13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Pinterest vs Instagram [What You Need to Know in 2022]

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Pinterest vs Instagram

Given a choice between Pinterest vs Instagram, are you torn about which to pick?

Who is this guide for?

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) bloggers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs looking to promote an aesthetic brand

You know you can’t be on all the social media sites. Time just won’t allow it.

Instagram’s organic reach is down.

Is Pinterest a viable Instagram alternative?

Perhaps a comparison of the two social media sites will help you answer that question.

By reading this get, you get 13 advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest vs Instagram and 17 similarities and differences.

Let’s take a deep dive into Pinterest vs Instagram in order to see which is best for you.

Pinterest vs Instagram By the Numbers



478 million users

1.7 billion users

Purpose: Content Curation

Purpose: Content Sharing

Important note:

Pinterest has a dual purpose. In addition to being a content curation site, Pinterest is also one of the world’s biggest search engines.

Despite Pinterest’s additional use, one glance at this table containing 2021 data shows that Instagram is overwhelmingly more popular than Pinterest.

Pinterest vs Instagram: What are the Similarities?

Pinterest and Instagram have many characteristics in common:

  • Pinterest and Instagram are both sites full of visually inspiring ideas.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are both social media sites. Related: Is Pinterest social media?
  • Pinterest and Instagram are both photo and video sharing sites. Related: Pinterest Downloader: How to Easily Download Images and Videos in 2021
  • Pinterest and Instagram both allow you to pay to play. You can pay to promote on both sites.
  • Pinterest and Instagram both offer you the potential for viral content. For instance, if your content makes Instagram’s Explore page, your account could experience massive growth. If your pin goes viral, your account could explode as well.
  • Pinterest and Instagram both offer you Business Accounts. These come with certain perks like insightful analytics.
  • Pinterest and Instagram both offer you the opportunity to shop online. For instance, Pinterest has shoppable pins that allow you to buy what you see.
  • Pinterest and Instagram both offer you the opportunity to advertise online.
Pinterest vs Instagram

Pinterest vs Instagram: What are the Differences?

When it comes to a contrast of Pinterest vs Instagram, there are many important differences:

  • Instagram is ideal for people who like to scroll when bored while Pinterest is ideal for people who like to search for information.
  • Instagram is a content sharing site while Pinterest is a content curation site and a major search engine.
  • Instagram’s visuals are shown in a grid format while Pinterest’s pins (images) are shown on virtual bulletin boards.
  • Instagram posts don’t have live links but clicking on a Pinterest pin will take you to a site where you can get supplemental information or make a purchase.
  • Instagram’s live feed give Instagram posts a short shelf life while Pinterest pins continue to give you traction over time.
  • Instagram has a 7500 person maximum on your follower number. Pinterest has a limit of 50,000. Even then, you can still follow people who follow you.
  • Instagram offers more types of content uploads than Pinterest. For instance, Instagram allows you to post images, stories, videos, and reels. Instagram also has DMs and IGTV. In addition, you can go live on Instagram.
  • Instagram offers you the potential to become a social media influencer if your account explodes while Pinterest holds the potential for massive website traffic if your pin goes viral.
  • Instagram content shows a human face more often than a Pinterest pin.
  • Instagram users can apply filters to their images within the Instagram platform. Pinterest doesn’t offer this functionality.
  • Instagram has fewer money-making opportunities than Pinterest. This is because Instagram is not known for traffic generation. Related: Social Pay
  • Instagram has a more evenly spread gender demographic. Pinterest has more females.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pinterest vs Instagram

Advantages of Instagram

There are many advantages of Instagram.

  • Instagram is entertaining. In fact, many Instagrammers put their TikTok videos on Instagram.
  • Instagram helps you support causes. For instance, in 2020, Instagram offered Instagram Story stickers that supported small businesses adversely affected by the pandemic.
  • Instagram allows you a live link in your stories with 10,000 followers. Depending on where you link, this could result in website traffic or sales.
  • Instagram has engaging features. For instance, Instagram’s stickers help you generate interest in your account.
Pinterest vs Instagram

Here is an example of an Instagram poll. Polls help engage followers since they only take a second to answer. After Instagrammers respond, they see how others responded.

  • Instagram helps you network. For instance, you can use a Call to Action and ask people to follow you to your website or make a purchase.
  • Forming a one-on-one connection is easy thanks to Direct Messages (DMs). Related: How to Chat Online.

Disadvantages of Instagram

Why do you need an Instagram alternative?

  • Instagrammers are notorious for unfollowing. This is in part due to the 7500 person capacity on the follower number. Related: Instagram unfollow app.
  • You can only have one live link in your bio. However, you can use a free service like Linktree to connect more live links into one.
Pinterest vs Instagram

Advantages of Pinterest

  • People “repin” your pins (images) to their own boards. This makes duplicates of your pins.
  • Since people go to Pinterest to search for solutions, generating web traffic can be easy.
  • Your Pinterest pin gets indexed at Google and provides an additional source of web traffic.

Disadvantages of Pinterest

  • The site has a reputation for being suited to more aesthetic brands due to the visual nature of the site. For instance, DIYers and food bloggers thrive on Pinterest.
  • While Pinterest has video uploads and stories, they are not as commonly used as on Instagram where they are wildly popular.

Pinterest vs Instagram Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Pinterest like Instagram?

Yes, you can use Pinterest like Instagram since both Pinterest and Instagram are photo and video sharing sites. However, when it comes to Pinterest vs Instagram, Pinterest has more use since Pinterest is also a search engine that people use to find solutions to their problems.

What is Pinterest good for?

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site, a video-sharing site, a major search engine, and a platform where you can buy and sell.

Is Pinterest still relevant?

Yes. Pinterest is definitely still relevant in 2021. Pinterest is a playground for marketers, shoppers, DIYers, and people who want to share photos and videos. Pinterest has 478 million users.

Wrapping Up: Pinterest vs Instagram

In closing, this guide offered you similarities and differences and advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest vs Instagram.

Did this guide to Pinterest vs Instagram give you a better idea of which site to use to fulfill your goals?

When it comes to Pinterest vs Instagram, there is no right choice. The answer is to pick whichever social media site brings you closer to fulfilling your objectives.

Readers, please share so social media marketers discover this guide to Pinterest vs Instagram.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. When it comes to Pinterest vs Instagram, are there additional advantages or disadvantages or similarities or differences you can think of?

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