Purpose of SEO: Do You Know These 4 Powerful Benefits?

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Purpose of SEO and advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Brandon Leibowitz with an Introduction by Janice Wald

Do you know the purpose of SEO?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of SEO:

Keyword research is seemingly impossible at worst and time-consuming at best.

Search engine optimization can be costly if you don’t have free SEO tools.

Trying to rank on Google can seem like a feat so impossible you want to call master magician Houdini to help you.

Understanding SEO appears so complex you feel like you need a degree from a blogging course.

SEO actually takes people years of study.

What is all the stress and confusion for?

What is the purpose of SEO? What is the point?

This post’s introduction shared 4 disadvantages of SEO.

Guest author Brandon Leibowitz shares 4 advantages.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you will know the purpose of SEO and the advantages and disadvantages of SEO.

Do you know the purpose of SEO?

Out of curiosity, I asked digital marketers if they knew the purpose of SEO.

I used the hashtag #MarketingDigital so they could find my question which I placed in an Instagram Story.

I asked, “What is the purpose of SEO?”

At the time this screenshot was captured, 189 viewers of the #MarketingDigital hashtag had seen my question.

Look at the responses I received:

purpose of SEO advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Needless to say, at least based on these responses, explaining the purpose of SEO is certainly called for.

Benefits Of Doing SEO To Your Website

Brandon Leibowitz

Advantages of SEO for Your Website

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, you might have been told that you need to use SEO. But why? What is the purpose of SEO?

SEO is a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. However, if you are not yet familiar with this, then you’re probably not convinced if SEO is worth your money and time. 

So, here are 4 benefits of SEO to your business website to convince you:

The Purpose of SEO

The Primary Source of Leads

Probably the most successful and effective source of leads among B2B, B2C, and non-profit organizations is inbound strategies. And inbound includes social media, SEO, referrals, and content marketing, and among others.

Builds Credibility and Trust

The goal of any SEO is to establish a strong and authoritative foundation for a beautiful website with an effective and clean user experience which is easily discoverable in search thanks to the credibility and trust of the brands and its digital properties. 

However, establishing that authority is not that easy. It is earned and built over time. With correct SEO, patience, commitment and effort, you can establish your brand as an authority in your particular industry. 

[Host blogger’s comments: Are you familiar with the EAT acronym? Google shows users websites that establish expertise, authority, and trust.]

A Better User Experience

There are various ways that you can improve your business website and optimize the user experience. This includes providing your audience with related videos or photos to support text, relevant information, a mobile-friendly website configuration and an easy to navigate web page. 

All this can lead to better user experience, resulting in more clicks and leads, higher conversions rates and better brand recall. In addition, this is what search engines are looking for, improving your search rankings. 

No Need to Pay for Ads

Organic rankings in Google are based wholly on what the algorithm believes to be of the best search results for a given query. 

Meaning that when you have created a web page that a search engine thinks worthy of directing users to, then it will continue to attract organic traffic to your website for months and even years after publishing it. 

Of course, writing and researching high-quality contents require effort and time or even money, however, once you have made the initial investment, there is no continuing cost in order to keep attracting organic traffic to your website content. 

You can update the webpage every few months and might even add something to improve it. However, that valuable spot in the SERPs is totally free of charge. 

Host blogger’s comments:

SEO Optimizers put together this detailed guide on link building:

purpose of SEO and advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Wrapping Up: The Purpose of SEO and the Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

Host blogger’s comments:

In my introduction, I shared the disadvantages of SEO:

SEO is time-consuming, difficult, confusing, and, depending on the tools you use, expensive.

Brandon shared the most important benefits of SEO:

SEO helps you generate leads, establish credibility, improve the user experience, and enables you to blog ad-free.

I look forward to your views in the comments section:

Now that you’ve heard the advantages and disadvantages of SEO, which outweighs the other in your opinion?

Now that you know the purpose of SEO, will you optimize for search engines like Google?

