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Networking Ideas around the internet


The day famous as the day the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party goes live at Mostly Blogging.

A frustrated blogger wrote me the day of the party.

Frustrated? It’s a party! Parties should be fun!

Here is an excerpt:

“I have tried several of your Linky Parties… But I have not had any visitors from your site! Do you have any ideas?”

I have never been asked this question before.

Bloggers are frustrated at linky parties.

Bloggers are frustrated at blog parties.

Bloggers are frustrated by a lack of search traffic.

Bloggers are frustrated at other blogs when they network.

The bottom line: Bloggers are frustrated when people don’t click their links.

They need networking ideas.

This post will tell you how to get people to click your links in 6 places around the internet.

By the end of this article, you’ll have networking ideas that are proven to be effective at blog parties, blogs, social media sites, and Forums.

In addition, this post will offer tips for getting people to click your links on search engines and when you guest post.

Here is the email I received from the frustrated linky party guest Jeanine Michaels in its entirety:

Note: Jeanine writes from the persona of a dog name Bree.

I have tried several of your Linky Parties, including checking out links to other bloggers whose contents are of interest. Thank you so much for hosting them!

But I have not had any visitors from your site! We bree-ly feel people are missing out on something wonderful on Bree’s blog! Do you have any ideas for Bree to help her promote her blog? Would you please post this in the comment section? I am sure other bloggers feel frustrated at times, with good content but lacking skills to get traffic. Your site is a place to share with your grrr-eat linky parties! Am I not describing the content well enough? Any other issues you can see that I can correct?

I recently had some comments from best-selling authors on how much they loved Bree’s blog! So please, any advice is welcome! I know you have posted tons of advice over the years on how to generate traffic, plus other tips.

For now, can you post this from a confused, overwhelmed blogger who will also leave a comment on your Linky “Partay””?
I hope my fellow bloggers have a designated driver! ??
As always, I love and appreciate what you do on your site that helps so many of us!

6 Networking Ideas

1. How to get people to click your link at blog parties

  • Linky Parties

I once had a client who was a featured blogger at my Linky Party.

Since the party was on my blog, I was able to see the outbound clicks.

One of the linky party hostesses chose her post to be featured, yet no one clicked her link.

Her headline: “Beautiful.”

Your headline needs to score high on CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

For example, you need to use headlines with all 4 types of words in them.

You need Power words, Emotional Words, Unusual Words, and Common Words.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer makes sure you have all 4 types in your headline to boost your chances of having your links clicked.

Another option is to follow the headline formula: Number + adjective + make reader promise. For example, 6 easy ways to…

Hook Line Dynamic is another tool designed to help you write powerful headlines.

You need a brightly colored, vertical graphic. Graphics with text work best.

Authority Quincy Larsen agrees you need an intriguing headline and powerful graphic:

“Your headline and opening image are the only things people have to judge your story on. Before they can even read your story’s first paragraph, they must answer a question. It’s the same question that we all ask ourselves every day: is this going to be worth my time?”

These tips apply to get people to click your link at Pinterest as well.

[Read: How to See Your Traffic Explode: Have a Linky Party Part II

18 Easy Tips for How to Boost Pinterest Traffic]

  • Meet and Greets

When you go to a blog party, you’re allowed to leave a link in the comment section.

Which link are you leaving? Your best performing post? Your post with a monster list?

For example, when I go to Meet and Greets, I often leave the link to my post listing 79 free places to promote or 123 free blogging tools.

2. How to get people to click your link on search engines

Your article’s meta description (also called a “snippet”) will influence your click-through rate.

Read the meta description when you’re done writing it. Would the description make YOU want to click?

For example, I often start with a question to engage the reader. The question often reminds them they have a problem they’re searching for the solution to.

Then, you should use action verbs. For example, discover… and learn…

Let’s see what I did:

Networking ideas: How to get people to click your link

At the time of this writing, I rank at the top of Google Page 1 SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for my Virily article.

What meta descriptions did I write that would entice so many people to click my link?

Would you like to make money online? Virily is the site that pays writers for their contributions. You determine how much money you accrue at Virily.

Notice: I started with a question that addresses problems many bloggers have. I also used an action verb: “Determine.” uses this technique as well to get people to click his links on his home page:

3. How to get people to click your link on blogs when you comment

Once your headline follows the tips in Tip 1, go to blogs in your niche where the blogger has CommentLuv (like this blog). People can see your headlines.  Even though the app is no longer being supported, your headline is still visible.

Blog networking tips

Can you see at the bottom of the comment box we see Rosie’s latest article and link under “…recently posted.”

4. How to get people to click your links at forums or social media sites

Write about that website.

For example, I published a post about LinkedIn.


Blog networking tips

I received triple-digit views from LinkedIn after writing about that website. The post is continuing to pick up page views from LinkedIn.

When I publish posts about Pinterest, they do especially well on Pinterest.

When I publish posts about Facebook, they do well on Facebook… You get the idea.

