How to Improve Mobile Marketing, 3 Ways

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3 predictive analytics benefits

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How Predictive Analytics Improves Mobile Marketing

Predictive analytics is the future of mobile marketing — are you ready?

Companies across all industries are investing their time and money into mobile marketing strategies. It’s become a wise investment for many brands and has proven to provide impressive results. 

And companies are not slowing down their investments into mobile marketing technology. To help put it in perspective, consider the fact that the mobile ad spends in 2019 was $190 billion worldwide — and that’s on mobile ads alone. 

Think about how much is spent in other forms of mobile marketing such as developing email campaigns, sending advertisement text such as SMS messages, or managing mobile apps. As people continue to spend more time on their mobile devices, the importance of perfecting your mobile marketing strategy grows. 

3 predictive analytics benefits

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Just as mobile usage continues to grow each year, so does the importance of your mobile marketing strategy — one of the many reasons investing in predictive analytics is so important.

With the need to grow your strategy comes investing in new technology and platforms. One of the most impactful ways to improve your mobile marketing to see an increase in engagement and revenue is implementing predictive analytics. 

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover in this article to help you improve your mobile marketing with predictive analytics. 

  • A look at what predictive analytics is and how it can improve your mobile marketing strategy
  • A look at how predictive analytics can be used to improve email, advertisement text SMS messages, and mobile app marketing

Predictive Analytics 101

Before diving too deep into the ways that predictive analytics can improve your mobile marketing plan, let’s take a quick look at what exactly predictive analytics is.  

3 predictive analytics benefits

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Many companies have not yet invested in predictive analytics. Get ahead of the competition and start moving your mobile marketing into the future while seeing improved engagement and revenue.

Predictive analytics allows you to understand your customers on a very granular level by analyzing historical and real-time data. Mass amounts of customer data can be processed using technology such as algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It will then provide you with an output of information that can help you better target your audience. 

A few predictive analytics benefits include: 

  • Pinpointing where customers are in their personal customer journey
  • Identifying product preferences and new products to recommend
  • Predicting potential customer spend 
  • Knowing which customers purchase with coupons versus those who wait for coupons before making a purchase
  • Identifying customers who are at risk of churning or becoming inactive 

Let’s take a deeper look at how predictive analytics benefits can improve each area of your mobile marketing strategy. 

Improving Your Mobile Marketing Strategy 

With the help of predictive analytics, you can increase engagement and revenue of your mobile marketing tactics. Having a better understanding of how your customers are interacting with your brand and browsing your site will help you identify the best ways to improve their experience. 

3 predictive analytics benefits

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Smartphones are still the most used mobile device across all counties. Spending time and investing in mobile marketing tactics will keep you ahead of the mobile-first trends.

From email, SMS messaging, and mobile app notifications there are many opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase your sales.

Predictive Analytics Benefits

Here are a few ways you can expect to see your mobile marketing benefit from predictive analytics: 

Email Marketing

Predictive analytics can improve email marketing in a number of ways. From improved personalization, to identify exactly when a customer is going to churn — you have the ability to reach customers like never before. 

3 predictive analytics benefits

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Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your customers. Adding predictive analytics into the mix will help take your email strategy to the next level.

While predictive analytics offers a number of benefits for email marketing, here’s a quick look at two areas you can expect to see an improvement:

Improve Personalization

Know exactly what your customers want to receive from you and when to send it to them. You’ll have the ability to identify and send product recommendations based on previous shopping and browsing behavior to encourage additional sales. 

As you continue to learn more about your customer behaviors, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best time to send communication. Knowing when your customers are more actively engaging with your emails will allow you to optimize send times and increase engagements. 

Identify Potential Customer Defection

Gone are the days of losing mass amounts of customers to churn rates. Predictive analytics can help you identify the potential churn rate of your email subscriber list. This gives you insight into customer defection and allows you to begin targeting them to bring them back to your site. 

SMS Messaging 

Reaching your customers on their smartphones via advertisement text message is an extremely effective way to engage and interact with them. With the help of predictive analytics, you can improve this already successful tactic into your secret weapon. 

3 predictive analytics benefits

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SMS messaging offers a huge opportunity for your mobile marketing strategy. We are all addicted to checking our phones and by sending marketing messages directly to these devices, you have a higher chance of reaching your customers.

Here’s how you can improve your SMS message strategy with predictive analytics. 

Send Messages Based on Location

Having the ability to track your customers’ behavior can be taken to the next step by having the ability to send location-based messages. This will allow you to send personalized messages that include discounts and coupons based on previous behaviors when a customer is near one of your stores. 

Location-based SMS messages will help improve the in-store experience but also provide the user with an online experience as well. Having the ability to click through to your website will allow them to choose which option they prefer. 

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Predictive analytics allows you to predict a customer’s lifetime value. Knowing this information will help you identify not only your top customers but also the customers who have the potential to become higher spenders. 

With this information, you can begin to target customers who have a positive lifetime value. You can provide them with special discounts or begin increasing sales through cross-selling and up-selling based on predictive product recommendations. 

Mobile App Marketing

More and more companies are investing in mobile apps. It’s another great way to reach customers on their mobile device and you can incorporate the insights from your predictive analytics to this platform as well. 

3 predictive analytics benefits

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People are spending the majority of their time on mobile devices using apps. Offering a mobile app that you can interact with and promote personalized content through is a great way to reach your customers on another level.

You can use the data you’ve accumulated to help improve your mobile app. Here’s a look at two different examples of how you can use predictive analytics to improve your mobile app statistics.  

Send Push Notifications

Push notifications will send your customers a notification through your mobile app. This is a great way to communicate with your customers on their smartphones without having them opt-in to your SMS marketing. Customers can then make purchases or save products within the app. 

The best part about having the ability to capture these types of analytics is that you can then use this information across all of your platforms. 

Use Interactions to Improve Lead Scoring

Knowing that you can use the analytics from across your platforms, you can improve lead scoring with a mobile app. Track what customers are doing within the app and begin to use that data to score their likelihood of purchasing. 

Understanding where your customers are in their customer journey will help you personalize their experience and push them towards a sale. Marketing to the customer journey is a very effective way to reach your customers at the right time and with the right information to land the sale. 

Wrapping Up Predictive Analytics Benefits: The Future of Mobile Marketing

The future of mobile marketing is predictive analytics. Using data to drive marketing decisions will allow us to reach customers with the right information at the right time. It’s time to take the guesswork out of marketing and start basing your mobile marketing strategy on solid data. 

Predictive analytics has the ability to take your mobile marketing to the next level — it’s time to take your marketing to the future. 

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