3 Ways to Boost Your Success with Online Writing Jobs

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How to get online writing jobs

When today’s guest author originally sent me today’s article, I immediately thought to reject it.

David offers strategies for being a successful freelance writer.

This is how I make money blogging.

Freelancing is lucrative. I highly recommend online writing jobs.

Strategies to be successful as a freelancer, a great idea for a blog post!

However, when I saw David’s draft, I was shocked and dismayed.

His tips involve paying to freelance.

Bidding on a freelance job?

Happily, I’ve been freelancing for some time now as my post 18 Ways to Have a Popular Blog explains. I have never once paid to freelance.

However, I try not to think for other people. Maybe there are bloggers who read Mostly Blogging who do bid on freelance positions who would find value in David’s tip about putting in a bid in order to get online writing jobs.

Actually, I once went to a site to apply to tweet for compensation for brands. I was asked to make bids at that site.

Did I do it? No.

However, you might end up with a profit after the initial bid so paying to write could pay for itself.

For writers who are interested in paying to get online writing jobs, David offers 3 ways you can improve your chances of having your bid accepted.

How to Get Online Writing Jobs:

3 Keys to Boost Your Stock as an Online Freelance Writer

by David Webster

You have your eyes set on the prize: to be the best online freelance writer you could ever be. You have registered to a free account on your most – trusted online freelancing website. You bid, tried to build a good impression, and quoted your price. However, you found yourself in competition with other online freelance writers desiring to close the deal with clients.

Who are you compared to those established individuals with tons of experience, positive reviews, and credibility? With the stiff competition, it is indeed tough to work your way up there as a starter in the online freelance writing world.

Competitors greatly ruin your chances of getting hired or at least getting considered for the job. They try to beat you in multiple ways possible. Here are three ways on how they do it:

  • They bid at the cheapest price possible or even way below that.
  • They prove that they are time-tested writers by utilizing positive reviews and recommendations – whether bought or not.
  • They beat you with better customer relations.

Getting frustrated? Don’t lose hope just yet! Below are three basic yet lengthy tips on how you can combat frequent rejections on your bids for online writing jobs:

Build credibility by having the ‘must-haves’

Who would want to see your online profile that stands with a blank picture or zero description?

You must understand that your clients do not meet you in the flesh, making them think more than twice when hiring an aspiring writer. Hence, the importance of furnishing must-haves in the form of a clear profile, appropriate samples of your papers written, and good customer relations should be next to none.

Make your profile more inviting. If you want to get noticed, why don’t you add a few introductory paragraphs about your qualifications and experience before you hit the ‘bid’ button? Have a picture that exhibits your values of professionalism by putting a coat with a tie on. When aggregated, these baby steps could spell a huge difference in your particular online writing job’s success.

Having a set of work-related samples readily available upon request is also of utmost importance. Clients will have a sneak peek of what you can really bring to the table by either reading the first two paragraphs of your work, or the full text. It is almost imperative that these samples be within the niche of your client’s topic, as they will want to measure your knowledge about the subject matter. For example, if your client wants you to do an informative paper about trends in banking interest rates, then your samples should include your previously published work about business or finance.

Versatility is key, but being specific is terrific.

Also, having your payments system properly set up through PayPal, Skrill, or other acclaimed payment options would not hurt.

Incorporate related qualifications on your CV (“Curriculum Vitae,” like a resume)

Still, remember that first job rejection due to lack of meaningful experience? That goes the same with online writing jobs. Needless to say, foreign clients highly look up to your qualifications in their desired niches in writing – including your training, seminars attended, and other certifications. You need to make sure your most significant and influential accomplishment or training goes on top of your web profile, backed by your ‘supplementary’ milestones and affiliations.

Let’s assess the influence it makes – what happens if you put your local editorial league certificate on top and bury your creative writing certificate from Cambridge on your web profile in freelancer.com?

The answer is plain and simple: potent clients would oftentimes pass on your bid since they see you as a ‘novice’ in your respective craft. The correspondence of your accomplishments greatly influences your chances of ‘making it’. Instead of making your accomplishments listed down on a historical basis, you may want to mix it up a bit by switching to the more sequential, and functional approach. This approach involves putting your most significant qualification or accomplishment on top, then accompanying it with other stuff you deem to be of less importance.

You may also want to take an online skills test to entice clients to take a second look at your profile. Freelancer and Upwork, two of the most renowned online freelance writing platforms, offers short tests to certify your skills to a number of potential employers, either for free or for a few dimes. Examples of these skills include academic writing, spelling and arithmetic exams, and basic accounting principles.

