How to Make More Money with a Pricing Table Template

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How to Make More Money with a Pricing Table Template


An expression states, “Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and data.”

You need to present data in your blog posts.

Data gives your blog post information credibility.

Numbers don’t lie. People can’t argue with numbers.

How do you present the data?

Has data presentation been a problem for you?

It’s been a problem for me.

My post offering beginner blogging tips was a study designed to reassure bloggers that disappointing page views do not mean they need to abandon their blogs and quit blogging.

Gary Jefferies, my co-author, compiled the research while I was in charge of presenting them in our blog post.

Ouch! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the numbers to align.

Gary suggested I align the numbers but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the numbers straight, one over the other.

If you’d like to see the messy numbers I published, click the link to This Is Why Seasonal Blogging Factors Never Have to Be the Kiss of Death, 12 Tips and scroll down to “What the Research Shows.”

I was embarrassed and frustrated!

If I only had known about plugins that allow you to use tables on your site, I could have put the numbers in a table and avoided the negative emotions that interfered with what was an otherwise fun experience.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to avoid having my bad experience since you’ll be able to put tables in your blog posts.

This post will enable you to present data in an organized, professional manner and even boost your income by using the WordPress table plugins to make a pricing table template.

Why You Need a Pricing Table Template

Many reasons exist for you to have a table on your site.

My experience detailed in the introduction is just one example.

Another example relates to the prices you charge for your goods and services.

Do you have a Hire Me page or any page advertising your good and services on your site?

Are your prices listed on that page? If yes, did you put your fees in a pricing table template?

Blogger Ryan Biddulph insists you shouldn’t negotiate your prices.

If you put your fees on your Hire Me page in a pricing table, people understand your pricing is not negotiable and they won’t argue with you about what you charge.

Are you wondering what the rows and columns in your pricing table template would look like?

Let your imagination run wild!

For example, I could state my charges for my sponsored posts in a table.

Some bloggers who accept sponsors charge for word minimums. Other bloggers charge for social media promotion.

I could even put my prices for my blog coaching service in a pricing table template.

What would that table look like?

I could have different prices depending on whether the critique was on the phone or in writing.

If the critique is in writing, I could charge depending on whether my report is in-depth or a cursory critique.

Each of the WordPress table plugins come with templates you could use as a pricing table template.

Spruce Up Your Site With Responsive Table WordPress Plugins

by Steven Bowen


In today’s time, WordPress is widely used by the businesses to create a spellbound website without any hassle. However, to beautify the site and display the information in an organized manner, many businesses use tables. We know the fact that there is no in-built table function in WordPress. But, you no longer need to worry. Thanks to the introduction of  WordPress table plugins that allow you to add tables to your pages and posts, you can easily explore various plugins online that you can add to your WordPress website to give it a unique appeal.


Tables provide an ultimate way to organize and present big information or data in a detailed manner. No matter: If you are presenting varied types of information about any specific thing or comparing multiple things, a table is highly beneficial to offer more detail at a glance. So, the addition of the tables in WordPress posts and pages may be vital for the WP site owners.


However, selecting the correct plugin for your site is of utmost importance. For example, several websites these days are responsive in nature so the table plugin that you choose should also be responsive. Apart from this, the plugin should be compatible with the advanced version of WordPress and other themes. In order to make it simpler for you to select the best table WordPress plugin, we have compiled a list of top table WordPress plugins. You can check out their distinct features and download the one that fits the needs of your site.


Let’s have a look:



  • Ultimate Tables:



The perfect visual table builder, Ultimate Tables is one such plugin that integrates data table script for providing filtering, searching, paging and sorting features.

WordPress table plugins

Download Link:

Remarkable Traits


  • Select from 3 designs and customize.
  • Search box.
  • Texts manageable.
  • Pagination with varied options.
  • Plugin updated on regular basis.



  • wpDataTables Lite:



Using this plugin, you can easily add tables to your site that are sortable and highly interactive. Moreover, this table can read data from varied sources like JSON, XML, Excel and CSV.

Download Link:

Impressive Features


  • Row grouping.
  • Multiple column types.
  • Handling table through WordPress admin panel.
  • Various input source like CSV, JSON, or Excel.



  • TinyMCE Advanced:



This table WordPress plugin enables you to add, arrange or remove the buttons that are present on the Visual Editor toolbar. You can configure a maximum of four rows of buttons including font family, background colors, font sizes and many more. It will also allow you to enable an editor menu and view the screenshots. There is also elasticity to allow TinyMCE menu above the toolbars for making the editor more advanced and convenient.

Download Link:

Captivating Characteristics


  • Ultimate support for designing and editing tables.
  • Capability to set font family and font sizes.
  • Several options available while inserting lists.
  • Store paragraph tags in the text editor.



