14 Photography Blog Ideas to Create A Stunning Photography Blog [2022]

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photography blog ideas

Are you looking for effective photography blog ideas?

Photography blog ideas are especially important considering all the online competition for blog readers. According to 2021 statistics, there are 570 million blogs.

Did you know your images get indexed at Google?

These photography blog ideas have many advantages for you. First, you make your posts more interesting. Next, your readers find your tips clearer by looking at images next to the text, and your blog post’s readability improves. Finally, when people click on your photos at Google, they go straight to your blog which boosts traffic for you.

Let’s keep social media in mind. Both Instagram and Pinterest are image-sharing sites. When people see your images at both Instagram and Pinterest, they might share and come to your blog.

One of the advantages of Instagram is the size of the audience. Instagram has one billion users.

Whether you use these photography blog ideas to spruce up your blog graphics, your SEO, or your social media marketing, these photography blog ideas are important.

By reading this post, you discover photography blog ideas including photography equipment and photography techniques. Photography blog ideas covered include Rule of Thirds for beginners, Leading Lines, and the S-Curve technique. You also see examples in the form of images that follow these photography methods.

Let’s dive in and learn photography blog ideas.

Tips to Create A Stunning Photography Blog in 2021

Thanks to the cheaper camera equipment and advanced editing tools that exist out there, photography isn’t a luxury anymore.

Traveling places and capturing stunning photographs have become the passion for many of us. Photography allows us to capture scenes and moments the way we see them and then perceive the same emotions as in the real scene at any later point in time.

How about sharing the photographs you capture with others to gain followers and their suggestions to improve your skills, and even getting professional opportunities as a photographer?

That is exactly what starting a photography blog allows you to do!

However, just like blogging in general, photography blogging is a very competitive industry.

If you’re seriously considering starting a photography blog, then today we bring you a list of tips to help you start a successful photography blog.

Photography Blog Ideas to Create a Stunning Photography Blog

Use High-Quality Gear and Tools

The first step in creating a successful photography blog is, well, to capture photographs that attract views.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the best equipment or tools in the market. Instead, do some research and find out the best gear that fills your photography needs. In today’s times, even several high-end smartphones are capable of capturing photos that blow your mind.

The editing tools you use are as important as the actual gear, as most work of a photograph happens in post-processing. Websites like Shotkit by Mark Condon are a great resource to find most of the latest and powerful picture editing tools without spending too much.

Setup Your Blog to Represent Your Work

The next most important step in creating a successful photography blog is the actual setup of your blog.

To begin, try and pick a blog name and domain name that can become your identity and a brand in the future. Branding is important to create a lasting impression among your audience.

Also, the theme you use on your blog is really important. There are lots of photography blog themes out there that you can look into and apply to your blog.

Try and Tell a Story Along with Your Photos

Your audience can very much enjoy the photographs you share when there is a story associated with them,

Well, you don’t have to take story writing or drama classes to share stories for your photograph.

Instead, try to share the emotions associated with the photo. The emotion could be based on the historical or social importance of the subject in your photo, or simply based on what you experienced while capturing the photograph.

Use Interesting Photography Techniques

Rule of Thirds

photography blog ideas
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

One way to tell stories with your photos is by following the Rule of Thirds.

The Rule of Thirds has you imagining the screen of your camera is divided into a grid of nine squares. Picture a Tic-Tac-Toe Board over your photo,

photography blog ideas
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Look at the far right vertical line on the Tic Tac Toe board. Can you tell that is where the Corona warning sign appears in the church?

When you follow the Rule of Thirds, the dominant image in the photo is NOT centered. Instead, the image follows one of the lines on the Tic Tac Toe board.

The Rule of Thirds technique enables the photographer to tell a story. In this case, the story revolves around warning people in a church about Coronavirus.

The viewer of the image doesn’t have to be right, but they do have to see a story in the photo.

If this image didn’t follow the Rule of Thirds technique, this would be a boring photo of a sign. By not centering the poster, we can see the pews on the left. They help the photographer to tell a story: People in a church were being warned.

