How to Boost Your Organic Traffic with Content Creation, 21 Best Ways

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Grow Your Organic Traffic with these 21 tips

In his guest post, Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Traffic (What To Do About It), Theodore Nwangene explained what you aren’t doing correctly when it comes to boosting organic traffic.

In today’s article, guest author Amelia White explains 21 activities you should be doing in order to boost your organic traffic.

Amelia discusses all aspects of your blog post. The best part, all of her organic traffic-generating tips are free.

How to Create Content That Increases Your Organic Traffic

by Amelia White

Organic traffic is your website’s most valuable asset. One of the best ways to generate organic traffic from search engines is through the creation of high-quality content.


Creating high-quality content consistently is one of the biggest essentials for seeing an increase in the number of search engine visitors that visit your website. Improving your SEO efforts is massively essential – a report suggests that search engines drive 10 times more traffic to shopping websites than social media marketing. An older study reaches the same conclusion – 51 percent of website traffic comes from search and only five percent is derived via social.


So, to enjoy all of these benefits and maximize organic traffic, you have to put an emphasis on a few important aspects of your content strategy. This article will shed some light on the most crucial changes you have to make to your current approach in order to see better results.


Start with the Basics: The Headline

The world of online and digital copywriting is quite different from other types of writing. The audience has a limited attention span and a large number of potential information sources to choose among.


If you want to see a growth in organic traffic, in the long run, you will have to consistently focus on the creation of high-quality, engaging headlines.


Writing good headlines in the digital realm isn’t just about making the audience curious. The right title should also provide search engines with enough information about the topic and the issues that the article will discuss.


Thus, an ideal headline is catchy and descriptive at the same time. Accomplishing the goal may be difficult but you can rely on the following strategies to improve your headlines:


  1. Make it highly specific – vagueness doesn’t cut it in the digital realm
  2. Try to include a long-tail keyword
  3. Newsworthiness is also great if you’re not creating evergreen content
  4. A bit of entertainment value is also good: make it humorous, make the reader wonder or want to find out more
  5. Add numbers to your headline when appropriate
  6. If possible, convey a sense of urgency


Explore Different Kinds of Content

Depending on the specifics of the audience that you’re attempting to attract, you may want to experiment with different content types.


Looking at your Google Analytics reports will give you a pretty good idea about the formats that deliver the best results. Additionally, you may want to rely on professional analyses pertaining to effectiveness and the current use of specific formats.


According to the Content Marketing Institute, the brands have the most effective strategies out there rely on at least 15 different content types. The reason for this effectiveness is easy to understand. Different content types utilize different channels. Each one of these channels has its specific audience, which is why organic traffic can be expected to grow significantly.


While creating at least 15 different types of content may be a challenge for you, try to focus on a few essentials. Some of the formats that currently deliver the best results in terms of boosting organic traffic include the following:


7. Articles and blog posts

8. Social media posts and updates

9. Videos and images, infographics

10. Email newsletters

11. Whitepapers

12. Ebooks


See What the Competition is Doing

13. Competition research can be highly beneficial in a number of ways.


For a start, exploring the blogs and websites of other brands in the respective field will give you a good idea about the topics that have been spoken the most about and the ones that generate the biggest number of comments/social shares.


Based on this competition research, you can learn more about the needs of your own audience and you can also discover unique topics that haven’t been explored a lot. Focusing on such topics will make it easier for you to rank well for relevant keywords and grow the organic search traffic that your website gets.


The Most Important Rule: Focus on Quality

14. Once you’re done with the preliminary research, you can move on to creating your content itself. This is the most crucial step. Even the best of ideas will flop if you can’t execute and your content lacks the quality that the audience is looking for.


Always work on high quality, whether you’re creating visual content or texts. If you can’t do the job on your own, hire a professional. Content marketing brings a high return on investment, which is why you shouldn’t worry about the expenditure.


Texts that feature typos, grammar errors and claims you haven’t checked for factual accuracy can potentially ruin your reputation. Your online reputation plays an important role in your SEO efforts, as well as in social media marketing. A single mistake can be difficult to fix and it can ruin all of the work you’ve done in the previous months.


Promote Your Content

Promoting your content is the final step that will build you a distribution network and produce an immediate increase in organic traffic. Not only that, content promotion can also enhance your long-term SEO efforts and grow your audience consistently.


Content distribution can be done in a number of distinctive ways:


15. Social media marketing

16. Distribution via social bookmarking websites

17. Promotion is done by the audience itself (adding a Facebook share or a tweet button at the bottom of a post, for example)

18. Newsletter promotion

19. Paid advertising in social media, PPC campaigns, even banner ads on relevant websites

20. Participation in communities and forums where your content can be shared

21. Guest posting and partnering with relevant websites


Needless to say, all of this will have to be done consistently. You can’t update a Facebook profile with new links two times per month and expect to see results.


Content is the number one tool you can use for the purpose of growing your traffic organically. In order to make it happen, however, you need to be strategic and very dedicated to sticking to a schedule. Don’t underestimate the importance of the preliminary phase, either. Careful planning and a bit of originality will help you go a long way and build a market niche for yourself that will make the organic traffic you get highly targeted.

Author Bio: Amelia White is a freelance writer for


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  1. Melinda Mitchell

    Hi BBFFJ,
    What are whitepapers?? I’ve never heard of them before.
    Free tips are always the most appreciated by me!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi BBFFM,
      I’m excited about our BB friendship continuing another year!
      A whitepaper is a type of report about an issue. The guest author is recommending bloggers use that format. She feels it will boost traffic coming from search engines.
      Happy new year BBFFM!
      Your BBFFJ

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Amelia,

    Guest posting has just been fabulous for me, as a traffic driver but more importantly, as a bond builder.