  • Table Maker:



Table Maker is one of the ultimate options for those websites that require you to add a comparison and a specification table to the webpage. Making use of this table maker plugin, you can easily add other types of tables. There is a feature for uploading images and using them in the tables. The table looks captivating by adding data as rows and columns.

Download Link:

Amazing Traits


  • Predefined icons.
  • Benefit to select color of header.
  • Facility of adding subheaders.
  • Option to upload and utilizing images.
  • Benefit to mark the first column for specified labels.


5) TablePress:


TablePress is a quality-rich plugin with an easy to use interface that allows you to create and handle captivating tables on your WordPress website without any technical expertise. You can simply embed the tables into posts, text widgets or pages with an easy shortcode. An add-on JavaScript library includes features such as pagination, sorting, filtering and many more for site visitors. You can easily import and export tables from CSV, HTML, Excel and JSON files.

Download Link:

Eye-catchy Features


  • Modern JavaScript library.
  • Links and images can be added in the tables.
  • Simple to copy and remove tables.
  • Import and export tables through CSV or JSON format.



  • Custom Tables:



With the help of this plugin, the admin can easily create any new table in the database. Various shortcodes can be designed with this plugin for inserting tables into the WordPress site. You can fill the table manually over the WordPress Admin Menu with various new entries. Besides this, you can select the way over Excel for MultiEditing every line and reimport the data in CSV file format.

Download Link:

Distinct Characteristics


  • Data can be imported in CSV files.
  • Instructions are installed into the plugin just like pictures.
  • Enable search and sort orders in addition to caching functionalities.
  • Create varied shortcodes for adding tables to the WordPress sites.


In A Nutshell


Tables are an ultimate way to showcase your data on WordPress websites. But, ensure that they are responsive in nature. Displaying data on the site is quite common these days and WordPress table plugins allow you to do that like a pro. We hope that this list of responsive WordPress table plugins turns out to be highly beneficial for you. We have tried to cover varied types of table plugins so that you get your desired plugin. If you feel that we have missed out some vital plugins, then feel free to share your views in the comment section below.


Author Bio: Steven Bowen is a columnist and professional blogger associated with No-refresh: T-Shirt Design Software Provider, who likes sharing informative posts with high-quality content to enhance the visitors’ knowledge.

Host blogger’s comments:

A pricing table template is only good if you have clients or customers. My blog coaching services can help you monetize your blog or business so that you will have clients to show your pricing table.


Readers, please share so bloggers wishing to monetize learn how they can have a pricing table template on their site as well as other uses of the WordPress table plugins.


This post offers information about how you can use WordPress table plugins to make a pricing table template and other uses for tables on your websites.

The Google Maps Widget will enable you to have a map on your site.


  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Interesting idea Steve. Thanks so much for the link Janice 🙂

    For me, whatever helps you get clear on your pricing, take that route. That helps you make more money through your blog. I recall hearing my friend Alonzo Pichardo advise folks to say all pricing is fixed, and fully non-negotiable. He does not bargain or barter with folks so I followed his lead, seeing his success, and I began to align with more prospering folks when I treated my rates as a doctor or lawyer treats their rates, meaning fixed and firm.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for commenting. Did you see I linked to you in the article? You inspired my introduction!
      I was discussing the point of bartering with someone. They say people expect to negotiate so as long as we price ourselves too high, we can negotiate down to the price we would have asked for in the first place. What are your thoughts?

  2. Moss Clement

    Hi Steven & Janice,

    Here is another awesome read. From the example of your “Why Seasonal Blogging Factors Never Have to Be the Kiss of Death, 12 Tips” where the numbers are all messy, it goes to show the importance of having a table template for your pricing. You quoted Ryan’s article about not negotiating your price, I actually did read that article and leaned a lot from there. I used to negotiate my price, but after reading Ryan’s post, I stop and it has been tremendous. So with a WordPress table template, it makes it easier to present data in an orderly manner, as well as make your information more credible.

  3. Janice Wald

    Hi Moss,
    Thank you for your comments. I find it difficult not to negotiate. I always feel getting a little money many times is better than getting no money often. Having a pricing table on my site will ensure my numbers speak for themselves. Do you have a pricing table on your site?

  4. Stefan Ciancio

    Hi Janice and Steve,

    It is a great idea to put the prices in tables. That’s what most businesses online do, and it guarantees they won’t be any hassle over the prices later.

    I would even put a disclaimer concerning refund policy under the table. Many on the web just keep wasting others’ time and are window shopping. With a refund policy, you could make sure that no one’s time is wasted, especially not yours.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Stefan,
      I like your idea. I usually put that disclaimer on my PayPal invoices so people know that all sales are final. Thank you for writing in contributing to the discussion.

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