6 Compelling Reasons You Need to Use PPC Ads to Make Money Now

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Using PPC Ads is an effective way of marketing

Why is niche-specific PPC advertising vital for eLearning businesses?

Eada Hudes

One of the biggest roadblocks in the path of eLearning businesses is that they rely too much on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. There are also many prospects and too few clients referring you for the opportunities.

Though some eLearning companies try marketing tactics to reach a wider audience, many end up forfeiting without any magical results (or working the wrong ways for far too long).

Being in a content-comprehensive industry, it is essential to find your people and then target them with a good marketing strategy. One of the best ways to reach your people is through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Especially, if your business is niche-specific, it is, although much harder, crucial to find your audience and focus your marketing on them.

After all, there are too many online courses and not enough reaching the right audience.

If you are still not convinced if your need PPC in your marketing strategy, read on.

They are keyword specific

PPC advertisement works best for eLearning businesses because they work on the principle of keyword contextual targeting. That is when you intend to match keyword-targeted ads.

This kind of marketing is also known as automatic placement and is best suited for advertisers who have a niche-specific audience and want more cost-efficient conversions.

Since the internet is swamped with content, hitting the right keywords can quicken the pace of your campaign and bring more conversions.

They are audience specific

An audience-specific or niche-specific marketing campaign works by reaching a specific group or niche of people while other campaigns are somewhat open to many niches.

At first glance, choosing a niche-specific campaign over others might seem counter-productive, but, to put it simply, it’s NOT.

So if it looks like your campaign is going to be visible to fewer people, that is what is supposed to happen.

By targeting lesser (rather, niche-specific people), you can be sure that only relevant audience is watching your ad campaign and you can get more conversions.

For driving such campaigns, it is preferred to use a niche-specific PPC network, rather than the generally used networks like Google AdWords or Display Ads.

They can help in gaining feedback

One of the best things about running niche-specific PPC campaigns is that they can help you make them better over time.

Since you will be running your eLearning niche PPC advertisements, you can survey your converted clients to find out which keywords did they search for to find you. By doing this, you can find out your keyword ranking and can refine your future marketing campaigns accordingly.

They can be customized

With niche-specific PPC advertisements, you can decide whom you want to target. That means that you can regulate the geography where your ad will be visible, so you can choose the option of showing your ad in the states or countries where you are not serviceable.

You will be less dependent upon SEO

To clarify, SEO is irreplaceable and crucial for the marketing of any business.

SEO is an on-going process and not a one-time operation. It requires constant attention and patience to work its magic.

However, with niche-specific PPC, you can rely upon the ads to bring more conversions for your business. In such a scenario, you can keep working on your SEO tactics without worrying about immediate conversions.


The only thing to keep in mind while venturing into PPC advertisements is that if you are new to it, you should consider taking professional help. You can collaborate with a marketing firm or freelancer to build the perfect niche-specific PPC campaign for your business.

Apart from this, another important thing is that the feedback and update cycle of PPC ads should be regular for them to work in the best way possible. So running a PPC campaign and then forgetting about it might not be a good idea.

If you have more points to add to how PPC ads help your marketing strategy, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Sumit

    I am Sumit
    I found your blog very helpful & useful.
    It made me aware of ppc ads.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sumit,
      Thanks for writing to let me know you appreciated the post.

  2. Rahul Ahlawat

    Hey janice, i must say you write pretty well & you were to the point. Thanks for sharing such an interesting information. I might be using this in optimising my site performance.

  3. Emenike Emmanuel

    Well-said, Janice.

    What I love so much about PPC is the liberty it gives me to maximize geo-targeting and geo-fencing.

    Using this very geo-targeting, our blog did amazingly well in few weeks more than it performed in the previous months.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emenike,
      You know I am in the blogging/marketing niche. Do you think I should focus on local SEO? If so, how would it apply to me? Congratulations on your success.

  4. Gaurav Kumar

    PPC ads are the professional way to reach the target customer. But one cannot get desired results without proper strategy and optimization.

    Glad you have shared this.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gaurav,
      I agree. I use to be more involved in PPC Ads but have chosen to monetize in other ways in recent years.

  5. Rishik Reddy

    Hey Janice! thanks for sharing this article. I have found your article while researching on how to start the ppc campaign on bing. hope these tips help me in making my first search campaign successful. keep up your good work 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rishik,
      Nice to “meet” you. I appreciate you telling me where you found my post. I always wonder. These are pretty standard PPC tips and I’m sure they will help you. I’m off to read your Instagram post.

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