Leading Lines

photography blog ideas
Photo by Riya Kumari on Pexels.com

Do you see how the girl’s arm makes a line in the photo?

The brain wants to see what is at the end of the line.

By wondering what the girl is pointing at, this becomes a more interesting photo.

The technique of Leading Lines helps you tell a story.

What is the girl pointing at? Is she pointing at the photographer? Is she pointing at something else in the photo?

The arm gives the photo depth and adds a three-dimensional effect. In photography, this technique called “depth of field.”

With the depth of field method, objects closer to the camera appear blurry or out of focus.

Look at the girl’s fingers. Can you tell they look blurry and not as sharp as the rest of the image?

That part of the image that is blurry is called “the bokeh” or “bokeh depth of field.”

“S” Curve

photography blog ideas
Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

Can you tell the road forms the shape of an “S?”

What is an S-Curve in photography?

The S-Curve is a photography technique that shows an image in the shape of the letter “S.”

Your viewer’s eye follows the shape. This journey the S-Curve takes the viewer on is effective in landscape photography.

Travel blogs often use landscape photography to showcase an area.


blog photography ideas
Photo by Filipe Delgado on Pexels.com

The technique of Framing entails looking at the subject of the photo through a frame. The frame can be any shape.

In this example, the frame is a circle which is in fact the top of a well. By looking through the top of the well, the tree is framed. The effect: a more interesting shot.

Change the View

Most photographers shoot their subjects at eye level. However, you can get more interesting shots by changing the view.

Bird’s Eye View

blog photography ideas
Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Instead of shooting the subject of your photo at eye level, pretend you are a bird and shoot down on the object.

You have the perspective of a bird that looks down. This view of the subject is called the “Bird’s Eye View.”

Worm’s Eye View

photography blog ideas
Photo by Azyan Syazwani Rozik on Pexels.com

The Worm’s Eye View in photography has the photographer shooting up.

A worm is on the ground so the photographer shoots from the ground or a level lower than his subject.

Why is the Worm’s Eye View effective?

By shooting up on the girl, we see the shot of the sun coming through the trees. The result: a more interesting photo.

Interact With Your Audience

Audience interaction is also an important aspect of a successful photography blog.

Ask your audience to share their opinions on your photos, their professional and general suggestions to improve your photography, as well as anything else they’d like to share.

Interacting with your audience will help in building a loyal community surrounding your photography blog.

Experiment With Your Photos

While capturing photographs to share on your blog, try and experiment with different genres. Food, architecture, landscape, portrait, and city life. are some of the genres that can fetch you some really interesting and stunning photographs that also impress your audience.

Be Consistent

Last but definitely not least, you should be consistent with your publishing schedule. Try to stick to a definite plan so that your blog stays active always and also your audience eventually knows when to expect new content.

The blog statistics may not look impressive during the initial days, but sticking with the consistency will definitely help your blog grow in the long run.

Photography Blog Ideas: FAQ

What should I blog about as a photographer?

Popular photography blog ideas include travel and fashion.

How do I start a photography blog?

Use the photography blog ideas shared in this guide: For instance, you can use the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Framing. By starting your photography blog using effective photography blog ideas, you’ll easily generate an audience who will happily share your photos.

Final Words: Photography Blog Ideas

If photography is your passion and you’d love to grow in it, then starting a photography blog will definitely give you the motivation to learn new things and experiment.

As we mentioned in the beginning, you may even be able to turn your photography blog into your source of income and gain professional gigs in the long run.

In closing, this guide to photography blog ideas shared eight strategies to help you improve your photography. In addition, this post taught six easy photography techniques that make your photographs more interesting:

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • S-Curve
  • Framing
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Worm’s Eye View

All photographers can benefit from these methods, not just blog photographers.

If you’re already running a photography blog, then do share your photography blog ideas and experiences in starting and running a successful photography blog in the comments below.

Readers, please share these photography blog ideas so bloggers and photographers discover how to improve their blog photography.

Authors: Janice Wald and a Contributing Author

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