Why Livinvia is Social Media Similar to Facebook

Social Media Similar to Facebook
22 January, 2019

An expression states, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Social media sites like StumbleUpon folded and now Google+ is shutting down. Other sites like Facebook have privacy violations. A recent article in Medium stated when discussing the chaos brought on by Google+’s impending closure, “We […]


48 Free, Proven Social Media Tips and Tricks

social media tips and tricks
3 January, 2019

Welcome to Day 10 of my 12 Days of Christmas series! Every day between now and January 5, the end of the 12 days of Christmas, I’ll be featuring a different category of free blogging tools. Each day a bite-sized blog post of blogging tools […]


How to Make People Happy About Controversial Writing Topics

Should you write cannabis information?
2 December, 2018

  Comfort levels. As bloggers, we need to find ways of objectively describing information. Then, we empower our readers with that information. For example, mommy bloggers may struggle to write about the sexuality of their children in an era where the current United States administration […]


40 Blogging Tips for Beginners You Need to Know Now

Blogging tips for beginners
11 November, 2018

Blogging tips for beginners. I wish I’d learned them when I was starting out as a blogger. November 8 marked the end of my 4th year of blogging. It’s truly amazing how far my blogging skills have progressed in four years. I didn’t even blog […]


Wakelet: How to Use This New Website to Blog Better

Wakelet, how to use this new content curation site
23 October, 2018

Update: December 2021: I tried unsuccessfully to write a new article with live links to my posts, but Wakelet doesn’t want you to publish many live links in one article. The site will only let you curate one link at a time into your collections. […]


5 New SEO and SMO Ways to Easily Boost Your Rankings

5 SEO and SMO Strategies
21 August, 2018

Acronyms. Last month’s post was about how to boost your SEO and SEM strategies. These 5 hacks are about SEO and SMO. What does SMO mean? Social Media Optimization. In this post, guest author Alaine Gordon explains SEO strategies to help you rank higher on […]