8+ Best Apps for Small Business That Will Help You Work Smarter in 2022

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Do you wish you had more online business solutions?

After all, there are only 24 hours in a day.

As an online business owner, you have much to do.

Do you wish you could streamline your business so your operations run smoother?

Guest author Emma Mason offers you online business solutions that include the best online business applications.

8 Apps for Small Business That Will Help You Run Your Company

An owner of a small business is a jack of all trades. Finances, production, content management, communications with customers, even helping an employee understand their pay stub, and a lot of other areas can be within your responsibility.  The most difficult aspect of calculating monthly paychecks is that they are often (if not always) vary from month to month. The accompanying pay stub changes when tax rates, perks, pension contributions, and salary sacrifice plans change.

Considering all this, you might be looking for ways to optimize business processes to be more productive.

Online Business Solutions

One of the ways to ease off a little is to delegate. Most of the time, business leaders are busy with managing their daily operations. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day to complete all their goals.

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However, there is a decision to make. Being a business person today is different from what it was a decade ago. Companies of all sizes can get a significant boost in coordination, management, and efficiency without hiring more employees. One app can replace several workers. That is why more and more entrepreneurs invest in technological upgrades of their business processes. 

In this article, we will share some of the best apps that would help small companies run flawlessly and efficiently without getting extra hands involved. 

Online Business Applications

Best apps for project management


Whether you need to organize your own work or manage a team of employees, a platform is necessary. Asana is a management platform that helps you and your team stay focused on the goals vital for your company. It allows for conveniently structuring your work. With this app, you can create projects, tasks, set deadlines, check the project states, and many other things. 

(If you have already tried it or currently using it and looking for a solid product to replace it, there are also some very good Asana alternatives you can consider.)

Pricing: The basic plan is free, but more options come with Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans that cost money.


Trello is a card-based system that enables organizing, managing, and prioritizing tasks. This is a highly visual app that helps you track the project from the very beginning to the end. You can create multiple lists of objectives and move cards between them according to the status of each one. Add comments, attachments, deadlines, and so forth directly to Trello cards. Trello also provides you with an option to use Butler, a robot that can cope with the more tedious tasks from your list. 

Pricing: Trello is free for personal needs. If you choose a business plan, prices start from $12.50 per user.

Host blogger’s comments: Trello is one of the most popular online business solutions. My business manager and I use Trello. By using Trello, we streamlined our workflow. Based on personal experience, I recommend this popular tool.

Best apps for finances and accounting


Kashoo is a popular online accounting app that is a perfect solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other small business owners. It is simple to use and keeps entrepreneurs focused on success. With this app, you can create invoices, auditing, taxation, accept credit card payments, and more. The dashboard will keep you up to date about your business so that you don’t miss a thing. 

Pricing: The app is free for 14 days, after that the prices start at $16.65 per month if you pay for a year.


Wave is an accounting app that is designed to support small businesses and help them manage their income and expenses. The system keeps your payroll, payments, and invoicing organized and automated. It is compatible with macOS and PCs. Its mobile version for Android and iOS can scan invoices and receipts

Pricing: The service is free, but it charges a 2.9% fee to process credit cards, and 1% for bank payments.

Best apps for accepting payments


PayPal allows making payments across different locations and currencies. It processes credit cards, checks, and invoices through a portable device like a phone or a tablet from the PayPal account. All payments go to your personal account, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

Pricing: You will be charged 2.7% per card swipe.

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Square is a POS service that helps companies streamline their business. It plugs into various mobile and desktop devices, enabling you to run your transactions effortlessly and quickly. With Square, you can swipe credit cards and process payments on the go. 

Pricing: You will be charged 2.6% + $0.10 for every in-person payment you accept

Best apps for shipping management


This software will make the shipping faster, easier, and more affordable. It allows for managing online orders effectively, making the experience much simpler. You can also create branded shipping, manage your inventory, and much more.

