14 Best Productivity Hacks for Great Success

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productivity hacks for great success

Are you interested in productivity hacks for great success?

HARRY POTTER author J.K. Rowling once wrote, “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

How do you interpret this quote?

I believe Rowling’s quote means, “Words are inexhaustible. They never get tired.”

Yet, after reading her quote, I am inspired to ask you: Do you, as a blogger, get tired of writing the words that go into your blog posts?

If you do, if writing exhausts you, you need these productivity hacks for great success.

This post will offer you two schedules for bloggers who work outside the home in addition to 14 productivity hacks for great success.

In addition to the schedule, by reading this post, you’ll gain additional productivity hacks for great success for bloggers.

Can you relate to these comments?

“Folks, I am at wit’s end. I want to be a successful writer more than I want to continue breathing, but for the past two years, I have been dealing with crippling burnout that’s slowed my progress to a crawl and stripped me of my sanity.

Something inside me is broken, and I’m not sure dreams are enough (Source).”

If you can relate, you need blog hacks. These productivity hacks for great success will help.

For those of you who prefer to watch, you will find my productivity hacks for great success in this video which shows the day in the life of a blogger:

Productivity Hacks for Great Success

Blogging Schedules

My Blogging Schedule

productivity hacks for great success

I recently changed my blogging schedule. I sorely need a blogging schedule since I work outside the home as a teacher.

My readers often ask me, “How do you find the time to teach, run a blog, and spend time with family?”

If you work outside the home like I do, you may find these productivity hacks for great success helpful.

I can have it all and so can you if you follow this schedule.

Before school: I set up my Buffer queue to promote on Twitter, I promote in Facebook groups, and I network on Instagram.

Nutrition: I respond to my emails and set up my Instagram posts on Buffer. I also promote my latest post on Pinterest and Flipboard.

Lunch: I answer questions on Quora and respond to commenters. I respond to the commenters first. By trying to respond each day, I hope to find the time to answer everyone’s comments. People will only know how much I appreciate their comments when I respond and tell them.

After school: I blog and promote on LinkedIn and Scoop.It.

Evening hours: While I’m watching TV with my husband, I insert graphics into upcoming blog posts. I work on expert interviews if I have any upcoming. After TV time is over, I respond to commenters and pick out clothes for the next day. This saves me time in the morning.

Before bed: During my nighttime routine, I network on Twitter and use the Commun.it apps to make sure my Twitter follower/following ratio is in balance. I network on Instagram again.  I research and curate posts on Flipboard which will help me with future blog post articles.

I know a math teacher who teaches about the slope-intercept form. She insists a comparable schedule also works for her.

More Blogging Schedules

Consider these comments from blogger Hugh Roberts as he describes part of his blogging schedule:

“One thing I have to do every morning, as soon as I switch on my computer, is to respond to any comments left on my blog posts. Now I’m wondering if that is a good thing or a bad thing to do?

It’s the same with my emails. They are the next thing I check. I feel happier when I know I’ve checked and dealt with them and then I can get on with what I need to do.”

Now that you’ve seen Hugh’s schedule and my schedule, let’s look at 14 productivity hacks for great success that should help ease your blogging stress.

More Productivity Hacks for Great Success for Working Bloggers

1. Batch schedule. Do you ever find yourself with a day to yourself? Batch schedule your blog posts in advance. No one says you have to schedule them the day or even week before you plan on publishing. Get ahead on your blogging tasks by scheduling many posts at one time.

2. Don’t reinvent the wheel. For example, if you have a great template, just swap out the image. If you have a great template and image, swap out the words.

3. Use stock photos. Once I criticized stock photos as “cheesy” and spent way too long using my own photos. I’m not a professional photographer. My photos are a whole lot “cheesier” than many at free stock photography sites.

4. Limit your blogging. The less you write, the more promotion and networking you can do.

5. Use Preschedulers There are many free social media scheduling tools you can use to promote your posts in advance. I preschedule for the entire day the first thing in the morning. I work outside the home and can’t be in front of a computer all day long, so Buffer, a free tool, preschedules my Twitter posts for me. Many people prefer the Hootsuite social media scheduling tool, which is also free.

6. Make the most of TV watching time.

Think of all you can accomplish while watching TV:

  • Put in graphics while watching TV.
  • Share other bloggers’ articles while watching TV.
  • Gift wrap while watching TV.
  • Brush the dog while watching TV.
  • Respond to comments while watching TV shows not plot-driven. For example, I am able to focus on returning my blog comments while watching TV shows with singing competitions.

