWe actually rebranded as a Facebook alternative.

MeWe offered everything Facebook offered such as networking, content uploads, marketing potential, but without the fear that private data would be sold. In 2020, Facebook shut down conservative political groups following the U.S. Presidential Election.

Again, people flocked from Facebook to MeWe. Historically, when Facebook users are frustrated, they flock to MeWe. By January of this year, MeWe was growing by one million users per week! Yesterday, Facebook users were frustrated by the blackout.

It is no wonder other apps like MeWe received more attention. In fact, I have a MeWe review on my website that received three times its usual traffic. The time is ripe for other alternative social media sites to be developed. MeWe advertises itself as a Facebook alternative, but it shouldn’t be the only Facebook alternative.

Here is QuillBot’s improved version.

“Allow me to fill you in on some background information. Outraged Facebook users rushed to the MeWe social media site after the company was accused of a data breach. MeWe was rebranded as a Facebook competitor.

MeWe provided all of the features of Facebook, such as networking, content uploading, and marketing possibilities, but without the risk of personal information being sold. Following the U.S. Presidential Election in 2020, Facebook shut down conservative political groups.

People rushed from Facebook to MeWe once more. When Facebook users are frustrated, they tend to migrate to MeWe. MeWe has grown by one million users each week by January of this year! The outage on Facebook yesterday irritated users.

It’s no surprise that other apps, such as MeWe, have gotten more attention. In fact, a MeWe review on my website garnered three times the normal amount of traffic. Other alternative social media platforms are in desperate need of development. MeWe promotes itself as a Facebook alternative, but it shouldn’t be considered the only one.”

QuillBot review

Do you notice how easy QuillBot makes the AI content generation for you?

The screen shows your original text and QuillBot’s AI content generation on the right.

If you don’t like the new version, you can edit it.

The above uses QuillBot’s “Standard” version. There is also a “Creative Version” for premium users. When you click Creative, you are asked to agree to a disclaimer that you won’t use QuillBot for hate speech or misinformation.

QuillBot Review Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuillBot any good?

Yes! QuillBot effectively used Artificially Intelligence to improve your writing. I have seen an improvement in my own writing.

Is QuillBot better than Grammarly?

Their main purposes are different. Grammarly is known as a way to improve your grammar. QuillBot is primarily used as a way to improve your writing.

Wrapping Up: QuillBot Review

In closing, by reading this guide to AI content generation, you received reviews of AI content generation article builders, two article builder tutorials, and a QuillBot review.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Have you tried AI content generation? What is your opinion?

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This guide to AI content generation explained how Artificial Intelligence could save you time and improve your content. If you want to know how consumers can save you time and build your content, read this article about consumer-generated marketing.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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    Great share।
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    Will surely check these tools for sure।
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    • Janice Wald

      Hi Philip,
      Thanks for commenting. If you are rushed, having the AI do your writing is helpful, and HyperWrite is free. I also got a kick out of seeing the AI’s writing in contrast to mine. Thanks for commenting.

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