Readers, please share so bloggers and marketers learn the purpose of SEO and the eight advantages and disadvantages of SEO shared in this post.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Chloe Summers

    This is one of the best roundup articles I’ve read about SEO. Kudos, Janice! You have shared relevant points about SEO that some people nowadays fail to identify. Regardless of its importance in this digital era, some businesses still fear to give it a go. Hopefully, they’ll read this post and change their mind. SEO is a powerful marketing tool – no doubt about that.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Chloe,
      I can’t understand why people refuse to do keyword research and optimize their posts. Mostly Blogging Academy https://mostlyblogging.com/academy can teach people SEO for pennies on the dollar.
      Thanks for commenting about the advantages of SEM.

  2. Ayush

    Nice article and the infographic is quite beautiful.Thanks Janice for sharing your knowledge about SEO.

  3. sv workday training

    this article helped me to know how to increase the traffic of the website by doing seo. by doing seo we can get the organic traffic to our website
    thanks for sharing this information

  4. Joy Healey

    Hi Janice and Brandon,

    I’m afraid I’m one of those bloggers who 99% ignore SEO – ever since someone told me that Google just feeds me up what it thinks I what to see (i.e. my own content) which isn’t what it would give to a genuine searcher.

    More worryingly, I look at the number of posts for keywords I would like to rank for and just feel overwhelmed by the thought of trying to rank. Rather defeatist I know 🙁 Perhaps I should look at your academy article 🙂

    However, I have recently started using the RankMath plugin instead of Yoast and would be interested in your opinion of it please?

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joy,
      I’m a big fan of Rank Math.
      Don’t feel overwhelmed. Our Academy courses start at $7.95. Peter, the teacher, boosted my rankings. Let him boost yours too with his academy class.
      Here is the link for your convenience: https://mostlyblogging.com/academy.
      Let me know which one you pick.

  5. Bella X

    Yes SEO is time consuming but we have to do it in order to drive traffic to our website. The method used by one web owner differs from another web owner – whether he/she choses social media or just blogging. I try not to depend on one method in building links but I try to spread it out in many different method like social media, blogging, blog commenting, directory submission, Q&A etc.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bella,
      Thanks for writing to let me know you agree with the guest author and found the tips valuable. Thanks as well for contributing to the discussion with your suggestions.

  6. Jeet

    Thank you, Janice, for sharing this information. I think this will be helpful for me and you infographic was very well.

    • Janice Wald

      Glad you appreciated the infographic, Jeet! Thanks for writing to tell me.

  7. Neil Teasdale

    This is a great SEO resource! Love the way the infographic is laid out, lots of knowledge and tips..

    Thanks for sharing Janice!

  8. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi, Janice great share from Brandon Leibowitz on the Pros and cons of SEO.

    A lot of things to pick. But sad the infographic some part of it is not legible or visible.

    I really struggled to read. anyways I could pick some points, and I am surprised to note that a major chunk, a 78% of the world wide search is grabbed by the giant Google and to my pleasant surprise, the Bing is nowhere to see, is this correct analysis, Yahoo too is showing a meager space. Anyways Google rules the roost.

    By the by Janice are you using Yoast or Rankmath, you said in the reply comment to Joy you said I am a great fan of RankMath are you using both or only one.

    I found this shared on the platform BizSugar and I up-voted and commented.
    ~ Phil
    PS: Hey Janice, a small doubt to clear, you never add the headshots of your Guest Authors whY? LOL 🙂

  9. Lynsey

    SEO is the one area i really struggle with on my blog. i have recently been removing dead links with a hope that will help in some way. I try to write longer content. I do struggle with getting traffic to my blog so this information is helpful. I infographic is great.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sachin,
      Thanks for coming by. I appreciate your compliments. I thought the infographic was wonderful as well.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Thank you so much! I am truly flattered! I replied to you when I let you know I linked to your post on my About Page under Honors.Thanks again.

  10. Brisbane seo

    The goal of any experienced SEO is to establish a strong foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, effective user experience that is easily discoverable in search with thanks to the trust and credibility of the brand and its digital properties.

    • Janice Wald

      Well put Brisbane! That is a concise way of summing up SEO objectives. Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

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