This Will Make You See 842 Page Views in 1 Day

6 November, 2016

Do you believe in predictions? My husband predicted my post would go viral on the morning of October 2. (“Viral” is defined as unusually high page views.) My page views were so high on that Sunday, WordPress actually sent me a notification of “unusually high […]


How to Easily Make Money by Promoting Your Blog at Niume

#Bloggers can get paid to promote their #blog posts at Niume
8 October, 2016

Note: Niume is a defunct site. This revenue sharing site folded in 2017.  Virily is an active revenue sharing site. If you’re interested, give Virily a try.   Do you know bloggers’ three biggest challenges? If you guessed, how to increase blog traffic, how to […]


87 Blogging Mistakes You Should Absolutely Never Make

A blogging mistake could cost you traffic and subscribers Click to read why #blogging #bloggers
2 October, 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to troubleshoot for you? Someone who could experience the challenges of blogging and solve them, so you don’t have to? You know, you could reap the benefit of their experiences and not have to go through the […]


Are High Page Views the Greatest Thing in the World?

Are many page views more important than many comments? From Mostly Blogging
14 September, 2016

The world has become number-obsessed, according to CoSchedule . However, Melissa Reyes of MizMeliz, once explained, “I don’t quantify myself.” Do you? I do. I check my stats many times each day as my post 17 Reasons High Page Views High Page Views Should Make […]


20 Blogging Myths That Will Make You Blog Worse

Bloggers should not believe these bligging myths.
21 August, 2016

Are you overwhelmed with all the blogging advice you find on the Internet? Blogs have been rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. (Source: HubSpot) However, what if blog posts tell you different advice? How do you know which articles to believe? […]


This is How to Rapidly See 100,000 People at Your Blog

Bloggers can get high page views to their blogs.
7 August, 2016

Do you speculate about why there aren’t more people visiting your blog? Explanations range from “There’s something wrong with my computer; it could not be this quiet,” to “The weather is so warm, no one is on their computers.” Have you found yourself thinking this way? […]


How to Blog Like an Expert Part II

Blogging help
28 June, 2016

Do you ever run short on blogging time? Since I am in the middle of an ocean, blogging time is extremely short. Rather than disappoint and not adhere to my normal blogging schedule, in lieu of a post, I am presenting questions that I frequently […]


How to Blog and Still Have Time to Sleep Part II

Bloggers can be organized with a #blogging schedule
12 June, 2016

Do you need blogging schedules that will enhance your productivity? In the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer created a character named Edward Cullen. Because he wasn’t human, he didn’t need sleep. During the time that people slept, he learned to be proficient at many skills. When […]