NSE 5: How to Pass a Test Like the NSE 5 Certification Exam [in 2022, 7 Ways]

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Would you enjoy being a network expert for the federal government?

This guide to being a network security analyst explains how to pass the NSE 5 Exam.

In fact, you’ll get a first-hand account of how to pass the NSE 5 Exam written by a network expert.

NSE stands for National Security Analyst.

By the time you’re done reading this first-hand experience of a United States government worker, you’ll be able to use his strategies to pass a test, pass the NSE 5 test, and you’ll receive more information about this certification exam.

Let’s get started discovering how to pass a test, specifically how to pass the Fortinet NSE 5 Exam, and more information about the program.

Update January 2022

Editor’s Note:

My daughter is currently trying to pass the licensing exam to be a physician’s assistant. I can see first-hand how difficult it can be trying to pass certifications exams.

However, if you are trying to pass the NSE 5 exam, you don’t need to worry. This guide helps you.

How I Passed The Exam: NSE 5 FMG-6.2 In 4 Weeks

Last week I passed my Fortinet NSE exam NSE 5 FMG-6.2 in the first attempt.

This is my first exam for the Fortinet Certified Network Security Analyst. I have to pass another one to earn the certification.

In the lines to follow, I will share my experience with the exam.  

Introduction to a Network Expert

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

Let me begin with my introduction: I’m a CyberSecurity professional working with an international company.  I am working at the regional office in the Asia-Pacific.

Our organization uses the Microsoft  Azure cloud platform.  We are using many other solutions like Cisco, Splunk, Nutanix for various purposes. For enterprise cloud security we are using Fortinet solutions.

It’s my 5th year with this company. We are directly recruited by our head office in the US. Our top management puts a great emphasis on human resource development. They want us to remain up to date with the latest technologies which can benefit us with our work.

Our company gives a proper weightage to the certifications. Relevant certifications are acknowledged with promotions and financial increments. This culture has developed a healthy competition among the employees. I did my first ever certification after joining the job and since then I have been regularly updating my certification portfolio over the year.

I have several certifications from vendors like CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Nutanix, and Fortinet.  My latest certification track is Fortinet Network Security Expert or (NSE), It’s an eight-level certification pathway and I’m at level 4 already.

I am a Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional or NSE 4. Nowadays I’m doing the next level of my Fortinet Certification which is NSE 5 or Fortinet Certified Network Security Analyst.

Introduction to Fortinet

Fortinet is a leader in both the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for Network Firewalls and WAN Edge Infrastructure. Fortinet is among the most preferred security solutions. This makes Fortinet NSE 5 Network Security Analyst a great certification for a rewarding career in Enterprise security. 

How to Go From NSE 4 to NSE 5

It requires 2 exams to be passed to earn the NSE 5 certification. Due to the COVID outbreak, we are mostly working from home.

Being an experienced certification guy, I have plenty of experience in the preparation and attempting for the exams.

Based on my experience I believe that peace of mind is the first and foremost thing you need to go for an exam. You deliver your best when you are not under any pressure.

Plenty of time, with no office stress, no socialization and traveling, and a peaceful home environment: That’s the perfect ambiance for study.

I always divide my daily study routine into two portions, study and practice. Practice questions and answers, the test helps you a lot in evaluating your preparation.

When it comes to training material, DumpsTool is my only choice. My trust in DumpsTool is backed by years of personal experience.

For my last 4 certification exams, I have been depending on the training material from DumpsTool and found it up to the mark. So far I have passed all of the exams I took on the first attempt.

[Note: DumpsTool provides training material for certification exams.]

At first, I decided to take the exam NSE 5 FMG-6.2. As expected, DumpsTool got the well-focused NSE5_FMG-6.2 dumps for the exam NSE 5FMG-6.2.

For a first-time user, a good reason to choose DumpsTool can be the money-back guarantee offered on all the training material they provide. There are free demos available as well to try before you buy. I always choose the PDF + Testing Engine package as it is a comprehensive way to study and practice. After obtaining the course material, it took me 3 weeks to cover the whole subject.

By the 4th week, I was able to take the test. I passed the exam securing a 94% score. Now I’m preparing for the 2nd exam for the certification which is Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.2 NSE5_FAZ-6.2. I’m sure I will make it with the DumpsTool’s training material.

The Fortinet NSE Certification Program

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program is an eight-level training and certification program that is designed to provide interested technical professionals with an independent validation of their network security skills and experience.

The NSE program includes a wide range of self-paced and instructor-led courses, as well as practical, experiential exercises that demonstrate mastery of complex network security concepts.

The Fortinet NSE Program has the following 8 Levels:

  • Associate 1 2 3
  • Professional 4
  • Analyst 5
  • Specialist 6
  • Architect 7
  • Expert 8

Fortinet Certified Network Security Analyst

The Fortinet Network Security Analyst designation recognizes your ability to implement network security management and analytics using Fortinet security devices. The Network Security Analyst curriculum offers four courses.

Fortinet recommends this curriculum for network and security professionals who require the expertise to centrally manage, analyze, and report on Fortinet security devices.


The Network Security Analyst designation recognizes your ability to implement network security management and analytics using Fortinet security devices.

Who Should Attempt the NSE 5 Certification

We recommend this course for network and security professionals who require the expertise to centrally manage, analyze, and report on Fortinet security devices.

Program Requirements

You must successfully pass a minimum of any two Fortinet NSE 5 certification exams. You can earn a specialist designation by successfully passing each product-specific exam.

  • Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.2
  • Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiManager 6.2
  • Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiClient EMS 6.2
  • Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiSIEM 5.2
  • Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiEDR (coming soon)

To prepare for the certification exams, we recommend that you take the NSE 5 product courses. The courses are optional.

How to Obtain Certification

To obtain NSE 5 certification, you must pass a minimum of any two Fortinet NSE 5 certification exams.

NSE 5 certification is valid for two years from the date of completion. 

About NSE Certification Exams

Available worldwide at: Pearson VUE Test Center

Scoring method: Answers must be 100% correct for credit. No partial credit is given. There are no deductions for incorrect answers.

Type of questions: Multiple choice and multiple select

Time required between attempts: 15 days

Transcript and certificate: Your Fortinet NSE Institute transcript is updated within five business days after you pass the exam. After that, you will be able to download a printable certificate from the NSE Institute.

Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiManager 6.2


  • Introduction and Initial Configuration
  • Administration and Management
  • Device Registration
  • Device-Level Configuration and Installation
  • Policy and Objects
  • SD-WAN and Security Fabric
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Additional Configuration

Author: Damain Peter

NSE 5: People Also Ask

How Can I Get NSE 5?

You should hold an NSE 4 Certificate. Then, NSE 5 requires two exams.

Conclusion: How to Pass a Test Like NSE 5

In his account, Damain shared tips that helped him pass the NSE 5 Exam.

You can follow his strategies to successfully prepare for any stressful job situation like a certification exam:

  • Plenty of time
  • No office stress
  • No socialization
  • No traveling
  • A peaceful home environment
  • Develop a 2-part routine: Study and practice.

Readers, please share so test-takers discover how to pass a test and this first-hand account of someone who passed a test following these six strategies.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. If you can suggest additional ways to pass a test, they would be a welcome addition to the discussion.

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