How to Get More People to Read Your Blog Posts, 3 Ways

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Why Aren’t More People Reading Your Blog Post Writing?

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So, your blog is up and running online. 

You sit back and wait for people to enjoy what you have written.

And then…nothing! Or, at least, not very much happens anyway.

You don’t get very many hits. People don’t comment on your blog post writing. And the only shares that occur are from your personal social media accounts!

Why aren’t more people reading your blog post writing?

Well, it might be because of one or more of the following reasons.

How to Get People to Read Your Blog Post Writing

#1: Your website isn’t mobile-optimized

As Stephen Gagnon from Parxavenue’s Web Design team explains in one of his blog posts, more and more people are using smartphones to browse the internet today, instead of their computers.

If your blog site hasn’t been optimized for mobile users, you are going to limit the number of people able to see your blog.

We mean this in two ways: 

One, your blog won’t appear correctly on their screens. 

And two, fewer hits means a lower search engine ranking, so people are less likely to notice your blog listing when they’re browsing the internet. 

To solve this issue, hire a web design company (use the link above), or research ‘how to’ guides online to give you the knowhow to fix the problem yourself. 

#2: People don’t like your blog posts

You probably like what you have written, but that doesn’t mean other people will.

Your posts will put your readers off if…

  • They don’t relate to the overarching theme of your website.
  • They are littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes. 
  • They focus too much on products and promotions.
  • They have nothing new or interesting to say.

When writing your blog posts, you need to focus on your content.

It needs to be consistent with the themes of your website, as you will alienate some of your readers if it isn’t.

You need to proofread your posts (and use sites such as Grammarly) to ensure there are no mistakes within your text.

And you need to provide content to the readers that is interesting, informative, and infused with your personality. 

So, ensure you are giving your readers a reason to return to your blog by correcting any problems.

And to find potential faults, ask for the honest opinion of friends and family members on your posts as, if they see anything they dislike, this could be reflective of the opinions of your site visitors. 

[Host blogger’s comments: When I first started blogging, I asked my husband to read all my blog posts before I published.]

#3: You haven’t marketed your blog

Forget about the Field of Dreams philosophy of “If you build it they will come.”

After getting your website up and running, and after posting articles on your blog, you need to market it to the world at large.

You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Ensure your blog posts are optimized for SEO. The more work you put into this area of your blog, the higher the chances of your website ranking highly on Google. There is plenty of advice online, so do your research, and/or consult with an SEO professional for advice.
  • Share your posts on social media, and ask your friends, family members, and readers to share your blog posts with their networks too.

We have covered marketing in some depth here, so have a read, and focus on this area to ensure your blog finally gets the readers you think it deserves. 

Wrap Up: Post Writing

There is never any guarantee that people will connect with your blog, but you can still improve your chances by adhering to the suggestions we have given you here. 

Let us know what you think in our comments below, and please feel free to share any of your suggestions with us. 

Host blogger’s comments:

Readers, please share so frustrated bloggers discover how to get people to read their blog post writing.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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