    I connected with so many awesome folks through the guest posts I published here. I also built a stronger friendship with Janice, which has been so much fun.

    If you will help other folks drive blog traffic and if you serve people, and promote people, and create helpful content offsite, you will have no issues driving steady traffic to your blog. Just remember that it is not the channel itself but how effectively and generous to use the channel to help others that determine how freely you boost organic traffic to the channel.

    Example; some fools publish thin, weak, pretty lame guest posts on low level blogs, desperately trying to grow their business and get backlinks. They wonder why after using such a silly approach why their business or blog traffic has not grown over months. Guest posting in and of itself does nothing for you, really. Practicing your writing skills to craft a meaningful, helpful guest post, commenting genuinely on top blogs and promoting top bloggers to befriend these pros, and persistently publishing helpful content to your blog helps you land, helpful, inspirational guest posts on top blogs.

    I recall a few weeks ago when I published my 2nd guest post on the world famous Positively Positive blog. Took me years to land my first because because you need to be super skilled, pretty connected and also, totally willing to mirror the compassionate, pain point focused, blogging voice of PP to land a guestie over there. I was beyond honored and quite humbled to serve their community, and I also saw the immense benefits of landing a guestie on such a world renowned blog. My list grew by almost 10 percent in a single day when I initially published my first post over there. 80,000 email subscribers and 2.5 million Facebook Fans ain’t no joke LOL.

    Rocking methods here Amelia. Thanks much for sharing with us 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Your comments were so meaningful, you could have written a blog post about the importance of networking, and perhaps you’ve done a whole lot more than that.
      After reading your inspirational comments, I am inspired to guest post more in 2018.
      I have made connections when I guest posted and maybe picked up a reader here or there but a large percentage of growth? Not so much.
      I guest posted for Sue Anne Dunlevie, a huge blog, as you know. I made friends who followed me on Twitter and guest posted for me.
      I guest posted for Mary Jaksch (Write to Done). A week later, I left on a cruise where there was limited internet and costly internet. I was gone a month. All these comments came in which I wasn’t around to answer promptly.
      I guest posted for another blogger recently who received only a few comments but didn’t promote it.
      I realize at the very least, I’m getting links to my site, connecting with new people, and, of course, getting writing practice in. Thanks for writing.

  3. Christine

    These are some great suggestions! I just started focusing on using the long-tail keyword and making sure I have it in my headline. I’m hoping to see a bump in search engine driven traffic.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Christine,
      Thanks for commenting on my guest author’s article. I’m glad you found her suggestions valuable. You mentioned your search for keyword tools. Which do you use? I’m always looking for new keyword tools.
      My favorites are KWFinder, SenRush, and Moz. Lately, I’ve been using Jaaxy as well. Thanks for writing.

      • Christine

        I started using KWFinder. I’m just using the free version right now to try it out before I decide to move to any sort of paid version of something.

        • Janice Wald

          I like KWFinder also. It’s my first choice! Thanks for answering my question.

  4. Lee MacArthur

    These are great suggestions, worth pursuing and implementing. Thank you for sharing this with your loyal readership. I plan to use several of the ideas.

  5. Serdar Kara

    Great article. Content writing, especially the ones that are more towards the causal side like self-help topics or an opinion piece usually targets the general audience.

  6. Janice Wald

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for commenting on my guest author’s article. I’m glad you found her suggestions valuable. You mentioned your search for keyword tools. Which do you use? I’m always looking for new keyword tools.
    My favorites are KWFinder, SenRush, and Moz. Lately, I’ve been using Jaaxy as well. Thanks for writing.

  7. Adila

    Hey Janice!
    I’m glad I stopped by your blog! These are wonderful tips that I really need to work on. Thank you!?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Adila,
      Please consider signing up for my newsletters since you find my Tips valuable. Either way, I am rooting for your blogging success in the new year.

  8. Jane

    Hey Amelia,

    These are some of the pretty important ways a blogger should be following to boost traffic. Social media is big. And if you know where your audience hang out – that’s half done!

    Not all social media is equal. So promotion should go with the tone and mood of the social media platform.

    And guest blogging is a winner. If you do it consistently, you can reap a lot of benefits. One of them is traffic, of course.

    Apart from that, I like how I am able to build solid relationships with many bloggers via guest blogging.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for commenting on my guest author’s article. I’ve seen you guest blogging around the web. You’d always be welcome to guest post for me if you’d like.
      As far as I go, I’ve guest blogged and will again in the future, I’m sure. However, I have experienced mixed results. I may get one or two new followers but that’s all.

  9. Jack Edward des


    Very informative post!!! These tips seems to be helpful tips for increasing blog traffic. A reputed Internet marketing services provider takes a good care of each minute thing in SEO so that there should not be any negative effect on traffic as well as ranking in future as Google is already releasing major updates time to time.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jack,
      I don’t outsource my SEO. I read a great deal in order to empower myself and my readers. I agree that Google is constantly changing their algorithms. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Bella D. @ Self-Publishing Made Easy Now

    Thank you for sharing these tips to help boost organic traffic. I love how these tips come for free. This will be very useful for everyone who wishes to increase their organic traffic but doesn’t have enough ideas about the process.

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