7. Practice stress management techniquesYou can be more productive if you’re not stressed. One technique I recommend is walking. Dog walking is perfect for this tip. When I get to exercise for myself and my pet, I am so relaxed on our outing, I start devising creative blog posts.

8. Write about your passions. People who write about their interests write faster.

9. Host guest authors. I have a ‘guest author Tuesday” series. Enabling others to do your writing leaves you free to do other blogging tasks like guest posting to increase the reach of your audience.

You might think it’s a wash as far as minutes, but it isn’t. If I take time to write a post whether it’s for my blog or someone else’s, isn’t it the same amount of time and you might as well just write for your own blog? No!

When you guest author, you are engaging in blog promotion since you are telling a new audience about your blog in your bio. Also, when you guest author, most host authors allow you to include at least one link.

By linking back to your site from someone else’s site, you’re improving your search engine optimization. You accomplish a great deal by guest posting. Talk about a great return on your time investment (ROI)!

10. Outsource your other blogging needs. Is outsourcing not in your budget? Consider finding a “buddy” and exchanging free service for free service. I have this kind of arrangement with graphic designers, technical helpers, and marketers who write my sales copy for me.

11. If outsourcing is in your budget consider using a virtual assistant. There are many ways you can save time blogging by using a virtual assistant. At Fiverr.com you can outsource your blogging needs for as little as $5.00.

12. Get help with your blogging tasks from other bloggers. Groups exist on Facebook and other sites where you can get help with social media sharing, increasing comments, and even opinions on website design. I actually have a blogger collaboration group on my blog as well as a Link Exchange.

13. Use to-do lists. I’m a big believer in to-do lists. Free apps are available such as Google Keep. However, I find I am the most productive with plain old paper and pencil. I write my “to-dos” on post-it notes and post them to my desk.

If I don’t finish my tasks, I put the note in my pocket and resume completing my tasks when I’m home. On the weekends, I still use pencil and paper to-do lists but I use a bigger sheet of paper. I leave it on my laptop so I am forced to see it the next time I blog.

14. Start a “No-thank-you” list. Become a minimalist and do less. Only do what is essential. People would rather you put all your focus into a task and do a quality job than be so preoccupied with all you need to do the quality of your tasks outside of blogging suffers.

Productivity Hacks for Great Success FAQs

What is your most-used productivity hack?

My most-used productivity hack is a paper and pencil. I use different color ink: Pencil to write the task, blue to draw boxes next to the tasks, black to check off the tasks, and red to indicate if the task is urgent.

What is your best productivity hack?

My best productivity hack is the productivity hack I use every day: a paper and pencil. I use different color ink: Pencil to write the task, blue to draw boxes next to the tasks, black to check off the tasks, and red to indicate if the task is urgent.

Wrapping Up: Productivity Hacks for Great Success

In conclusion, writing is easy. The words flow out of us when we write our passions and aim to empower others. The difficult part is staying organized.

As a blogger, you have much to do. If you work outside the home, you have even more to do.

Follow these productivity hacks for great success to ease your overwhelm.

By finding a way to manage your time, you avoid stress which could lead to blogger burnout.

Hopefully, these productivity hacks for great success inspired more ideas for ways you can save time by being more productive.

Readers, please share these blogging schedules and these 14 productivity hacks for great success so bloggers save time.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know any productivity hacks for great success you can suggest?

A portion of this post first appeared on Esme Salon as “14 Ways You Can Save Time with Simple Productivity Tips.”

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Excellent job on this post Janice. Not reinventing the wheel is one of those ultimate productivity tips that most ignore and few put into action. Life is doing simple things generously for a long time. But people in their fears try to do complex things for a short period of time and absolutely kill their productivity. I have written a lot of content and self-published a lot of ebooks and simplicity, generosity and persisting are all hallmarks of what I have been able to do in the blogging world. From blog commenting, to guest blogging, to self-publishing on Amazon and creating courses. I am productive by most blogger standards because I did not reinvent the wheel but simply kept doing what worked and what has worked for a lot of bloggers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      You are amazingly productive. Just the amount of books you have published, the amount of articles you’ve published on your site, and the amount of guest posts you’ve published on other people sites are jaw dropping.
      Thanks for commenting.

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