5. How to get people to click your links when you guest post

Peter Nyiri provided this tip. According to Peter,

“Usually, there’s a situation that a lot of people read the guest post, but not so many actually click the link to the author’s site.
There’s a recommendation to fix that. It’s creating a content upgrade for your guest post.
You can mention in your post that it is available on your blog and people can come over to get it.
It will motivate people to click through.”
This is Peter’s author bio that he left in a guest post on my site:

I will introduce my new website to you.

It is called FunnelXpert, and it is about funnels: sales funnels, webinar funnels and everything that goes into it to make your site or blog profitable.

If you liked what I did above, hop over. It actually demonstrates what a sales funnel is like, what it does. I’d like to invite you to come over, sign up, experience it yourself, and use what you learned to build a 5-figure blog or website.

Notice: Peter did not talk about himself. He discussed what the reader would get if they clicked on his link. Also, his tone was warm and welcoming. Do you see why this would engage the reader?]

6. How to get people to click your links in Facebook Groups

Make the graphic that accompanies your blog post bigger than everyone else’s. Your graphic will be noticed and people will be more likely to click. Social Media Growth Hacking tricks your social media manager should know

Do this by selecting the photo from your computer when you make your Facebook posts.

I know this tip works since I learned it from experience. I was in a Facebook group where all the graphics were the same size. Only one was bigger than the others. That’s the link I chose to click.

Generic Networking Ideas:

There are many blogger tricks you can use to get people to click your links.

For example, Enstine Muki has developed a free plugin that encourages people to comment on your blogs. Once people learn you use this plugin, they’ll continually click your link when they see you.

According to Enstine,

“Generate a list of your comment authors for a given month of the year. Then create a blog post to thank them for commenting on your blog.

This is a great way to attract more repeat visitors to your blog. By publishing a list of your commentators, you make them feel welcome and encouraged.”

Wrapping Up

Frustration is understandable when people don’t click your links but they click other bloggers’ links. Blogger envy and disillusionment are common as well.

Be frustrated no more. Follow these networking ideas and enjoy your time networking. If more traffic comes your way as a result, icing on the cake.

Readers, please share so other bloggers know learn these networking tips so their networking frustrations can end.

Do you have any networking tips you can share? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

  1. Peter Nyiri - FunnelXpert

    Awesome post! I would like to bring two points into the attention of Janine:

    1. What you want is not just clicks, but targeted clicks. People who are actually searching for the information you provide. That is the traffic that will convert.
    2. The “competition” is really high. Just too many blog posts to choose from. There are an estimated 400 million blogs on the internet. Why would they choose yours? I would call this phenomenon “content fatigue”. Bombarded by too much stuff people become unresponsive.

    It’s not easy, therefore you need to be really unique and inventive. I am running a Thrive Themes giveaway and I have a Blog Earnings Troubleshooter, and even with those, it’s a lot of work to drive the traffic. Because posting a link is not enough – this is an important datum I learned from Janice – especially at the beginning you need to use “shotgun promotion”. Promote everywhere, a little bit each day.

    Stop writing more content. This will free up your time to promote your existing content instead.

    From this comment I am linking to a post, “The Clueless Newbie’s Guide To Free Website Traffic”. That should help you get an idea on what the title says…
    Good luck!

  2. Janice Wald

    Hi Peter,
    The tip that discussed getting traffic from search engines would target traffic for those keywords.
    However, that’s a great idea for another blog post!
    The goal of this was to answer my reader’s question and ease her frustration and other people’s frustrations who are disappointed with the results of networking in various places around the web. Thanks for writing.

  3. Judy

    Hi Janice, so lovely to connect with your blog again!
    Thanks so much for these tips; you always give such great advice and no doubt I will be trying a couple of these. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Judy,
      Great to see you today. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your compliments on my posts. Let me know which tips you try and how they work for you.

  4. Denzil

    Helpful and insightful and – most importantly – practical tops Janice. I would imagine though that clicks from people who are not really your target audience are not that useful. Or are they, in that they drive up views and therefore make your site more attrative to Google? Would be interested in your thoughts.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Denzil,
      1. Thanks for calling my tips helpful, insightful, and practical. As I indicated at the beginning of the post, I was trying to help my reader. I’m glad you feel these strategies will do that.
      2. As far as your comment about the effect on these tips on our organic traffic: In the long run, my answer is yes. Google likes active blogs. Comments indicate that activity. I know of Facebook groups that contain reciprocal comment threads just for this reason.
      Thanks for commenting.

  5. jennifer wolfe

    Thanks for the tips – I especially like the larger post photo one!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for commenting. I’ve actually put that tip in this post and the post I published last week: 23 unusual social media strategies. I included this tip in that post as well. Both this week and last, that tip seems to be resonating with readers. Thanks for writing to tell me the tip resonated with you.

  6. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Wow, great post Janice! I love how you started out addressing the question of how to get clickthrough traffic from blog parties, but then you added advice for so many other situations as well.

    The guest post advice was something that made so much sense, but I had just never thought about it. And I love the idea of writing a monthly thank you post to reward readers for commenting. I’ve already installed the plugin!