Pricing: You will be given a free 30-day trial after it expires you will be charged a monthly subscription fee. The fee starts at $9 per month.


Shyp is an app that helps with handling the whole shipping experience. If your stock is located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago, the service carriers will pick up your shipment and take care of the stuff like printing labels and packaging. You can follow the orders through the online dashboard. This service is integrated with Shopify and eBay and is available for web, iOS, and Android.

Pricing: There are no fixed prices for the service. You pay for the package, but Shyp offers discounts the more shipments you make.

Update: Frevvo

Frevvo is a simple workflow software that helps you automate your business processes using visual wizards and APIs.

Pricing: From $260 per month (annual billing)

Wrapping Up: Online Business Solutions

Small business is where all the giants started. It might be challenging to stay afloat and compete, but the game is worth the candle. 

Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of options for small companies to boost their efficiency. Integrating apps that make entrepreneurs’ life easier can make you one step closer to your goals.

Use the apps wisely, and you will notice a significant increase in productivity and revenue. 

Author: Emma Mason

Host blogger’s comments:

Readers, please share so business owners learn how to improve their business efficiency now by discovering these online business solutions.

I look forward to your views in the comments sections. Are there any online business solutions that have worked for you? Which do you recommend?

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  1. Natalie Portman

    Wow! This is a fantastic step by step process for successful blogging. Outstanding guide that anyone can benefit from even if you have an established blog. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience!

  2. Sophie Leonard

    Hi Emma,
    Optimizing business processes for small business owners is somehow difficult. But these online tools are really very helpful.
    Thanks Emma, for curating a list of best online Apps for us.
    The business solution that has helped me a lot is Trello. We use it to manage our tasks within the team.
    Regards & Best Wishes to you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sophie,
      My team uses Trello as well. Thanks for writing to us with these nice compliments on the post.

  3. Aadarsh Roy

    Hey Janice Wald ,

    Excellent post with best for small business to work smarter. Thanks for making us aware about these helpful apps for small business. I truly like the apps that you have suggested, whereas your all the included apps are effective for business and also thanks for including the price of each apps.

    Using these apps will be helpful and provide good benefits and also boost the

    productivity. Your each of the included apps are helpful but i truly like an idea of Kashoo, wave, Ship-station and paypal. Paypal is a helpful app that allows the users for making payment and online transaction of money. Ship-station software will be great for shipping management, as it allows the users to manage an online orders effectively and in a simple way.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Aardash,
      The post was written by a guest author. I’m a huge fan of PayPal but hadn’t heard of some of these other business apps until I was sent the guest post. Thanks for contributing to the discussion with your testimonials about the value of the tools and for commenting.

  4. Mogi Johnson

    Thank you for this educational and useful post! I am using PP, as most people do and Trello instead of Asana, as i find it easier to use, but i will give Asana one more try, i think.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mogi,
      This post was written by a guest author. My business manager and I use Trello to keep ourselves organized. We are fans of Trello. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hazlo Emma


    For small businesses to scale and grow, apps like these come in handy.

    Automating most of the processes in running a business frees up time for an entrepreneur and their business to focus on becoming effective in the delivery of their goods, services, products, and programs. Paypal is very handy and has been in the game for so long that it is almost impossible to switch to other payment apps. We are currently pursuing to add Transferwise to our clients’ portfolio with their clever way to beat bank fees!

    Remarkable post. I have scheduled to share on social media.

  6. ken nnoli

    I never knew about all these apps but I know about just a little app I can use like the WordPress app and some little others.

    Thank you for this insight I really appreciate it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ken,
      I couldn’t blog without the WordPress app. I am that dependent on it. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  7. Brian Bosworth

    Aside from PayPal i have used Trello for Project Management and i also think its a bit better than Asana. Have to look into a Square, as i hear people mentioning it more and more… Thank you for another great post!

    • Janice Wald

      My pleasure, Brian! Thanks for writing to tell me you enjoyed.

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