Physical Marketing: The Best Ways to Promote Your Business

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Physical Marketing For Digital Businesses

Business has changed a lot since the dawn of the internet. Doors have been opened to new types of organizations, marketing and spreading the word has never been easier, and the array of products you can sell has skyrocketed, but this is still fairly limiting for certain types of business.

To help you to break free from the restrictions of the online world, this post will be exploring some physical marketing methods which can be applied to digital businesses, giving you the chance to break some fresh ground.

What is Physical Marketing?

Physical marketing involves in-person marketing and is conducted off-line.

This face-to-face dynamic improves trust and ensures you reach your target audience.

What is Direct Marketing?

Physical marketing is not to be confused with direct marketing, also called “direct response marketing.”

With direct marketing, you sell directly to the consumer but not necessarily face-to-face.

For example, direct marketing can include telephone sales.

Effective Physical Marketing Strategies

Flyers & Leaflets

This first option is one which businesses have been using for quite a long time but still holds a lot of power in the modern world. Having flyers and leaflets designed for your company is an excellent way to provide information to people who may not see your website. They can be left in cafes, handed out in busy areas, or even reserved for clients who you meet face to face. The sort of content you use for this will be dictated by the type of business you’re running and the goals you have for it.

For example, if you want a chance to show off your portfolio, creating a leaflet which follows the form of a brochure would be an excellent way to draw them in using your older work. Alternatively, you could use a flyer to advertise a discount or sale, or you could scrap the common ideas altogether and do something much more creative. The approach you take with something like this is very important, as it will shape the way that your marketing efforts play out, and this means that you should always work with professional designers and print teams.

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People love to get their hands on something new without having to pay for it, especially when it’s a business giving it to them. Of course, though, giving something away for free isn’t the aim of most companies, so you have to be careful to make sure that the money you invest into something like this can be returned in the form of new customers. This means that whatever you’re giving away, it has to be cheap. Along with this, it’s also worth making sure that you have your logo and contact details on the items, and this makes pens, keyrings, and any other small trinkets perfect for this job.

Billboards & Public Signs

Advertising has long played a heavy role in the world of business, with loads of companies using it to ensure that they can get enough customers. As a big part of this, most cities and towns are home to billboards and signs which can be used by businesses to advertise their work. You can get your hands on resources like this with just a little bit of research, and the price for physical marketing like this has gone down by a huge degree in recent years. While this route may not be very popular anymore, it is still very effective, and this can make it a no-brainer for companies with ambitions which go further than social media and email marketing.

Mail Outs

Services like MailChimp have become incredibly popular over the last few years. Giving you the ability to collect email addresses and other contact information which can be used to get in touch with your customers, this is an excellent way to have direct contact with them. In the past, though, it was very common for companies to take the same route in the physical world. This would usually involve some sort of mail out, with flyers or leaflets being sent in the post to people across your local area. There are still loads of companies offering this sort of service to small businesses.

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Physical Presence

It’s very hard for an online business to build and maintain a physical presence. Without a customer-facing building, you won’t have the chance to set up shop and wait for people to find you, and this means that you have to seek people out yourselves. There are a number of ways to achieve this goal, and you can find some of the best examples below.

Trade Shows

Businesses have long been congregating in large groups to sell their products to new customers, with trade shows growing in popularity since the dawn of the web. You’ll need some good display ideas to get you started, but attending a show like this is a great way to drum up some interest, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune in the process. As long as you’re willing to do most of the legwork, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these events.

For example, construction is done off-line. If the Gene Belt Construction company had construction marketing ideas that they shared at a trade show, this would be an example of physical marketing.

Community Events

Much like trade shows, local communities also likely to hold their own events from time to time. This may come in the form of fetes, performances, or even small festivals, and these can all be great places to sell yourself. Not only will they give you the opportunity to reach out to people, but they will also show that you care about your community, and this can be a big benefit to a small business.

Street Corners:

Along with trade shows and community events, street corners can also provide you with a great place to sell your business. Most cities and towns have more than one public area which will be suitable for this. Of course, though, before you go out and start flagging people down, it will be worth spending some time to learn the law, as it would be bad to be accused of harassment before you start properly.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on some physical marketing methods for your digital business. A lot of people struggle with this sort of work, finding it hard to know what they need to do when they are breaking into the material world. Of course, though, there are loads of companies and resources out there which can help you, and it’s worth putting the time into this for what you can get in return.

Readers, please share so marketers learn the difference between direct and physical marketing and effective physical marketing strategies.

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  1. Lorenzo Gutierrez

    My favorite of of your list is trade shows. There’s nothing like meeting your potential customers face to face.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lorenzo,
      On cruise ships, I discuss my blog, and people ask for my business card. It is great meeting interested readers and potential customers face to face.

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