    This is a post that will help many bloggers to boost their traffic. I’ve shared it on several of my social networks 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kyla,
      I’m excited to hear that you feel my article will help bloggers boost their traffic. I’m excited to hear that you shared as well. Thank you so much!
      I’m sure Enstine will be excited also to hear that I was able to get his plugin exposure and at least one new user as a result.
      I make sure to visit the blogs that have the plugin, so it should definitely boost your traffic as well as these other tips.
      Thanks for commenting, sharing, and your nice words about my article.

      • Enstine Muki

        Hey Janice,
        Deborah of
        She’s a nice person I have known online since 2011 when I developed and ran EasyRetweet tool.

        So sweet you are contributing to the exposure of that plugin. I so much appreciate 😉

        Better days ahead so let’s keep giving

  7. Oseg

    Nice post and even a nicer response from you Janice. I think our friend just needs to work harder and smarter to get her links clicked.

    • Janice Wald

      Networking, successful networking, is about persistence and hard work. It’s not about luck. Thank you for your insightful comments and your compliment on my article.

  8. Smart Blogger

    Amazing post!

    I am definitely going to try these tips.

    Thank you so much.

    -Best Regards-

    • Janice Wald

      Glad you enjoyed, Suhudi! Thanks for writing to tell me. Let me know how they work for you.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nicky,
      Thanks for the compliment! My pleasure Thanks for writing to tell me you enjoyed!

  9. Enstine Muki

    Hey Janice,
    Thanks for making it a beautiful Monday 😉 though we are not partying today.

    I was out throughout weekend. I drove about 75km away from Douala where I am to the mounting city of Buea for a WordCamp event. I stpoke on SEO for WordPress. It went well.

    Thanks for the big surprise. I’m sure your readers are going to really like MyCommentAuthors. We look forward to early next month for those reports on different blogs 😉

    Now, about link parties, one thing people should also see is the SEO advantage. The direct traffic is good and if your tips on creating clickable titles are followed, they will see results

    I wrote this morning on CommentLuv you mentioned. It’s been an excellent plugin and I see you are stuck to it. Not getting developers’ attention for over a year is a big compatibility and security issue. However, if you check my post, you will discover that Deborah is setting up a team to continue the development and maintenance of the plugin.

    Good news there 😉

    Happy I’m back

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Enstine,
      1. I knew you’d be surprised and pleased that I promoted your plugin. At least one commenter wrote she downloaded it.
      2. Not partying today? We have our linky party as always
      3. Who is Deborah?
      4. That’s exciting to hear about CommentLuv!
      5. Congratulations on being a speaker. That’s on my bucket list to be a speaker at a blogging conference.
      Thanks for writing.

  10. Rosie Digout

    Hi Janice,
    Lots of fantastic tips!
    The CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is an amazing tool, especially if you’re new to creating headlines. It can certainly be frustrating when you write a blog post, promote it and hear crickets afterwards. The headline is important but the image is equally important. I find so many on link parties are not eye-catching, and they tend to blend in with all the other posts.Use a bold, readable font with an attractive image. And by using a headline analyzer, it will bring the right audience to your blog!

    • Rosie Digout

      I forgot to add – that it’s also about posting the right content that your audience wants to read, not about what the blogger wants to write about. Hope that makes sense?

  11. Ryan Biddulph

    You know how big I am on blog commenting Janice. Show up, share value, relax on trying to get clicks, and clicks happen. Like magic, really. But folks need to be long term commentors. People may not click your link today, or tomorrow, but goodness they will click your links eventually. Even if after 3-4 months, you grow on folks who really dig your vibe, the value you share and your overall engaging nature.

    It takes some happy hustling and a full commitment but we know by now; good things take time.


  12. Rosie Digout

    I forgot to add – that it’s also about posting the right content that your audience wants to read, not about what the blogger wants to write about.

  13. Richard Monssen

    Hi Janice,

    Interesting article for link building. I’ve never heard of blog parties – lol – I love what you wrote about the meta description and your oh so right too! I’ll have to go have a read of your article on link parties now to what they are 😉

  14. Johanna Galyen

    While linky parties are something I don’t think I have ever done, I do understand the struggle of finding the right headline. I’ve had some bad articles (in my opinion) do really good and when I stop and analyze what went right…I see the headline caught their attention. On the flip side, I’ve landed in facebook jail because my headline didn’t relay the right information and the group moderator thought I was spamming the group. SO I’ve had to really stop and work with headlines as much as I do the entire article. Thanks for the headline link suggestion site. I’ve bookmarked it! Johanna

  15. candy

    Wonderful information and glad I stopped by. Found you on Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Candy,
      Thanks for letting me know where you found my post. I always wonder. Thanks for your compliment on my article.

    • Bloggerzune

      Hi , This is very nice article and useful . keep doing good work. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post and helpful information.

  16. Da khoa

    This post will tell you how to get people to click your links in 6 places around the internet.
    The article is very well-suited for the development of blogs today and blogs that are having trouble finding traffic to blogs in six ways will help us to get through.

  17. Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

    Great information. Link parties sound interesting. I know need to work on my headlines more, they need to be more engaging.

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