By pairing your qualifications and accomplishments with appropriate samples, you convince your potent clients that each penny they will pay for will be ‘worth it’. This compensates for the cheap rates that most of your competitors bid.

Create a meaningful experience on which you could benefit from

Still, remember how your girlfriend’s close acquaintances built you up when you were trying to ask your partner for that first prom date?

That memory is the cornerstone of profitable freelance writing ventures – trust from satisfied customers. While you can pay people to post artificial testimonials which could aid your reputation as a writer, nothing beats a genuine and heart-felt commentary coming from your real-valued client. Nowadays, clients would often check your online profile to check for feedback from your past writing gigs. This feedback could either make or break you.

Building a good reputation takes time and dedication. You could not expect every satisfied client to immediately write a good post about you. You will also face minor setbacks, like unfair claims and posts created to ruin your name. This, however, should not drag you down. Always remember that promise you have sworn to yourself: producing high-quality content rain or shine.

Wrapping Up: Online Writing Jobs

The three mentioned tips are just some of the many ways you could bolster your chances of turning that project bid into an accepted one. Statistics favor those who have made an effort to sell their qualifications and capabilities effectively. Over 70% of online freelance projects are being awarded to freelancers, who put the time in highlighting their best portfolio samples or continuously improving their resume’s content.

If you want to succeed in getting awarded online writing jobs, then you must let your skills and accomplishments be known.

Author Bio

David Webster is an Australian essayist and writer currently residing in Illinois, Chicago. He has massive experience in both freelance writing and blogging, enabling him to be the writer of choice for most of his clients. He also currently serves as webmaster and contributor for Essay Corner.

Readers, please share so other writers can learn how to increase their chances of having their bids for online writing jobs accepted.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you have any tips on how to get online writing jobs?

  1. Darleen Prangue

    Thank you for this amazing case study that has incredible tips that will help both newbie and probloggers take their content writing to new heighs

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Darleen,
      I am glad you found David’s guest post valuable or both pros and newer bloggers. Thanks for writing to tell us.

  2. Joyce Brewer

    This reminder is just what I needed. Most of my freelance gigs have come to me organically. I rarely apply to write anywhere, but that’s about to change.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joyce,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my guest author’s article.
      I have had the same experience as you. My sponsored post opportunities have come to me. I didn’t have to seek them out. Recently, my steady writing gig came to an end, so like you, I may be applying for steady writing gigs myself. Thanks again for your visit and comments. It was a pleasure getting to know you today here and on Twitter.

  3. Gaurav Kumar

    Hi David,

    Writing is not something that one can improve in just one day. It takes time before a person becomes a professional writer. It is high art. It takes time and person has to learn lot of things before his writings start attracting others.

    To find online writing jobs it is necessary that a writer follow the basic rules of writing and make it engaging.

    thanks for sharing the tips.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Arundhathi,
      Thanks for writing to compliment us on the article. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Crest Design

    Thanks for the sharing this amazing tips that will really help the newbies and the bloggers.

  5. algrim.co

    Great post! With a start-up, having top talent is what can push you to the next level. Thanks for sharing!

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    Very nice tips specially for content or article writers. Thank you for sharing such nice information

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nokri,
      I’m glad you found the tips valuable. Thanks for writing to tell us.

  7. Nextaff

    Writing can be very difficult to learn if you don’t love writing anymore. It is not a skill that can be learned quickly, you need to put your focus on your writings because if not, you will end up getting tired and dull in creating topics and building ideas.

  8. Abdul Majeed

    Hi David,

    Writing isn’t always something that one could improve in only someday. It takes time earlier than a person becomes a professional writer. It is high art. It takes time and individual has to research lot of factors before his writings begin attracting others.

    To locate online writing jobs it is vital that a author follow the primary policies of writing and make it enticing.

    Thanks for sharing the hints.

  9. first interview

    It’s easy to get an idea but because of grammar rules, it isn’t that easy to put into writing Thanks for sharing these 3 tips It’s been awesome and helps me a lot.

  10. Vedang Sawant

    Thanks, David for all the tips. I was finding it difficult to find a freelancing job as a content writer. This article actually helped me. I followed all your “must-haves” and finally got a job which I applied at Job Vacancy Result

  11. jigyasa sewkani

    content writing is the best thing to do. there are many sources to earn from it. thanks for sharing love your content.

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